Final McMackin member arrives

For Greg McMackin, the family circle is complete. Cabaret, the family horse, has arrived. Kayla McMackin e-mailed us this picture of her and Cabaret. (Note the lei.)


* * *

I guess this is called a Bear hug. Here are offensive linemen Adrian “Aussie” Thomas, Keith “The Bear” AhSoon and Brysen “Bulla” Ginlack (not to be confused with blog reader Bulla):


* * *

It was good to see running back Alonzo Chopp working out with his teammates.


* * *

My mom and then my wife always told me to count my blessings.
Unfortunately, I can’t count that high.
Not when it comes to events like last night’s blog gathering. About 60 blog readers celebrated the homecoming of Rich2176 and Ronnie. Rich’s wife, Margo (my Roosevelt High classmate) ordered a special strawberry shortcake for Rich’s belated 50th birthday. The party broke up after midnight, with all of us in a circle, hand in hand, while Robert Kekaula sang “Kanaka Wai Wai.”
Two years ago, few of us knew each other. Yet drawn together because of an interest in all things related to UH football, great friendships have been created. Last year, Rich2176 fronted the money to buy 100 tickets for our blog readers to attend the road game against Nevada-Las Vegas, an extremely generous gesture since he didn’t know most of them. Rich and Ronnie have organized cattle calls in LoCal. Last night, Wassupdoc stopped by to pay for James’ dinner. Ronnie and Rob25 were best friends at Kamehameha Schools. They drifted apart, but were reunited through their love of the Warriors.
Maybe I can’t count, but I am humbled and grateful for all the friends I’ve made through this forum.

Here’s Rich2176 and his birthday cake:


Ronnie had a full day, which included watching unsupervised workouts yesterday afternoon.


Here’s a shot of Pride Period (a former football teammate of Jim Donovan) and Bulla (the father of a Weber State-bound football player).


And here’s some of our Kamehameha alumni singing their alma mater.


And here’s The Closer:



  1. SteveM June 20, 2008 8:30 am

    and Good night…..

    Good morning, ST!

  2. J-DOG June 20, 2008 8:30 am

    1st! Bow chika bow bow

  3. J-DOG June 20, 2008 8:30 am


  4. J June 20, 2008 8:32 am

    Too bad it isn’t Take Your Horse To Work Day…

    Anyone taking their dogs to work today?

  5. Garret June 20, 2008 8:41 am

    I’m glad everyone had a great time last night at the bash! Ronnie and Rich are great people and I’m sure they were looking forward to meeting the Hawaii Tsaikos as much or more than everyone wanted to meet them.

    ST, we are fortunate that you created this community. Many people have contributed to the community, but this community wouldn’t exist without you. I have been involved with many other online groups and none have the tone and positive atmosphere of your blog.

  6. Garret June 20, 2008 8:43 am

    Article about the SMU coaches going to Samoa.

  7. Garret June 20, 2008 8:46 am

    Nice photo and article about Chad Kapanui. It is amazing to me that nobody from his team won an award from the league for 3 years! That makes his award even more impressive. I hope that Chad’s new OL meshes quickly so that they can do well when the playoffs begin this weekend.

    Sioux City Bandits quarterback Chad Kapanui has been honored by United Indoor Football as the league’s offensive rookie of the year.

    Kapanui’s honor was one of several awards voted on by UIF’s coaches as well as writers and broadcasters who cover the league. The 6-2, 250-pounder from the University of Hawaii is the first Bandit to receive an award from the league since 2005 when running back Fred Jackson was named UIF’s most valuable player.

    Kapanui, when the season is finished, will have established a single-season record in pass completion percentage. One of seven Bandits to make the Eastern Conference All-Star team, Kapanui needs just four yards to claim the record for passing yardage and has also set the mark for completions.

  8. bonar June 20, 2008 8:50 am


  9. bonar June 20, 2008 8:50 am

    giddy up!

  10. bonar June 20, 2008 8:52 am

    JJ going to Samoa now, I would guess, just doesn’t have the same appeal to Samoan families that it did when JJ was with Hawaii. I hope I’m right!

  11. SteveM June 20, 2008 8:55 am

    BTW, RK sang a very touching rendition of Chotto Matte Stephen Tsai 🙂

  12. 808Chef June 20, 2008 8:57 am

    WOW! Now I really can’t wait for July 10. Gotta get all up with the tsaiko stuff. Maybe I gotta earn ’em huh? What you gotta do to get tsaiko stuff.

  13. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2008 8:58 am

    Re: Samoa trip.
    A lot of this can be traced to Larry Goeas. His wife’s family is prominent in American Samoa, and helped secure contacts for June Jones and Rich Miano several years ago. Goeas’ in-laws are the reason UH was able to sign Isa‘ako Sopoaga, Melila Purcell III, Larry Sauafea, Amani Purcell and Keith “The Bear” AhSoon.

  14. Stretch June 20, 2008 9:08 am

    carryover from previous blog

    gigi-hawaii ©:
    June 20th, 2008 at 8:40 am
    hey, Stretch, thanks for the free dinnah! I guess this teaches you and everybody else to not doubt the great Celtics. They will win again next year.

    I’ll call it now, BET!!!

  15. July Jones June 20, 2008 9:09 am

    The article on Lutu Jr. states that he was an all-league DB as a Soph and JR. Any chances on him giving football a shot. Or the Tsaiko nation creating a buzz to get him on the Grassfield. Holler @ Mack ST. 6-3 195 could be a free safety or if he got any speed a tall corner or WR

  16. Stephen Tsai June 20, 2008 9:17 am

    To get the shot glass, you need to down a shot.
    To get the black polo shirt, you need to make nice-nice to SteveM.

  17. Stretch June 20, 2008 9:27 am

    Stephen Tsai:
    June 20th, 2008 at 9:17 am
    To get the black polo shirt, you need to make nice-nice to SteveM.

    g-nalo – ST answered your question from last night. If you want a “Bonafide Tsaikos” shirt, you have to make nice-nice to SteveM. If I was to make your shirt, it would say “Wannabe Tsaiko”.

  18. tom mui June 20, 2008 9:32 am

    Sounds like I missed a great party – of course my singing would have emptied the room!

    Good morning all!

  19. koakane™ June 20, 2008 9:36 am

    good morning everybody

    who making kofe?

  20. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2008 9:38 am


  21. Unkanesson June 20, 2008 9:41 am

    I remember watching Leroy Lutu (Sr.) in high school when he and John Kamana of Punahou were the class athletes of the ILH, both fantastically gifted natural athletes! If Leroy Jr. has his dad’s attributes, UH fans are going to love him, no matter what sport he plays!

  22. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2008 9:43 am

    Da hoss looks like he’s saying: Aloha! Aloha, errbody!! 🙂

    Wait a minute, isn’t his name “Cabaret”? Maybe he’s saying “When do I get my dressing room? What time is our first performance? Are these local crowds tough as I hear they are?” 😆 Nice lookin’ animal in any case.

  23. Unkanesson June 20, 2008 9:49 am

    You folks may want to dust off the following for the next K-call:

    “Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome…to Cabaret.”

    Or maybe not…

  24. koakane™ June 20, 2008 9:53 am

    # SteveM:
    June 20th, 2008 at 8:28 am


    kden who doing the false stevem. either dat he blogging in his sleep bwhaaaaaaaaaaa na seriously mahalo for setting up last night. terrific fun had by all, fuuuud plenty, everyone wen represent and surprisingly we all played well together :mrgreen:

    now if I only could get this pounding out of my head going be fine

    ahhhhhhhhh here comes da kope excuse while I take a pause for da cause

  25. 808Chef June 20, 2008 9:59 am

    Nice nice huh? I can do that…through food! hehehe…

    As for the shot…jus one? Okay…it’s a deal. Do I pick the shot or will be your call Head Tsaiko?

  26. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 10:00 am


    tsk, tsk, some people never learn! You are so hard headed.

    Anyway, the bet is off for now because the other team has not been named yet. You gotta wait til we all know who will challenge the Celtics for the championship.

    At that point, you can bet and we can decide what my prize will be.

  27. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 10:02 am

    BTW, I have a nice pic of Stretch on my blog — his is the face of someone who lost out on a $25 dinner!

    Anyway, thanks for being such a gracious loser, Stretch. Appreciate it!

  28. wafan June 20, 2008 10:04 am

    GG . . .

    I do not get involved in other peoples bets. But, if you believe the Celtics will win it all next year why does it matter who they will play?

  29. Kazz June 20, 2008 10:05 am

    I wish I could have stayed longer last night, but PROPS to all that made the shindig last night possible.

    It’s always amazing to step into an entire room of smiling and familiar faces (some not too familiar until last night).

    Last night Rich said it all, there is not a whole lot of words that can explain the kind of friendships formed out of this blog.

    UH Warrior Football UNITES US ALL!!!

  30. chawan_cut June 20, 2008 10:05 am

    dang, i missed out last night.
    gigi, sorry, i didn’t know you had a gift for me either. is that for good luck??

  31. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 10:06 am


    You, too? Look, I want to wait so that Stretch can bet FOR a team instead of just AGAINST a team.

  32. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 10:08 am


    The salt is from Liz. She wants you to have it. Why? dunno, I mean, do you cook?

  33. Peaches June 20, 2008 10:08 am

    Good morning Father Tsai, Tsai-kos and Tsaikettes,

    Last night was a blast.

    It was a pleasure to finally meet Ronnie and Rich2176.

    I had way too much fun with Tsaikette pal Lynn (aka Mrs. Bulla) and new friend Dee T.

    Is it Friday yet?

    Until July 10, 2008! Have a great life.

  34. Bigislandkurt June 20, 2008 10:09 am

    Most importantly, what was on the menu?

    I too was thinking about the same Basketball to Football thing for Lutu.

  35. Bulla June 20, 2008 10:10 am

    mahalo everyone,

    make memories
    make memories
    make memories

    what more can i say…in this hustle and bustle we call life, it is so refreshing, so calming, to sit with friends, and share some food and a few good laughs. looking around the room last night, it was really touching, and a voice in my heart kept saying…..all is well, all is well.

    mahalo to everyone, and one last thought….this isn’t a blog, it’s our family. know that, and have a productive day.

  36. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 10:15 am

    Good Morning ST, Tsaikos and Tsaikettes, Newbies and Wannabes-

    *yaaaaawn* Kinda dragging this morning. OMG. Last night was sooooo much fun! Was so good to see Ronnie and Rich and meet new peeps. Would give you more details about last night’s festivities, but just can’t think straight right now.


    Got something for you, too from LK (not Liz, lurker LK) Will give to you at next event you go to.

    Pauoa Boy-

    You too. I’ll see if Ronnie can take back with her to give you at next calf call.

  37. jm2375 June 20, 2008 10:20 am

    😳 This is what happens when I do a refresh and don’t check up top. Posted on the last blog. Thought everybody was still sleeping. Glad to see everyone(?) survived last night’s festivities.

    BTW, got an email this morning. There will be a fundraiser for Konishiki’s Kids on July 4th at the water park. Musical entertainment (Jeff Rasmussen, Kalapana, Vaihi, Laga Savea, and many more) and fireworks. $25 in advance, $35 at the door.

  38. Bulla June 20, 2008 10:20 am

    ronnie and rich,

    nice meeting the both of you…and to all the other Tsaikos that i had the pleasure of meeting and talking story….mahalo!

    it was just too much fun last night, noticed a drop off in the air in the room when RK came in, smaller breaths next time? haha, i’ll check with prideperiod to make sure

  39. Stretch June 20, 2008 10:21 am

    Peaches – good to see you were alive. I thought you was going have heart attack with all the fun you was having. Looks like you was having a BLAST!!!

  40. Stretch June 20, 2008 10:25 am

    from previous blog

    June 20th, 2008 at 10:11 am
    Anybody wanna a peacock? Get plenny by my house. Would appreciate the quiet if they weren’t around.

    maybe you wanna check with DPK. He once had a monkey that he let everyone play with, maybe he can take in a Pcock.

  41. Bulla June 20, 2008 10:26 am


    i thought chuck yeager was in the house last night with all the ‘bombs’ being dropped on that table with the ladies…..even ST was amazed at those activities, haha.

    what a night….still laughing at everything….jason is a croooooooooner, the way he charms the ladies…..and homey, well, that’s another story. he is like a true blue rock and roller stuck in a miniature bong-bong’s body…but that’s why we love him.

    ring……….ring………..kalihi ring………………swells the echo of our song…………

  42. Mrs. Bulla (aka Jaeger Bomber) June 20, 2008 10:31 am

    Good Morning T S A I K O S!
    Oh what a night! My head is pounding and my knees are cracking, haha!

    Peaches, Dee T and I had a great time with ya last night….. with all the Red Bull, did you get sleep last night? Dee hasn’t made it to work yet.. her truck died in the middle of the road coming to work, oh no!

    Everyone have a great day! And to my honey Bulla, see ya lata!

  43. Da Punchbowl Kid June 20, 2008 10:32 am

    You misspelled something up there Stretch. You perv.

  44. Stretch June 20, 2008 10:32 am

    June 20th, 2008 at 10:26 am
    what a night….still laughing at everything….jason is a croooooooooner, the way he charms the ladies…..

    make sure you remind him that when he does that to married ladies, he needs to watch his back. Especially when get one big husband named A-Joe standing close by. nah, A-Joe actually said that Jason wouldn’t know what to do after singing anyway, no threat.

  45. Stretch June 20, 2008 10:37 am

    Da Punchbowl Kid:
    June 20th, 2008 at 10:32 am
    You misspelled something up there Stretch. You perv.

    ooops, Pcock = Peacock. Why would DPK think I meant anything else by it??

  46. Stretch June 20, 2008 10:37 am

    Everyone have a good rest of the day. Back to the same routine as yesterday. I’ll check back later tonight.

  47. homey ® June 20, 2008 10:46 am

    What a night! As I was walking in the dimly lit parking lot at Genji’s I noticed this well dressed guy wearing a lei and talking on his cell phone. I thought to myself…I wonder if I can hijack $20 from him…When I got closer I noticed it was RICH!

    How sweet it was to meet Rich and Ronnie (well I met Ronnie the other day at the cc)! The mainland folks are lucky to have people like those 2. Spread the Aloha.

    Oh yeah, met many new Tsaiko’s and the infamous couple, gigi and hubby! Somehow they managed to leave without saying goodbye.

    Thanks to koakane for letting me partake in his bar tab and keeping me company on the ride to his car. He had fun riding in the truck bed.

    Bulla, I don’t know how you keep up with Lynn. Such a ball of energy! Gotta be the Marauder in her blood.

    Thanks SteveM for the Bonafide polo shirt!

    No more singing duets for me…next time James can be the girl.

    More posts to come…kinda dehydrated.

  48. LizKauai [Believer] June 20, 2008 10:46 am

    Esme- you woulda been a proud nanay last night! Ja-SON crooned till da mature ladies swooned – and then moved on to Rich2176 with references to his bowling league…

    It was a true blast and the best of the best. All my pains and troubles disappeared during those hours.

    Cabaret is LOVELY! Kayla, you are so lucky to have a buddy like Cabaret! (from someone who was a horse lover many years before becoming a Tsai-ko)


  49. CUPID June 20, 2008 10:49 am

    James and WD
    sitting in a tree
    1st comes love
    then comes marriage
    then comes baby
    who hangs around the Capitol. bwahahahahahahaha

  50. LizKauai [Believer] June 20, 2008 10:50 am

    Mrs Bulla, DeeT and Peaches were having Waaaaay plenty fun last night! They are the new Tsai-ko Dreamgirls, fo’ sure!


    hi xs-homey 😉

  51. homey ® June 20, 2008 10:54 am

    James got a free dinner? 😳

    Hi XLiz!

    BTW, when did bhf2 leave?

    I noticed a new thing when women conversate. They buss out their cell phones and text each other too!

    Wait, I didn’t know Midori7 has a boyfriend.

    Did anyone notice UHfan808 hot boots?

  52. Bulla June 20, 2008 10:55 am


    thanks for the props, i don’t know how i keep up with that WWW (wicked waipahu wahine), but i try my best.

    good thing i don’t need the blue pill yet, haha

  53. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 10:58 am


    Infamous couple, gigi and hubby???? haha since when?

    On the way home, hubby asked, “Is homey a member of the Filipino Yakuza? He’s got all those tattoos.”

    Nah, I said, yakuzas have part of their finger missing and as far as I can tell, Homey has all of his digits!

    Well, homey, yakuza or not, it was a joy to finally meet you!

  54. homey ® June 20, 2008 10:59 am

    Bulla – I don’t need it either but I’d be willing to give it a try to see if that 4 hour thingy is a myth.

  55. homey ® June 20, 2008 11:02 am

    gigi – those were iron on tattoos. They wash off after 3 days.

  56. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 11:06 am

    hmm, I wondered what happened to the blog. It went blank for a long time and I thought my last comment was lost! But there it is.

    Iron on tattoos? I don’t believe that for a second. haha

  57. Bulla June 20, 2008 11:09 am


    i can’t even think straight for 4 hours, much less anything else… a whole new interpretation to playing ‘ring toss’ late at night. i’ll check with dpk…and let you know.

  58. koakane™ June 20, 2008 11:10 am

    bulla you got to take her to other expensive dine outs other than shell or chevron. try tesoro next time bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  59. wafan June 20, 2008 11:16 am

    GG . . .

    What do you mean, “you too?” Just that if you really believe then it would not matter.


    And, about iron-on tatoos. Only real men have those. And, it gets rid of wrinkles, too!

  60. koakane™ June 20, 2008 11:18 am

    wow long pause and head pounding gone, man da kope does wonders. also help if add crispy bacon, cheese, green onion, crab, kamaboku omelet into the wake up call.

    whoa feels like a nap time coming on

  61. Kazz June 20, 2008 11:20 am


    I didn’t know Calvin was a star of the karaoke music video scene.

  62. homey ® June 20, 2008 11:22 am

    Rob25 – re: Firefox 3

    I wouldn’t worry about the vulnerability since it is also affects Firefox 2.x. Just as long you don’t click on odd looking emails or visit questionable sites.

    Nice colors you were wearing last night!

  63. homey ® June 20, 2008 11:23 am

    Kazz – I bet CfK wishes he was the star in that Japanese YMCA video!

  64. Kazz June 20, 2008 11:25 am


    AH! Head pounding?!?!? See what happens when you young keeds like stay up all night! 😆

  65. Maverick June 20, 2008 11:30 am

    Giddy UP McMackin Ohana !

    Hau’oli la Hanau Rich!

    Imua T’saiko’s!

    How many days left until kickoff ? Gator Burgers on the grill Aug 31st .

  66. homey ® June 20, 2008 11:31 am

    There’s a blue tag in Cabaret’s picture. Anyone know what WBD stands for?

    White with Black Dots?

  67. adahknowjoe June 20, 2008 11:32 am

    It’s funny how close we all are here in this blog. Talk with anyone long enough and you’ll find your life’s paths have crossed somehow.

    Last night, two wonderful young ladies decided to break their respective lurking barriers and venture out to meet us all. We talked long enough to find out we have very close and dear friends in common. (Majorly small world!)

    It’s become an all too familiar scenario with us Tsai-kos.

  68. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 11:33 am


    Hope your muscles are recouperating from all that flexing last night.

  69. koakane™ June 20, 2008 11:34 am

    now for last night my kudos to

    da tsaiko singers all excellent pride, lizk, rk, d1, cold medina girl, james, jason, mrs. kekoa, dpk

    da tskaiko concert glee all dem ks grads. you still got it sounded like song fest bwhaaaaaa

    and lastly the tsaiko dancer yep mrs bulla. da waipahuuuuuuuu dancing queen. can neva forget you. we need to see you and esme together do one routine 😀

    big thanks again to stevem for setting up da cc

    yea homey and I looked at each oddah saying wuz up with da tsaikettes texting, taking pics and phoning each other. eh tanks for the ride home (james he can drive) only bump my head ten times. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    lastly mahalo to ronnie and rich, dats all the tsaiko’s needed was an excuse to party again. if we no hook up again rememba send loCal bannah for da bash :mrgreen:

  70. homey ® June 20, 2008 11:35 am

    A-Sports – C’mon, all us guys flex buck naked at the bathroom mirror. 😆

  71. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 11:39 am

    But Homes, you do it in public.

  72. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 11:40 am

    Oops, the flexing part, not the naked part.

  73. homey ® June 20, 2008 11:41 am

    A-Joe – For some reason, you and I always crack up laughing…take the Jason singing to A-Sports episode for example…those were some hilarious comments!!! 😆

  74. tom mui June 20, 2008 11:41 am

    Going to the last hole, Michelle had four birdies and three boggies – two of the birds were on the 16th and 17th hole.

    She will make the cut without any problems,

  75. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 11:41 am

    Uh oh, gotta go. Gotta run Joe in to work. Will be back to chit chat later tonight. Have a great Aloha Friday Everyone!

  76. koakane™ June 20, 2008 11:42 am

    # Kazz:
    June 20th, 2008 at 11:25 am


    AH! Head pounding?!?!? See what happens when you young keeds like stay up all night! 😆

    oh das it staying out late. thought was from the head banging around in homey truck on drive home.

    j/k homey you one safe driver it da truck 😉

  77. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 11:46 am


    good news about Michelle Wie. I like to hear news like that!

  78. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 12:19 pm

    Howzit Gang

    Look like you guys had choke kine fun last night, wish I was dea…

    #36 Addahknowsports – Mahaloz, appreciate it

    Aunty Ronnnie – Have a safe trip on the way back, cannot wait for meet you and the ohana soon

  79. duffer June 20, 2008 12:22 pm

    Tomorrow is Midori7’s 21st birthday!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Midori7………………

    I hope Stretch is nice to you on your BD.

    Ronnie and Rich…..

    Hope to meet the two of you soon. Missed golf with Rich…

  80. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 12:29 pm

    Re: Samoa Trip

    I no like the sound of JJ dipping in the Kool Aid anymore. Plus dat was stink style for make some committed recruits change there mind and go SMU instead, but whatevas.

  81. MeiLing June 20, 2008 12:30 pm

    Very very cool to see pics of last night’s get-together!

    Happy belated birthday, Rich!

    And Happy Birthday, Midori7!

    The Tsaikos are a great bunch!

    Looks like the McMackin member is an Appaloosa. Neigh, neigh, Cabaret!

  82. Jason June 20, 2008 12:34 pm

    What are you guys doing up so early, I expected there to be something like 3 comments. 😛

    It really was a lot of fun last night. Where’s Robert, we need to create a Tsaiko CD album. Or better, DVD. We can put prideperiod’s picture on the cover, and we can put on the cover, “Buy me or I show up at your house!”

    I have to go through all the movies later, so I can ask permission to post them online. There were some really great performances!

  83. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 12:47 pm

    Howzit bruddah Jason – heard you was the ladies man last night…auryte…

  84. Jason June 20, 2008 12:49 pm

    Since it’s a slow time right now, I’m going to post this again:

    I am updating my e-mail address list, so if you could, just send me a quick e-mail with your blog name and preferred e-mail address. If you have several e-mail addresses that you prefer (maybe one when you’re at home, and another when you’re at work), please list all of them. Even if you have only one address, please send it to me anyways. I am not going to add your address unless you send me such an e-mail, so I’d appreciate your help. You might want to e-mail koakane as well, he’s updating his contact list too.

  85. BG June 20, 2008 12:58 pm


    Wow…wen try post and got blown up! Message about “can not reference memory…” or something li dat. Asked if I wanted to send a message to Microsoft and den…poof…everything gone. Browser and all :shocked:

  86. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 12:59 pm

    Just thought you would like to know that LizKauai’s and Jason’s blogsite addresses have been added to Tombo’s UH football site.

  87. wafan June 20, 2008 1:00 pm

    Is everyone out having lunch or still asleep?

    Kind of quiet today.

  88. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:04 pm

    I think so errybody recovering from last night still, heard they was dea until late kine

  89. wafan June 20, 2008 1:07 pm

    Pauoa Boy . . .

    When are you planning to move down to the San Diego area?

  90. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:09 pm

    I already have a place down there but I not leaving Sacramento until after July 4th weekend. So I probably be down in the area that weekend of the 4th, most likely

  91. Jason June 20, 2008 1:12 pm

    Finally, I get the honor of appearing on Tombo’s page! 😀

  92. wafan June 20, 2008 1:14 pm

    Pauoa Boy . . .

    Wow, that is going to come up pretty quickly. Good luck with the move! I am sure you and your family have planned carefully. I am sure you will enjoy your time there — especially the loCal meetings.

  93. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:17 pm

    Thanks I hate moving but good thing I get movers so we no need do nothing really just tell em where for put everything das all. Yeah cannot wait to meet the LoCal crew, I know San Diego pretty good I used to live down there long time ago in 98.

  94. wafan June 20, 2008 1:23 pm

    Pauoa Boy . . .

    One of my cousins (second or third I think) has a sushi restaurant down in Sacramento. Never been to the restaurant.

  95. Jason June 20, 2008 1:24 pm

    Pauoa Boy: Gotta sing my way into the girls’ hearts — drinking some Funky Cold Medina ain’t gonna do it. 😉

  96. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:25 pm

    wafan – fo reals you know the name, cause I pretty much been to all of them in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.

  97. wafan June 20, 2008 1:26 pm

    Jason . . .

    Useless to sing to the married ones! Only going to get you in trouble with the larger Tsai-kos. Wassamatta you? Lolo? Or just a death wish? Nah. I am sure they would not hurt you — too badly. HA!

    On the other hand, no make like me and look for the one and only perfect one that meets all of your expectations to the nth degree.

  98. homey ® June 20, 2008 1:28 pm

  99. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:29 pm

    Jason – Good thing you can sing cause I cannot sing for chit, my way into a girls heart is to have them drink that Funky Cold Medina den wen all buss mo easy talk to dem

  100. al June 20, 2008 1:30 pm


  101. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:31 pm

    Good thing get oddah half so need worry about coming up with the tactics nowadays

  102. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:33 pm

    Jason – Just make sure you stay away from the married ones, the desperate houswife kine, onleh trouble dat too much pilikia

  103. Jason June 20, 2008 1:33 pm

    What are you talking about, I was looking for a new mother — Nanay Esme wasn’t there, she abandoned me. 😉

  104. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:35 pm


    Eh homey how come you so quiet

  105. homey ® June 20, 2008 1:38 pm

    Jason – You 21 already! Time to break loose from the mama figure and seek out a play mate. If you need practice, James can loan you a mannequin.

  106. homey ® June 20, 2008 1:39 pm

    PB – I was zoning for a while…

  107. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:39 pm

    🙂 see I knew homey was in the building dat wise crackah

  108. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:40 pm

    Jason – looking for one mom or you meant to say one Shugah Momma

  109. Jason June 20, 2008 1:41 pm

    I was looking for one Sugar Bowl Mama, but nobody wanted to take me.

  110. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:42 pm

    Frikk looking at Unko Rich’s cake and Pride Periods plate, I wish I was there for grind last night

  111. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 1:44 pm

    Ahhh lose money den, das why gotta find the Sugar Momma first den she take you garrans babbarrans

  112. MeiLing June 20, 2008 1:56 pm

    Hmmm…I think I read that Cabaret might be an Arabian… horse, that is…

    I don’t think that a blog anywhere else in the world would build a community like this. Way to go, Tsaikos! Mahaloz to ST for setting this up.

  113. Jason June 20, 2008 1:56 pm

    Okay, I have compiled a list of photographs and videos, and the people in them. Same as last time — for those that went to Genji last night, I will send you a link to a private album that contains all of these photos and videos. If you would like any of your photos/videos removed from said private album, please let me know. And if you would like to give permission for your photo/video to be posted in a public album to be shared on the blog, please let me know as well. E-mail me at jnagaoka (at), and I will send you the link to the private album.

    (At the same time, if you could update me with your blog name and preferred e-mail addresses, as I mentioned in post #84.)

    • The Lion Sleeps Tonight — Stephen Tsai, bighilofan2
    • Sons of Hawai‘i — Da Punchbowl Kid, Ronnie, Rob25, Kekoa, prideperiod
    • Ventura Highway — James
    • Photograph — Stretch
    • Photograph — Stephen Tsai, Rich2176
    • Photograph — Stephen Tsai, Rich2176
    • “Me and Mrs. Gomes” — addahknowjoe
    • Photograph — addahknowjoe, addahknowsports
    • The Loco-Motion — Dee(?), Lynn
    • Funky Cold Medina — UHfan808, homey, Stephen Tsai
    • Green Leaves of Summer — SteveM, Kekoa, homey
    • These Boots are Made for Walkin’ — Lynn, homey, bulla
    • Photograph — UHfan808, Rich2176, Midori7, koakane
    • Photograph — Hiflyer, UHfan808, Rich2176, Midori7
    • Photograph — koakane, James, homey
    • Photograph — Rob25, Ronnie, LizKauai
    • Greatest Love of All — LizKauai
    • I Will Survive — LizKauai
    • Livin’ on a Prayer — James
    • Photograph — Rich2176
    • Photograph — Robert Kekaula
    • You’ve Got the Touch — Robert Kekaula, prideperiod
    • She Believes in Me — Robert Kekaula
    • Sunflower — wreckineyez
    • LizKauai’s Nabeyaki Udon

  114. Garret June 20, 2008 2:04 pm

    Pauoa Boy,

    I’m unfortunately going to be in the Bay Area when you are moving to San Diego! Oh well, hopefully we can meet up soon afterwards.. Pretty funny that I’ll be driving North up the 5 around the same time you’ll be going South.

  115. Rob25 June 20, 2008 2:05 pm


    Let it go! The Sugar Bowl is behind us and we’re moving on to a different BCS game!

    Why did you miss all those people leaving? That’s why you forgot your bottle in the bathroom!

  116. Jason June 20, 2008 2:06 pm

    Who broke the blog?

  117. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:15 pm

    Rob25 – I never bring my drinks to the bathroom because the vapors in the air can get into the drink.

  118. wafan June 20, 2008 2:16 pm

    Jason . . .

    Oh, you poor abandoned thing! Left on the doorstep at Genji’s.


  119. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:16 pm

    What’s broken?

  120. wafan June 20, 2008 2:20 pm

    Pauoa Boy . . .

    Last name is Nishiyama. Could not find the name of the restaurant. Sorry!

  121. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:22 pm

    Maybe the name of the restaurant is Nishiyama-ya.

  122. Jason June 20, 2008 2:23 pm

    For a few minutes, there was a connection error or something. All better now.

  123. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:27 pm

    ahhh, the dreaded connection timeout or database error. Can’t really blame our ISP’s for that.

  124. wafan June 20, 2008 2:30 pm

    Geez. Almost forgot!

    Welcome to the SUMMER! It is officially summer now.

    Okay. I know it does not make much of a difference in Hawai’i. But it does here. Well, kind of. Sort of. Maybe.

    Heck. Today it is up in the mid-70’s!!! Whoo-hoo!

  125. wafan June 20, 2008 2:31 pm

    Are there any Tsai-ko’s or lurkers in the Heartland? Specifically KC, MO?

  126. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:31 pm

    Come to think of it, when did g-nalo and sleaze leave?

  127. wafan June 20, 2008 2:34 pm

    Homey . . .

    Nishiyama-ya. Could be. I really do not know the name of the restaurant. One of these days I should go down there for a visit. I know his sushi is excellent — had it one Christmas when he visited Hawai’i a bunch of years back.

    Shucks. Sorry, Pauoa Boy. Not much help to you.

  128. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:35 pm

    Is it summer in Samoa?

  129. Rob25 June 20, 2008 2:37 pm

    Come to think of it…you’re right homey.

    I didn’t see g-nalo leave…who is sleaze?

    Must have been when Ronnie and I were doing ours shots to get our Tsai-ko shotglass. Who’s idea is it to drink Crown Royal?

  130. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 2:42 pm

    Nah, no worries I going ask around, there’s actually only couple sushi places over here that have local ties

  131. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 2:42 pm

    Garret – When you heading up to the Bay Area?

  132. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:43 pm

    Speaking of sushi, did anyone notice that some mainstream bags of rice are now 18#’s instead of 20#’s? I remember when they were 25#’s.

    Many ice cream brands don’t sell by the 1/2 gallon anymore, it’s 1.75 quarts.

    We consumers are getting ripped!

  133. wafan June 20, 2008 2:45 pm

    Pauoa Boy . . .

    He is from Japan. So if you speak with the owners it should be a give-away. Unless the other owners are also from Japan. HA!

  134. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:46 pm

    sleaze is the guy who probably left when g-nalo left.

    I have no idea whose idea it is to drink CR. Nice shot glasses yeah!

  135. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 2:49 pm

    Actually get couple owners in the area from Japan, there’s one sushi place in particular with local ties and it’s actually named Aloha Sushi too…go figure.

  136. wafan June 20, 2008 2:50 pm

    At least you folks can easily find rice! Out here we have to keep our eye wide open. That rice shortage is real — in the NW anyhow. And the prices! Geez!!!

    I remember paying $12 for a 50# bag of rice two years ago. I was stunned when it shot up to $18. Last week I bought a 40# bag for $40. That was at Costco. The Asian store had a 20# bag for $30. Dang! Must have been really special rice — I sure hope it does taste better than the bag I bought.

  137. homey ® June 20, 2008 2:51 pm

    Adrian “Aussie” Thomas looks tall. Listed at 6’5″.

  138. d1shima [sez:] June 20, 2008 2:55 pm


    How many hands is 6’5″?

    Pauoa Boy,

    Mebbe tink twice befo’ approaching random sushi chefs in SD and asking, “Eh, wat you get one relative who is one Tsaiko named wafan?”
    At least make sure he no mo his knife nearby first. 😉

  139. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 2:55 pm

    Good hope the lineman can stick together and be on the same page this year, Ginlack looking massive

  140. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 3:00 pm

    d1shima – Howzit, nah no worries, usually when I go the sushi chefs like talk story, cause around this area they no see too many local guys onleh planny haoles, so they always like talk. Plus when I ask for Ahi and say em correctly they ask where I from cause usually the haoles ask for raw tuna with rice, lol.

  141. wafan June 20, 2008 3:00 pm

    In Rich’s seond photo it looks like

    1) he is having an interesting conversation with his right hand

    2) he is mystified by the disappearence of his shot glass

    3) Rich has not had enough to drink and can still see his hand

  142. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 3:02 pm

    Wow Alonzo Chopp still around, thought he graduated already. Remember seeing him working at 7-11 in Manoa all the time. Semper Fi Marine…

  143. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 3:04 pm

    wafan – look like somebody stole his drink

  144. homey ® June 20, 2008 3:13 pm

    d1shima – I don’t know, around 19 hands.

  145. homey ® June 20, 2008 3:15 pm

    wafan – nah, Rich is trying to get the booger off his finger.

  146. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 3:16 pm

    Depends whose hands, cause if you get hands like the Bear den how much would be?

  147. homey ® June 20, 2008 3:17 pm

    …and Ronnie’s picture looks like she saw Rich flick the booger off his hand.

  148. Ralph June 20, 2008 3:17 pm

    Wafan, when i lived on Lanai, my neighbors were the Nishiyamas

  149. homey ® June 20, 2008 3:21 pm

    Ralph – did you know a Galinato family?

  150. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 3:38 pm

    Ralph, how long you wen live Lanai, I get some cousins live there, last name Balisacan, they know everybody

  151. wafan June 20, 2008 3:48 pm

    Not yogore!

    Ralph . . .

    Nah, aside of our kind of large family he does not have any other relatives. In fact,
    we found out he was related by accident. He was working as a chef in Waikiki. My uncle who worked as a maintenance man there would talk story with the chef who was from the same area as my great-grandmother. Anyhow, they put two-and-two together and figured out they were related. So, no other Nishiyama’s from Hawai’i are related.

    Pauoa Boy . . .

    I think he had a drink. Finished it. Then forgot he did. His hand was cramped in that position. HA!

    Homey . . .

    Checking out his boogers? Next to the cake?!?!?!?! Heck, if that is the case I sure hope no one else had cake. And, if he did successfully flick it, seems Ronnie knows where it went. Did she have any of the cake?

  152. d1shima June 20, 2008 3:50 pm

    wafan – nah, Rich is trying to get the booger off his finger.

    I was standing just to the right of Rich at that time – I thought dat was “House pupu” came my way. 😯

  153. homey ® June 20, 2008 3:54 pm

    d1shima – Was it salty?

  154. wafan June 20, 2008 3:54 pm

    Uh-oh. I think we know where the booger was flung.

    That is okay, though, d1. If it ended up in your glass I am sure the alcohol would have sterilized it.

  155. d1shima June 20, 2008 3:55 pm

    Why? You like compare notes?

  156. Kazz June 20, 2008 3:55 pm

    Hu proke da plog?

  157. wafan June 20, 2008 3:56 pm

    d1 . . .

    Were you drinking a margarita? Or something that suddenly tasted like one?

  158. d1shima June 20, 2008 4:01 pm


    No, but I did notice that the peanuts suddenly had a different “crunch” to them!

  159. wafan June 20, 2008 4:05 pm

    d1 . . .

    They were not Cracker Jacks?

  160. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 4:06 pm

    Either that or somebody was trying for get the first fingah swipe on the cake and den unko Rich had shmall kine Bruce Lee reflex akshon, da kine waaaahhhhhh

  161. d1shima June 20, 2008 4:10 pm


    Hey Stephen. The Beast is not Weber St.-bound. He’s there already!

  162. d1shima June 20, 2008 4:11 pm

    Gotta go for now.


  163. Bulla June 20, 2008 4:16 pm


    yep, he sure is. settling in and getting used to the altitude difference. today they did a lot of running, 14 110’s in the heat; the beast represented very, very well.

    the altitude will take some adjusting, but it’ll be ok, fall camp starts august 1st….

  164. wafan June 20, 2008 4:16 pm

    Dinner time! Some of the most ono-ist old-fashioned hamburgers in town are at Norma’s!!!

    The best part is that it is warm and clear outside. Yum.

  165. wafan June 20, 2008 4:19 pm

    Bulla . . .

    The Beast knows everyone is pulling for him to do very well.

    Well, until . . . um, you know.

  166. SteveM June 20, 2008 4:19 pm

    Good morning again. I seemed to have dozed off after posting at 0855.
    Catching up with my email and the blog…
    Mrs. Bulla — “Jaeger Bombs”? …is that what those drinks are called? Wow… you had Peaches singing, blogging, and about ready to dance. 😯
    We gotta get one for Wena too next time 😉

  167. Rob25 June 20, 2008 4:20 pm

    I’m soooooooo tired!

    Thanks again to ST for bringing our family together. It was great fun last night. I can’t wait for the next one…might have to fly Ronnie back so we can do it again.

    UHfan808, midori7, asports…Saturday night, it’s on! I better get out the Wii and start practicing. Ronnie and I will be done with our thing by 9 and then we will join you. Can’t wait.

  168. Bulla June 20, 2008 4:22 pm


    that is the drink of the wild wahine….oh boy were they having fun…these boots were made for walking….haha

    great night, fun for all, and couldn’t stop laughing……whew.

  169. koakane™ June 20, 2008 4:25 pm

    wow up from da power nap, howzit again everybody

    wafan summe at last. enjoy it I am

    d1 came sit by you cause saw your french fries and was going hanai one but when I was going grab one saw this big blue fly land on dem so did quick exit stage right. dat fly was da booga bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    homey thank millions for da ride

    kden when we parteee again?

  170. BowsForever June 20, 2008 4:26 pm

    ST: Winning record, but not by much? Defense is just “pretty good”? Say it isn’t so! 😉

    I know, I know, radio interview, lots of unknowns for the offense, honest assessment, etc., but hey. Seems like the defense will be stronger than ever, might break top 25 in the nation. More than enough players have been battle-tested on the road over and over from last year. And with a better running game to exploit, I’d have to think we have a good shot at more than 8 wins in the regular season.

  171. BowsForever June 20, 2008 4:27 pm

    ST was being interviewed by the Sports Animals just now.

  172. Rob25 June 20, 2008 4:35 pm

    Oh I missed ST. That’s OK Ronnie and I had some personal time with him at the unsupervised workout yesterday.

  173. Bulla June 20, 2008 4:36 pm


    if UH goes 8-5 it will be a great season. look at the schedule and the away games, they are going to be an uphill battle before day 1 even starts.

    coach mack would be happy at 8-5, they could still play in the sheraton bowl with that record and lay the foundation for the next few years.

    imua warriors.

  174. Bulla June 20, 2008 4:37 pm


    you play a mean tambourine… that muscular gluteus maximus of yours.

  175. SteveM June 20, 2008 4:37 pm

    Bulla — wild wahines…who woulda thought 🙂

    I guess a long-hidden suspicion and Genji secret is revealed: you and the Mrs. are a party waiting to happen!!

  176. Bulla June 20, 2008 4:41 pm


    oh boy, you don’t want to go there, haha. but our newest Tsaikette Deann had a wonderful time, they bonded with Peaches quickly, and it was like a late version of Charley’s Angels, haha…..they were cracking me up.

    what a night, what a great time, mahalo

  177. I Believe June 20, 2008 5:02 pm

    Aloha all- how lucky we all are to have the blog – looks like last night’s event was fantastic fun! Feel fortunate to have met the people I have, and I look forward to meeting up with the rest of you one of these days- am keeping my fingers crossed for July.

  178. koakane™ June 20, 2008 5:16 pm

    bulla check email

    and UA not united airline bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    what think he going leave big island? heard he likes it dea and family really loves it.

    know his principal and she love his work and will try to keep him.

  179. Ralph June 20, 2008 5:17 pm

    all the numbers on the comments disappeared…also the print got smaller…

  180. Ralph June 20, 2008 5:18 pm

    what was in the shot glasses the tsaikettes were drinking…adding red bull at 12 midnite, long restless sleep…

  181. Rob25 June 20, 2008 5:38 pm

    Ehh! Ralph…I didn’t get Red Bull in my shotglass. No wonder I was getting tired and not dancing!

    homey made sure that Ronnie and I only got CR. We asked for tequila, just to bring back the good old days, but alas…CR it was.

  182. WreckinEyez June 20, 2008 5:43 pm

    By the way,

    I am sorry for leaving so early last night… I wasn’t on planning to say long.

    Nice to meet Rich and Ronnie… They both seemed like party animals who were taking it easy last night.

  183. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 5:47 pm

    Rob, you actually swallowed the Crown Royal? That’s something I just could not do. No offense to Stretch. lol

    In fact, hubby and I didn’t drink at all — just water. We both had to drive home since we each had a car.

  184. Ralph June 20, 2008 5:48 pm

    Rob25 your shot glasses did have CR and that is the way it was set up for everyone wanting a shot glass with the tsaiko label. The other tsaikettes, Mrs. Bulla, DeeT and Peaches were downing a dark colored drink in shot glasses submerged in a large glass filled with red bull and they drank the concoction together in one big gulp..

  185. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 5:50 pm

    Ralph, that concoction would have rendered me comatose and unable to drive!

  186. Jason June 20, 2008 5:51 pm

    That wasn’t Funky Cold Medina in those shot glasses, was it? If Peaches ordered… 😛

  187. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 5:54 pm

    It’s a good thing SteveM doesn’t drink. Someone had to drive Peaches and Liz home!

  188. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 5:58 pm

    I thought the buffet last night was very good. Hubby and I especially liked the spencer steak.

  189. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 5:59 pm

    I also thought I would never admit that I enjoyed the ahi poke. Just a couple of weeks ago, I said I would never eat raw fish. Well, a trip to Japan will change your mind in a hurry!

  190. Rob25 June 20, 2008 6:03 pm

    I agree gigi…the fuud was very good. I too liked the spencer steak!

    At least we had the shot early so I could drive her to Kailua and then out to Hawaii Kai. UHfan808 should have had some Funky Cold Medina…she was rockin the mike.

  191. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 6:07 pm

    wow, Rob, that was a looong drive. How long did that take you? Plus you had to shut 1 eye, right, to keep from having double vision? haha

  192. Garret June 20, 2008 6:09 pm

    Pauoa Boy,

    We will be in the Bay Area from July 2 night to July 5 morning. We are going because my girls have to be fitted for their flower girl dresses–the bride is making the dresses for them. We have to spend a day with the bride, spend a day with the friends we will be staying with, and visit with 3 families…plus, Lori’s sister expects us to spend 2 days with her. I don’t see how we’ll fit all that in 3 days!

  193. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 6:12 pm

    Garret, it CAN be done! Positive thinking. lol. If I could squeeze Japan into 3 nights, so can you with that Bay Area trip!

  194. koakane™ June 20, 2008 6:12 pm

    ronnie and rob25 supa troopa down da crown in one swig. looked like they did this befoa with other stuff like tequila. must be the in their ks day. dem girls wen earn their glasses.

  195. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 6:15 pm

    yeah, I have to admit that Stretch did an excellent job etching those glasses. He’s talented and has steady hands!

  196. koakane™ June 20, 2008 6:18 pm

    ralph only now noticed all da numbas gone. the print became smaller?

  197. Jason June 20, 2008 6:19 pm

    That steak really was awesome, wasn’t it. Mmm…

  198. Rob25 June 20, 2008 6:19 pm

    Gigi – It took about 20 mins to Kailua and then 20 mins to Hawaii Kai. I was home before 1:30 AM. Kinda tired today, but hanging in there. Problem is that I have to do a couple of Sudoku puzzles before I sleep. Was three when I was done bocha and puzzles. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    koakane – You know it! It’s easier to take in one swig, but then again it went down pretty smoothly. We had 151 in our lockers at KS and then it was tequila. Good thing the drinking age was 18 back then. Oh, wait, I wasn’t 18 then….shhhhhhh!

  199. Rob25 June 20, 2008 6:20 pm

    Where’s homey?

    Did he take the numbers?

  200. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 6:20 pm

    With IE, the print has been ultra small for quite some time.

    Nuttin new.

    I already complained to Scott.

  201. Rob25 June 20, 2008 6:21 pm

    Gotta drive now…catch you all later.

  202. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 6:30 pm

    Rob must be one smart gal if she can solve sukoku puzzles after downing CR before bed. Interesting you have that ritual. I usually fall asleep when I am not thinking too hard. lol

  203. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 6:31 pm

    hmmm, the blog clock is 6 minutes faster than my computer clock. Not again, Scott. Thought you fixed the problem.

  204. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 6:32 pm

    sorry, SUDOKU puzzles.

  205. Long Time UH Fan June 20, 2008 6:52 pm

    Genji’s–Wow… what a blast! We had such a great time meeting all the Tsaikos, some for the first time. It was really nice to meet all these people in person and to match blog names with faces. We finally met the ever gracious Wena, the infamous Gigi, our California guests of honor, Rich and Ronnie, Ronnie’s best friend, Rob 25, the Marauder Dancing Queen, Lynn, the precocious Midori 7, a blogger who lived near my hood back in the day, JaM, the guy with the monkey, the one and only –Da Punchbowl Kid, the bananah guy, BigHiloFan2, one crooner older than me, Midnight, Bruin Barry Markowitz, cruisers MyKi and Sj-macro, a former Air Force aircraft mechanic like me, HIFlyer, our awesome tsaiko-gate coordinator, Kazz. and Kekoa’s dad, Pops. Wow ..such a fun loving and good fun circle of Tsaiko friends which continues to expand! And we chatted the night away with old Tsaiko friends whom we’ve met preiously at CC’s and tailgates (that’s the rest of the gang).

    Want to thank Stretch for the Tsaiko special shot glass…that CR was smooth!

    Special thanks to ST for the Warrior Beat; if not we wouldn’t have met all these wonderful people. And to SteveM and Al for putting this function together. We’re looking forward to the 2nd Anniversary Blog Bash next month!

    Oh and what has this got to do with football….Well, we talked story with Prideperiod about his days wearing the green and white; and with James about his playing days at Damien Memorial HS. Good fun! Brings back memories!

  206. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 6:56 pm

    LTUHF, I echo the sentiment!

  207. sjmacro June 20, 2008 7:05 pm

    good morning Tsaikos, I just got up…. 😆 not! Busy day resting. Thanks to all who made last night possible. Great fun with our out of town guests: Rich, Ronnie, Rob, Liz, bhf2. Liz, glad your Go! flight was non-stop and didn’t try to pick up bhf2. 😀 Special thanks to d1 for the ride home. .We had taken the Bus a few blocks and it stops right in front of Genji’s. Also, addaknowsports thanks for real name tag. Pictures to come soon. None of Gigi and homey since there is no “model” release. sjmacro & myki

  208. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 7:06 pm

    mahalo, sj!

  209. Esme June 20, 2008 7:15 pm

    *cracking the Tsaiko clubhouse door open a sec … then tap-dancing in!*

    Hey, gang!

    SHUCKS! DAGNABBIT! Sounds like I missed a really good Tsaiko gathering! I didn’t have a choice; I was stuck with the keiki. Rats. 😡 But it warms my heart to hear what a good time you all had. This is indeed a very special bunch of friends.

    Jason … awwww. I missed your serenades! But I haven’t abandoned you, no sirree. And I hope I get a serenade next time. 😉

    Mrs. Bulla … sounds like we’re gonna have to choreograph a can-can next time.

    Rich and Ronnie … so sorry I missed you on this go-round. Next time, I hope!

    ST … all that wouldn’t have been possible without the goodness you bring. You are the maypole about which all of this dances.

    I’ll see you guys again soon, I hope, online and at the blog bash.

    Thinking of you all even as I dash around like a maniac …

    *tappity!* :mrgreen:

  210. Pauoa Boy June 20, 2008 7:17 pm

    Garret – Right on, yup I think we might pass up each other on the I-5. I will probably be in San Diego the 5th cause my wife no like travel on the 4th she thinks going have planny traffic. Anyway, just give me a ring when you back in town. Maybe can bring your wife and kids over for one BBQ or sumtin. I get pool across from my house if your kids like go swim.

  211. bonar June 20, 2008 7:33 pm

    can we get a realistic pre-pre-season prediction on the season? it seems that ST has predicted a bowl game? to me, making a bowl game will = a good/great season.

  212. bonar June 20, 2008 7:36 pm

    Yes, good to see everyone had a good time.

  213. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 7:54 pm

    Bonar, sorry you didn’t make it to the party. Maybe, the 2nd anniversary party next month?

    or are you on the mainland?

  214. SteveM June 20, 2008 7:58 pm

    Glad everyone seemed to have a good time at Ronnie & Rich2176 party last night…well, no grumbles from the 20+ Tsai-kos who were still there after midnight anyway. Gonna have to keep my eye on “Bulla’s Angels” at future events 🙂

    Aside from that, midnight made his karaoke call debut in the d1shima music genre. Good voice. Mrs. BG made her large group debut with a beautiful song from the Korean selections…the secret is out BG–she can sing! Peaches thinks she and Stretchette could do fabulous duets. homey continues to amaze with his singing.

    Special shout out to Al who handled the buffet arrangements, negotiations and finances at Genji’s. Saved me from a potentially awkward position. But, Al noted that he came up short in the collections. So, if in all the fun and excitement you forgot to pay Al before he left, please make arrangements with him.

    The next large Karaoke Call? Probably in mid-August. Next up is Blog Party 4 (2nd Anniversary) on Thursday, July 10. Countdown: 20 days.

  215. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 8:01 pm

    Al came up short? Did Stretch pay for my dinner?

  216. Jason June 20, 2008 8:19 pm

    I can chip in if necessary, considering “someone” paid for me.

    * * *

    bonar: Well, the Warriors went 5-7 in 2005. That season, JUCO transfer Colt Brennan replaced Tim Chang; a hefty Nate Ilaoa replaced Michael Brewster; Ian Sample and Chad Mock stepped in for Jason Rivers; redshirt freshman Ryan Grice-Mullins and true freshman Davone Bess stepped in for Chad Owens, Se‘e Poumele, and Gerald Welch; part-time starter Ross Dickerson replaced Britton Komine; Dane Uperesa played RT as Brandon Eaton permanently moved inside to RG; Ikaika Alama-Francis took over for Kila Kamakawiwo‘ole, who moved to OLB in the 3-4; former O-lineman Michael Lafaele replaced Lui Fuga; true freshman Solomon Elimimian replaced Watson Ho‘ohuli and displaced Ikaika Curnan; sophomores Keao Monteilh and Ryan Keomaka replaced Abraham Elimimian; Lamar Broadway stepped in for an injured Leonard Peters; and freshman Dan Kelly replaced Justin Ayat. All this, in a year where the Warriors kicked off the season by hosting USC and traveling to East Lansing for a game against Michigan State, then losing a heart-breaker to Boise State before having to take a long trip to Ruston, LA for a conference game against Louisiana Tech. By then, the Warriors were 1-4, and even though they finished the rest of the season 4-3, the season was all but over, with Fresno State at home, Nevada on the road, and Wisconsin at home as the final three losses.

    This year, the schedule is tougher, with trips to Florida and Oregon State that could easily leave the Warriors starting off at 1-2. The fifth game of the season is at Fresno State, and game 7 is at Boise State. Not to mention, we close against Pac-10 Washington State and a good Cincinnati team. we have to replace our All-American QB, but now we have guys with experience in Tyler Graunke and Inoke Funaki; Libre, Wright-Jackson, and Farmer return to an offense that should emphasize the threat of the run more; all four receivers are gone, but Greg Salas, Michael Washington, Aaron Bain, and Malcolm Lane are all veterans; we lose your two guards, but Keith AhSoon slides inside, and there is a strong competition for RG and LT, with the possibility of the RT position being up for grabs; both DEs are gone, but David Veikune was all-WAC, and John Fonoti has potential if he’s healthy; Michael Lafaele is gone, but Keala Watson can play; Brad Kalilimoku leaves, but Blaze Soares solidifies a group of all-WAC linebackers if he’s healthy; both corners are gone, but Ryan Mouton is all but guaranteed one spot, if he’s healthy, and there’s good competition for the other spot; Jacob Patek is gone, but there’s some good competition for his starting spot too.

    So while there are many similarities in the schedules and the need to replace players, I think this year’s players are better prepared and more talented than those starting in 2005. I think it’s plausible that we win our first five home games, while we lose the first four road games. Utah State on the road should be a win, but New Mexico State on the road will be a challenge with their improving offense; thankfully, it’s later in the season, so our offense should be better prepared by then. Even if that is a loss, UH could still be 5-5 entering the final homestand, where 2-1 is definitely possible. So I think 7-6 and a bowl trip would be nice; with wins at NMSU and against Cincinnati, and that 7-6 turns into 9-4. I don’t think that’s anything to sneeze against — those are four tough games, all on the road against Florida, Oregon State, Fresno State, and Boise State.

  217. BG June 20, 2008 8:21 pm

    Aloha dere, all the Ohana!

    This is my 3rd time trying to post today and I hope the 3rd is the lucky one…first two got blown away as the browser bombed. No big ting as it’s impossible not to be in a happy mood after last night. Consolation prize for dropping in late is that the eloquent peeps have already said it all…just have to say, “ditto dat one, “dat one too”, “yah, dat’s so true!” 😀

    So many things were happening all over the room…kinda like Cirque du Solei on steroids! lol Impossible to absorb everything with the ears and eyes. But, the skin and heart could just feel the unbelievable energy there 🙄 Gotta thank SteveM for setting up everything, and Rich for handling the finances. SteveM was working the room like a maniac, making sure the song requests were done checking that everyone was doing good. It’s so exhilerating to see old friends and having it so danged easy to make new ones! The Tsaiko Nation should be a model for the UN.

    Everything folks have said previously…DITTO!

    Gotta believe that each get together has been bigger and better than the one before and it’s all leading up to a 2nd Tsaiko Anniversary that will floor us all. 😀 After last night, I’ll know to take the next day off!!!

    Thanks, ST. You put a lot into this blog and you give us a place to play. And Wena SURE seemed like she was have a BLAST!

    Be back in an hour…play nice!


  218. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 8:30 pm

    BG, do you mean AL, not RICH, handled the finances?

  219. bighilofan2 June 20, 2008 8:33 pm

    howzit howzit howzit Tsaikos everywhere

    yu guyz not going beleeve wat happen today. so i go Rainbowtique an day get no nuff selekshun, da lady tellz me fo go book stoah. so i’m walkin downstayahz an i see AhSoon. Da bugga walkin wit a bouncc, all puffed up. lookin real animal dat bradda. no foolin.

    so i go to da UH Book Stoah an inside I sees Aaron Kia. an he stay tellin hiz fren dat da BookStoah get da UA an he no moah his yet. so I buz two UAz fo da wife and her her fren Lei.
    an den I boughta unifoamz fo Puna 12, 13s, da Recognize Tshirts fo kidz. Den I go see Ron Lee, barge into his conversashun wit ST, no scared, an tell Ron afta dat yu gotta make yur own PR. got myself all wurked up ovah dayah. An i wen downstayahz to da Asst Media Guy Ron an I wuz lookin for his pal Derrick.

    So Whitey, I gotta tell yu to tink about dis. JJ and his guyz is being interviewed about their trip to Samoa. SMU Athletics talkin about them.


    think about Pulp Fiction. I’m trying realllll harrrdddd! 😀


  220. BG June 20, 2008 8:43 pm

    Thanks Gigi…I did mean Al

  221. PIAA DS June 20, 2008 8:45 pm

    Good evening,

    I put up some new photos of Rocky with is ‘crew’ on the PIAA site, but its the week before he got his hair shaved. Still fun to see how he interacts ….

    And Im the proud mom of the the handsome young man in the column to the right…

  222. jm2375 June 20, 2008 9:37 pm

    is the blog stuck again?

    Helloooooo… anybody home?

  223. jm2375 June 20, 2008 9:38 pm

    Watching Disney Channel… HELP!!!

  224. jm2375 June 20, 2008 9:39 pm

    with 2 13 year olds. HELP HELP!!!

  225. g-nalo June 20, 2008 9:41 pm

    g-nalo – ST answered your question from last night. If you want a “Bonafide Tsaikos” shirt, you have to make nice-nice to SteveM. If I was to make your shirt, it would say “Wannabe Tsaiko”.

    eh bradduh SteveM, how ya doing cuz?

  226. Pomai June 20, 2008 9:43 pm

    Jason your thinking too analytical. 14-0 BELIEVE

  227. Stretch June 20, 2008 9:48 pm

    g-nalo – stop kissing up!!

  228. LizKauai June 20, 2008 9:48 pm


    busy with da pix…
    posting soon
    (more like editing den posting… bwahahahaha!)

  229. Stretch June 20, 2008 9:49 pm

    gigi-hawaii ©:
    June 20th, 2008 at 6:15 pm
    yeah, I have to admit that Stretch did an excellent job etching those glasses. He’s talented and has steady hands!

    you wouldn’t believe how long it takes me to make one of these glasses, I don’t think you would have enough patience.

  230. LizKauai June 20, 2008 9:49 pm

    Hey Stretch!
    How wuz your business day today? :mrgreen:

  231. Stretch June 20, 2008 9:53 pm

    liz – I was dragging the whole day “working” I need to take a shower and go sleep already.

  232. g-nalo June 20, 2008 9:53 pm

    was out in Kona hiking da lava field and too tired to read the rest, but a few things if i may…

    1. i certainly second the sentiments of ST when he talks about how special this group is, last night was special as usual. thanks to all and wish i was in better condition to meet more people. 🙁

    2. i received a Tsaiko name tag that made my night, much mahalo to LK who i’ll personally thank the next chance i get. also thanks to A-Sports for ‘presenting’ it to me.

    3. ‘eh tanks bruddah’ Koakane for being the terrific guy you are and also for taking care of my Oolong tea bill. hehe

    4. Ronnie and Rob – i know there were too many to meet and you can’t remember all, but glad to have met you both.

    5. Rich – sorry i didn’t make it to golf as the “4th”, but hopefully i get another chance one day to join you, Stretch, and Sleez.

    6. Al and SteveM – mahalo for allowing me “in” SO LATE, eh btw SteveM, your car need washing?

  233. LizKauai June 20, 2008 10:02 pm

    gnalo- ok, now I think I know you 😆

  234. g-nalo June 20, 2008 10:07 pm

    LizK – based on last night…….ohh i hope not. haaa

    btw – Bighilo pointed you out but was too nervous to meet a ‘celebrity’. 🙂

  235. g-nalo June 20, 2008 10:09 pm

    good night all, tomorrow will be another good day.

    good morning in advance!

  236. koakane™ June 20, 2008 10:14 pm

    g good to see you blogging, you no longer one lurker so loose da wanabe and welcome as bone afide tsaiko now got to work on sleeze

    stretch give you credit for getting up and golf um working. me got up and went back to sleep

    li zk da bannah nice will hold and put up at bash 2

    bhf2 ditto to u’s if reading

  237. koakane™ June 20, 2008 10:17 pm

    ok typing to fast, fingas not working together or blog working funny kine.

    could be all three things afta last night

    g what you walking in lava fields. what took wrong turn home last night bwhaaaaaaaa

  238. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 10:18 pm

    Hi Everyone-

    Still dragging from last night, but just wanted to say last night was an awesome event. The room was buzzing! There was eating, drinking, singing, joking, laughing, dancing, serenading. Wasn’t sure if we would all fit in the big room, but since everyone was playing musical chairs, it worked out.

    It was so great to see Rich and Ronnie again. Got to meet new people, see some that have not seen in a while. Got serenaded by some sassy 21-year-old (that we all know and love).

    Want to thank everyone who made it a rockin’ event last night! It was very special and it felt as if the connection as a community got even stronger. Can’t wait for big blog party!

    So, where’s Homey tonight? I was looking forward to his Top Ten List.

  239. koakane™ June 20, 2008 10:20 pm

    james you out dea

    wake up show some signs of life

  240. koakane™ June 20, 2008 10:22 pm

    asports how was da hula show. you and ajoe stayed awake and neva snore eh 😆

  241. koakane™ June 20, 2008 10:25 pm

    ok know plenty tsaikos flashing cameras last night so wea dem pics

    need rememberance cause afta 10pm some parts of the evening went fuzzy

  242. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 10:28 pm


    I was snoring, but not at da show. I missed the whole thing.

  243. SteveM June 20, 2008 10:29 pm

    I’ve just finished posting 10 photos on my “Cattle Call” page. Note that gigi has posted some and , Liz, sj-macro, Jason, and a few others will be posting photos too.

    Now to start updating my main page…

  244. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 10:33 pm

    I also waiting for the pictures. We took some, but a lot came out cwappy, blurry, etc.


    I would like to view your pictures. Can you tell me how to get there?


    Can you let us know when you post yours on the website?

  245. Addahknowsports© June 20, 2008 10:35 pm

    Wow SteveM-

    You’re Tsaichic! I going look right now.

  246. Stretch June 20, 2008 10:38 pm

    This news should make Midori’s BDay even more special -John Hee won the American Baseball Coaches Association/Rawlings NCAA Division I Gold Glove as a shortstop. A first for Hawaii!! Congratulations!!

  247. bonar June 20, 2008 10:51 pm

    Jason: I think that is a well-thought out and objective view. My feeling is that the year is a great success if UH makes it to their own bowl game.

    G: Great shots. I’m on Oahu and might make it to an event down the road.

  248. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 11:03 pm

    Bonar, good, hope to see you next month.

  249. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 11:04 pm

    gnalo, did we meet at Genji’s? I don’t recall meeting you. If so, sorry for not remembering.

  250. AWH June 20, 2008 11:05 pm

    (Jesse) James – This song is dedicated to you!!

  251. gigi-hawaii © June 20, 2008 11:10 pm

    g’nite, folks.

  252. al June 20, 2008 11:31 pm

    i waited for you awh.
    what you got lost?

  253. Jason June 20, 2008 11:58 pm

    Okay, I e-mailed the link to the Club Genji photo/video album to homey, Rob25, bulla, Lyn, SteveM, and addahknowsports. If anybody else wants the link, please see this post for details on how to get it.

  254. Jason June 21, 2008 12:18 am

    Also sent to koakane.

  255. Jason June 21, 2008 12:39 am

    Also sent to Wena.

    My internal clock is all screwed up, since I stayed up so late. I better get to bed; good night.

  256. koakane™ June 21, 2008 12:41 am

    mahalo jason and very well done.

  257. Ralph June 21, 2008 12:54 am

    jason send me the link

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