Tengan steps down

 Delbert Tengan  has resigned as head coach of  Saint Louis School’s fooball and basketball teams. He told his coaches last night, then made it official in a news release circulated to the media this afternoon. He will remain as a physical education coach.

It is a sad outome for Tengan,  who has been involved with Crusader athletics for 25 years. Tengan’s football teams lost only two games in the last two years. For UH fans, Tengan was a friend of the program.

* * *

According to wideout Malcolm Lane, former UH cornerbacks Gerard Lewis and Myron Newberry are mulling an opportunity to play in the German Football League. Lane, who lived in Germany for several years, said the caliber of play is very good. Lane also said the demise of NFL Europa has created a market for the GFL to expand.

Here’s a photo from last year’s German Bowl:


* * *

Dylan Linkner has a dream.
What he needs is time to sleep.
“My day consists of waking up at 5 in the morning,” said Linkner, a non-scholarship wideout. “I come over here, and lift early in the morning.”
He lifts weights, then participates in conditioning drills. After that, he goes to Kapi‘olani Community College, where he is taking a 2-hour summer school class. Then it’s home to Kailua to do homework or take a quick nap. He then serves as a bus worker at a Waikiki Restaurant from 4 p.m. until midnight.
“I don’t get home until 1,” Linkner said. “I don’t fall asleep until 1:30, 2. I get right back up at 5 for the same workouts.”
Is it worth it? “Of course,” said Linkner, who is perpetually upbeat.
Linkner’s father, Jim, is Keali‘i Reichel’s sound engineer. Last week, Jim Linkner won another Hoku award.
Dylan Linkner wants to make it on his own. He wants to pay for his tuition. He wants to be responsible. That meant that last summer, when his teammates were working out, he was stocking shelves at Longs.
Linkner, who finished spring training as the No. 2 right wideout, set a goal of earning a football scholarship.
Yesterday afternoon, he managed to compete in unsupervised workouts. He ran hard. He made every catch.
“I’m working hard,” Linkner said.
In training camp, he wants to prove “that I’m worthy, that I can get that scholarship.”
But if that falls through, “I want to make sure I have money to pay for school,” he said.


Here’s Linkner (left) with safety Spencer Smith:


* * *

It’s good to see that Laupepa Letuli has fully healed from a hamstring injury that sidelined him for all of spring training. He had suffered the injury while running the 40-yard dash on Cooke … er, Ching Field. Letuli, Aaron Kia and Ray Hisatake are competing to be the No. 1 left tackle. Last year’s starter, Keith AhSoon, is moving to left guard.


* * *

Shane Austin also declared himself healthy. He suffered a fracture in his right foot on the last play of the Warrior Bowl. His foot was in a cast and then a medical boot. Now he is able to practice without any medical support for his foot.


* * *

Dylan Linkner, Leon Wright-Jackson and Shane Austin are posing for a serious shot when Inoke Funaki pulls a quarterback sneak and races in front of the group.


Then Funaki does the peek-a-boo trick:



  1. al June 27, 2008 12:32 am


  2. al June 27, 2008 12:35 am

    thats some routine for linkner.

    thats some mean competition at lt.

  3. al June 27, 2008 12:36 am

    thanks stevo for warming us up for the season.

    i hope that all the recruits make it through the ringer and get in to camp and school in a timely manner.

  4. al June 27, 2008 12:37 am

    hey does anybody know the new post is up?
    should i tell?

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    al, Ajoe: I’m up but the lids are drooping. 😐 😀 sjmacro

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    Howit all you late nighters

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    Good Morning Guys:

    Have you two been staying out of trouble? Or is that too much work?

    Off to bed – have to deliver DrDoc to his Doc first ting in de mawning so nitenite.

  9. addahknowjoe June 27, 2008 12:53 am

    sjmacro- yup. I know the feeling.

    Howzit HiFlyer

  10. addahknowjoe June 27, 2008 12:54 am

    sleep well, Doc

  11. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc June 27, 2008 12:54 am


    Really love to look at the pictures of all those fine young men showing off their athletic skills. When’s the next Unsupervised Workout?

  12. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 1:10 am

    They get out there Monday.

  13. HiFlyer June 27, 2008 1:12 am

    Howit A-Joe, I’m trying to catch up from the last post flipping back and forth.

  14. al June 27, 2008 1:17 am

    ajoe, sj……sorry when doze off.
    now,i going sleep for real.


  15. WarriorMojo June 27, 2008 1:24 am

    ST, thanks very much for the update on Laupepa. I’m telling you this guy NEEDS to start for us somewhere on the O-line. He’s got the feet to play tackle and the muscle to play guard.

    Pepa, please do whatever you gotta do to take care of those hammies. This is your year to set yourself up so that you get chance next year for All-WAC or All-America honors, even the Outland award. Your freshman season was cut short by that freaking Utah State cheap shot. Your sophomore season didn’t get off the ground because you pulled your hamstring in fall camp. You did finish very strong in the Sugar Bowl, but then your hamstring acted up again in Spring ball.

    You’ve been teasing us with glimpses of your talent for two years now. Let’s get it done full time this year, brother. The sky’s the limit for you. Get it done.

  16. Koauka June 27, 2008 1:26 am

    Good morning ST and gangees!

  17. Ralph June 27, 2008 3:33 am

    finally, after three system restore attempts my computer is back on line. I guess it takes ‘Pepa’s appearance to get WM back on the blog and pumping his fists..

  18. Ralph June 27, 2008 3:44 am

    Homey, haf to do the system restores….back to Firefox 2…are there glitches with Firefox 3

  19. Ralph June 27, 2008 3:45 am

    where’s everyone! not even Esme

  20. MeiLing June 27, 2008 4:17 am

    Mornin’ ST! Mahalo for the great pics!

    Good luck to all of the guys in making the team & success in taking care of business on the academic end.

    Aloha Kakahiaka to the Tsaiko world! Have a great day in Hawai’i nei!

    Going to services today for a sweet woman I used to work with who didn’t make it in her fight against cancer. Make memories! Make memories while you are here with your ‘ohana & Tsai-kotic friends.

  21. Garret June 27, 2008 5:26 am

    I agree with WarriorMojo–a healthy Letuli would be a huge boost to the OL for the season! Thank you for the great news that his hamstring is fully healed! Best of luck to Letuli and the rest of the OL for their offseason workouts as they prepare for a really competitive Fall camp!

  22. Garret June 27, 2008 5:29 am

    Best wishes to Dylan Linkner…he’s working really hard to make it on his own. It is hard for walk ons to take care of school, athletics, AND work also. Scholarship athletes are loaded with work when they just have school and athletics, but many walk-ons have to try to earn a scholarship while working too!

  23. Garret June 27, 2008 5:29 am


    Thank you for taking care of the JUGS machine!

  24. Garret June 27, 2008 5:30 am

    The ATV accident cost that UCLA OL the season…and possibly his career. He really has hard luck with knee injuries.

    UCLA announced offensive tackle Sean Sheller will miss the season after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament and the medial collateral ligament in his left knee. Sheller suffered the injury Friday while driving an ATV in Lake Havasu, Ariz.

    The redshirt sophomore was the projected starter at right tackle.

    Sheller (Walnut High) did not play in 2007. He suffered a tear of the medial collateral ligament in his right knee in fall training camp of 2006.

  25. Garret June 27, 2008 5:31 am

    I wish UH had rich alumni like this Oklahoma State donor. The amazing thing is that this donation is just the 2nd or 3rd biggest donation annonced this year to Oklahoma State.

    This fall, under the impression he was selling a west end zone football suite, Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder met with alumnus Malone Mitchell.

    As Holder was giving his usual OSU sales pitch, the one where the AD gives his vision of the future and talks about the athletic facilities he plans to build, Mitchell stopped him.

    “He interrupted me and said, ‘Look, here’s what I have in mind,’” Holder recalled. “I about fell out of my chair.”

    What Mitchell and his wife, Amy, had in mind — with a few minor tweaks — came to fruition this month. The couple donated $57.2 million in stock to OSU, half of it to academics and half to the athletic department.

  26. Garret June 27, 2008 5:33 am

    It is amazing how many players have left Louisville!

    That’s 21 players, scholarship players only, and doesn’t count those that signed and never made it to campus. That’s an entire recruiting class.

  27. FloridaTed June 27, 2008 5:33 am

    Morning, Tsaiko-Nation and Tsai-Meister.

    Just peaking in to say Aloha. Thanks to our leader the upcoming dog days of summer without sports are bareable.

    Off to work, I’m doing way too much of that lately in my old age, lol.

    Have a great day, everybody.

  28. Garret June 27, 2008 5:34 am

    If the Federal Government takes action on artificial turf, a lot of practice fields and stadiums could be in trouble. Replacing all of that turf would cost a ton of money…

    A U.S. senator from New Jersey is urging the federal government to take action on artificial turf sports fields containing lead.

    Sen. Bob Menendez sent a letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission Thursday that urged the agency to expand its investigation into possibly hazardous lead levels in artificial turf.

    Thursday’s call for action by Menendez comes a week after the federal Centers for Disease Control issued an advisory recommending that worn, frayed sports fields containing nylon fibers be tested for lead.

    A California environmental watchdog group reported this week it had found excessive amounts of lead in several brands of artificial turf. It warned some of the biggest manufacturers and sellers that it would sue unless they recall or reformulate their products.

  29. Garret June 27, 2008 5:39 am

    RGM was mentioned in this article.

    While that may have been the impetus to get started, White, a junior at Cal State Los Angeles, has quickly risen through the ranks to earn a place in the 200-meter dash at the United States Olympic Trials, which start today and run through July 6 in Eugene, Ore.

    Not bad for a guy that only took up the sport when he started college three years ago.

    “It was a chance to better myself,” he said. “If they’re going to pay me to go school, why not do it?”

    White spent his freshman year at Garey High School, but transferred to Rialto the following year when his family moved from Pomona to San Bernardino. He excelled in football, playing tight end on the same team with Ryan Grice-Mullen, who went on to star as a wide receiver at the University of Hawaii.

  30. Kekoa June 27, 2008 5:55 am

    Note to Coach Bulla: Lisa Strand told me last night that she is anxiously awaiting to reunite with the “Menhune Matchmaker of Manoa.” She also wondered why she has been ‘ono’ for watrcress lately…Hmmm.

    Pono busy with coaching 12 and under boys VB for tourney in America, while daughter left last night for Jr. Olympics VB. Da Mountain Apple has not fallen too far from their tree in Haiku Valley.

  31. Kekoa June 27, 2008 6:06 am

    Good Morning Tsaiko Villagers!

    Anybody seen or heard from Esme lately? Gunfunit dat wahine! She come inside da Tsaiko Playhouse, leave all da toys out in da rain and den run away hide someplace. That is jez askin’ for one WAC wid da slippah! 👿

    Only way you can redeem yourself is if she show up for practice wid da “Tsaiko All Star Band.” 😎

  32. GMA Honey June 27, 2008 6:14 am

    ST-thanks for the pictures! Keep working hard, boys! How long until the season starts? Why is summer so-o-o long?

  33. Kekoa June 27, 2008 6:20 am

    Note to Liz: No need your help to sew da lei. Get ‘choke’ volunteers foa do ’em. Da Mrs. sed not going have enough ‘straws’ and material to supply for just 20 or 30 lei. Dey may finish by end of weekend wid wat dey have! She will still show you how she make ’em wen you come.

    Bring more Kulolo! We need to leave a trail to *band* practice for Robert Kekaula! Whoa! Dat bugga wen inhale da last batch you brought ovah!

  34. djmitcho June 27, 2008 6:22 am

    Good morning Tsaikoville!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend coming up.

  35. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:33 am

    Alojah Kakahiaka means good mornin to you peeps who always up so frikkin early in the morning and no go sleep like Dylan Linkner cause get choke stuffs for do. Nah, props to Dylan…keep striving, get out what you put in! Remind me of my work schedule almost, whew.

  36. djmitcho June 27, 2008 6:34 am

    Pauoa Boy,
    It’s early for da guys in Hawaii, but for us mainland guys it’s not dat early

  37. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER June 27, 2008 6:36 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    ok re: ka lei.

    Kulolo was ordered last nite 😉

  38. djmitcho June 27, 2008 6:37 am

    Good Morning Liz

  39. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:38 am

    Spencer Smith – easy on the roids brah sheesh, nah das good gotta get bikkah and bikkah so can body slam people on the field.

    Laupepa Letuli – Hope he can get in on the rotation. Stiff competition though with Kia and Hisatake. All three should be starting somewhere. Good to know our OLine is pretty deep.

  40. d1shima June 27, 2008 6:40 am

    Great Morning All.

    Always inspirational to read about a walk-on like Dylan Linkner. Best wishes to him and all the walk-ons.

    Hope all the OL are doing the necessary training to minimize those hammy issues.

    All the pics are great however….

    sure do miss the Princess and dem VIDEOS!!!

  41. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:40 am

    djmitcho – Howzit, nah dis early for me when stay on vacation. Dayum keeds jumping on the bed so early couldn’t find my slippah fo wack the leg. Eh you guys not catching wind from the fires down this way up there? Frikk feel like I’m in LA so dayum foggy the air.

  42. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:45 am

    Aunty Liz – where you order your Kulolo from? I used to know how for make em but no more ingredaments over here in haole town. Only get L & L’s who sale bootleg haupia and even malasadas, make me laugh. I bet if I went ask for bag poi or kulolo, the workahs going look at me like hah?

  43. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 6:46 am

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    DYLAN LINKNER. I like the sound of that name!
    Love your work ethic. Reminder: you are not alone!

    64 days ato Florida

    c’mon Warriors, step it UPPPP!!!
    push yourselves. push Linkner. support LINKNER!
    Remember Georgia?


  44. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:48 am

    d1shima – Princess Leila supposed to be at the Blog Bash right? I miss the videos to, but ST doing a great job with the pics. More stuffs for chit, chat about, plus good to see the boys preparing for the season.

  45. d1shima June 27, 2008 6:48 am

    Well, the Warriors all have their workouts set.

    Here’s something for us Tsaikos….


    The guy kinda sounds like dpk 😉

  46. djmitcho June 27, 2008 6:51 am

    Nah, da air is clean today. If there is a forest fire somewhere in the state, we usually see da effects, but nothing from dat far away. It looks like summer is finally here too.
    Upper 80’s today, mid 90’s tomorrow, really high 90’s on sunday.

  47. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER June 27, 2008 6:51 am

    hi djmitcho!

    Just wen back to catch up on last night.

    bhf2 just gets things done. No talk (waaal, not much talk), jes move like da wind and make da connections.
    Some day he goin show up in one cape. Red and yellow supahman kine.

    d1shima- ditto on missing da Princess videos. But all is in Ke Akua’s hands. Hopefully she will be back to fire up da troops come da regular season!

    HI HO prep.

  48. Kekoa June 27, 2008 6:52 am

    PB ~ Oline was minor concern during spring because it looked a little thin in spots. Now that da boyz are starting to focus on preparing their bodies for combat, da attitude adjustment has narrowed to lean & mean. Starting positions will mean open warfare soon.

    Think back to wen you wuz battling for a spot. Rememba how you stahted to buss okole to not just win it…but to own it! Left no doubt. 👿

  49. d1shima June 27, 2008 6:55 am

    …and for those who need video fo’ get the movements right


  50. Loa June 27, 2008 6:55 am

    morning gang!

    can you imagine how much more chit/chat we would get if we had the Princess videos in addition to ST’s pictas? holy unko!

    bighilo – big mahalos on da jugs, was getting chicken skin reading last nights comments on all the support and aloha from the tsaikos

    have a safe and happy aloha friday!

  51. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:55 am

    Howzit bighilofan2 – Mahalos for the Jugs machines. Sad dat had to take for you go over there and get er done. Das what I mean by UH need to step there game up to Top 25 level. I tired seeing things not getting done. Granted take time but if I was one recruit and saw things laddat I would shake my head and think twice. Especially the picture of the drinking fountain, talk about hurt the eyes. Das okay, I’m sure everything going be all pono soon and we going get on the right track for be that Top 25 national powah! Glad get people like you who actually give a chit, mahaloz!

  52. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER June 27, 2008 6:57 am

    d1- that is Robert Preston and looks like written by Meredith Wilson – The Music Man team!
    I can hear a girly version by Ethel Merman in that song!!!

  53. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:59 am

    d1shima – mean dat workout garrans get one P90X kine body

  54. d1shima June 27, 2008 6:59 am

    Props to bhf2 for da JUGS-tacular mission.

    Have a great day everyone, time for pogo jump outta here! 😀

  55. bonar June 27, 2008 7:02 am


  56. Loa June 27, 2008 7:06 am

    d1 – mahalo for the vids but no can catch’em, grrrr 😡 think i gotta get tilted

  57. Stretch June 27, 2008 7:10 am

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    We have officially hit the 100 mark for the upcoming party. There are 25 more spaces available. I have also received payments from a bunch of people. I will be emailing you guys confirmation soon.

  58. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 7:11 am

    Kekoa, nah I still get the eye of the Tiger as I play sports year round. In fact couple years ago when I was back home at K-Bay playing football on the base team, my friend and I sent in one highlight video to JJ. Was trying to see if my friend could get looked at as a Kicker. This was during Ayat years. Anyway, my buddy was nicknamed “The Leg” cause he could boom consistent 40-50 yard field goals with accuracy. Plus his name is Tim Legros, big kid 6-3 245lbs. and can blast the ball. We actually won the military challenge contest they have down there during the Pro-Bowl back in 2004. Not sure where he is now as couple scouts actually was looking to recruit him.

  59. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 7:12 am

    Off to run errands be back in the p.m.

  60. Stretch June 27, 2008 7:20 am

    It looks like we will be having a good representation from the Advertiser Staff. I wonder if someone there can convince Juju to get her “lazy arse” (jojo’s words) to drive to town and join us??

  61. djmitcho June 27, 2008 7:23 am

    I wish I could attend the blog bash and actually meet all the crazys that live in this blog. Hopefully I can work things out to make it to the OSU game and meet some of the Tsaikos. If not, I will be going to the BSU game in October.

  62. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 7:24 am

    dat wuz too funny. mcKlinley? 1961? I watched da hole ting. neva look like mcKinley. Go chicken chit, go! heh heh

    wen I show up wit a cape, I gonna expose yu to ‘art!’ 😀

    bahhaaaahaaaaa 😆

    Loa, kekoa an erryone else.
    Dats wat I’m talkin about. A Top 25 school takes da helpin hands ah all da peeps. Da peeps. Das us. Gotta make like Waltah Kronkite, ask da probin questions. make da coaches and da wurkahs know we care alot about our Warriors! Mr. Hill wanted to help out. He neva no wuz broke. Joyce in facilities like help out. She neva know wuz broke. Perry in maintenance like help out. He an his boyz workin wen I saw dem Wed., but day wuz workin on all refrigeratahz. Left? Right? Left?
    Da playahs no watz broken. Day gotta pass da word.

    Hey Warriors,
    pssst… tell ST about da soap dishes, towelz, busted stuff, wat evaz. Tsaiko nashun like back yu up. we no like excuses. we like akshun jackson! smack down akshun! LINKNER kine akshun. Just do it.


    GO W ARRIORS!!!!

  63. Kekoa June 27, 2008 7:34 am

    PB ~ Funny you should mention Pro-Bowl challenge. That comp started in 1984 with Ft Shafter Sports office in the lead as suggesting something for the players to do other than just visiting the troops up at Tripler and around the other installations.

    We started with Golf out at Leilehua. Then, the trash talking led to a friendly Softball game. Eventually there was a round-robin challenge on in Golf, Softball, Bowling, Basketball and Volleyball. By 1989 it even included sports for their wives to compete in with their husbands. Did I say friendly? Whoever said Pro Bowl players treated this trip as a vacation musta been snortin’ Ajax!…Shoots, it was war! They hated to lose at anything, and we just loved handing them the 2nd place trophy in everything!

  64. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 7:36 am


    an even wen yu doing everything right, do all da extraz, God is Good, lie dat,

    still yet, it takes luck too. Luck, meanin tings ova which you have no control. but its really good to plan and do what you can to control wat you can. fo dat yu get da biggest props, Dylan. keep it up!

  65. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER June 27, 2008 7:42 am

    Pauoa Boy- da kulolo is fresh, homemade kine from my nay-bor across da street. Not too sweet – jes right!

  66. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER June 27, 2008 7:43 am

    I hope Linkner gets a scollie. He needs to get some SLEEP as that is when the boys GROW.
    Congrats to his DAD for da Hoku

  67. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 7:44 am


    is pono your son? is the girl in Tx your grand daughter? my grand daughter Zoe Leonard, 11, stay ova dayah with da Hilo VB girlz. Her fadda Chris is coach.

  68. djmitcho June 27, 2008 7:45 am

    Kulolo sounds good right now. After da concert last nite, we had a potluck with da Pacific Islanders Association and da Makaha Sons and someone made some mean haupia pie and a lilikoi dessert and it broke da mouth.

  69. KelliM June 27, 2008 7:47 am

    Wow! I didn’t know his schedule was so demanding. I give him a lot of credit as well as well as all the other students who somehow manage to go to school and work to pay for their own tuition.

  70. Buffoman June 27, 2008 7:50 am

    After reading about the recently completed draft, I’ve come to the conclusion that the NCAA or NBA rule to have to go to college for a minimum of a year makes no sense. It doesn’t do anything for the college game and makes a mockery of that rule.

    If the NBA wants to draft a HS freshman (and they can get a labor waiver) they should do it. Heck, colleges are making offers to 8th graders!

    If the system is going to be driven by a market system (TV packages, merchandising, etc..) and not necessarily education (college) or old school loyality to teams or cities, we should step aside and let the market dictate the outcome.

    If it comes a day where the NBA is populated by sometime ill educated young people (notice the skyrocketing drop out and non-graduating rates of our cities) as young as 16 or 17 because the team feels that that is what they want and the public will pay to see, let it happen. The game is so overpriced as it is, it’d be interesting to see if the general public would be able to afford a ticket to see this post high school teenagers play ball.

    The landscape for the college game would also change as all of the basketball talent would go directly to that NBA pool unencumbered and maybe, just maybe those young people going to a college or university would actually go to get an education, thus not adversely affecting a college’s ability to allow these young people to transfer without hurting the ARP (or whatever that thing is that affects scholarships).

    Sounds simple, but with the top picks all being the “one and out” young people, why prolong the charade?

  71. 808Chef June 27, 2008 7:51 am

    Yo you Stretch! What’s the email again to reserve for the party? I like put down 3. Mahalo Stretch!

  72. Stretch June 27, 2008 7:54 am

    808chef – tsaikoparty at yahoo

  73. Loa June 27, 2008 7:58 am

    re: dylan – one thing i noticed at spring camp drills was how he was helping out the other receivers with the reads and routes, great team player

  74. Kekoa June 27, 2008 8:00 am

    BHF2 ~ Nope, actually we’re cousins, but for some strange reason he always called me ‘Unko’ and now I know why!…Bwahahaha. His sisters are Bulla’s age, and I got a few more years on them. In fact, by the time Pono grad from UH, I had already *grad* and retired from the Army!

    One of my grandgirls is a 17 year old Jr. playing HS VB in Cal. She’s 6′ 2″ 225 MB/OH that hits harder than most of the LB’s on the Football team!

  75. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 8:01 am

    Good morning Coaches!!!
    Make it a great day!!!
    We got your back!

    psssttt…. doze lazy buggas,
    going Samoa, smilin, talkin nice to da kids.

    rememba Rich, Brian, da key is talkin to da coaches
    ovah dayah. make good eye contact!!! real eye contact.
    you got a edge. honesty!

  76. Bulla June 27, 2008 8:10 am


    the winds of change blew very very hard yesterday at kalaepohaku! call me

  77. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 8:10 am


    i get one grand daughtah like dat. but she is a midget compared to yoaz. she goin NAU soon, hang with aunty Mei Ling fo little while. her bradda is on da Puna CC supah 12z canoe.

    i tellz da 12z, an I tellz da Warriors, tekneeek. drive, tekneeek, drive, tekneeek!

    Go Warriors!!!!

  78. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 8:13 am

    have a nice day everybody.

    you watchin da oil prices? 139/bbl? going bust out my bike!

  79. Kekoa June 27, 2008 8:25 am

    BHF2 ~ My G-keeds paddle fresh water lakes up deah in Natomas & Folsom. Make ’em more strrroong den de kata-pillah!…more tall den de telepon-pole! Ho boy…wen deh do paddle salt water, dey go quick like a swiff!

  80. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 8:31 am

    Mornin’, folks.
    I’m tired because I was going through unmarked VHS tapes in our house. (I’m transferring them to DVDs.)
    Anyway, I came across the Hawaii Bowl game against Houston. Aside from the great fight, it was interesting to see some of the names. I mean, Tim Chang throwing a scoring pass to … Clifton Herbert? And Travis LaBoy was ineligible to play in the game. Dane Uperesa was a backup.

  81. koakane™ June 27, 2008 8:34 am


    morning everybody and howzit tsaiko nation

    d1 try click on this for a morning riser bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  82. bonar June 27, 2008 8:35 am

    Buffo: I see your point. I don’t know much about the rule and impetus for it, but if the NBA requires one year of college would that help teams gauge the ability of the kid to move up within that one year, and if they feel he’s a longshot, “counsel” him to continue in school and receive an education? On the other hand, if high schoolers flood the NBA, would they then be at a “point of no return” and ineligible for a schollie?

  83. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 8:39 am

    All of the nostalgic folks should watch the American Life channel (604 on digital).
    It shows everything from Land of the Giants to Hill Street Blues to L.A. Law to Batman to the Green Hornet.
    OK, OK, confession time: Batman is my all-time favorite show. I actually belong to the Yvonne Craig Fan Club. During the Alabama trip, I almost went to the Batman Convention in Atlanta instead of the walk-through in Bryant-Denny Stadium.
    So, back when I was a newlywed, we bought a Sony Betamax machine. (They used to cost $600 back then. On my student budget, that was like a gazillion today.) Every Saturday morning KHON aired reruns of Batman. So I’d get up at 6 a.m., tape an hour (they showed back-to-back episodes, although it became off sync since there are three three-part storylines during the show’s run), then I’d go back to sleep. I had every tape on Beta.
    Of course, Beta gave way to VHS. So Wena stored the Batman Beta tapes under the house. One day we heard noise down there. Our boxer had gone through the box of tapes. The dog actually had the tape part danging from his mouth.
    Sad day.
    But I digress.
    OK, back to UH football …

  84. midori7 June 27, 2008 8:43 am


    What other games do you have on VHS???

    Do you have the Miami of Ohio game?

  85. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 8:47 am

    ST, Batman??? I prefer Superman.

  86. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 8:56 am

    I’m not sure if I have the Miami game. I think I have most of the 2005 and 2006 seasons on VHS. Then I have the coaches’ DVDs — sideline, end zone — of the past few seasons. Those DVDs are at the office, although I’d better move them home, if we were to ever go on strike. If I find some LaBoy games, I’ll give them to you, Midori.

  87. Stretch June 27, 2008 8:59 am

    ST – does LaBoy have nice forearms??

  88. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 8:59 am

    Re: Superman.
    His clothes are supposed to be super resistant because they came from a blanket from Krypton. How was Ma Kent then able to sew the clothes? How did the needle penetrate the material?
    See? That’s why a millionaire who works in a cave, wears tights and hangs out with a young ward is so much more believable.

  89. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 9:00 am

    I wonder if George Foreman has nice forearms.

  90. Stretch June 27, 2008 9:08 am

    ST – I realize why forearms are important to midori. They need to be nice looking so when pictures are taken with the arm behind her, it compliments the back of her head.

  91. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 9:13 am

    I never heard about a blanket from Krypton. That certainly wasn’t in the 3 Christopher Reeve films.

    BTW, I absolutely adored Superman 2, when he kissed Lois Lane. What a beautiful, touching scene.

  92. djmitcho June 27, 2008 9:15 am

    I loved Batman when I was growing up. I still try to find reruns of that show on tv

  93. (Jesse) James June 27, 2008 9:26 am

    Good morning Tsaikos…another nice day in Hawaii Nei….


    June 26th, 2008 at 11:43 pm
    Thanks so much for helping Bren and me yesterday with the t-shirts. I don’t know how you can stand on your feet so long.

    That’s because A-Joe has big feet….I think size 14s in bowling shoes….MWAHAHAHHA

  94. (Jesse) James June 27, 2008 9:29 am

    ST…I think Ma Kent used a needle that Pa Kent made from the remains of Superman’s ship when it landed in that field…

    Actually, I thought that only his cape was super resistant to stuff…..

  95. (Jesse) James June 27, 2008 9:33 am

    Kudos to Linkner for all his hard work. I can remember doing the same thing when I was in college….it was hard but worth it. Keep it up Dylan and don’t be discouraged.

    Wow!!! 100 people already. Only 25 seats left…..people better sign up if they want to make it…it’s gonna be fun……

  96. koakane™ June 27, 2008 9:33 am


    TSAIKO CULCHA memorabilia drop off’s

    Townies anytime before or on July 8 Tuesday please email James at jgo8464822@aol.com so he can give you directions as to where he will be accepting memorabilia items.

    Wessai anytime before or on July 9 Wednesday please email d1 at dean@deanshouse.biz so he can give you directions as to where he will be accepting memorabilia items. d1 would like items delivered between 9-11 am and 2-4 pm.

    Kauai email lizk at lizkauai@gmail.com before July 5 so she can give you directions on where to drop off your stuff at Rainbow Plaza in Kalaheo.

    Maui Al will handle your island

    Please put items in a paper bag or a large zip lock bag with your name on it. All items can be picked up at at end of the party.

    So get your okole in gear, gather your stuff and bag it. Now you know the dates, times and who to get it to.

    Mahalo to d1, james, lizk and al for being collection coordinators

    Malama Pono……………… koakane

    time and space is running out if you neva sign up so better get your rsvp in

  97. Da Punchbowl Kid June 27, 2008 9:35 am


    June 27th, 2008 at 6:48 am
    Well, the Warriors all have their workouts set.

    Here’s something for us Tsaikos….


    The guy kinda sounds like dpk


    Ya wanna know something funny d1? We used to have a copy of that record in our home, and my brother and I used to play it all the time and do the exercises. We’d also play it just for the hell of it and listen to the song.

    Go you chicken fat gooooooo!

  98. Kekoa June 27, 2008 9:35 am

    James (Jessie type) ~ No make fun of A-Joe’s feet. Rememba dat comic wit da stage name of “Luau Feet?” He here anybody talkin’ stink lil’dat about feet, you goin’ die!

  99. Kekoa June 27, 2008 9:38 am

    That’s if he listens with his ‘hear.’

  100. Da Punchbowl Kid June 27, 2008 9:40 am

    Good morning all ‘yall! 🙂

    I had the chance to meet Dylan’s dad at a practice last year and he was the nicest guy. He must be very proud of Dylan, good and industrious young man that he is. The hard work and sacrifices of so many Warriors are the reason we have such a strong program. I hope Dylan sees a lot more playing time this year, he’s worked hard for everything he’s gotten.

  101. al June 27, 2008 9:41 am

    hah…..never heard of the blanket!???
    they you are not a real fan.

    a true fan knows that the real story of superman is told in the dc comics. yes the blanket and jj is right that father kent did find a splintered piece of metal to make a needle. i believe that other pieces of the capsule was used to cut the material.

  102. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 9:48 am


    i heard that batman was gay.

    BrokeBat Cave?

  103. Stretch June 27, 2008 9:50 am

    al – are you trying to say that similar types hang together??

  104. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 9:52 am


    Eh, wait. Da ting said that JFK distributed those records to schools across the nation; how you guys got ’em?

    Since Stephen started True Confessions.
    I was one of the keeds who nevah touch my toes all the time; and ten sit-ups? Fo’get it!

  105. Da Punchbowl Kid June 27, 2008 9:53 am

    I think our O line is going to end up to be a very strong unit. Just looking at the depth at left tackle listed above is very encouraging. I can’t wait to see guys like LaCount added into the mix. There are a lot of question marks about the offense in general, but as with the O line, there is a lot of talent and a lot of depth there. I am certain the offense is going to to be much better that people expect. All of the stuff about the QB situation not with standing, lets face it, Graunke is going to be excellent back there, he showed he can get the job done last year. And behind him again, lots of quality depth. The RB spot is in good hands too. I think our recievers are going to blossom quickly into an outstanding group as well; I predict that Kealoha Pilares is going be an awesome reciever. With his smooth gliding running style, and his ability to make tacklers miss, imagine what his YAC stats are going to look like.

  106. Da Punchbowl Kid June 27, 2008 9:56 am

    We wen boost ’em from my first grade teacher! 😆 Actually, the school gave us a copy because we were all in judo, and they wanted to help us keep fit. 😉

  107. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 9:58 am

    How come when Clark Kent uses his X-ray vision, he doesn’t melt his fake glasses?

  108. al June 27, 2008 10:03 am

    is it my eyes?
    or is coach jones carrying a few more pounds around the opu?
    always knew he could have been a real good tsaiko.

  109. Stretch June 27, 2008 10:07 am

    al – too much steak in texas!! Also, I am very glad he didn’t wear a SMU shirt.

  110. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 10:08 am

    haha anybody gravitate toward the LOVE comics as a kid? I preferred those to the superman comics. Yeah, I guess I became a Superman fan late in life — all because of Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder.

  111. Da Punchbowl Kid June 27, 2008 10:09 am

    I noticed Coach Jones’ “Tsaiko-Bump” on the news last night. I think it’s probably because he’s so sad about leaving Hawaii that he’s eating more and sedating himself with food. Or not… 😆

    BTW- Let’s remember that term, “Tsaiko -Bump”. It sounds better than other descriptors used to describe many of the Tsaiko men.

  112. al June 27, 2008 10:13 am

    he made those glasses from materials that came from krypton.

    superman had lana lang, lois lane, et al always trying to hang on to him and the like.

    batman, on the other hand never had a female fling. however, robin, a minor boy was his “sidekick”. he was also raised by the butler, Alfred Pennyworth, who never married nor had a fling either.


  113. al June 27, 2008 10:14 am

    stretch….there you go stretching the truth again. stop instigating things here. wena is solid proof that tsai is straight.

  114. al June 27, 2008 10:16 am

    dpk…..quit trying to flatter yourself. we don’t have a bump, bumps are for girls.
    we are fat, let’s just face the facts we’re just fat.

    btw, how’s the diet contest going????

  115. Stretch June 27, 2008 10:16 am

    al – hey, just asking what you meant by your comment.

  116. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 10:21 am

    I noticed June Jones’ belly last season. He tried to accommodate it by wearing his aloha shirt outside his pants, not tucked in.

    Hmmm. He’s still handsome though, don’t you think? What a face!

  117. al June 27, 2008 10:21 am

    tsaiko bump sounds to feminine.
    eh, you da kine ah?

  118. Ronnie June 27, 2008 10:21 am

    Stephen Tsai:

    June 27th, 2008 at 8:56 am
    I’m not sure if I have the Miami game. I think I have most of the 2005 and 2006 seasons on VHS. Then I have the coaches’ DVDs — sideline, end zone — of the past few seasons. Those DVDs are at the office, although I’d better move them home, if we were to ever go on strike. If I find some LaBoy games, I’ll give them to you, Midori

    Me too please!!!! Travis LaBoy and Chad Owens… Oh my!

    Ok, back to catching up with the blog.

  119. duffer June 27, 2008 10:25 am

    Does any Tsai-kos know anyone from San Diego State, where I can get a job for a friend’s daughter who’s going to be a freshman?


  120. al June 27, 2008 10:27 am


    some stuff has been edited. hahaha.
    oh well , better than being smu’d.

  121. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 10:29 am


    Freshman at SDSU?
    All I can say is tell her to stay away from the dorms who have jobs posted for “distributors” 😯

  122. al June 27, 2008 10:30 am

    duffer……she should apply for “work study” program. have them call the financial aid office at sdsu and ask. they would have to do the fafsa forms and stuff.

    if she qualifies, most out of state students will, unless they are really well to do in which case no need job, they will get her an on campus job making about ten bucks an hour.

  123. al June 27, 2008 10:31 am

    duffer…..number 2 has friends there. i’ll ask later, too. i believe they also are working pt.

  124. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 10:32 am

    wow $10/hr??? I was paid $1.45/hr when I worked/studied at UHM.

    back when the earth’s crust was cooling…

  125. (Jesse) James June 27, 2008 10:36 am

    gigi…how were the dinosaurs back then???

  126. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 10:36 am


    yeh, but tuition for a semester was less than what you and hubby got for your dinner in Japan

  127. A-House June 27, 2008 10:37 am


    Much thanks for your efforts in getting the JUGS machines repaired prior to fall practice.

    It’s your initiative that brought the matter to the attention of the “right” people and starting the process of contacting the repair person – maybe, he will fix for free and take a “tax credit” for his time and materials making this his contribution to UH football.

    Contributions can come in many different mediums other than cash!

    Again, another great Tsaiko moment by a great Tsiko-person.

  128. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 10:38 am


    Can still try for work study but most schools include that in their fin aid packages that already went out.

  129. al June 27, 2008 10:38 am

    i bet tuition was 92 bucks a semester, too.

    1.45 hr. are you telling us the truth about your age??????

  130. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 10:40 am

    James, this was PRE- dinosaurs.

    D1, I had a 4 yr state schollie. Tuition was just $110 a semester back then.

  131. al June 27, 2008 10:44 am

    changing the subject……

    what would be the cost to build a new stadium?

    we will be spending 185mil to renovate, will the stadium still be structurally sound long enough to recoup most of the cost to spruce it up?

    how soon will the action plan start? or will the state drag its behind as usual?

  132. Garret June 27, 2008 10:54 am

    what would be the cost to build a new stadium?


    Very good questions, especially since the state is putting off the big revenue generating additions (which will add high-priced seats) until some undetermined time in the future. We all know that the cost of those additions will be higher than what is being estimated now, so that $185 mil will probably end up being well past $200 mil before they are done.

    I’m an alum of Stanford and went to a number of games (plus had my graduation there) at their old stadium. They recently built a 50,000 seat stadium for between $90 and $95 mil!

    The Southern Bleacher Company, based in Graham, TX, has constructed, in part, a brand new football stadium for the University of Stanford in California that is scheduled to open in September of 2006. In June of 2005, Stanford University’s Board of Trustees gave preliminary approval for a major re-building of Stanford Stadium; the 85,500-seat facility has been the home of Stanford Football since 1921.

    The trustees approved a concept plan presented by the Department of Athletics that will modernize almost all facilities within the stadium, and reduce the stadium’s capacity to 50,000 seats for the purpose of bringing spectators closer to the field.

    The re-building of Stanford Stadium cost approximately $90 million.

  133. Garret June 27, 2008 10:56 am

    The NY Times wrote about Stanford’s new stadium. It made sense for them to make the new one have less seats than the old once because they never sold out anyway.

    The rationale behind Stanford University’s $95 million project to shrink the campus football stadium is not intuitively obvious.

    But athletic department officials think it will help the university make more money.

    “It looks funny, but we hope to increase our income, twice at least,” said Ray M. Purpur, senior associate athletic director at Stanford and a major fund-raiser for the project, which was begun almost immediately after Stanford played its last home football game in November. The project is to be completed for the fall season.

    The university has mounted Web cameras for Stanford football fans to monitor the renovation project (stanfordstadium.com). Construction work has proceeded for 16 hours a day, to make sure that the new stadium is ready in the fall.

  134. Garret June 27, 2008 11:01 am

    By the way, the stadium is right on campus and is used for many things such as graduation. They built it right where the old stadium was, and they worked 16 hours per day to get it built between football seasons. They were actually to build a brand new 50,000 seat stadium where the old stadium was for between $90 and $95 mil without missing a football game!

    A rough winter actually caused the stadium to not be ready for the SJSU game, but that was the only game that had to be relocated.

    The capacity of the renovated stadium was set to be approximately 50,000 seats made by Ducharme Seating. Work began literally minutes after the Cardinal’s last home game of the 2005 football season, a close loss to Notre Dame on November 26. Bulldozers began tearing out the natural field turf in a ceremony held while attendees were still in the stadium for the game.

  135. koakane™ June 27, 2008 11:02 am


    after reading the stadium renovation article, had the some questions also

    what kind of view will they will be getting for fb games from the special boxes in the four corners?

    yes plus the structure integrety

    btw what happen to the contractor who stated this steel will never rust?

  136. Garret June 27, 2008 11:02 am

    Back to work…I happened to check in and saw what Al wrote and figured I should point out what happened at a school that I know something about.

  137. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 11:02 am

    I guess I’ve spoiled Al with too many photos of Steele Jantz and Daniel Libre. Now all he notices are abs.

  138. Da Punchbowl Kid June 27, 2008 11:03 am

    I’m secure enough in my masculinity to use the term “Tsaiko-Bumps”. I unnerstand if it make YOU uncomfortable. Besides, I’m beyond fat. I’m “Uber-Flabben”. Don’t ask about the diet…

  139. Garret June 27, 2008 11:03 am

    They were actually to build a brand new 50,000 seat stadium where the old stadium was for between $90 and $95 mil without missing a football game!

    Correcting my post: a bad winter meant that they missed one football game due to the construction.

  140. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 11:04 am

    What did Superman do with his Clark Kent clothes after he changed in the phone booth?
    And, uh, isn’t a phone booth transparent?
    At least Batman had the decency to change at home.

  141. koakane™ June 27, 2008 11:05 am

    D1, I had a 4 yr state schollie. Tuition was just $110 a semester back then

    gigi besides cave wall drawing and fire building what oddah subjects you took?

  142. Garret June 27, 2008 11:06 am

    Does anyone have an extra ticket for Oregon State? UKU needs a ticket, and I unfortunately cannot get one for him.

  143. UKU@LA June 27, 2008 11:09 am

    go warriors!

    lizK, howzit! is dea a list for da oregon state game?
    jus CHECKING!

    MANEO !!!

    ps: need tix n travel info????

  144. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 11:10 am


    What kind of salaries are involved?
    Would they be just disappearing into obscurity?

    Does every team have an Oompah band?

  145. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 11:11 am

    LIz has invited Mike Tresler to the party.
    Tresler’s nickname at UH was … Psycho!

  146. duffer June 27, 2008 11:11 am

    All I can say is tell her to stay away from the dorms who have jobs posted for “distributors”


    Yeah, they probably made more money that I am. Yes, her mom knows all about that.

    Thanks Al!

  147. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 11:15 am


    Wat about his sidekick – Mento!

  148. Rob25 June 27, 2008 11:20 am

    OK if we are making requests for DVD’s then I want the set that oldie donated. Who do I have to make nice to for those?

    Ronnie – You gotta give me whatever you get!

  149. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc June 27, 2008 11:26 am

    Am waiting for my ride into town right now so i don’t have much time to go into details about Aloha Stadium. However, the best independent financial analysis of building another stadium on the same site is about $180- $200 million today’s dollars; in a location between the current one and the Mapunuapuna/Iwilei area is about $220 million today’s dollars; West O`ahu campus, anywhere from $280 to $350 million. The issue is not so much the cost of land or even the on-site amenities but the infrastructure upgrades and additions.

    Based upon conversations with many, many people in many, many capacities, there is little support at this time to building a new stadium in West O`ahu because the population nexus will never be out there

    There’s the horn – gotta go – back very late this evening. Is there any interest in getting the documents for the Bash Display?

  150. Ronnie June 27, 2008 11:28 am

    Hi Rob!

    I’ll share with you! and I’ll give you 14 blank DVDs to copy your set, if you figure out what we have to do to get one 😉

    By the way, thanks for mentioning my request for the Boise game. I now know that d1shima may go and d1shima is planning to go. I won’t have to scream, I mean cheer, alone!

  151. Rob25 June 27, 2008 11:28 am

    Stephen Tsai:

    June 27th, 2008 at 11:02 am
    I guess I’ve spoiled Al with too many photos of Steele Jantz and Daniel Libre. Now all he notices are abs.

    He ain’t the only one! Going through withdrawls now.

  152. bonar June 27, 2008 11:30 am

    Good luck Gerad and Myron!

  153. Rob25 June 27, 2008 11:31 am

    Hey Ronnie-

    Back to the grind, huh?

    We gotta get our hands on those…not like we don’t get enough football. Is there ever too much? Might have to watch Rolo pick apart BYU with Chad Owens again this weekend.

    BTW Ronnie, Chad was on Artie’s show this morning. Just had his surgery two days ago and will be heading back to Hawaii in July. Maybe you need to make an emergency trip home. You can just call him. LOL

  154. Jason June 27, 2008 11:31 am

    Ah, Laupepa Letuli. I’m with WarriorMojo, I think he’s going to be a very, very good one. All he needs to do is keep healthy and get on that field.

    I might have mentioned this before, but I won a whole bunch of comics once as a door prize at a party for my Dad’s work when I was young. I went looking for them one day; Dad had thrown them all away. I never even got to look at them. Ah, and I had hoped that there were some rare ones accidentally left in there. 😉

  155. Jason June 27, 2008 11:34 am

    Quick NBA Draft post, just the one and I’m done talking about the Pacers: who the heck grades their draft as a D? I say it was a resounding A+!


    Okay, I have compiled a list of photographs and videos, and the people in them. Same as last time — for those that went to Genji last night, I will send you a link to a private album that contains all of these photos and videos. If you would like any of your photos/videos removed from said private album, please let me know. And if you would like to give permission for your photo/video to be posted in a public album to be shared on the blog, please let me know as well. E-mail me at jnagaoka (at) hawaii.rr.com, and I will send you the link to the private album.

    (At the same time, if you could update me with your blog name and preferred e-mail addresses, as I am updating my Windows Mail Address Book. This goes for everyone; I’m not going to add you to my list if you don’t let me know what your preferred e-mail addresses are.)

    • The Lion Sleeps Tonight — Stephen Tsai, bighilofan2
    • Sons of Hawai‘i — Da Punchbowl Kid, Ronnie, Rob25, Kekoa, prideperiod
    • Ventura Highway — James
    • Photograph — Stretch
    • Photograph — Stephen Tsai, Rich2176
    • Photograph — Stephen Tsai, Rich2176
    • “Me and Mrs. Gomes” — addahknowjoe
    • Photograph — addahknowjoe, addahknowsports
    • The Loco-Motion — Dee(?), Lynn
    • Funky Cold Medina — UHfan808, homey, Stephen Tsai
    • Green Leaves of Summer — SteveM, Kekoa, homey
    • These Boots are Made for Walkin’ — Lynn, homey, bulla
    • Photograph — UHfan808, Rich2176, Midori7, koakane
    • Photograph — Hiflyer, UHfan808, Rich2176, Midori7
    • Photograph — koakane, James, homey
    • Photograph — Rob25, Ronnie, LizKauai
    • Greatest Love of All — LizKauai
    • I Will Survive — LizKauai
    • Livin’ on a Prayer — James
    • Photograph — Rich2176
    • Photograph — Robert Kekaula
    • You’ve Got the Touch — Robert Kekaula, prideperiod
    • She Believes in Me — Robert Kekaula
    • Sunflower — wreckineyez
    • LizKauai’s Nabeyaki Udon

  156. LizKauai [Believer] June 27, 2008 11:34 am


    Uku- Garret – Calvin said he would try to get a block so Tsai-kos can sit togeddah.
    I was short one ticket at the time.

    Let’s everybody let SeveM put our names on his travel list to see how big the party will be and then work with Calvin to juggle tickets.



  157. koakane™ June 27, 2008 11:38 am


    mento not coaching @ stlhs?

  158. SteveM June 27, 2008 11:53 am

    Hello everyone. Lunch time for me. The “travel list” Liz is referring to is at:


    So UKU@la and Calvin from Kona is attending? Please cc me on your Oregon game travel plans so I can update the page. The logistics on this one is almost as diverse as Florida, but I see a pattern of possible carpools and tailgate/cattle calls.

    BTW, speaking of Calvin, I have added our karaoke video star to the Genji dinner/karaoke call page along with a few more photos at…


  159. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 11:58 am


    Not unless you heard some breaking news.

  160. al June 27, 2008 12:10 pm

    back to work now….

    thanks garret on the stanford stadium. i didn’t go in but did see it from the outside but it is quite a gem that stanford arena. my son got to work several games as an usher for an fundraising project there. he said it is quite awesome.

    so, my next question is…..did the powers to be do any kind of research at all? wouldn’t the stanford project be one to look at?
    wouldn’t the inclusion of box seats, strategically located by a top priority?
    why would we want to build something that won’t take us into the next decade at least?

    you want to be bigtime, then you gotta do bigtime stuff.

    the problem is really because the university of hawaii does not own the stadium or control it. that is why we have archaic thinking in times where we need greater vision.

    john a. burns….where are you?

  161. al June 27, 2008 12:14 pm

    superman changed at the speed of light after all he was faster than a speeding bullet, therefore, no one could see him actually change.

    his regular clothes were compressed to but a handful of fabric by his hands which could turn coal into diamonds.

    batman, did change at home in his secluded bat cave with the help of his two male servants, alfred and robby.

  162. SteveM June 27, 2008 12:34 pm

    I read Superman and Batman a lot too. But my favorite comic was Stan Lee’s “Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos” (later Nick Fury became the head of SHIELD). Sgt. Fury got me reading other Marvel titles like Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Thor, Ant Man…

    My comic book piles got thrown out by my parents too… 🙁

  163. Da Punchbowl Kid June 27, 2008 12:46 pm

    Does everybody remember the state offering the stadium to UH a couple of years back and “The Fumbler” turning them down? I wonder if the state would make that same offer after the stadium is refurbished and repaired?

  164. MeiLing June 27, 2008 12:49 pm

    Calvin, LizK,

    Are you getting tickets thru UH? Any idea what section & rows you have tickets for right now? $46 for a ticket thru UH? I’m gonna check with one of our former students who’s at OSU to see if he can get me a ticket.

    I’m trying to firm up plans for September & it looks like I’m gonna ship my car out of Fremont, CA. I need to be in the Bay Area the week following the OSU game. Sooo, I might drive up to Corvalis for the game & then go back down to Oakland. Just don’t know if I’ll have my house wrapped up by the week before the game. If I go, I’ll be staying at a friend’s house.

  165. MeiLing June 27, 2008 12:51 pm

    Guten tag, guys!

  166. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 12:51 pm

    dunna dunna dunna – dunna dunna dunna dunna DUNNAAAAHHHH Batman!!!

  167. myki1 June 27, 2008 12:55 pm

    Midori7 and Ronnie,

    If you don’t mind a strictly amateur job of transferring our VHS copy of the 2001 UH vs Miami of Ohio game to a DVD with all commercials included, we would be happy to burn you each a copy, Please let us know.

    sj and myki

  168. A-House June 27, 2008 1:00 pm


    Russ Saito, I think that’s his name of DAGS, previously mentioned that it would cost the State about $300,000 to build a new stadium – believe this includes land acquisition cost.

    I believe, with good engineering, a new stadium can be built in the “lower parking lot” at the existing stadium site.

    Stadium level should be raised so the lower level can be used to park all the buses, police vehicles, staff and emergency vehicles, create loading zones for food, etc. and eliminate the “flood” hazard.

    It should also include “over head” walk ways to eliminate pedistrain traffic on Salt Lake Blvd and Kahuapani. This allows direct access/exit to the stadium.

    Old stadium can be razed and turned into a parking lot or park if a “multi-level” parking lot is built at the old 50th State carnival site. Lot would have multiple vehicle and pedistrian entrance/exist to eliminate crossing traffic on Kam Hwy. Again, build overhead bridges to cross Salt Lake blvd. Hopefully, this structure will help to eliminate all the “neighborhood parking”.

  169. WarriorMojo June 27, 2008 1:02 pm

    Jason, every time I see that list I keep thinking “Wow, somebody must really like ‘Photograph’ if they sang it so many times. But was it the Def Leppard song or the Ringo Starr one?”

    And then I think “Oh, they must have had a contest to see who could sing it the best. But was it Def Leppard or RIngo?”

    And then at some point, as I keep reading, I realize what’s going on and I feel really silly.

  170. A-House June 27, 2008 1:05 pm


    djmitcho posted earlier today that he may attend the Boise State game

  171. BG June 27, 2008 1:10 pm

    Pauoa Boy

    Saw your post last nite. Unko Kekoa is super motivated to get you here and I can help in some ways. Send me your contact numbers to me at tsaiko808 yahoo com and I’ll call you with the info I have…like a database of flights departing and arriving Hickam for the month of June. Also where to look to get history and latest departures for North Island, Travis, and K-Bay. However, Marine, you gotta get your butt in gear and get that email to me…left, right, left, right..hey diddle diddle… 😀

  172. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 1:18 pm

    Uncle BG – It’s done, I will be at the Blog Bash on July 10th. Went to see a buddy of mine at Travis and he did a little back door action for me. Thank you for the help but as a Marine I get er’ done! Anyway, I talked to the guys at Hickam too, so I should be good to go. I not coming down until after 4th of July since my house pack up is on the 2nd-3rd. But it’s official I will be there! Anyway, sorry I will send you my contact info for future purposes, been running errands all day.

  173. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 1:19 pm

    Oldie’s donation will be a door prize at the party.

  174. Stretch June 27, 2008 1:21 pm

    PB – Great News!! Looking forward to seeing you again. I will give g-nalo the good news…..that he has to pay for you.

  175. homey ® June 27, 2008 1:21 pm

    PB – “back door action”? I nevah no marines wuz li’ dat!!! 😯

  176. homey ® June 27, 2008 1:22 pm

    If is wasn’t for Superman, Batman, et al, there would be no Under Armour.

  177. WarriorMojo June 27, 2008 1:24 pm

    Someone posted on the SportsHawaii Board that Tengan stepped down at St. Louis last night. Hmm…..

  178. Stretch June 27, 2008 1:25 pm

    homey – don’t forget Mr Incredible

  179. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 1:26 pm

    homey – Marines are not laddat but had to play AF rules to get the hook ups. No ask, No tell 🙂

  180. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 1:27 pm

    Stretch – Nah I can send you the money since I bringing my bro too. No like him have to pay for us.

  181. Stretch June 27, 2008 1:29 pm

    PB – no ask, no tell?? I thought that is the entire military rules

  182. homey ® June 27, 2008 1:29 pm

    Stretch – you mean Mr. Tsaiko-bump himself!

    PB – Okay, I no tell.

  183. Stretch June 27, 2008 1:29 pm

    June 27th, 2008 at 1:24 pm
    Someone posted on the SportsHawaii Board that Tengan stepped down at St. Louis last night. Hmm…..

    maybe Bulla or D1 can give us the scoops

  184. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 1:31 pm

    eh I not involve with that kine stuffs I straight as one arrow

  185. homey ® June 27, 2008 1:35 pm

    May Dylan Linkner’s dream come true…

  186. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 1:35 pm

    BG – email sent

  187. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 1:40 pm

    It’s funny how, when you’re old and vain, you see a sign — Taiko-fest ’08 — and you misread it as one of our functions.

  188. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 1:42 pm


    The post on the oddah side says, “has left” which, from what I understand, is more accurate than “stepped down”

    ’nuff said.

  189. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 1:43 pm

    Well, maybe Kenny Endo is a lurker!

  190. homey ® June 27, 2008 1:45 pm

    Ralph – No major problems with Firefox 3

    As mentioned by others, it is safer to keep at least 2 browsers on your system. Download Opera as another backup browser so at least you can download applications if your main browser is having problems. Give Firefox 3 another try. I’m almost certain that the problems you had were coincidental. If you feel comfortable you should also get a registry cleaner to get rid of orphan registry keys. There are free cleaners out there.

  191. homey ® June 27, 2008 1:49 pm

    So does that mean STL is headed in the right direction?

  192. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 1:54 pm

    Does the former coach leaving mean that for UH?

  193. homey ® June 27, 2008 1:54 pm

    Cornering the European market…UH cornerbacks Gerard Lewis and Myron Newberry…DOH! I get it! Damn these sportswriters are so cryptic. 😆

  194. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 1:54 pm

    Coordinatahs of dah Blog BashAu’ryte so what do I need to bring to this Blog Bash besides myself. I’m hearing dat gotta bring memoribilia or sumtin, maybe couple bottles of “DA JUICE”, some beer for inu pia or sumtin, what’s the 411 scoops…

  195. homey ® June 27, 2008 1:57 pm

    d1shima – 😉

  196. g-nalo June 27, 2008 1:59 pm

    Stretch – Nah I can send you the money since I bringing my bro too. No like him have to pay for us.

    PB – all your efforts getting here…….impressive. good thing i’m already in cause if San Diego can, Oahu should. haaaa

    send in for your brother only and that should make it a good compromise.

  197. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:00 pm

    PB – Roast duck from Nam Fong.

  198. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 2:00 pm

    According to people in Manoa who have ties to the program — am I dropping enough bread crumbs? — Tengan did indeed tell his coaches he was going to resign.

  199. (Jesse) James June 27, 2008 2:03 pm

    ST…but is he being forced to “resign” or is it of his own free will????

  200. A-House June 27, 2008 2:06 pm


    Does this mean that UH may not benefit from getting St Louis players in the future?

    Hope the next coach will also be a strong supporter of the Warriors!

  201. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 2:07 pm

    Sounds like it was a fed-up thing.
    There’s a news conference in an hour.

  202. BG June 27, 2008 2:10 pm

    We’re all excited for your supa good news!!! We all know RHIP…but, sometimes, the underground, back alley, “supply sgt” route is way more effective! lol

    Still get a couple more tidbits to smooth the way over and back. I’ll be in touch.

    Guarans you win the award for longest distance traveled to make the pah-tay! Unless some Tsaiko from east coast or Korea (TChahng) or China (G) shows up. Wow! How cool would that be?!! 😀

  203. BG June 27, 2008 2:11 pm

    Opps! Previous msg was for Pauoa Boy

  204. Koauka June 27, 2008 2:16 pm

    Sad, really sad for the Crusaders. The current administration needs to get a grip on the operation of the ENTIRE school.

    Sorry Bulla, d1shima, that’s the way I see it. Delbert Tengan is not Cal Lee nor Cal Lee is Delbert Tengan.

  205. Imua 808 June 27, 2008 2:19 pm

    stepped down, resigned, left the field, smelling the coffee, better opportunity….blah, blah, blah

    i did the post after confirming with very, very reliable sources. the word is that DT was upset he was not GIVEN the AD post, was insulted and you would not believe the ‘going on’s’ up there.

    d1 and Bulla might be able to shed some light, but i hear that it is a big sigh of relief from the alumni to the lower school athletes….

    thanks coach, now good bye.

    he did win back to back ILH champs, and led the team to consecutive 2nd place finishes in the State Championship game losing to Kahuku and Leilehua in the last 98 seconds of each game. Congratulations, and good luck in your future endeavors.

  206. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 2:19 pm

    Pauoa Boy,

    Great news. Look forward to seeing you again.

  207. Bulla June 27, 2008 2:21 pm


    no one is forced to do anything. one would only hope that as a ‘coach’, he would keep the players interests’ first and foremost. cancelling practice because ‘the administration has not announced a new head coach’, is a fair representation of the individual. good bye and good luck!

  208. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:33 pm

    “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” – Mia Hamm

  209. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:34 pm

    Thank you Mia, I’ll call you later.

  210. Bulla June 27, 2008 2:34 pm


    i always loved the poster you had of Mia when she yanked her sport top off…wow, signed also huh?

  211. Bulla June 27, 2008 2:36 pm


    now it is self evident why you are MY HERO…ohhhhhhhhhhhh homeeeeeeeeeey

  212. Ralph June 27, 2008 2:36 pm

    Homey, I’ll try again with Firefox 3, and add Safari….IE was a problem, lots of freezes..all the hackers attacking microsoft and IE my firewall slowed everything down..

  213. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:38 pm

    Bulla – I think that was Brandi Chastain (sp?) that pulled her top off.

  214. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:40 pm

    Ralph – before you put IE on the shelf, delete all the temporary files and cookies.

  215. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:42 pm

    Bulla – What you think Natasha Kai is going to do when they win the Olympic gold medal game?

  216. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 2:44 pm

    Stretch reports that we are 103 people for the party.

  217. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 2:46 pm

    Bulla – I think that was Brandi Chastain (sp?) that pulled her top off.

    and now we know how closely Bulla follows fuutball 😉

  218. d1shima [sez:] June 27, 2008 2:47 pm


    More ink?

  219. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:52 pm

    d1shima – ink is good.

    ST – 103! Is Caryn going?

  220. Bulla June 27, 2008 2:53 pm


    you caught me, shucks….i think if natasha kai scores a goal, she will reveal her ‘ultimate’ tatooo………OMG

  221. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 2:53 pm

    woo hoo, 103. I received Stretch’s email that he received my payment.

  222. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 2:54 pm

    Yup ready for partay wit errybody.

    G-nalo no worries about paying I geff um, thanks anyway.

  223. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:56 pm

    Bulla – either the ultimate tattoo or ultimate piercing!

  224. koakane™ June 27, 2008 2:57 pm

    pb one fava can you be contact person with cal chaptah and see if they have anything to represent at anniversary bash?

    ronnie or garret since pb comming ova can you’s talk story w/ him?


  225. homey ® June 27, 2008 2:59 pm

    gigi – don’t forget to bring your single beer.

    I was also thinking of you losing golf balls. Do you hit it far enough to lose sight of the ball or for that matter to reach beyond the rough? If not then you should definitely challenge the hubby.

  226. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 2:59 pm

    koakane – can but member I stay in Sacramento still and not San Diego yet where Garret and Ronnie stay. Anyway, need me for bring sumtin let me know what I gotta bring.

  227. midori7 June 27, 2008 3:00 pm

    sj-macro & myki:

    That would be AWESOME if you could burn me a copy of the Miami-Ohio game! Thank you!!!

    Pauoa Boy:

    looking forward to meeting you at the Blog Party!

  228. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:03 pm

    The only thing hubby is worried about is the ravine. Worried his ball won’t fly over it to the other side. LOL. Per Liz, we women will be on the other side when we hit our ball.

    Judging from practice, my ball might go sideways into the forest, so sure, I’ll lose some balls.

  229. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:03 pm

    PB – I already mentioned the roast duck, you can also add in hamachi.

  230. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:05 pm

    QUESTION RE DRINKS — Are we supposed to bring our own? Or will they be provided with the food?

  231. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:06 pm

    Homey – Roast Duck ah, how much you like? I go take my shotgun out to the lake this weekend den.

    Yup looking forward to meeting errybody I never meet yet.

  232. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:07 pm

    I meant the drinks for the BLOG PARTY.

  233. koakane™ June 27, 2008 3:10 pm

    pb send you email address so i can send info to you about display items

    most excellent you can make it

  234. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:14 pm

    homey – Hamachi das the sushi with the yellow tail tuna right? Sheesh guess I gotta go fishing too den. Wow dis guy no ask for much ah?

  235. duffer June 27, 2008 3:14 pm

    Would a bag of Maui Onions be a good blog prize?

  236. onarock June 27, 2008 3:15 pm

    Colt will be back for autographs July 5th – click on link……..

    No special invite for him to attend the Tsaiko Bash?

  237. koakane™ June 27, 2008 3:18 pm

    g-nalo whered you and sleeze lurking about before you got to go home and clean yard 😉

  238. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:18 pm

    PB – While you are at it can you get some squid luau too.

    gigi – for you all you can drink for $20 more.

  239. SteveM June 27, 2008 3:19 pm

    Hi onarock — did you get the email I sent? Can you make it to to the blog party?

  240. duffer June 27, 2008 3:20 pm


    Sent a email to your gmail account…

  241. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:22 pm

    koakane, can email me at pauoaboy31 at yahoo dot com.

  242. koakane™ June 27, 2008 3:22 pm

    pb with homey you got to use your no ask not tell technique

  243. duffer June 27, 2008 3:25 pm

    Does anyone know if we can bring our own food to the party?

  244. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:26 pm

    I say Wie doesn’t make the cut.

  245. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:27 pm

    homey, kay dis the list I bringin just for you…

    won owdah Roast Duck …you wan dah sauce wit daht?
    won owdah Hamachi
    won owdah squid luau

    do I hab eburryting for yuu sur or you wan mo?
    hawee up and buy, hawee up!

  246. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:27 pm

    duffer – Why? You vegan?

  247. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:27 pm

    well, I sure hope the water fountains at the SSC are better than the one ST photographed!

  248. onarock June 27, 2008 3:28 pm


    Yes, I did receive it – thank you. I keep forgetting to e-mail Stretch and when I do remember, I’m at work where I don’t have access to my personal e-mail account. I gotta tie a string on my finger or something so I remember………2nd thought, maybe a post-it with a note. Knowing me, I’d go home and look at the string on my fingah’ and ask myself, “Now why did I do that?!?”.

  249. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:30 pm

    Kay be back in a few, gotta go cook and feed the keikis…

  250. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:30 pm

    PB – no need sauce. I think al might want Fried Pata.

  251. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:32 pm

    gigi – I thought you were on the committee?

  252. duffer June 27, 2008 3:33 pm


    No, but with all the talk about portion controll, I figured maybe I could sneak some other stuff in. Like Komoda Pastery, Krsipy Kreme, Guri Guri, Maui Chips. Stuff like that.

  253. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:35 pm

    why homey al Filipino??? Pata ah? What about some balut and bagaong haha.

  254. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:36 pm

    I take couple orders Guri Guri Ice Cream.

    K nuff my keeds getting nawts they hungry

  255. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:37 pm

    duffer – That sounds soooooo good! koakane steh druuling awrehdy!

  256. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:37 pm

    homey, I was in Japan and also at PCC when drinks were discussed. Anyway, this is something everyone should know.

  257. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 3:37 pm

    We worked out a deal. Budweiser is a part sponsor. But thanks for paying attention.

  258. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:37 pm

    k back in a few

  259. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:39 pm

    al is local style cosmopolitan. He likes em all.

  260. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:40 pm

    sorry I can’t drink and drive, I wll bring a bottle of water.

  261. (Jesse) James June 27, 2008 3:40 pm

    PB…I think we have things covered. What we were looking for, koakane in particular, was things that we call Tsaiko memorabilia…like gigi’s muumuu, homey’s chopsticks, Jason’s calculator, Steve M’s karaoke mike…..

  262. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:41 pm

    Aunty Gigi I can mix up one garrans babbarrans knock out concoction just for you if you like. If get DJ garrans you going be dancing with the stars 🙂

  263. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:41 pm

    gigi – When you were in Japan and at PCC was your ear itchy? 😆

  264. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:42 pm

    ST – Does that mean we get fruit punch in bud glasses?

  265. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 3:43 pm

    BG is coordinating the designated-driver program.

  266. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 3:44 pm

    (Jesse) James – K shoots den, any new word on the T-Shirts?

  267. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 3:44 pm

    I think we’re getting beer in fruit bowls.

  268. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:45 pm

    I don’t think dancing is allowed, haha

  269. Bulla June 27, 2008 3:45 pm

    Breaking news….

    Tengan gone……as SL football/basketball coach, but will still teach PE…is that an oxymoron of sorts?

  270. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:47 pm

    Fruit bowls are fine.

  271. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:49 pm

    Bulla – Well at least now he’ll have time to do things he couldn’t do because of his busy schedule.

  272. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:51 pm

    Tengan — cut in salary too?

  273. koakane™ June 27, 2008 3:51 pm

    hey you listining, hey, hey, pay attention

    oh sorry just practicing for tonight heh heh heh

  274. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:52 pm

    Dancing is allowed! I plan to dance.

  275. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:53 pm

    I wouldn’t say a cut in salary. You get paid for what you do.

  276. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:54 pm

    homey, who you gonna dance with? your wife going to the party, too?

  277. homey ® June 27, 2008 3:57 pm

    gigi – get plenty to dance with…the Marauder cheerleader, Rob25, UHfan808, Midori7, koakane, James…

  278. Bulla June 27, 2008 3:58 pm


    if your post is true about getting paid for what you do, would a rebate be too much to ask for? just checking….

  279. Bulla June 27, 2008 3:59 pm


    i’d start with koakane first and work your way up. after dancing with our body double ‘mel torme’ it only gets better, haha.

  280. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 3:59 pm

    Can’t wait to see homey’s moves!

  281. koakane™ June 27, 2008 4:00 pm


    things sure happen fast on da rugged heights. must be the kamakani that blew the small fire into one huge blaze. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  282. homey ® June 27, 2008 4:00 pm

    Bulla – I know what you mean. But alas, just gotta be happy with the situation as it is now. You need a punching bag? Tell lynn to warm up her dancing shoes!

  283. homey ® June 27, 2008 4:01 pm

    I mean boots!

  284. Bulla June 27, 2008 4:01 pm

    you can see homey’s moves at Venus Nite club 3 nites a week, ask for Lucious and he’ll get you a front row seat…..what forearms he has………purrrrrrrrrrrrfect

  285. d1shima June 27, 2008 4:01 pm


    You got that right!

  286. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 4:01 pm

    I think arena football is far too easy —

    New York 63
    Dallas 42

    high scoring game

  287. d1shima June 27, 2008 4:02 pm


  288. koakane™ June 27, 2008 4:02 pm

    bulla you neva see homey, james and me do the mean temptation step yet eh?

  289. Bulla June 27, 2008 4:03 pm


    she’ll chew you up like oatmeal, she loves to dance, in fact i think she was dancing at our wedding, can’t remember, i fell asleep….her sister who danced at ‘da bash’, is a former go-go dancer in the cages at Pipeline, head cheerleader for St Louis, and is now a Certified Zumba instructor, haha…must run in de blood….hehe.

  290. Bulla June 27, 2008 4:05 pm


    just trying to imagine that move step gave me a brain cramp…i’d rather see esme, lyn, and uhfan808 do a tempting step…together…ohhhhhhhh my.

  291. Kekoa June 27, 2008 4:51 pm

    Lassie came home this morning after searching all nite. There was a parchment note tied to the collar that read, “Don’t come looking agin!” signed, >i>Esme. Whoa…the plot thickens!

  292. Koa-mahu June 27, 2008 4:53 pm

    Ehh Koakane! Watch you get going on? I hear you going do something on the wess side. Ehh I like go! you no come visit me anymore. No make me say the stuff on dis blog haa! Only person come visit me is James! Koakane, I going karange your alas. Hmm Maybe das why no no come see me any more. 🙁

    I better go ross now before I miss da sale on some nice heels. Only place I can find size 16’s. Auntie out!

  293. lakerj32 June 27, 2008 4:55 pm

    Its sad that Tengan is resigning.I think he was a good coach. I’m not much of an ILH guy but St.Louis does send a lot of players to UH. I’d say I’d want him at my High School if Castle didnt have a good coach but Coach Maeda is a great coach.

  294. WreckinEyez June 27, 2008 4:56 pm

    Kekoa… Sounds like the dog stopped off and wrote the note himself before even trying to walk through Ewa. LOL

  295. Rich2176 June 27, 2008 4:56 pm

    Hey All –

    Not to disrupt any sort of linear conversation that may be happening, but I’ve got a few things to say.

    1. Kathy and Brenda are lurkers. They are Margo’s (and ST’s) friends from school. They wanted to thank everyone for making them feel “at home” during the party. They could not believe what ST has created, even having RK, et al join in the festivities.

    2. I am so humbled by the love and Aloha that everyone projected. Now, I know why I need to return and live there full time.

    3. Margo is amazing. That cake brought tears to my eyes. I think only Kathy saw me bawling like a baby when I saw it, but after everything that Margo has gone through since October, she wanted to contribute to the party. That is my all time favorite cake and I hope that those who took some home cherished it.

    4. LizK – Shame on you for having so much battery power and back-up memory sticks. Just kidding. I look back at the photos and get a little teary-eyed.

    5. Jason – I’ll be your uncle, but PLEASE, never sing “Three Times A Lady” to me

    I had absolutely ZERO internet access in Kona. I haven’t really caught up on the blog, but ST said there was some sort of “what’s Rich doing looking at his hand” contest. The truth is, I had melted wax from the candle and was trying to get it off. Not easy after 18 holes of golf with Stretch & Sleaze and several more little green bottles. That’s the answer I’m sticking with. LOL

    Honestly, I’ve never been more humbled in my life. Everyone was so genuine and made this haole from LA feel at home. I told Ronnie and Brenda this was amazing.

    Okay, it’s 7:40 here in LA. Time to leave the office and get ready for another golf tournament tomorrow. BTW, the JJ tournament was excellent. Played w/ Vince Ferragamo again, and partied w/ Jr. Seau Monday night. What a gentleman. Also, Coach Mac is a quiet leader. Expect good things this season.

  296. LizKauai [Believer] June 27, 2008 5:01 pm

    Rich2176- uh… you ain’t one haole… nuff said.


  297. Rich2176 June 27, 2008 5:04 pm

    LizK- Am I in the club now? J/K

  298. LizKauai [Believer] June 27, 2008 5:07 pm

    brah – you was in long before me!

  299. LizKauai [Believer] June 27, 2008 5:09 pm

    Kekoa- so, wassup with Lassie and Esme???

    Reminds me of my orange cat. I dunno how he gets out but when he wants in, he wanders around my windows to see which one I’m near and asks to get in. We have a 2 story house.

  300. Rich2176 June 27, 2008 5:11 pm

    LizK – any more Kodak dreams?

  301. LizKauai [Believer] June 27, 2008 5:18 pm

    Rich2176- Tsai… I guess I’m too exhausted to dream these days. Where’s da beef?
    😯 :LOL:

  302. LizKauai [Believer] June 27, 2008 5:19 pm

    :LOL:= 😆

  303. WreckinEyez June 27, 2008 5:20 pm

    Rich… Haole is a mind frame and an attitude…

    You are not Haole…. We have some of those and you are not one of them.

    You have just as much “island” in you as pride period.

  304. Kazz June 27, 2008 5:20 pm


    Sorry I got your e-mail just now. Ignore the phone message.


    Sorry to bother but you got mail. No rush.

  305. Rich2176 June 27, 2008 5:22 pm

    LizK – So glad you made the trip over for the party. BTW, Mike Tresler is the ULTIMATE gentleman. Glad I’ve been able to play with him 2 years in a row in Kona.

  306. Kazz June 27, 2008 5:22 pm

    Rich is more kamaaina dan me. :mrgreen:

  307. Ralph June 27, 2008 5:30 pm

    who is posting a list of those who are official signed up for the bash….email didn’t go through, forgot to email like onarock, haven’t paid so not official….and where is the Wong room

  308. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 5:33 pm

    Hey, Kazz, I answered the e-mail.

    I do have trouble accessing the Advertiser e-mail account. It’s always easier to reach me at sstsai@hawaii.edu.

  309. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 5:35 pm

    Your name shows up on the official list.
    By the way, NO Advertiser editor/manager has signed up yet.
    And yet they keep talking about this blog in sales meetings.
    I guess that’s how it’s gonna be.

  310. LizKauai (Treo) June 27, 2008 5:41 pm

    ST- da best part of your pix is that the players are posing. It wasn’t so long ago that there was a shout of ‘shark’ and a lot of running away 😆
    On the road to anothe presidential installation.

  311. koakane™ June 27, 2008 5:41 pm

    koma, eh nice abbreviation sound, sorry sista, wreck was suppose to call you. knew jamie going movie and had to make calls so come if can. need new picha so wen throwing darts can hit da board dis time.

    well bocha now so can smell good some guys who only spray wen dey go out.

  312. Kazz June 27, 2008 5:42 pm

    UH Under Armour Apparel Update

    I’ve been away sick and I should have stayed on top of this!

    Anyway in case nobody mentioned it.

    New Under Armour Hats are available for da Kane and da Wahine!!!

    Spak ’em http://www.uhrainbowtique.com .

    I’m konna crab me da “Hawaii” two-toned one after work tonight.

  313. Kazz June 27, 2008 5:47 pm


    Thanks, I’ll save your new e-mail.

  314. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 5:48 pm

    Kazz – the beanies is nice to, the fabric nice and soft not like the wool kine

  315. koakane™ June 27, 2008 5:49 pm

    rich2176 when you see ronnie go over my email to her. didn’t send you a cc cause do not have an email for you. send me yours via ronnie lattas

  316. Kazz June 27, 2008 5:55 pm


    Is that a typo in the e-mail? I thought it was always the person’s initial of their first name then their full last name.

    Is it “stsai@”…. or “sstsai@”…. like you posted?

  317. koakane™ June 27, 2008 5:59 pm

    pb got my email on da tsaiko items? talk with ronnie and rich if can wait hold that thought because at genji’s they may have been in a comma next day and forget bwhaaaaaaaa.

    naaaaaaaa dey get up.


  318. Kazz June 27, 2008 6:00 pm

    Pauoa Boy,

    What looks nice on some don’t look good on others 🙁 .

  319. koakane™ June 27, 2008 6:00 pm

    pb got my email on da tsaiko items? talk with ronnie and rich if can wait hold that thought because at genji’s they may have been in a comma next day and forget bwhaaaaaaaa.

    naaaaaaaa dey get um.


  320. koakane™ June 27, 2008 6:03 pm

    whoa double orbs like in mrs ahouse pichas

  321. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:15 pm

    koakane – I got em mahalos, I will talk with them.

    Kazz – No worry nobody going say nothing.

  322. Pauoa Boy June 27, 2008 6:18 pm

    Stretch, I went send another email, I need 2 more seats for total of 4 if can, the maddah and faddah like come too. Check is already in the mail on its way so g-nalo no need pay for me.

    g-nalo, check is in the mail so no worry save your money. Maybe can go use for one shmall kine CC or sumtin when I get back. Auryte, mahaloz though

  323. Ralph June 27, 2008 6:19 pm

    The blog bash would be a good time to sell under armour UH gear, is the rainbowtique open?

  324. Ralph June 27, 2008 6:24 pm

    Kansas State website has a video hi lites of its two draft choices, Michael Beasley and Bill Walker. Also a site to send them emai congratulations…This is what BigislandHilofan is alluding to, the sports info guys need to be proactive, promoting, publicizing, and marketing, the department needs to get it done and be up to date.

  325. SteveM June 27, 2008 6:43 pm

    Ralph — please send me an email — stevem.hnl (at) gmail.com — so I can get your email address for my karaoke call list… 🙄

  326. Mrs. A-House (Orbs Club President) June 27, 2008 6:59 pm

    Blog Bash Committee:

    Did I miss it or did you not yet establish a “dress code” for 7/10/08?

    For the 7/12 function, it was casual including bermuda shorts and slippahs.

    Don’t want to go over dressed!

  327. A-House June 27, 2008 7:01 pm

    darn computer acting up again, I used A-House and it came out Mrs A-House (Orb Club Pres)

    what’s up with dat?

  328. Ralph June 27, 2008 7:04 pm

    A House, it’s not your computer, it’s Herman haunting you

  329. Esme June 27, 2008 7:05 pm


    No wonder my ears were itching, itching, itching today … certain Tsaikos were speaking my name in vain again 😆

    Kekoa, check your e-mail!

    A-Joe, you too!

    Bulla, I’d like to see YOU do some two-steppin’! Oh, my, indeed.

    Ralph, at 3 a.m. I was … sleeping. For once. :mrgreen:

    ST … hi!

  330. Esme June 27, 2008 7:08 pm

    Whoa, that’s unreal info about Tengan. Whoa.

  331. gigi-hawaii © June 27, 2008 7:10 pm

    Hubby will wear office clothes since he is driving directly from work. I’ll wear a long muumuu with sandals.

  332. adam June 27, 2008 7:26 pm

    i going come in the nude w/eve.

  333. Garret June 27, 2008 7:50 pm


    I’ve been behind on my reading and didn’t realize that there was a thread on SportsHawaii that already had mentioned Stanford’s stadium. At least my articles were different than what was mentioned there. I had a little different perspective on the situation because I’m an alum so they had (unsuccessfully) tried to ask me to money for the stadium before they were building it and I couldn’t believe it when I was told they were going to build it in just one offseason! I was even more surprised when they were so successful in building it and got it done for so little money…especially since the problems with Aloha Stadium were well known then.

  334. Garret June 27, 2008 7:56 pm

    I don’t know if anyone is around, but I *highly* recommend this site for anyone who has a few minutes of free time. This site has photos of all of the helmets of football teams–NFL, D-1A, D-1AA, D-II, JC, etc.

    This page I’ve linked to above shows all of the WAC teams. If you scroll down you’ll see a collection of UH helmets through its history.

  335. SteveM June 27, 2008 7:57 pm

    A-House — I am not in charge of dress code, but have this opinion: “Tsai-ko” black t-shirts, polo shirts, and ladies tops should always be acceptable wear at a Tsai-ko event. What you wear below that might be subject to articulation. 🙂

    Also, I would think UH sport wear is always acceptable in whatever color.

    BTW, those wanting Tsai-ko t-shirts should contact James. Photo of shirt and order info at:

  336. Garret June 27, 2008 7:59 pm


    I’m glad that you had such an amazing trip! I’m not surprised that Margo arranged the cake for you–she is a special lady. Hopefully we’ll have a Calf Call soon and you and Ronnie can share some things from your trip. I also have some interesting news…

  337. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 9:21 pm

    Al at 10:13
    you got me thinking! 😆

  338. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 9:23 pm


    you are reallyyy funny. 😀

  339. JaM June 27, 2008 9:31 pm

    Good Evening Tsaikos and Tsaikettes…

    Hi bighilofan2!

    Where’s everyone?

  340. bighilofan2 June 27, 2008 9:31 pm

    somewhere in Florida someone gotta be saying

    63 days to Hawaii.

    meanwhile, back in Hilo dis Warrior is saying
    61 dayz to da plane, da plane!

  341. BG June 27, 2008 9:36 pm


    Hope you can make 4-5 sets of DVD’s to avoid a bloodbath in the rush to get one. I’m serious…it will be a money-maker. Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay $100 for a set. It’s just too bad that the UH booster club hasn’t jumped on it. Tsaikos keep making great suggestions, but getting action from UH takes bhf2 type kick-starts.

    Synch’d to the radio…oh wow! 😮

  342. SteveM June 27, 2008 9:41 pm

    Bighilofan2 — do you, A-House, FloridaTed, etc. have any more info/details on the ticket locations, lodging, and cattle call plans? The Florida logistics page hasn’t been updated with new info since June 10….


  343. A-House June 27, 2008 9:42 pm


    I think you right, it’s that Hermie that refuses to let go and wants me to boil over – what a skunk!

  344. BG June 27, 2008 9:43 pm


    Bruddah, you make me proud to be a Tsaiko [High 5!] Hmmmm, wonder if they need one more JUGS (w/ a Tsaiko logo on it)???

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way! Tsaikos on the move!

  345. A-House June 27, 2008 9:44 pm


    Getting very close to getting more info on Golden Corral which I will publish soon.

    Date still on friday, 8/29/08, 6:30pm.

  346. JaM June 27, 2008 9:45 pm

    Good evening BG! Say Hi to Betty!

  347. BG June 27, 2008 9:45 pm

    Hi A-House! C U on Sunday!

    Hi JaM! What’s Brie doing this summer?

  348. duffer June 27, 2008 9:51 pm

    A- House,

    Are you related to Todd?

  349. JaM June 27, 2008 9:53 pm

    BG: She’s got summer school and Junior Olympic.Track. Meets are held every Saturday at Ching Field.

  350. Garret June 27, 2008 10:07 pm

    I cannot believe that the blue turf might have actually been a big factor in BSU getting a good WR recruit out of Texas.

    Mansfield Timberview wide receiver Aaron Burks (6-3, 180) said he has orally committed to Boise State after taking an unofficial visit there last week.

    “Boise State has always been one of my favorite teams to watch,” Burks said. “Playing video games as a kid, I was always liked their blue field. The way they’ve played the last couple of years also attracted me.”

  351. Garret June 27, 2008 10:09 pm

    Another recruiting note:

    DeSoto lineman Chris Atchison (6-3, 265) said he has orally committed to SMU. Atchison said he chose SMU over offers from Notre Dame, Arizona, Houston, Oklahoma State and Tulsa.

  352. Garret June 27, 2008 10:11 pm

    This Houston Chronicle blogger did a great job in analyzing Nevada (since Texas Tech plays Nevada this season). Since we’ve discussed the Pistol offense so much already, I thought I’d post this part about Nevada’s defense.

    The 40 Front is a variant of the 4-4 defense. It appears to be basically a 4-3 alignment, with the strong safety playing further up with the linebackers. Here is the best explanation of the defense I found. It’s zone-based, not blitz-heavy, but the defensive line is supposed to be big enough to put pressure on the quarterback by itself. With all the stunts involved, it seems like if run correctly, it would be a tricky defense to face. As last season’s results show, though, either the scheme is bad or the execution was.

    They gave up an average of 35 points per game in the WAC, so rest assured that the Red Raiders will put up points in this game.

    Five starters return on defense. On the defensive line, only senior Mundrae Clifton returns. An inexperienced WAC defensive line shouldn’t lay a finger on Graham Harrell, and that’s pretty much that.

    In the middle, three starting linebackers return. Jerome Johnson, Joshua Mauga and Kevin Porter are all seniors, and should prove to be the strength of the defense. With the quick slants and screens, they’re going to be tested severely against Tech’s athletic receivers.

    In the secondary, only senior strong safety Uche Anyanwu returns. That appears bad for Nevada at a glance, but even worse when you take into account the way the 40 Front works. If the strong safety tends to play up, that could help protect against the short passes, but it will leave a thin, inexperienced secondary to protect against long- and medium-range passes.

  353. Garret June 27, 2008 10:13 pm

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want the off topic stuff.

    More on the classified assessment of how global warming challenges our national security.

  354. Garret June 27, 2008 10:13 pm

    ESPN and the NFL have volunteered to be white space device testers for the FCC.

  355. Garret June 27, 2008 10:14 pm

    Apple filed a patent for solar cells on portable devices.

  356. Garret June 27, 2008 10:14 pm

    With this device you can dance to charge your cell phone.

  357. Garret June 27, 2008 10:16 pm

    Amazing how Speedo’s new swimsuit has changed the swimming world.

  358. Garret June 27, 2008 10:17 pm

    Free play links pau.

  359. duffer June 27, 2008 11:00 pm

    WHOA! What the heck is happening????

    Is it me?

  360. marlis June 27, 2008 11:04 pm

    re-winning the opening game coin toss at Florida

    If your coach Mack and you win the opening coin toss what do you do? The options are simple. But are they? He has the choice of playing offense or defense first starting the game. Conventionally most coaches elect to kick off starting the game. And they would rather get the ball first starting the second half which allows them an extra thirty minutes at half time to study the opposing teams defense. And to prepare and make adjustments against the other team. Strategy wise it makes sense to defer until the second half. Others, like Coach Jones notoriously would want to set the tempo and be on offense first… reasoning that a opening momentum is a boost for the team. So what approach should Coach Mack take? Win the opening coin toss, play offense first or play defense first?

    Giving your team the best chance to win Coach Mack has to defer. And play defense first. He has to tell his players well in advance of game time of what his plans are going to be. And this is the key. He has sit down with his players in the month of June and sell the idea that his team’s defense is the backbone of the team. And win the coin toss in Florida and they’ll be on the field first in setting the tone for the rest of the team to follow. The reverberations of his team’s defense doing well initially sets up the offense and special teams feeding off the play of the defense.

    From the psychological standpoint Coach Mack confiding in his defensive players that unlike how in years past, customarily, it was a for gone concussion that win the coin flip and the offense drew first blood by electing to receive the opening kickoff. Yet hopefully we’ll see a different approach where the defense gets their licks in first is better for the development of the whole team (at least morale wise)…Under Coach Jones’ philosophy he wanted the ball in his hand. And he wanted to be the first on the board. And the message he was sending to his defense team was that everything was always predicated on the offense. And the defense never did gain the celebratory status compared to that of the offense. Although, the defense was a pivotal reason for the great turn around from last year. But on a Coach Mack team expect a more balanced approach to everything, namely offense, defense, and special teams…and knowing the best strategy to start the game(?). A greater harmony on a team is achieved when the head coach says to his units we approach every situation with an open mind.

    Now if he tells his defensive team no sooner than the beginning of camp and two a days that his defensive players will be put to test first if they win the coin toss. This deliverance of telling his defense that we want you to set the pace. And tempo for the Florida game would bold so well for the team. Getting the juices flowing, heart pumping and excitement started in the players is easily accomplished by saying we want our defense to start off the game.

    The theme for the upcoming season. And camp, I hope, see the players in a frenzy and killer type mania where they smell blood and the have this hunger deep seeded in them. Florida and the upcoming season is fast approaching. From my prospective, I think if Coach Mack announcing to the team that his defensive unit (should Hawaii win the coin toss) will have the honors of drawing first blood on the Florida field will evoke the spark in the team knowing that this is a different approach than from the past.

  361. Da Menehune June 27, 2008 11:05 pm

    Me too Duffer. Looks like the entire Advertiser site is weird.

  362. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:07 pm

    Who pho kingmessed up the code?

  363. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:10 pm

    I don’t see why you tekkies can work on a test system before implementing changes. Thank goodness you guys don’t run the payroll system.

  364. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:11 pm

    can = can’t

  365. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:12 pm

    This is like making changes on myspace.

  366. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:14 pm

    hello? restore the code to the version that worked and then set up a test environment so you guys can test changes before deciding to move it to the real environment.

  367. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:16 pm

    Bunch of amateurs. 😆

  368. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:19 pm

    Take 1 step forward 2 steps back…

  369. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:24 pm

    Let’s see, it’s been since the ending of March since this site switched over to the new software.

  370. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:26 pm

    Blue background is not the right color. Too much strain on the eyes.

  371. Ralph June 27, 2008 11:27 pm

    ditto homey, and I thought my computer was about to crash again, or at least freeze WB…print size changing, blue names, full screen with very wide right margin

  372. al June 27, 2008 11:27 pm

    yo bighilo

    yah, batman was a cult hero for the “boys” of the san francisco streets.

  373. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:27 pm

    okay, now put the post numbers back.

  374. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:29 pm

    Oh unko! Stop it already! work on a test system! OMG you guys are so irritating!

  375. Ralph June 27, 2008 11:29 pm

    Do ad sponsors get their money’s worth with this blog changing its character all the time

  376. al June 27, 2008 11:30 pm

    its a small, small, world after all.
    its a small, small world after all.
    its a small, small world

    i’ll be back with the binocs.

  377. Ralph June 27, 2008 11:31 pm

    Homey, I no longer have a blue background

  378. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:31 pm

    You guys do know what a development, test, and production environment is don’t you?

  379. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:32 pm

    My daughter said you guys suck! 😆

  380. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:35 pm

    Microscope time.

  381. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:38 pm

    Let me guess, you guys designed and developed the guidance system software for the North Korean missiles.

  382. d1shima June 27, 2008 11:41 pm

    Wat you folks talking about.
    All is right in the world….

    ask bulla 😉


  383. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:44 pm


  384. SteveM June 27, 2008 11:44 pm

    Whoa — what happened? I go away to do some email and the blogware has “fell to unko” suddenly.

    But so has the main HA site. We lost the cheap blue gradient background and the text has turned small. In Safari doing the View –> Make text bigger a couple times brought the size back to before.

    But gee whiz — homey’s right — do the beta-testing elsewhere… 👿

  385. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:44 pm

  386. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:48 pm

    Loose money…

  387. SteveM June 27, 2008 11:51 pm

    June 27th, 2008 at 11:29 pm
    Do ad sponsors get their money’s worth with this blog changing its character all the time

    NO — but it keeps the Tech guys employed. Who would have jobs if things worked the way it was supposed to? That’s why you recommend second-rate software and keep yourself employed…big business theory anyway.

  388. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:56 pm

    SteveM – It’s been only 3 months since they have been tweaking this new software. Give them at least 4 more years.

  389. homey ® June 27, 2008 11:57 pm

    Time to pack it in a play guitar hero.

    goodnight creatures of the dark.

    Bye Esme!

  390. Stephen Tsai June 27, 2008 11:59 pm

    my kids are playing guitar hero right now. even comes with drums.

  391. oldie June 28, 2008 12:00 am


    June 27th, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    Hope you can make 4-5 sets of DVD’s to avoid a bloodbath in the rush to get one.

    Whoa. I hope expectations don’t get too high. These are purely amateur DVDs. The reason I offerred them to ST for free was because I know what they are worth. Zero.

    Think of my video editting skills as being on par with ST’s photoeditting skills when he first started putting his photos on the blog (not trying to put you down, Stephen).

    I know WarriorMojo was making copies for the Tsaikos at cost some time ago. Please don’t expect mine to be of equal quality. It’s just fun to watch the game again with Curran and Kekaula’s perspective.

  392. Stephen Tsai June 28, 2008 12:04 am

    Have to be low key about the Oldie’s set. Copyrights, and all, so everything we do here is giveaways.

  393. Pomai June 28, 2008 12:11 am

    Game DVD’s, I have 06 an 07 and they all have the commercial’s on them and I like it that way, I have been gone so long that it’s all new to me. It almost makes it like I am home watching the games.

  394. Esme June 28, 2008 12:12 am

    *waving* Hi, ST!

  395. Ralph June 28, 2008 12:15 am

    wow, print in now large and in bold letters…Al can you read the posts now, no need binoculars, even for an old man….

  396. Ralph June 28, 2008 12:22 am

    Esme’s Hawaii Mom’s site is very colorful and organized…topic of the day is circumcision, and I wonder if bf2 needs his banana pruned.

  397. Ralph June 28, 2008 12:24 am

    where is the Wong hospitality room? SSC is to vague

  398. Ralph June 28, 2008 12:34 am

    Is josh Leonard and Leatigaga working out in Hawaii this summer..Their names haven’t been mentioned on this blog in a long time…

  399. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER June 28, 2008 12:45 am

    Hiya and nitey nite!

    Ukuleleboi and I had one real adventure tonight!
    Will blog about it when I wake up.

    Rich2175 – we had prime rib tonight! 😯

  400. al June 28, 2008 1:25 am

    awwww…..be nice ralph.

    i may be prematurely grey, but, i am young at heart.

  401. bighilofan2 June 28, 2008 3:01 am

    Ralphie Ralphie

    my banana no need trimming da bugga is big,
    and flat. i tink it needs hair.
    …. air…. 😀 😆 😆


    yu tink summa dem batman fans can help out? 😉

  402. bighilofan2 June 28, 2008 3:07 am


    jus in kase yu dying fo no.
    Koakane gettin my banana reddee for da big event.
    he mus be tinkin, ‘how i gonna fit dis inside SSC?’ 😀

  403. bighilofan2 June 28, 2008 3:20 am


    re Florida. Things basically the same. Going Florida. Set to arrive jus befo da CC, gonna go weah AHouse tellz us fo go. my son in law and grandson pumped, we ready fo go. gonna meet up with LizK on the 30th, friendship weah eva.

    Da Hilo fans arriving Orlando the 29th and attending da CC being set by AHouse, lookin fowahd to meeting up wit Mrs. AHouse and Midori7. Haven’t made plans on how to get to Gainesville from Orlando yet. Prolem is wife has family in Gainesville and surrounding town, and day want us to visit so have to do dat Sat nite. playin by ear fo now. kickin back, waitin fo da right time to firm doze small kine plans. main ting is to get on da plane, bring da face tatuuz, bring da banana, bring da ahtiiiah.

    but mostlyl, bringin one jacked up team.


  404. bighilofan2 June 28, 2008 3:36 am


    re JUGS machine. they have 2, both now broken. Pearl City Hill said he gonna get it. Gave him all da info, his scty earlier said Tuesday dare repair guy comes back from Maui/Kauai jobs. so i neva call him Fri., will check tings out Tues an give yu status update. main ting is dat da UH Facility Joyce, da repair guy Hill, da UH Maintenance peep Perry, Coach Ron – day all no da JUGS stay busted an day all no da Tsaikos are on it and gettin it done. cannot go fastah dan da repairman, an he committed on Thurs. will see wat he says Tues., maybe gotta get a new machine, dunno till Tues, i tinkin.

    if wuz me, i’d get anodda JUGS, fo da indoor practices. day need em workin now. everybody can use, fo pass defense drillz, WR, slots, etc. main ting is da coaches an playahz no we supportin dem all day, all nite an we tryin fo keep da soap dish filled.

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