Lofton, Garness transfer; Powell to JC

Wide receiver Daniel Lofton, the son of Hall of Fame receiver James Lofton, has transferred from UH to Hardin-Simmons, a Division III school in Abilene, Texas.
“I just felt it would be a good fit for me,” said Lofton, who started his career at California before transferring to UH. “I have family on both sides in Houston and Dallas. I wanted to be somewhere close.”
Lofton said he will compete in both football and track. He will have two seasons of eligibility in each sport. He does not have to sit out this year.

* * * * *

And then there was one. One of the so-called Smithys — David Garness, of Alaska — has decided to transfer to City College of San Francisco. Garness participated in spring practice. Garness and Brett Leonard earned the joint nickname because of their perceived similar appearance to assistant coach Brian Smith. Leonard has shaved his hair and grown a goatee since then.

garnessDavid Garness

* * * * *

Slotback Deondre Powell will attend a junior college this year. He hopes to join the Warriors in the future.

* * * * *

Marcus Malepeai was expected to grayshirt this season. But those plans might change. He is enrolled in Summer Session II.

* * * * *

The picture, shot in sepia style, was worth a thousand ahs.
It was defensive tackle Zach Masch in a flex pose,  his muscles bursting from an Italian Stallion tanktop.
zachThe photo, taken by Masch’s father, helped the junior-college transfer gain notice. Masch, who attended Summer Session I, has spent the past couple of months working out  in Hawai‘i in preparation for the opening of training camp. He took a couple of minutes to talk story with the Warrior Beat.
Yo, Adrian.
“You’ve got to love Rocky Balboa. When he fights the Russian (in ‘Rocky IV’), that has to be one of my favorite movies of all time, which has given me so much inspiration.”
Masch delayed enrolling at UH because the Warriors did not have an available scholarship in January.
“I stayed home and worked out at my local high school. I tried to get ready and get into the best shape I could.”
He makes sure he gets his daily iron.
“Basically, I do a lot of super reps. I  do three different (weightifting) workouts instead of just bench. I do bench, inclines and pushups. I do 15 benches of 225 (pounds). Then I do the incline machine. l do 10 with my right arm, 10 with my left and 10 together. Then I do 50 pushups. I do three (sets) of them.”
He weighs 280, and is trying to put on more pounds.
“Right now, I’m on my own for the second (summer) session. I eat Pastaroni or pizza every maschnight. In the morning, I eat a lot of corned beef hash because there’s a lot of fat in there. And a lot of rice. I make eggs all of the time. I love eggs. I make it over easy so I get all of the ooze stuff all over the rice. It tastes really good. What I love the most is Portuguese sausage under the rice with the egg yolks on top. That’s my favorite thing.”
Personal style.
“I’ve been wearing puka shells ever since I was in the sixth grade. They used to call me ‘Puka’ on the baseball team. I wore them at my Nike combine. I’ve always had puka shells. I visited here a long time ago. I bought three. Over time, they break. Even at Arizona, I started the beginning of the year with one, and it ended up getting ripped off. I usually play with it on me.”
“It was a graveyard smash …”
“My junior year in high school, (my nickname) was Monster Masch. My senior year, it was Smash Masch. It’s been a great last name for nicknames.”

* * * * *

Our very own UHfan808 poses with Luke Ingram and Jake Ingram.



  1. Long Time UH Fan July 16, 2009 12:05 am

    Best of Luck to Daniel Norton! Thanks for being a Warrior!

  2. Stephen Tsai July 16, 2009 12:06 am

    He gets to compete in track, which he loves, so it’ll be a double bonus for him.

  3. Long Time UH Fan July 16, 2009 12:09 am

    No wonder I’ve been gaining weight…all those portuguese sausage, eggs and rice breakfasts…Where’s the pic of Monster Masch? Make Homey jealous, huh.. 🙂

    Would’ve loved to see Daniel in action like his Dad.

  4. Jason July 16, 2009 12:12 am

    Just when I thought Lofton was ready to make an impact. Darn. Well, best wishes to him at Hardin-Simmons.

    Interesting news about Malepeai, too.

  5. al July 16, 2009 12:13 am


  6. Long Time UH Fan July 16, 2009 12:15 am

    BTW ST, that was a great show yesterday. I enjoyed the bantering between Ryan and Davone and the Gracious one. They are one of a kind Warrior athletes and I hope that Davone and Ryan do return and get that sheepskin.

  7. Long Time UH Fan July 16, 2009 12:17 am

    Hi Jason and Al…sorry it’s lights out for me; long day for me tomorrow

  8. Jason July 16, 2009 12:17 am

    I’m out too, good night.

  9. al July 16, 2009 12:19 am

    long day for me too.

    umm. ltuh….norton?
    i think a nap would be in order.
    just playing with you pal.

  10. Ralph July 16, 2009 12:33 am

    top ten

  11. Ralph July 16, 2009 12:46 am

    i wonder if Masch tried loco moco? gravy and rice, yesterday’s topic, food of champions…this guy sounds local, he must have found St Louis drive inn by now. but no mention of macaroni salad

  12. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer! July 16, 2009 1:11 am

    Nitey Nite and Sweet Warrior Dreams!

  13. al July 16, 2009 1:28 am

    its like a swap meet.
    powel for malepeai

  14. al July 16, 2009 1:29 am

    and for the record…is it powel with one “l” or powell with two “l’s”.
    sort of like garett or garret.

  15. al July 16, 2009 1:32 am

    mike….was that you i saw cruising in palolo?

  16. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc July 16, 2009 1:34 am

    Hmmmm – anyone out there?.

    Am still picking myself off the ceiling after a Big Win yesterday at the Capitol. Help me celebrate at Murphy’s tonight – treat is on me. we should arrive between 6 & 6:30 after working out.

    Off to bed – special Stadium Authority meeting at 10 am to award the new management contract which could include – not voted on yet – no swap meets on football Saturdays. Some vendors are not too happy about giving them up.



  17. Stephen Tsai July 16, 2009 1:49 am

    I’ve got a new pic of Masch, but i left the connector cord in my car, and it’s raining. I’ll post it later.

  18. NYUH July 16, 2009 2:16 am

    Hawaii’s “miracle run”

  19. Iam-New-mailorderbride July 16, 2009 2:24 am

    Le temps d’un vritable dfi Matt Pas de blogs pour 30 jours

  20. Bulla July 16, 2009 3:17 am

    good luck to mr. lofton, this could have been ‘His’ year, but best of wishes. Maleapai might have a shot, depends on the academics. Monster Masch, nothing a few Tsaiko lunches cannot resolve, haha. Oh to be young again.

    Football camp is right around the corner, the smell of leather is in the air, and yes Homey…i am talking about football……haha

    have a great day……

  21. Stretch July 16, 2009 4:25 am

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    I wish I could be eating pizza every night and corned beef hash in the mornings.

  22. myki July 16, 2009 4:33 am

    Good morning to the early birds, and insomniacs! Hope you all have a great day. Hope to see some of you at Murphys tonight!

  23. Garret July 16, 2009 4:33 am


    Thank you for the updates on Daniel Lofton, Deondre Powell, Marcus Malepeai, and Zach Masch. With Lofton, Powell, and several others leaving or not qualifying, that seems to open up a roster spot for this Fall for a grayshirt or two to come in right away.

    Do grayshirts normally take summer school? I haven’t heard of that happening before…doesn’t that start the eligibility clock?

  24. Garret July 16, 2009 4:35 am

    This website keeps up with the status of all of the Devil Rays draft picks.

    Funny thing: 44th round selection Kalani Brackenridge hasn’t even played baseball this season and was planning on playing football at the University of Hawaii. Now he doesn’t exactly know what to do as it was a huge surprise for him to even been drafted.

  25. Garret July 16, 2009 4:37 am

    Pisa was discussed here.

    First, we asked Barnwell about the addition of linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who is projected to be the starter on the strong side after signing a one-year contract. St. Louis cut the veteran loose after the Rams failed in their bid to trade him. He became the first rookie in Rams’ franchise history to lead the defense in tackles when he played the position for Smith and Bob Babich in 2003.

    “It really depends on Tinoisamoa and how he fits into their scheme and how quickly he catches up on things,” Barnwell said. “I understand he’s had experience in the system in the past. He was playing for the Rams. The Rams didn’t have a great defense last season. You look at his run numbers and they were atrocious. He made a lot of tackles but they were seven or eight yards from the line of scrimmage, they were coming well down the field. The defense wasn’t good and his numbers were not very good. You have to put the scheme in context. It’s not like baseball where if a guy is going to hit 40 home runs in one city he’s going to hit 40 home runs in another city. He could be better this season.”

  26. Garret July 16, 2009 4:40 am

    The NY Times has Nevada as the #48 team in the country.

    Tidbit: Last fall, Nevada became the first WAC team since Colorado State in 1996 to have two 1,000-yard rushers in the same season. With the return of the senior Luke Lippincott, who missed all but two games in 2008, the team will have three players on its roster who have rushed for 1,000 yards in a season.

    The Fighting Irish will be on upset alert that first weekend, though Nevada won’t be able to keep Notre Dame out of the end zone (though it should make for an exciting show). The biggest games in WAC play: Louisiana Tech, Hawaii, Fresno State and Boise State. The WAC may already be locked up in Boise’s favor by then, but the season finale will pit the two best teams in the conference.

  27. Garret July 16, 2009 4:42 am

    Florida players and coaches will only sign posters at their fan day. Florida says that having players sign helmets or footballs could be an NCAA violation now…

    Autograph seekers, beware. If you plan on attending the Florida Gators’ football fan day on August 16, then don’t expect quarterback Tim Tebow and the guys signing any helmets or footballs.

    The UAA announced on Wednesday that football players and coaches will only sign Florida football posters. Why? The UAA says it doesn’t want to violate any NCAA rules.

    “Unfortunately, when players have signed various autograph items such as helmets and footballs, they have on occasion been sold to the general public,” said Jamie McCloskey, the UAA’s compliance czar. “The practice could put the eligibility of some of our student-athletes into question. We want to be proactive in this area and are asking our fans to cooperate with our policy of requesting an autograph on our team poster only. The poster should be for personal use only and not intended for sale.”

  28. Garret July 16, 2009 4:46 am

    Gannett sure must have cut costs significantly because they made a pretty big profit even though revenues were down.

    Gannett Co. beat expectations by reporting a second-quarter profit Wednesday of $70.5 million, or 30 cents a share, from a second-quarter 2008 loss of $2.29 billion, or $10.03 a share, that included a huge impairment charge.

    Overall Gannett revenue, including its British papers, broadcast and outdoor advertising, slumped to $1.4 billion from $1.7 billion a year ago.

  29. duffer (iPhone) July 16, 2009 4:53 am

    Good morning Tsai-kos

    Tom Watson -5 at The Open


  30. Loa July 16, 2009 5:51 am

    morning gang!

    so who won the prize?

  31. d1島 July 16, 2009 6:02 am

    Great Morning All!

    Will look for Daniel Lofton when Hardin-Simmons opens their season in McMinnville against the Wildcats. HSU has a good program; they were a playoff team last year and have been ranked for several seasons IIRC.
    #2 son started his CFB career in Abilene last year where HSU pulled off a win with a late TD. It was memorable trip because they bussed out of Dallas to Abilene just ahead of Hurricane Ike.

    Good two-minutes with Monster Masch.
    If he starts hosting recruits down the line it will be hard to resist the “Puka Shell Tour Guide” references. 😆

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!


  32. Loa July 16, 2009 6:07 am

    Kekoa – good news on Pops, training camp right around the corner

    d1 – i remember you telling us about #2’s road trip, wow that was almost a year ago

  33. Loa July 16, 2009 6:13 am

    re: packing on the pounds
    banana’s and ice cream used to help in the pop warner days, one boy even put fishing lead in his pants to make weight

  34. ai-eee-soos July 16, 2009 6:13 am

    David Garness to CCSF. Good Luck.

    Hope he gets lots of playing time, and makes it back to UH.

    Quoting his Dad on SH —-

    ” David Garness decided to go to City College of San Francisco. We are both still Warrior fans and will be rooting for the Warriors this fall.

    Go Warriors! “

  35. […] Wide receiver Daniel Lofton, the son of Hall of Fame receiver James Lofton, has transferred from UH to Hardin-Simmons, a Division III school in Abilene, Texas. Read the rest here: Lofton transfers; ‘Monster’ Masch […]

  36. whitey July 16, 2009 6:14 am

    good morning tsaikos.

  37. chawan_cut July 16, 2009 6:17 am

    what picture?

  38. letsgowarriors July 16, 2009 6:21 am

    vj fehoko back at farrington.

  39. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer! July 16, 2009 6:23 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

  40. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer! July 16, 2009 6:34 am

    Hauoli Lahanau to merv !!!

  41. djmitcho July 16, 2009 6:39 am

    Good Morning All!
    While everyone was trying to put on weight for pop warner, I was trying to cut weight. Every gameday was gut wrenching stepping on the scale. Maybe that’s why I only played pop warner for 1 year.

  42. lakesidegt July 16, 2009 7:13 am

    Al and other Black and Gold fans – nice story about the Cyclone on Wes’s blog. Sorry for the plug, ST.

  43. lava July 16, 2009 7:36 am

    I assume the transfers are because guys have seen they are going to get beaten out for playing time. I could be wrong, but if I’m right, that says a lot of the talented guys that remain.

    As for Marcus, I didn’t know he might grayshirt, so I’m glad to hear he may play. I think he can contribute now at DE. He was a force at Radford.

  44. Kekoa (iPhone) July 16, 2009 7:36 am

    Loa ~ Pops will be working out on the ‘weak’ side during training camp.

    Ralph ~ Gramma Pestana was at one of our breakfast cc’s last year! We will be honored to have her visit with us again. Too bad bhf2 can’t make it, she is his fave Gramms.

    Liz ~ Please keep the visiting DOE retiree off of the Waimea swinging bridge if he has consumed too many adult beverages. Mahalo.

  45. wafan July 16, 2009 7:51 am

    Good morning to everyone!

  46. wafan July 16, 2009 7:54 am

    It must continue to rain where Mr. Tsai is.

    Or he fell asleep.

  47. Ronnie July 16, 2009 7:55 am

    Good Morning Tsaiko Family!

    First day back at work and it is ddddrrrraaaaaggggiinnnnggg.

    I miss home.

    I can’t wait for football to start!!!!

    NFL Preseason kicks off on Aug 9th with the Bills at the Titans. GO RYAN!!!!

  48. wafan July 16, 2009 7:56 am

    Kekoa . . .

    So where do you not have relatives? Antarctica?

    Good for Pops!

  49. Ronnie July 16, 2009 7:58 am

    wafan – LOL! 😆

  50. wafan July 16, 2009 8:00 am

    Hi Ronnie!

  51. Ronnie July 16, 2009 8:01 am

    Hi wafan!

  52. wafan July 16, 2009 8:03 am

    Ronnie . . .

    Did you get your Warrior Jack before leaving? Or is Rob0.4 holding it for you?

  53. Ronnie July 16, 2009 8:05 am

    Rob gave me a Warrior Jack when we went to play darts. I have it here at work with me. 😀

  54. Diogenes Sinope July 16, 2009 8:05 am

    Good morning all!

    Top 50? Top 100?

  55. Slugger July 16, 2009 8:07 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Hey, Ronnie! Howzit out there in LoCal?

    Good luck to Daniel Lofton. We all understand the desire to be close to family.

    ST ~ Really like the little interviews with the players. Would love to see that sepia print pic of the ‘Monster’ Masch.

  56. wafan July 16, 2009 8:13 am

    Okay, stupid story but true.

    Last night I went to JITB to get a Warrior Jack — I figured the hub-bub would have died out some by now.

    At the drive-through, I order a soft drink and one Warrior Jack. The girl taking the order says she can only sell one Warrior Jack per customer. Okay, that makes sense.

    She then asks me if there is one person in the car.


    I sat there in stunned silence. I did not know what to say. So I drove forward to the window.

    There, she says again, that she can only sell one Warrior Jack per customer while taking my money. I said in my teacher voice, “Okay everyone! Count off!!!”


    She looked surprised, gave me the change (at least it was the correct amount so the cash register must have been working), my drink and the one Warrior Jack.

    Must be a Punahou graduate.

  57. wafan July 16, 2009 8:15 am

    Time to leave for my pin-cushion appointment!

  58. homey ℞ July 16, 2009 8:23 am

    wafan – What, getting a tattoo?

  59. LizKauai (iPhone) July 16, 2009 8:46 am

    HiHo but still no CPU.
    Filing day.

    Kekoa: no worries. Bridge guard will be posted!

    Wafan. 😆

  60. addahknowjoe July 16, 2009 8:50 am

    Gmorning gang!

    wafan- Although dat was too funny, what you went through is no laughing matter.

    On behalf of Stretch, Powderpuff and Rob25 I would like to formally apologize for their sophomoric antics a week ago that set the precedent with JITB corporate to screen and verify every drive through order for more than one passenger per vehicle.

    This seemingly simple added question has caused a 7% drop in sales for JITB across the state due to misunderstandings and unnecessary banter between customers and JITB employees. This very issue has surfaced in contract negotiations between the state and union leaders.

    What started out as an impromptu joke is no laughing matter now.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is… uuhhh…

    What was the question now?

  61. al July 16, 2009 8:51 am


    whoa, wes listened to the little birdies, eh.
    thanks for the alert.
    he forgot to mention that the cyclone was 1,000 yard runner, rare in those days.

  62. Jack Flash July 16, 2009 8:58 am

    #20- Bulla-
    “Football camp is right around the corner, the smell of leather is in the air, and yes Homey…i am talking about football……haha”

    That is the funniest thing i’ve read in a long time bro!

  63. Stretch July 16, 2009 8:59 am

    AJoe – on behalf of myself….. it’s Rob25’s fault!!

  64. curveball July 16, 2009 9:08 am

    HawaiiAthleticsFormer Rainbow Vinnie Catricala went 3-for-5 with two homers and six RBIs for the Pulaski Mariners yesterday vs. the Burlington Royals.

  65. el guapo July 16, 2009 9:12 am

    It’s unfortunate news about the MIL having to cut their schedule and play only Saturday afternoon games. Less exposure for the Maui players. More cost-cutting moves are probably on the way.

    It’s amazing how Molokai and Lanai teams have survived so long, having to fly or ferry to every road game.

  66. midori7 July 16, 2009 9:24 am

    Morning Tsaikos!

    Good luck to Daniel Lofton.

    ST: waiting patiently for the photo of Zach Masch…

    curveball: thanks for the Vinnie update, GO VINNIE!

  67. Slugger July 16, 2009 9:26 am


    Three Jacks, two Queens and a Joker… that is a perfect description.

  68. Kekoa (iPhone) July 16, 2009 9:28 am

    Wfan ~ My son the recently retired US Army Soopah-Doopa Paratroopah lives in Anchorage. So we got the N. Pole covered, thank you.

    Next time anyone wants to hunt Moose, Caribou, or Bear, he can guide you. If it’s fish you are after, he can take you to his fishing cabin.

    If you think it’s like a Hilton Resort area, forget it! It is in a very remote part of White Mt., Alaska. Dog sled transpo only as Ski mobiles are used for emergency only. Getting there is half the fun!

  69. Garret July 16, 2009 10:11 am

    Another article about how “fans” putting stuff on eBay is making schools worry about having their athletes signing items becoming an NCAA violation.

    Defending national champion Florida will hold its annual fan day Aug. 16 and expects up to 5,000 Gators supporters to meet with players at the basketball arena. Fans will be given a team poster to be autographed but will not be allowed to bring in outside items, a practice the school has followed for almost a decade.

    “Fans used to bring in all sorts of stuff to be signed, from balls to helmets and jerseys. The next day it would appear for sale on eBay,” said Jamie McCloskey, Florida’s senior associate athletics director for compliance. “We’ve had fans complain, and for good reasons, but entrepreneurs were abusing the opportunity.”

    On Wednesday just under 300 items were listed for sale on eBay connected with Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner who is a senior this season. An autographed jersey was listed for $625.

    Georgia holds fans to a maximum of two items at fan day and encourages players to personalize each autograph, which cuts into its resale value. The eBay factor led Oklahoma, which returns 2008 Heisman winning quarterback Sam Bradford, to limit fans to one item at its appreciation day. Oklahoma also has discussed going to a plan such as Florida’s and providing a poster or picture to fans to be autographed.

  70. Garret July 16, 2009 10:11 am

    The problem occurs when the University is aware that athlete-signed items are being sold for profit.

    “Enforcement is difficult but that doesn’t absolve us (from trying to deal with it),” said OU sports information director Kenny Mossman. “Beyond the rules, it’s the taking advantage of players that we’d like to stop.”

    NCAA rules allow for athlete autograph sessions, said spokeswoman Stacey Osburn. “But it could become an issue for the university if the signed item is sold for profit,” she said in an e-mail.

  71. Garret July 16, 2009 10:15 am

    This is the QB (who just finished the 8th grade) that JJ apparently offered a scholarship to last month. Given past history, I’d guess the QB will end up at USC or Notre Dame.

    The decision has been made. Kelly Hilinski, a 6-foot-5 eighth-grade quarterback, has decided to enroll this fall at Sherman Oaks Notre Dame.

    He has received impressive reviews from Steve Clarkson, the private quarterback guru. Hilinski is also a promising baseball player.

    He considered Mater Dei, Bishop Amat and Oaks Christian. He’s not expected to be a varsity player as a freshman, but his potential gives Notre Dame another capable player at the quarterback position. The Knights have produced Garrett Green (USC) and Dayne Crist (Notre Dame) in recent years, and the reigning Gatorade state player of the year, Ryan Kasdorf, returns for his senior year.

  72. Garret July 16, 2009 10:17 am

    This interview indicates Notre Dame is in the lead for this recruit…who hasn’t started high school yet.

    What is your favorite college team?
    Notre Dame all the way!

  73. Kekoa July 16, 2009 10:24 am

    In honor of Bulla & Lynn hookin’ up wit da Wessie Chaptah, you are all invited to attend a breakfast celebration. Also featuring the ‘Return of the Beast!’

    ➡ Date: This Saturday, 07/18/09

    ➡ Time: 10:00 AM – Whenevah!

    ➡ Event: Breakfast CC

    ➡ Place: Nancy’s Kitchen

    ➡ Order off the Menu: Breakfast featuring local style Entrees & Sides…or if you prefer to wait until 11:00 AM. lunch menu features more local faves to choose from. Seperate checks.

    Certain expert Tsaiko dining afficianados order on the hour, every hour, all day long!

    DISCLAIMER: Not recommended for those under University directed nutritional, or dietician programs.

  74. LizKauai (iPhone) July 16, 2009 11:08 am

    Rice and gravy time! Will be thinking of you guys at Nancy’s!

    Jack Flash’s homey comment: I “flashed” back to bulla’s speech on Tsai-ko Culture at the Blog Bash!

    Good one!

  75. homey ℞ July 16, 2009 11:11 am

    Sheesh, what kind of mind do people think I have?

  76. homey ℞ July 16, 2009 11:39 am

    Silence is golden.

  77. Ronnie July 16, 2009 11:41 am

    hi homey!

  78. Da Punchbowl Kid July 16, 2009 11:42 am

    Hi homey!

  79. Ronnie July 16, 2009 11:44 am

    Hi DPK!

  80. al July 16, 2009 11:49 am

    homey… that is in the gutter?

  81. Bulla July 16, 2009 12:17 pm

    my dear homey bro,

    no pun intended, not even a crusader or warrior, but anyway, i think that the comment i made regarding the perception you would have regarding the seductive aroma of leather permeating the soft tropical breeze, was more of a compliment than an insult. in my ever so brief statement, the mere fact that i am alluding to the assumption that you have a mind was noteworthy at best. many of the challenged participants on this blog would be so overcome with emotion at the mere recognition of their mental capacity, that i thought you would appreciate the sincere and heartfelt effort i put forth in creating that scenario.

    with that said, and in all fairness to you and the other participants in this somewhat excercise of ‘mental dribbling’, do you still have those edible underwear? thanks, although they wouldn’t fit me, i was just looking for a snack and not a Tsaiko meal…………….

    bwah bwahhhhhhhhhhh bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  82. Da Punchbowl Kid July 16, 2009 12:39 pm

    I don’t know who’s more sensuous, bulla or homey…

    Those pics of Masch look great. We seem to have a few Warriors with great guns. Is Masch going to be a DT or DE?

  83. jm2375 July 16, 2009 12:40 pm

    bulla – #81 – ROTFLMAO! 😆

  84. Da Punchbowl Kid July 16, 2009 12:40 pm

    Hey Ronnie!

  85. jm2375 July 16, 2009 12:44 pm

    blog clock is a blast to the past…

  86. Wotyobench? July 16, 2009 12:48 pm

    …..Hope he doesn’t play like Jane.

  87. kama krab July 16, 2009 12:49 pm

    Howzit Everybody,

    So have we covered the whole recruiting class for 09. Who’s here, who’s grayshirting, who’s not coming.

    And are we in the market for any safeties or db’s for the 2010 class? All I’ve seen so far are OL, DL, LB, RB, WR, and QB.

    Just wondering.

  88. Bulla July 16, 2009 12:49 pm


    that is a direct result of leaving makakilo at 530 am, getting to work by 6:07 am, and having done everything you can, you begin to slither back to the WB and start playing with everyone…..but it is fun…and mahalo for the kind words. not only can i still write, i am convinced i have a face for radio.

  89. Bulla July 16, 2009 12:49 pm

    brother kekoa,

    mahalo for the ‘official’ indoctrination…we are so looking forward to this one, it’s going to be a blast!

  90. A-House July 16, 2009 12:59 pm

    hey, it must have stopped raining in Kailua giving ST time to trot out 25′ to his car parked on the road to retrieve the proper cord to upload the photo of Masch.

    but, then, when I left home around 9am it was sunny with no rain in sight, yikes, what ever is happening on our street??????

    great looking photo, ST!!

  91. LizKauai (iPhone) July 16, 2009 1:10 pm

    Wow! Luncheon pontification and apparel edification!

    And a double- barreled view of our newest guns. Where is Midori7???

    ST- did Esme finally make it on attempt 8?


  92. d1島 July 16, 2009 1:16 pm

    ST- did Esme finally make it on attempt 8?

    and if so, where’s da pikchas?

  93. BigIslandkurt July 16, 2009 1:17 pm

    That bradduh Masch is Swole! Man, I wish Corned Beef hash had the same effect on my body!

  94. Stephen Tsai July 16, 2009 1:28 pm

    Masch is a muscular dude

  95. LizKauai (iPhone) July 16, 2009 1:30 pm

    New Warrior theme this year “Come and Get It” !

  96. Stephen Tsai July 16, 2009 1:36 pm

    Hey, maybe his nickname should be Corned Beef Masch.

  97. Committed Road Warrior July 16, 2009 1:44 pm

    I was thinking “Masch”ed Potatoes, but that’s just me…..

  98. Derek July 16, 2009 1:50 pm

    Re: Masch. As Coach McMackin would say, he’s one big mother!!!! Look at those arms. He’s just so thick. I hope he’s a nose tackle. Is he competing for a starting job? What do you think?

  99. LizKauai (iPhone) July 16, 2009 2:21 pm

    All right for 808UHFan and the Ingram bros!

    Still waiting for the Colt n Esme portrait.

  100. wafan July 16, 2009 2:47 pm

    Where did everyone go?

    Too much gravy and rice?

  101. wafan July 16, 2009 2:48 pm

    2nd Century.

  102. wafan July 16, 2009 2:48 pm

    UHfan808 looks like she sees heaven.

  103. wafan July 16, 2009 2:50 pm

    Homey . . .


  104. d1島 July 16, 2009 2:54 pm

    L&L Plate Lunch today. BBQ Chicken plate; no gravy….no mac sa….

    …no gravy! 😳

  105. d1島 July 16, 2009 2:56 pm


    If they miss, is it then inaccupuncture?

  106. d1島 July 16, 2009 3:00 pm

    😳 😳 😳

    Sorry, forgot…..
    Lurker Alert

    posting about non-football stuff


    That was a reference to the “rice and gravy” comment from earlier and not just some random reference to what I had for lunch….

    ….although I did have corned beef and cabbage earlier this week which would then bring the subject somewhat inline whith today’s topic!

  107. d1島 July 16, 2009 3:02 pm

  108. d1島 July 16, 2009 3:03 pm

    That last post was for anyone who feels any guilt whatsoever about skipping over someone’s posts…..sort of an Ultimate Post About Nothing.

  109. wafan July 16, 2009 3:05 pm

    Apparently, gravy over everything is not so good for those who have a waistline bigger than their shoe size. So, would rice on top of the gravy be healthier?

  110. wafan July 16, 2009 3:09 pm

    d1 . . .

    I think Plannypunture would be accurater. HA!

    My concern today was if I was going to leak blood serum as I lay there. I could just envision the 3-Stooges gag.

  111. Diogenes Sinope July 16, 2009 3:19 pm

    D!: Re #104

    When did you start dieting?

  112. Bulla July 16, 2009 3:25 pm


  113. Bulla July 16, 2009 3:26 pm

    i’m such a copy cat, thanks d1, that was exhilirating

  114. homey ℞ July 16, 2009 3:26 pm

    Bulla – You ate it the last time I saw you.

    wafan – Afraid of needles?

    Go Warriors!

  115. homey ℞ July 16, 2009 3:27 pm

  116. madeinhawaii July 16, 2009 3:29 pm

    Wow… I’m surprised that David Garness is transferring out.

    Didn’t see that one coming.

    Did someone post this poll?
    It has Hawaii as having the WORST FANS in the WAC.

  117. vballfan1 July 16, 2009 3:36 pm

    Anyone going to the meet the coaches Event?? I wish i could go.

  118. curveball July 16, 2009 3:49 pm


  119. Rob25 July 16, 2009 3:54 pm

    I’ve already met Charlie!

  120. Rob25 July 16, 2009 3:57 pm


    July 16th, 2009 at 3:29 pm
    Wow… I’m surprised that David Garness is transferring out.

    Didn’t see that one coming.

    Did someone post this poll?
    It has Hawaii as having the WORST FANS in the WAC.

    That would be Fresno fans that are still obsessing over the fact that they haven’t beaten us in a long time! Then they got mad last year because somebody from their marketing dept decided to launch tshirts into the hands of a Hawaii fan and he threw it back on the field. Makes me proud to this day! Right Ronnie?

  121. wafan July 16, 2009 3:58 pm

    Homey . . .

    No. The last time I had an IV the tech kept missing. I put in the line myself. Kind of freaked her out.

    I have never had that many needles in me at the same time. Being hooked up to the electronic deelee-thingamabob was different.

  122. Rob25 July 16, 2009 4:03 pm


    July 16th, 2009 at 8:59 am
    AJoe – on behalf of myself….. it’s Rob25’s fault!!

    What an idiot!

    Now it wasn’t PP or myself sarcastically telling the girl at the drive thru, “Why do you think we ordered three shakes?”

    I had another incident this weekend with the kids. We didn’t order the combos, I just wanted to pay for three balls since I had the kids in the car. They kept insisting that I couldn’t because I didn’t order the combos. I told them that I would like speak to their manager. When I came to the window, they still told me that I couldn’t have any because I didn’t order the combos…boy rolled his eyes and then the manager came. I explained the situation to her and stated how their sign said that I could buy one person and I have three people in the car. She was shocked because the kid told her that I was insisting on getting them free, when I clearly stated that I wanted to buy three balls. Amazing how many idiots are actually employed by this company!! 😯

  123. Ralph July 16, 2009 4:10 pm

    i don’t have to meet charlie either, cuz i know rob25, mo betta.

  124. Jason July 16, 2009 4:14 pm

    I don’t think anyone else noted this, but Charlie Wade picked up Tony McInerny as a volunteer assistant coach:

  125. Ralph July 16, 2009 4:15 pm

    rob was it in Hawaii Kai? kaiser country or did the kid have his buff and blue jersey on.

  126. Rob25 July 16, 2009 4:15 pm

    Dea you go Ralph!

  127. Rob25 July 16, 2009 4:16 pm

    No JITB in HK!! To my kids dismay!

    This was the one on McCully….right over the bridge from the buff and blue area.

  128. Rob25 July 16, 2009 4:23 pm

    I knew about that Jason…

    *sits down* I guess you weren’t asking me.

  129. djmitcho July 16, 2009 4:51 pm

    Please don’t put me into the idiot catagory. I used to work at JITB while I was in high school. I worked at the one in the food court at Pearlridege up by the movie theaters. I never worked the front, so I never had to deal with the customers. I burned meat and drowned potatoes in hot oil.

  130. LizKauai (iPhone) July 16, 2009 5:03 pm

    Wow. Warrior shellgame or Musical Warriors. Revolving door is working OT!

    Rob25. I am ROTFLMAO. !

  131. Stephen Tsai July 16, 2009 5:13 pm

    Did I mention that we’ve positively ID’d a now MIA blogger?

  132. d1島 July 16, 2009 5:21 pm

    So if I need to borrow a camera someday is there one that is no longer being held in reserve?

  133. wafan July 16, 2009 5:25 pm

    d1 . . .

    I have an instamatic flashcube camera you may borrow.

  134. wafan July 16, 2009 5:28 pm

    The explosions and pyrotechnics must have been spectacular!


  135. al July 16, 2009 5:56 pm

    Stephen Tsai:

    July 16th, 2009 at 5:13 pm
    Did I mention that we’ve positively ID’d a now MIA blogger?

    let’s make a contest out of it!
    guess who it is and i’ll buy lunch at the next cattle call.

  136. Stephen Tsai July 16, 2009 6:02 pm

    email me at and i’ll reveal the answer. i already told curveball.

  137. Committed Road Warrior July 16, 2009 6:11 pm


    Someone found Koa-mahu?

  138. protector July 16, 2009 6:14 pm

    Good luck to the guys who transferred out. Does this affect the number of available scholies?? Or is it negligible??

  139. Stephen Tsai July 16, 2009 6:21 pm

    Lofton and Garness were not on scholarship. UH doesn’t even take an APR hit for them.
    I think UH did not anticipate Powell qualifying.

  140. Kekoa July 16, 2009 6:47 pm

    What?…ST has ways of making people talk? Waterboarding? Bamboo sticks under the finger nails? Bagpipes on the guy’s telephone? Who could it be?

    Curveball is still in a daze! He’s afraid to say anything!…Maybe we can talk him into revealing who it is at the breakfast cc.

  141. Kekoa July 16, 2009 6:53 pm

    In honor of Bulla & Lynn hookin’ up wit da Wessie Chaptah, you are all invited to attend a breakfast celebration. Also featuring the ‘Return of the Beast!’

    ➡ Date: This Saturday, 07/18/09

    ➡ Time: 10:00 AM – Whenevah!

    ➡ Event: Breakfast CC

    ➡ Place: Nancy’s Kitchen

    ➡ Order off the Menu: Breakfast featuring local style Entrees & Sides…or if you prefer to wait until 11:00 AM. lunch menu features more local faves to choose from. Seperate checks.

    Certain expert Tsaiko dining afficianados order on the hour, every hour, all day long!

    DISCLAIMER: Not recommended for those under University directed nutritional, or dietician programs.

  142. labrat July 16, 2009 6:55 pm

    What the scoop on Beaver and Napeahi?

  143. chawan_cut July 16, 2009 7:42 pm

    found this.

  144. roysan16 July 16, 2009 7:44 pm

    # Stephen Tsai:
    July 16th, 2009 at 5:13 pm

    Did I mention that we’ve positively ID’d a now MIA blogger?

    # Stephen Tsai:
    July 16th, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    email me at and i’ll reveal the answer. i already told curveball.

    # al:
    July 16th, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    Stephen Tsai:

    July 16th, 2009 at 5:13 pm
    Did I mention that we’ve positively ID’d a now MIA blogger?

    let’s make a contest out of it!
    guess who it is and i’ll buy lunch at the next cattle call.

    Stephen Tsai is sounding more and more like the worm he is. Look at his immaturity. ” We’ve positively identified a M.I.A bloggers identity”. And he adds, “e-mail me for the answer”. Does this exemplify someone that’s a professional journalist? Any one outside of this blog cans see he’s stooping very low. But go ahead dispense a person real identities and we’ll see who get’s the last laugh. If fact why don’t you all go join al’s game in identifying the identity of the MIA poster. he stooping low, too.

  145. wafan July 16, 2009 7:54 pm

    c_c . . .

    That was funny!

    Are you leaving the PNW in a few days?

  146. Ralph July 16, 2009 7:55 pm

    roysan16 are you feeling insecure. Al has invited you and a whole lot of bloggers to lunch and you’ve always declined stating conflict of schedule. Were you really hiding your true ID under your blog name, and this happens all the time in a lot of blogs and news postings, but I thought you enjoyed UH sports and wanted to join the rest of us in celebrating what is warrior sports and Al extended an invitation to join us.

  147. djmitcho (iPhone) July 16, 2009 7:56 pm

    I guess roysan isn’t gonna play al’s guessing game

  148. Ralph July 16, 2009 8:03 pm

    watching Braveheart, the Scotsmen had longer hair than I did, I guess there weren’t anything like fantastic sams in those days

  149. roysan16 July 16, 2009 8:14 pm


    ST should realize that his cardinal sins will come back to haunt him. Yesterday he was playing the little innuendo game, and today this.

  150. roysan16 July 16, 2009 8:20 pm

    To the editor of the paper,

    I hope your taking notes, too.

  151. Ralph July 16, 2009 8:31 pm

    Roysan16 chill out, you’re writing (sounding) like a nervous wreck. Just stand up for what you print or say, its a free country last I heard, and Cheney is no longer VP so no waterboarding to force you to take back what you wrote..

  152. kama krab July 16, 2009 8:39 pm

    Whoa Roysan 16,

    Take it easy braddah. As you have found out with what happen to WF2, this is not place to be throwing insults my friend. Chill out and relax.

    Enjoy yourself.

  153. Garret July 16, 2009 8:39 pm

    It sounds like the Patriots are rapidly signing their draft picks and Jake Ingram’s deal is almost finalized

    Three more members of the 2009 draft class got their deals done — second-round pick Sebastian Vollmer, third-round selection Brandon Tate and seventh-round pick Julian Edelman, all of whom signed four-year contracts with New England. (For more on those deals, click here.) That leaves New England with seven of their 12 picks in the fold — Darius Butler, Rich Ohrnberger, Myron Pryor and Darryl Richard were already signed.

    In addition, it now appears that second-round pick Ron Brace and sixth-round pick Jake Ingram are in the final stages of their negotiations with the Patriots, and sources close to both indicated Thursday the two should have deals done with New England sooner rather than later.

    As for Ingram, a league source said Thursday night “the two sides have exchanged numbers, and are hoping to make more progress later this week.” No contract details were provided, but it’s reasonable to think that Ingram will receive something in the neighborhood of a four-year deal — 23 of the 25 players taken in the sixth round who have signed so far got four-year contracts.

    As for total dollars, Ingram’s worth may be skewed a bit because he’s a special teamer, but a player taken two spots after him — cornerback DeAndre Wright of New Mexico, who went at No. 200 overall to the Giants — got a four-year deal for $1.83 million, which included a $93,009 signing bonus.

    The 6-foot-3, 232-pounder is looking to fill the shoes of the departed Lonie Paxton at the long snapper spot. A Hawaii product, he was selected with the 198th overall pick in the draft, and will battle veteran Nathan Hodel for the long snapping job. He certainly has an impressive resume: he was one of two long snappers invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, and he also garnered an invite to the Senior Bowl.

    “He’s an athletic guy, a little bit smaller than some of the snappers in the league, but a little bit more athletic than most of the snappers in the league,” said Belichick.

    “[He’s] an experienced guy. He’s done that. He can block. He can cover pretty well. His snaps are accurate; they had good velocity. So I think that he will be competitive for that position. I felt like he was a top player for his position in the draft.”

  154. kama krab July 16, 2009 8:42 pm

    So back to the business at hand.

    Is there a reason why we are seeing a big group of players leaving. Does this mean that we have a lot of talent or is there more to this story.

  155. Garret July 16, 2009 8:43 pm

    Matt Hinton (who I read everyday) gave his WAC prediction today. He expects UH to go to the Hawaii Bowl and for BSU to win the WAC. He expects La Tech to finish ahead of UH in the WAC, but not get to go to a bowl due to their rough nonconference schedule (and La Tech doesn’t have a bowl tie-in like UH).

    We’re almost past the point of thinking Boise State is going to win the WAC to the point of knowing Boise State is going to win the WAC, which actually should have happened a long time ago: The Broncos own the best conference record in the country since joining in 2001, have seven conference titles in eight years and still haven’t lost a WAC game at home, where they get their toughest competition this year, Nevada, on Nov. 27.

    If you’re looking for chinks in that armor, the best bet is BSU’s front seven on defense: Only one starter is back on the line, and have no reliable starter at linebacker. But BSU has led the WAC in both total and scoring defense all three years under Christ Petersen, and with the offense — especially quarterback Kellen Moore, now the center of attention after a very good redshirt freshman debut — the gap between No. 1 and No. 2 is still many miles wider than anywhere else in the country.

  156. Garret July 16, 2009 8:44 pm

    This is what he wrote about La Tech and UH. La Tech’s nonconference games at Auburn, at Navy, and at LSU sure sound rough to me!

    One of the reasons I think Hawaii is a better bet for a bowl game than Louisiana Tech despite how I predict the standings will look is that the hometown Hawaii Bowl is contractually obligated to pick the Warriors if they’re eligible — and with Central Washington, Washington State and UNLV outside of the conference (not to mention a very winnable game against Navy in late November), a 4-4 conference record will probably get them there. Louisiana Tech, on the other hand, goes at Auburn, at Navy and at LSU, which makes a return to the postseason a dicey proposition even with another winning record in the WAC. (The Bulldogs’ non-conference slate last year was Mississippi State, Kansas, Southeast Louisiana and Army.) Favorable bowl contracts: Just another reason to welcome the islanders with open arms at the end of their 4,030-mile trip from Honolulu to Ruston in late September.

  157. Garret July 16, 2009 8:44 pm

    This is what he wrote about the bottom-dwellers in the WAC.

    Perennial bottom-dwellers Utah State and New Mexico both have new coaches; they both had new coaches in 2005, too, and Gary Andersen and DeWayne Walker aren’t looking at any better prospects than Brent Guy and Hal Mumme, or any other predecessors in the wastelands. I’m not sure if it hurts or helps that both depth charts are undergoing massive turnover, but at least there’s comfort for now for both the league’s Aggies in one undeniable fact: At least they’re not Idaho. The Vandals are 3-21 in two years under Robb Akey, whose requisite three-year window should be closing around Thanksgiving, give or take a week or so.

  158. Garret July 16, 2009 8:50 pm

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    It is so sad that NASA accidentally erased the tapes that contained the original footage of the Apollo 11 moonwalk! Sadly, it appears that the tapes were erased to reuse them to record satellite data.

  159. Garret July 16, 2009 8:51 pm

    Immunologists devised a Trojan horse to help defeat ovarian cancer, reprogramming a cell that ovarian cancers have corrupted to feed their grown and turning the cells back from tumor friend to foe. The cells that have been feeding the cancer end up killing the tumor cells.

  160. Garret July 16, 2009 8:51 pm

    Virginia Tech students created a vehicle that enables the blind to be able to drive. Blind drivers actually did better than sighted drivers in the drive test.

  161. Garret July 16, 2009 8:52 pm

    Confidential document shows that Twitter expects their first revenue to come in Q3 of this year ($400k revenue in that quarter) and that Twitter projects to have 1 billion users by 2013.

  162. Garret July 16, 2009 8:52 pm

    A “temporary programming error” caused Visa Debit card users around the country to be hit with a $23,148,855,308,184,500 charge!

  163. Garret July 16, 2009 8:52 pm

    Free play links pau.

  164. 22Tokyo July 16, 2009 8:57 pm

    Since we’re off topic and I’ve got a couple of hours to kill before the official end of the work day….Kalapana is playing a two night gig beginning next Friday at the Cotton Club here in Tokyo….I’m taking in the 7:00pm show on Saturday….Just couple of months to go before the season starts….Go warriors!!!!

  165. el guapo July 16, 2009 8:59 pm

    Good timing for free play links Garret

  166. SteveM July 16, 2009 9:00 pm

    July 16th, 2009 at 7:55 pm
    roysan16 are you feeling insecure. Al has invited you and a whole lot of bloggers to lunch and you’ve always declined stating conflict of schedule. Were you really hiding your true ID under your blog name, and this happens all the time in a lot of blogs and news postings, but I thought you enjoyed UH sports and wanted to join the rest of us in celebrating what is warrior sports and Al extended an invitation to join us.

    Ralph — this is something we have seen often, and not just with roysan16…but you are correct, there’s some general insecurity involved in all cases.

    I do not have birthdays and years on everyone, but from what we know of the Tsai-kos who do attend gatherings, my estimate is the the average age of these Tsai-kos is 49-51 years….and the distribution would be a perfect gaussian curve… with Jason on end and Tom Mui, midnight , and LTUHF on the other. One standard deviation would be between 40 and 60. (This sounds like an interesting project for Jason or jm2375, since I almost failed statistics)

    Possibly those that who opt not to attend Cattle Calls are on Jason’s side of the curve and still have their original school/work friends. This is purely speculation on my part since I cannot account or all the bloggers who do not attend Tsai-ko social functions since I do not have the age data.

    But the Tsai-kos who recognize each other by face and real or blog name mostly fall in the 40-60 range and carry the behaviors and values of that generation(s).

  167. d1島 July 16, 2009 9:05 pm


    Uhhh…thanks! (I guess) 😕

  168. roysan16 July 16, 2009 9:06 pm


    Ralph, Kama Krab

    You and I know there’s not very many more opportunities for me to post here. I’ve said what I had to say. Please, if there’s no insecurity on Stephen’s part then you’re blind. Why not tell Stephen to chill?

  169. Jason July 16, 2009 9:06 pm

    Are you trying to say that I don’t have friends my age to hang out with? Then again, I did spend the night with sj-macro and myki at Murphy’s. 😛

  170. d1島 July 16, 2009 9:07 pm


    Enjoy da show!

  171. Stretch July 16, 2009 9:09 pm

    These past few days on the blog have been pretty depressing.

  172. al July 16, 2009 9:12 pm

    obviously some have taken my humor in a different light. most folks know how i like to joke around as evidenced by the lack of participation in :”my contest”.

  173. d1島 July 16, 2009 9:13 pm


    You and I know there’s not very many more opportunities for me to post here. I’ve said what I had to say.

    yada yada….already done that, brah!

    You signed off the Warrior Beat “for good” before but I know you’ll be back! 😆

    Now, who’s the one with the insecurities? 😆

  174. al July 16, 2009 9:14 pm

    jason….how about a report of the night’s events.
    at murphy’s that is.

  175. Jack Flash July 16, 2009 9:15 pm

    wait… roysan16 = ralvic? The plot thickens…

  176. SteveM July 16, 2009 9:15 pm

    Speaking of Tsai-ko social gatherings, I’ll introduce a new one for the Tsai-ko lexicon….

    Harvest Call — an on-line gathering in a chat room during a social network game simulation to share wealth and experience while chatting live.

    homey put out a Harvest Call…. tonight, homey’s place…

  177. Garret July 16, 2009 9:17 pm

    It appears that center-plate won the contract for the Swap Meet again, and they will *not* be allowed to have swap meets on Warrior game days.

    A new contract for the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet will likely be awarded to center-plate, which held the previous contract.

    Aloha Stadium Manager Scott Chan issued a notice of intent to award the contract to center-plate after receiving bids from six different companies.

    As part of the new contract, center-plate will not be allowed to hold swap meets on days the University of Hawaii football team plays at Aloha Stadium.

  178. al July 16, 2009 9:19 pm

    stretch…i agree, that’s why we went to tiffany’s last night. sort of a farewell to whitey who is headed north to the alakan waters.

  179. Garret July 16, 2009 9:19 pm

    Jack Flash,

    roysan16 already identified himself as the poster who went by marlis and ralvic in the past…he did not keep that a secret.

  180. al July 16, 2009 9:21 pm

    so why are you getting all rev’d up…roysan16.
    i dont’ get it?

  181. lava July 16, 2009 9:23 pm

    Good stuff Garret. I think La Tech is going to be really good this year. I think that will be a tough road game for us.

  182. roysan16 July 16, 2009 9:25 pm


    Don’t worry. Keep saying yada, yada, yada to yourself

  183. Jack Flash July 16, 2009 9:28 pm

    So roysan- who you gonna be next?

  184. SteveM July 16, 2009 9:29 pm

    July 16th, 2009 at 9:06 pm
    Are you trying to say that I don’t have friends my age to hang out with? Then again, I did spend the night with sj-macro and myki at Murphy’s.

    😛 Jason — good gaussian distribution, yeah? 😆

    ….and d1島 — you are so “average” 🙂 but right in the middle of everything! That’s good…

  185. Garret July 16, 2009 9:34 pm


    I think that the La Tech road game is the most important road game this season. It is early in the season, a horribly long trip, the first WAC road game, and La Tech is really, really dangerous this year. They have had some excellent recruiting classes and have the momentum right now…they may lose the momentum as the season goes on, but UH gets them early in the season in Ruston.

    My opinion is that if the Warriors win that game, they will challenge for the WAC title and easily qualify for the Hawaii Bowl. If the Warriors lose the game, the WAC title is not likely but they should still qualify for the Hawaii Bowl. The early 3-game road stretch will be tough, but after that the bulk of the games (including almost all of the tough ones aside from Nevada) will be at Aloha Stadium.

    Another reason why I think that La Tech is such an important game is that I worry about the home attendance if UH struggles on the 3-game road trip…winning at La Tech would give momentum for the UNLV game and get the fans excited. Beating Washington State would be nice, but La Tech is the only conference game during that 3-game road trip and Washington State would be forgotten if the rest of the trip doesn’t go well.

  186. SteveM July 16, 2009 9:36 pm

    Gotta impersonate Peaches at the Harvest Call….
    …don’t ask 😐

    Be back later. Maybe. 🙂

  187. al July 16, 2009 9:37 pm

    d1….170. i can always count on you for some retro music.

    kalapana – toppe ada shoppe
    c & k – rainbow villa
    country comfort – the sty
    olomana – ranch house
    booga booga – territorial tavern

    yah, dat was some great entertainment and memories.

  188. d1島 July 16, 2009 9:40 pm

    #31 (or so)

    yada yada 😆

    Jack Flash,

    No worry, whatever the monicker, the author will be readily apparent!


  189. roysan16 July 16, 2009 9:41 pm

    keep in mind about the latech game is that the kick off is 500pm.(?) Not having to play latech in the afternoon heat and instead playing them at night gives Uh some reprieve on this road game.

  190. d1島 July 16, 2009 9:42 pm


    Toppe ada Shoppe. Ouch!

    The place where I learned about not taking off your class ring! 🙁

  191. Ralph July 16, 2009 9:47 pm

    never heard of those places, except Ranch House…or maybe territorial tavern

  192. WarriorMojo July 16, 2009 9:50 pm

    Roysan, I really don’t get why you are so riled up. I sincerely hope it is not out of some loyalty to bowstock/warrior fanny. That guy has always hated Tsaikos. He has voiced his disdain numerous times on WSN. The only reason he posts (posted?) here is because he was banned from WSN. He’s fine until you disagree with him and then it’s all out war. That’s really unfortunate because 85% of what he posts is definitely worth reading. The other 15%, definitely not.

    Put it this way, anyone who thinks he/she is smarter than Garret, more knowledgeable about O-line play than Pride., AND more witty than D1 is seriously just WRONG. And then to get into a little tiff with LizKauai, Ms. Aloha Spirit herself? Wottan ass.

    On the other hand, Roysan, if you are upset about how you’re being treated, I think you need to grow/regrow some. I enjoy reading what you write. I agree with much of it, though not all. Of the things I disagree with, I don’t post a reply unless I have a lot of time or am really moved to comment.

    But you should expect, welcome and definitely not be offended by responses to your posts. That’s the whole point of dialogue and interaction. Otherwise, it’s just you soliloquizing. Sorry, but all the world’s A stage, not YOUR stage.

  193. Jason July 16, 2009 9:51 pm

    I got to Murphy’s around 5 PM. Looked around to see if anybody else was there; myki and sj-macro arrived a couple minutes after me. We stayed inside for an hour, cause it was hot outside. I had shepherd’s pie, sj-macro had chicken quesadillas, and myki abstained since she just came from a late lunch. sj-macro and I shared a slice of mango-lilikoʻi cheesecake for dessert.

    Oh wait, you mean you want to hear more than just the food? 😉

  194. al July 16, 2009 9:52 pm

    class ring…yah, i never got mine back.

  195. jm2375 July 16, 2009 9:53 pm

    OK, time to go pack. Leaving early tomorrow.

    See you guys in 3 weeks!!

    Play nice, please.

  196. al July 16, 2009 9:56 pm

    ralph….i am not surprised about your being unaware of those hot spots of the past. afterall, weren’t you still picking pine back then?

  197. Jason July 16, 2009 9:56 pm

    We went outside and enjoyed some nice music. Ran into WassupDoc and Dr. Doc. After talking story with different people we (they) knew, we listened to a short presentation by Jim Donovan. First he presented Coach Dana, then Charlie Wade. Both of those coaches had nice speeches where they mentioned their assistants, their families, etc.

    And that’s pretty much it, we left soon after.

  198. al July 16, 2009 9:58 pm

    jason….fine form son. touche’
    so just what profound statements spewed from the lips of our new coaches?

  199. Jason July 16, 2009 10:03 pm

    Honestly … I’m tired, I don’t remember. I did get to talk to Coach Dana, who mentioned that since she spent so many years at MoHS, many think she’s an alumna. While she’s not, she said that she bleeds blue … well, now green. I mentioned that I bleed blue and green … 🙂

  200. Da Punchbowl Kid July 16, 2009 10:04 pm

    Let’s not forget the Beamer Brothers at the old Pagoda(?) Floating Restaurant.

    Yes indeedy, mighty spicy on the ole blog here lately. And yep, delete the sass and some posters here had some good stuff to say.

    Ya wanna get on a blog that’s a great place for flamin’ and blamin’? Go to the worst WAC fan poll/ blog posted by above by MIH. You can almost see the veins bulging on the foreheads of some o’ those folks as they post. Some of their rants are actually pretty funny.

    Like my buddy Ms Liz might say, peace and love y’all.

  201. Slugger July 16, 2009 10:13 pm

    Good luck at CC of SF, David Garness!

    Just spoke to Dan Fisher, MVB associate coach, at Murphy’s. We talked about being in SF & at USF. Met his wife, Joni. Coach Wade was off glad-handing. Also got to say Hey to Coach Dana & wish her well. JD was still there.

    W-Doc, missed you & Jim. I had to put up hems on my niece’s uniform skirts. Got there after 7 pm. Saw Jim standing on King St. this afternoon about 3:15 pm.

    Got my WBB season ticket order in & an UA shirt.

  202. Slugger July 16, 2009 10:17 pm


    Good looking sandwich…or should I say, man-wich.

  203. Jason July 16, 2009 10:17 pm

    Shucks, we must have missed you, Slugger.

  204. Ralph July 16, 2009 10:18 pm

    Sophie Marceau is a hottie on Braveheart.

  205. Da Punchbowl Kid July 16, 2009 10:20 pm

    some “ex-posters” I should have said above…

  206. roysan16 July 16, 2009 10:21 pm

    warrior mojo,

    Thank you for your insights. I appreciate you more as a person because reading what you wrote is very telling of the type of person you are. Immediately I can tell you look at things without prejudice. This is good. Again, thanks for the feedback.

  207. Ralph July 16, 2009 10:22 pm

    slugger where did you get seats, i know there are lots to choose from but where did you select..back of the Na Wahine bench. Come join us for breakfast/brunch cc at Nancy’s on saturday…grandma Pestana will be there and the usual suspects

  208. Ralph July 16, 2009 10:24 pm

    Jason you must have left early, slugger arrived at 7 and you’re already left the scene.

  209. Slugger July 16, 2009 10:29 pm

    Jason, sj-macro & myki,

    Sorry I missed you guys, too. They had run out of their freebie BBQ chicken dinner, so Murphy’s gave people 10% off your dining tab if you bought season tix. Grilled ahi salad hit the spot.

  210. Kekoa July 16, 2009 10:36 pm

    I would just like to see our Warrior team off to a good start, build momentum, and play like they never played before!

    We’ve heard and seen a lot over the off-season. The fall practice sessions will start to solidify the offense & defense…and the depth charts will show back-up that we’ve never had before.

    Are you ready for some football?I AM!

    Good nite all…give it a rest Roysan16, relax ‘n chill.

  211. djmitcho (iPhone) July 16, 2009 10:38 pm

    Ralph #204 I totally agree.

  212. Ralph July 16, 2009 10:48 pm

    Mitcho do you know the nobui family on Lanai, my classmate carol is on facebook as carol pajari

  213. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc July 16, 2009 10:58 pm

    Nice evening at Murphy’s and as usual great food. I had cheese quesadillas, pasta with garlic butter, and a whole bowl of vanilla gelato (3 scoops) to myself while DrDoc had a grilled seafood sandwich & green salad. I felt so guilty about my calorie consumption that I asked to be dropped off in the heart of Kailua Town and briskly walked into the Enchanted Lake area – took me just over half an hour to cover 1-1/2 miles.

    Hope that the T-Gate coordinators will arrange for one of the Away Gates to be held at Murphy’s..

    Which reminds me – Jim Donovan told me that August 15 has been set aside for a community service project around the Athletic Department. Look for more details around the end of the month. He thinks that they’re ready to handle as many as 100 community volunteers along with student athletics in most sports.

    Yes, Centerplate was awarded the contract, but there were some very unhappy folks when the announcement was made. The Stadium Authority went into Executive Session almost immediately after convening and stayed behind closed doors for about an hour.

    The Stadium management is also FINALLY getting around to entering into discussions with both food vendors as well as Centerplate about setting up recycling bins both inside the Stadium and in the parking lot. even though the state law went into effect on January 1, 2005.

    Niteall – off to bed – have a 3am conference call which means I need to get up at 2:30 to make coffee.

  214. SteveM July 17, 2009 12:40 am

    jm2375 — have a safe and fun trip!

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