Dearly departed

Kudos to “Ferd” on his column about the disappearing traditions at UH.

To add to his list, we’re missing:

> The Rainbow Easter Baseball Tournament. Sure, only a handful were going to the noon games and scheduling conflicts made it difficult for it to work out, but it was fun while it lasted, and it lasted a long time.

> The Rainbow Classic. There’s still a Rainbow Classic, but that’s like saying the group touring as the Temptations and singing Temptations songs is really the Temptations. This four-team version isn’t the same as the four-night, eight-team tournament of yesteryear.

> UH football post-season banquet. The initial thought was it would be more affordable to have a luau on campus than a  banquet at a Waikiki hotel. The lower the cost, the more friends and family could attend. But then UH learned that tent rentals and other expenses are not inexpensive. Plus,  there’s something odd about Na Koa board members, coaches and players having to clean up after their own banquet.

> The Rainbow. It was widely celebrated — OK, it was not widely protested — when “Rainbow” was retained as a nickname adjective. But the bottom line is the bottom line, and the UH athletic department’s trademark logo is “H.” Thus, the scholar dinner is the H Awards, and the  Rainbowtique soon will be H-Zone.

> Andrews Amphitheater. There was a time when Granny Goose was on the radio and Joe Moore was a sportscaster that Andrews was used for concerts and graduation ceremonies. Now it’s mostly a lunch spot.

UH Athletic Department Golf Tournament in Los Angeles. For 15 years, 208 golfers teed it up in an event that was more about goodwill and maintaining Southern California relations than profit (netted about $10,000 each year). It helped that it was played on a course once owned by the Alec Waterhouse foundation.

> Ka Leo’s old building. R.I.P., dear friend.


  1. midnight May 4, 2014 8:59 am

    Oh, happy day!

  2. midnight May 4, 2014 8:59 am

    Just finished my lunch and come to the blog

  3. midnight May 4, 2014 9:00 am

    Number one for two days in a row.

  4. Stephen Tsai May 4, 2014 9:00 am

    i just finished breakfast.

  5. midnight May 4, 2014 9:01 am

    No poi, but canned salmon with green onions, and a garden salad, and bread.

  6. midnight May 4, 2014 9:03 am

    Sausage, and eggs, with toast for breakfast this morning.

  7. midnight May 4, 2014 9:04 am

    ST – your reporting helps to calm my football anxiety because I know FOOTBALL is just around the corner.

  8. Old School Dave May 4, 2014 9:08 am

    They should start taking photos of UH players in Andrews like in years past. Had that Colosseum feel to it.
    Here’s one of Cliff Laboy:

    How about those aloha print basketball shorts from the 70s?
    Reggie Carter:

  9. midnight May 4, 2014 9:09 am

    Really miss being with the Tsaiko gang. Last time I saw any of them was at the UNLV game in Las Vegas. What a nice bunch – fun-loving, and totally supportive of the Warriors.

  10. Stephen Tsai May 4, 2014 9:11 am

    Old School Dave:
    Nice find.
    Is there smoke in the air? I’m getting misty eyed.

  11. Stephen Tsai May 4, 2014 9:12 am

    The football team will be playing in Houston this year.

  12. Stephen Tsai May 4, 2014 9:13 am

    I was in Costco the other day and ran into Lorna Pang.
    We still miss Fred Pang.

  13. midnight May 4, 2014 9:21 am

    ST: Thanks for the Rice game info. I have been checking Hawaii’s football schedule online.

  14. midnight May 4, 2014 9:31 am

    Back to household chores. You know… honey, do.. list…. Honey, do this…. honey, do that…
    I don’t mind, Barbara is a my treasure!

  15. Boolakanaka May 4, 2014 9:45 am

    Aloha all! 8- damn those are some snazzy shorts.

  16. papajoe2 May 4, 2014 9:56 am

    Good morning everybody!
    Michele Wie playing incredible golf and now alone in second, 2 shots off Stacy Lewis, who is also playing great.

  17. whitey May 4, 2014 10:00 am

    continuing my normally first post, good morning tsaikos

  18. tommui May 4, 2014 10:02 am


    WOW! Michelle really came up fast!

  19. bowwar May 4, 2014 10:07 am

    How about Kanikapila at Andrews…Those were the days with Gabby, Peter Moon, the Cazimeros, filling Andrews with wonderful music…Real chicken-skin times…We should bring Kanikapila back & have it at the Stan Sheriff as a fundraiser for UH athletics.

  20. Boolakanaka May 4, 2014 10:09 am

    19, tutu dat!! Kanikapila was the bomb!!!

  21. SteveM May 4, 2014 10:10 am

    Good morning everyone!

    RE: ST’s #12
    Good to hear Lorna is out shopping. Some bloggers might not know that Fred was Long Time UH Fan (LTUHF)

    Stephen Tsai
    The Warrior Beat blog entry, February 1, 2010

    ….And somehow my imaginary friends became a real family.

    Today, we say goodbye to one our loyal bloggers — Long Time UH Fan.

    Fred Pang was a wonderful man with a great family. I remember when I delivered a prize to his house. Fred and his wife [Lorna] kept trying to give me a bag of goodies. I kept saying “no,” they kept insisting. When I got home, Wena asked: “Why are you coming home with more stuff than you left with?” That’s the thing about this blog. My contribution pales in comparison to what the readers offer.

    We’ll always miss you, Fred.

    Lorna had Fred’s Tsai-ko name tag clipped to his shirt when he was buried. 😥
    Many Tsai-kos attended his service.

  22. nutmegger May 4, 2014 10:29 am

    Richardson Law School still uses Andrews graduation.

    I remember seeing Eric Burdon and Donovan at Andrews, long long time ago…

  23. A-House May 4, 2014 10:34 am

    I was at Andrews for my graduation from UH – way back when.

    UH as sneaking troops into Viet Nam back then – some special Forces types but also Army Security Agency troops to track the North Vietnamese and rebel forces aka Viet Con.

  24. Former UH Athlete May 4, 2014 10:50 am

    Ha! Andrews Amphetheater…. I saw Shaggy & Ho’onua there in 2000.

    I don’t care if you laugh at me.

  25. jm2375 May 4, 2014 11:03 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    UHS graduation is at Andrews and has been since, at least the 70’s, except for the year they renovated it.

  26. 3-Prong May 4, 2014 11:10 am

    Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. Willamette Valley is showing off its’ Spring colors.

  27. 3-Prong May 4, 2014 11:15 am

    Luau last night, epic. Shopping today. Drifting the Silletz tomorrow for Spring King and Steelhead. Cheeeee!

  28. HawaiiMongoose May 4, 2014 11:23 am

    Andrews is still used for UH’s annual Aloha Bash concert. This year’s edition was just last week.

  29. Jellybean May 4, 2014 11:57 am

    We need to bring the Warrior name back. Screw the rainbow co-name.

  30. whitey May 4, 2014 12:12 pm

    3 prong. you will do good cause the report is of record runs of spring chinook and steelheads on the columbia. record numbers passed through bonneville this past month. get ready to hanapaa.

  31. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 12:43 pm

    Tradition seems to ALWAYS be a problem with UH. Water down Rainbow Classic, sad football and basketball banquets with now the Andrew Amphitheater is used mostly by University High School for it’s seniors graduation. The “H” has more honor then the Rainbow and you wonder why former athletes who took pride too that tradition don’t give a “rat ass” what Hawaii does today. Athletic Department with all it’s “facilities up grades” just having losing teams with NONE of your graduating athletes since 2000 joining the LWC or being active among mainland alumni Hawaii Chapters. Keep going in the direction you are headed as in all reality you are one step away from mediocrity struggling in the Big West and Mountain West Conferences. #29 post stating “screw the rainbow co-name” and I being part of that co-name have too read that INSULT and just shake my head in disgust. Yeah, keep taking Hawaii traditions away as that TRADITION will stay with me forever as I will take it any time compare to what you have today as ‘lets go bows” cheer heaven forbid will be on the list of saying good bye to sacred traditions. Shame, shame, shame !

  32. tommui May 4, 2014 12:50 pm

    #31 – Agree 100%. There are people who don’t honor tradition.

  33. al May 4, 2014 1:11 pm

    wie winds up at 3rd. incredible surge considering she was in 22nd place after the second day. and who eagles the same hole three times in one tournament.

    i think she has arrived.

  34. al May 4, 2014 1:12 pm

    32…true. like a plain old cheeseburger n fries.

  35. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 1:24 pm

    Mr. Mui, you and I know about UH tradition. Gib Arnold taking away the Art WoolAway Outstanding player award and replacing it with his spear award as all his players looked on knowing ONE award is coming to ONE player as the fourteen others get NOTHING !

    Ah Chew Goo Most Inspirational Player Award, Best Free throw Shooter, Best Play Maker, Best Defensive Player, Scholar Athlete and Alumni Community Service Award all gone because once again TRADITION is no longer important or honored. Well will see how far Arnold will do next year with out players abandoning his team because of one thing or the other as he don’t even have the decency to recognize former players who go to his games and cheer for their former team here on the mainland. A complete travesty to former Rainbows of the past. One and done next year in the Big West Conference Tournament !

  36. gobows May 4, 2014 1:25 pm

    What did UH do with all the revenue from the 80’s…football averaged 44k with 9 home games, baseball lead the nation in attendance…

  37. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 1:26 pm

    yea me agree on the golf tournament…went to one in vegas for the team…not sure if held there ne more by the boosters there…

    UHAD missed the ‘boat’ when at navy last year….would have been nice there a golf tournament there…maybe the commander in chief could have been ‘celebrity starter’….

    Why not have a 3 on three basket ball tourney at the sheriff….next time he vacations here…like next x-mas…is his preferred sport….limited to 1 pro player per team….one collegiate…n one civilian type…surely he would enter a team…or at least attend ??

    Has friends here that can ask…Chris M. maybe even out going governor can ask…not hurt to have formal letter from BJ also….not hard to put together…what say you NA KOA ??

    Use st.louis gym n punahou gyms for free maybe…get pat tanibe get sum old retired refs do 4 free..finals at sheriff…

    It would be a vacation he would enjoy…n start a tradition…Obama’s 3 on 3 half court tournament…maybe can include one wahine on team….??

    Ferd can toss to start…or get celebrities n politicos….for a hundred bucks or so 2 raise funds…n maybe 500 bucks a team….can have celebrity coaches….that will cost 500 bucks…wow pac man…knight…gib…raise a lot of bucks…be a fun time 4 players n fans…

    NO FOULS ALLOWED…have to buy ‘mulligan’ fouls ticket….20 bucks each…only can buy 3…4th n 5th foul 50 bucks each…ha that be fun to watch…Admission 1 buck…this fundraiser is for fans benefit…time for uhad give back…

  38. gobows May 4, 2014 1:27 pm


    Thats an arnold for you.

  39. WWF May 4, 2014 1:33 pm

    31. A lot depends on your perspective. The younger generation will suggest that the “H” they grew up with is their tradition. No one is wrong, just a different perspective.

  40. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 1:40 pm

    Yep….traditions is the ‘glue’ that keeps all the athletes n fans involved…from years past…

    Past coaches n present ones n AD’s…does see it that way….Problem is there is no longevity
    in some coaching ranks…

    UHAD have to start its own….as was mentioned…start a ‘food drive’ first home game..

    Bring back the ‘golf’ in CA…small easy first steps n get her done….

  41. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 1:43 pm

    Yeah, Go Bows that is Punahou Arnold for you !

    When he is eliminated once again in the first round of the Big West Tournament and has his “sad crying puppy eyes” trying to explain too the media on his devastating lost while soul searching for a clear cut answer he can look back to “NO TRADITION” hunting him his entire pathetic coaching career being the Head Coach of the Warriors not Rainbow Warriors.

    Arnold and Chow deserves one another. No clue or care to “TRADITION” ask Ben Yee !

  42. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 2:06 pm

    #39 WWF is what you say is true then the athletes of that H generation has done NOTHING today supporting athletic or Chapter alumni events as it is not they don’t know as I am active and have not seen ONE join or support by volunteering many events supporting UH upper and lower campus causes. I will take my RAINBOW any time over the now H athlete today as there is no “perspective” but a will and desire to support UH with out hesitation or compensation.

    To this date I have recruited 844 California Students, high school and junior college to fill out interest cards to attend the University Of Hawaii from various College Fairs around Los Angeles. I do it because for my LOVE for UH and my compassion to the loyalty of die hard Hawaii fans. No reimbursement for gas, food, traveling expenses or professional time as it does not come into my equation, merely the respect and TRADITION for this GREAT Island that I had the PRIVILEGE getting a quality education and living among the cultures of wonderful people. WWF, Perspective never a loyalist yes FOREVER !

  43. tommui May 4, 2014 2:14 pm

    I can’t throw stones at Gib (yet – 🙂 )

    He did not go to UH nor did he grow up bleeding green.
    Give him time – hopefully he will learn!

  44. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 2:31 pm

    Mr. Mui, I got stones, bricks and rocks coming at him from all directions and his SORRY staff. Case in point Reggie Carter Mom asked for a picture of him playing for the Rainbows as I shared this request to his top assistant “in person” as he looked me squarely in my eyes and said he not only was going to get her a picture but a jersey with his number for her to wear. After hearing this news I immediately told our guy Henry Hollingsworth, who was in touch with Mrs Carter and the plan was to send it to Henry who would get it to Mrs. Carter as I even e-mail the Hawaii coach the NEXT day to thank him sincerely on his effort as to this date NO reply back to my e-mail or picture or jersey ever sent.

    Sorry to say Mr. Mui that Mrs Carter, Reggie’s Mom DIED last month and I am HOPING that Arnold and his LYING no class assistants will learn.


  45. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 2:38 pm

    Unfortunately some people are ‘naturally bright’ n never learn….there’s a bunch of them up there at UHAD….later that will translate to ‘pakiki head’…..not saying ‘gib’ is one…just saying….

    Let’s hope all up there learn n get a transfusions to sum green bloooooooood like Mr R C has
    n turn that UHAD dept around….when ‘new’ or very old ‘do nothing’ people take no advice…or even listen…nothing we can do… but replace…n when Mr. Yee leaves in digust cus even the most mundane efforts on his n others parts….are put through a ringer etc. time to clean house…start with the liar boss man Mr. Neil….

  46. WWF May 4, 2014 2:41 pm

    42. RainbowCliff,
    I for one, appreciate all that you do for the university. We should be fortunate to have more committed, loyal and dedicated alumni like you.

    I grew up with the Rainbows and also respect tradition. I do however, prefer the change made with the “H” logo and the Warrior name for football. Tradition or not, we can all agree to support the University as best as we are able to, each in our own ways.

    I believe that the support for the school will come from the student athletes of this younger generation, in their own time, perhaps in the future, when other pressing constraints and commitments in their lives are addressed.

  47. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 2:52 pm

    RC…..sad indeed…UHAD does not care past players…as was shown by that coach vonappen…seems like this AD trying to trace his footsteps…n care more
    about ‘his H boutique’ he can change all that n bring back some of that traditions that we lost along the way to sagging attendances in ‘all sports’ ??

    Maybe if Gib or BJ was in charge….all the pointsettas up there on Nuuanu…be dug out…
    n who knows what would replace them…

  48. A-House May 4, 2014 2:53 pm

    “tradition” – what does it mean to you and you and you?

    I am NOT a tradition man!!! Fact of the matter is I spend more time challenging or questioning “tradition”

    yet, there some tradition that I will stand fast by: standing for the Star Spangler Banner ( remove any head gear and standing tall for my country ); honoring the American Flag even though our Supreme Court ruled that burning it was within a citizen’s first amendment right of free speech – and here I thought “speech” was the utterance of words from my mouth; not the destruction of an object made of fabric.

    brings me to tradition at University of Hawaii – Manoa; moving the graduation venue to the SSC was a good move as more students graduate now than the 50s or 60s or 70s; doing away with the numerous sports awards such as the Art Woolaway or Ah Chew Goo most inspirational player does NOT enhance the relationship between BB alumnae and UH – most non-sports individuals could give a rats ass about these awards, but it means a lot to participating student athletes.

    and the Letter Winners Club is believe is exclusive only to those student athletes who received a “letter or lettered in a sport” – perhaps the LWC should reconsider their “prime objective” and include all past student athletes -perhaps a positive way to show all UH athletes that there is a place for them after leaving UH Manoa

    Rainbow Cliff, please correct me if I am wrong!

    and a question, why has NO former athlete joined the LWC or alumnae organizations on the mainland? what is it that keeps them away? Is it cause everyone keeps asking for $$$? are there other ways where he or she can make a contribution?

  49. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 3:13 pm

    A-House…..just my 2 cents …i know was not directed to me…

    Maybe no one asked..or if they were asked to start one on the mainland…they get some of the same answers Mr. Yee get…so just gave up…

    That is a fine tradition….Punahou carnival is one…malasadas there is one…Wisconsin state fair n cream puffs is another…carol kai fun run…easter egg hunt…n many other fund raisers depend on events started in the past…some are very commercial..n many not so…good we live usa n have choices…

  50. tommui May 4, 2014 3:17 pm

    What was that song? Little things mean a lot?

    I’m sorry to hear about the Reggie Carter incident that Rainbow Cliff brought up (#44). I hope that this and other such incidents as mentioned by St.Anthony Trojan doesn’t sour old-time Rainbow/Warrior fans – though I am beginning to wonder about what is going on at the Athletic Department.

    I hope that Ben Jay or whoever reads The Warrior Beat up there does something to improve the PR with the public – little things do mean a lot!

  51. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 3:33 pm

    Well Mr. TM… one knows if they read or not…but would be nice to get some reply or response from time to time….so most on here with complaints and or suggestions…even as a 3rd party response would be nice…

    Could start with….what are they doing about alleviating the problem at games …by the lack of
    restrooms n the very long lines for women ….answer by mother’s day be nice huh…he he

  52. obachan May 4, 2014 3:33 pm

    Ay-Sos! Rainbow Cliff’s comment has caused me to wonder if Gib’s a descendant of Benedict??

  53. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 3:52 pm

    Yea sad indeed obachan….but for me…wish he name the assistant he talked to…n let the chips fall there they may…

    Still no reason at all for no response to his e-mail…that is just very poor CRM…(customer relations management)…but you see…to them ‘fans’…seasons ticket holders…parents n relatives of the players are not important…that speaks volumes about the attitude up there huh…

  54. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 4:02 pm

    n Mr. TM ..please stop mention songs….show ur age…he he he….
    who sang that one…theresa brewer…doris day…or patti page…?

  55. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 4:33 pm

    Mr. A-House Sir, any former athlete can join the Letter Winners Club as membership fee is required but IF don’t have will allow that athlete to still join the athletic organization. All is asked that they participate in fund raising events and seek to get other former letterwinners to join the club. Since I have been a member since 2000 and elevated to board member since 2002 there has not been ONE new athlete to join the club as they are aware of the club with a special luncheon to all athletic seniors introducing the club with all it’s rules and by-laws.

    As far as Hawaii athletes joining Mainland Alumni Chapter Clubs, I am sorry to say that I am the only one as my former athletic rainbow warriors don’t CARE to give back or even think of VOLUNTEERING their time aiding upper or lower campus with various alumni functions. Reason for their no care participation because of how they have been treated by UH coaches in which NO care or recognition to their playing days or still BITTER of how their athletic career ended with fail pro opportunities and no college degree because the majority of them did not attend class as all was on their minds was to “go pro” !

    Here we are in 2014 with this SORRY attitude that Hawaii did nothing for them and it is Hawaii’s fault or the coaches who deceived them. So with that they stay “out of sight and out of mind”. Well Mr. A-House and all of Tsaiko Nation I don’t give in to any of that sorry ass excuse as I will ALWAYS honor the ohana and give back to UH who gave me so much more which was an opportunity to play athletics for a GREAT Island of dedicated fans and compete against top notch athletes from all areas of the United States representing the green and white and receiving a top notch education with a solid degree.

    Yes, I am all by myself and when I mentioned to my former athletes on my support to UH they look at me in bewilderment as I just SMILE to them with my Hawaii green apparel displaying clearly in their eyes as I state so eloquently “simply the best, better then all the rest” and finish with my favorite phrase “ask not what UH can do for you but what you can do for UH. Never mind the MONEY that they want from you as TIME invested can go a lot longer !

    That is why I and Don Weir are so CLOSE because we both have the LOVE for our past athletic Hawaii days and will do anything possible to share that compassion being former bows with today / past Hawaii athletes or NONE at all as it is called TRADITION with pride, care and loyalty to our roots being former Rainbow Warriors.

    Forever kind sir and even for Life till death do us part !

  56. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 4:54 pm

    #53 St. Anthony Trojan: The UH assistant basketball coach who looked me dead in my eyes on my request for Reggie Carters mom and assured me that photo and jersey was coming to honor her fallen son was Benji Taylor. I even e-mailed him the bio on Reggie Carter with his memorial article by the Honolulu advertiser attached so he can see that this is legit with Henry H being cc on the e-mail. NO reply or even an attempt trying to get too me as I gave him my business card in person. NO excuses as he just flat out lied to me with now Mrs. Carter passing away joining her son in Heaven. When you do things like that with Arnold and his “no class coaches do” nothing but WRONG will come to you as wins and losses are not important then LIFE and honoring our past UH athletes how ever they leave this earth shall NEVER be disrespected.

    So say one so say ALL !

  57. Inyoface May 4, 2014 5:19 pm

    Bring back da hula bowl and banquets. Luau is too informal for the guys.

  58. whitey May 4, 2014 5:22 pm

    tradition is something developed over a period of time, but time changes and when you bring in people who have not been exposed to tradition, it will die. the newcomers are not bound by tradition, but have their own ideas of what they want during their tenure. not only uh, but also many in hawaii who were born and raised here have lost countless traditions because the newcomers think they have better way of life and the newer hawaii generations did not learn the ways of the past. example, student participation at uh football was very good in the past, but the newbies saw money as the priority and as a result, the students get shafted. to understand and live with aloha, you need to blend in with the oldtimers and be humble (a lost tradition).

  59. whitey May 4, 2014 5:29 pm

    the era of Stan Sheriff (AD) and Hugh Yoshida (asst AD) was a very good one for uh because Stan had great ideas and Hugh could give him local knowledge and a better understanding of the aloha spirit. Stan’s passing was a huge loss for uh and to this day, there is still a huge void.

  60. obachan May 4, 2014 5:36 pm

    #56 One wonders how coaches can expect to instill values such as trust and accountability in their players when those values are absent vis-a-vis the Reggie Carter situation.

  61. tommui May 4, 2014 5:39 pm

    I just made 81 less than a week ago. I’m of the Vaughn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Jo Stanford etc etc era!

  62. Maile Tsai-Russ May 4, 2014 5:42 pm

    What I don’t understand is the complete removal of the Woolaway and Goo awards…why couldn’t Gib just ADD his dopey ‘Spear’ award and leave tradition alone by keeping the historical standards? Aren’t the contributions of these loyal UH supporters worth honoring? SHAME ON YOU, GIB!

  63. tommui May 4, 2014 5:43 pm

    #54 SAT – since you asked … looked it up in Google. It was Kitty Kallen though in those days, there was no monopoly in singing songs. If it was on the Hit Parade, all singers – if it were in their style – sang the same songs.

  64. Maile Tsai-Russ May 4, 2014 5:49 pm

    The RainbowCliff story about Reggie Cross’ mom is sad…That incident plus recent issues (e.g., NCAA investigation, awards, etc.) It shows a true lack of character in the entire basketball staff: no honor…no integrity…and NO SENSE OF P.R.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Brother Mike May 4, 2014 6:07 pm

    Andrew’s was a great concert site — Pearl Jam, No Doubt, Beck. Also a great nap spot. Also miss that little convenience store at Campus Center that used to sell chili dogs, a deadline staple for old Ka Leo-ites.

  66. whitey May 4, 2014 6:09 pm

    counselor, congratulations on another year. The Hit Parade on tv was a must every week, rosemary cluney, guy mitchell, patti page, etc. and to top it off, there was the Toast of The Town, sunday evenings (i think).

  67. whitey May 4, 2014 6:10 pm

    and hilo hattie, genoa keawe, and gang on the weekends on tv.

  68. whitey May 4, 2014 6:12 pm

    and not to mention flying on dc-3 interisland. yeeeessssss.

  69. whitey May 4, 2014 6:12 pm

    with that, top 70’s. just like the era.

  70. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 6:17 pm

    Whitey and Obachan. I gather gentlemen that what you state is so true with the Hawaii Athletics today as well as the coaches who over see their athletic teams. Sad indeed as TRADITION is all I have for UH and that will be my calling at all times in how I interact with Hawaii upper or lower campus. For me it is IMPORTANT and IF UH can’t honor my guys then I will do the honoring despite of their no care for past Hawaii glory days of the 70’s and 80’s.

    Just can’t see how Hawaii athletics can keep snubbing tradition as this former Rainbow Warrior is aware of what is going on with today’s Hawaii athletic department and won’t be “bamboozle” by the likes of Ben Jay, Norm Chow and Gib Arnold. Outsiders who don’t know the GREATNESS of Alex Kaloi, Blaine Gaison, Wilbert Haslip, Tom Henderson, Larry Price, Red Rocha, Ray Nagel, Mel Proctor, Golden Richards, Victor Kelly, Ted Livingston, Fujio Matsuda, Dean Adams, Dr. Donnis Thompson, Ed Inouye, Dick Fishback, Bill Kwon, Joe Moore, Les Keiter, Frank Fasi, Governor George Ariyoshi, Art Woolaway and the late Rodney Toyama of Theos Restaurant.

    TRADITION kind folks that I will always respect and acknowledge. Mr. Ben Jay eat that !

  71. whitey May 4, 2014 6:40 pm

    rainbow cliff, just look at how the circle of honor is selected. it should be called the “circle jerk” just like the prank we used to do.

  72. whitey May 4, 2014 6:42 pm

    tradition, portuguese sausage, 3 eggs and rice or saimin for breakfast of champions. hahahaha

  73. My take May 4, 2014 6:59 pm

    When I went to school in LA this guy asked what was the name of the UH football team. When I said Rainbow Warriors, he laughed and thought it was stupid. Up until that point I thought it was a pretty unique and cool name. Then I found out the rainbow colors are the gay sign. June Jones had it right to get rid of anything rainbow because the mainland perceives it a lot differently then we do. So do mainland recruits.

  74. A-House May 4, 2014 6:59 pm

    Rainbow Cliff:

    it is truly sad that when football or basketball player who dream of the pros who come to UH thinking that this is their ticket to the “big time” and yet do not possess the skills to make it to that level and blame UH, its coaches and program; including their attitude

    why did they not receive an invitation to some “big name” school? because the coaches at that school felt that they were not talented enough to play at their level and yet most of their athletes do not make it to the pros

    to blame UH is a failure on their part to recognize the truth and they will always be sour and detest UH – those I would not even bother with to support UH

    for me I was just glad that UH accepted me and I was able to graduate – barely, but graduate.
    and life goes on and on and on for all of us!

  75. A-House May 4, 2014 7:01 pm


    perception is that valuable to you? perception is a figment of your mind!!!!!!!!!!

    tell them why don’t you go and find out for your self

  76. My take May 4, 2014 7:12 pm

    Doesn’t matter how I perceive the rainbow. It’s how the mail land recruits perceive it. We have to think of what’s best to land a recruit because let’s face it. We have so little to offer them. Beggars have to beg and be humble.

  77. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 7:29 pm

    Mr. A-House, what can I say about that era of athletes who really believe that the pro game was their destiny. Going to class was not an option but finding ways just to stay eligible and living the life of Agents and Boosters taking care of their life style while playing for Hawaii and feeding their egos that they will be the next Russ Francis, Mosi Tatupu or Tom Henderson.

    Years later when all said is done no career job, dead beat Fathers or hanging at the Liquor store talking about how they played against this player and that player with all who is listening their fellow drunken companion who chief’s desire is to get a swig of their 40 ounce beer or ripple wine. Old as Methuselah with clothes just rags and tatters. No education, Locked up in jail, Drug addiction, Dead or out of sight and out of mind. My high school and College athletes.

    Like you Mr. A-House wanted to ALWAYS grow and the only way for that was to obtain Higher education as I did all that with my athletic scholarship from the University Of Hawaii.

    When we see each other we will TOAST our glasses to education and the dedication it took to be successful in our working world today. Professionalism, Honor and First Class !

  78. RainbowCliff May 4, 2014 7:30 pm

    Well good night folks of Tsaiko Nation. Enjoyed the dialogue and many topics of discussions. God Bless each and every one of you. Until we meet again may all your dreams come true !

  79. My take May 4, 2014 7:36 pm

    I guess the Senior Walk is a tradition. Would be better if more fans showed up to the game. Traditions are usually created by accident as was the Senior Walk. However, UH should brainstorm an event that could become a tradition. How about the first home game of any sport, the team wear some out of his world uniform. Remember those fluorescent shorts? Or they have the annual Tug of War contest between the entire Football team against the teams of all the other sports. (men and women). Just have to find a 100yd ship lashing rope. Follow it up with an fundraising concert w alcohol of course. Come on UH, get of ur ass!

  80. 1 May 4, 2014 10:07 pm

    I would not give “kudos” to Ferd for his article. He, in my opinion, did a disservice to the basketball team and coach Gib. For those who were not at the Basketball Banquet let it be known that when coach Gib explained his point of the spear award, the whole team was on the dais. In short, he believed this team did accomplish what it did “together”. Therefore, he felt the Most Valuable or Outstanding Player award was really not appropriate for this team. He believed that no one player could do everything without getting the right pass, rebound, pick, defense, you name it. In essence he stated that no player is an island and requires the efforts of many team mates to make the team what it is in practice sessions and games. The point of the spear award he created is based on 5 virtues not stats, scoring, etc. that are prevalent in these awards. Rather it included humility, “teamsmanship”, etc. that make up a person’s character and spirit. Let it be known that based upon these 5 pillars or virtues, the “Team” voted for Brandon Spearman! It wasn’t because he is the best player, rather, he symbolized best these character virtues on the team. The other awards given were for academic excellence to several team members. Was I bummed because I paid a pretty hefty price for a chicken dinner and not see the stats leaders for rebounding, 3 point shots, scoring, blocked shots, etc. get an award? Hell no! I thought seeing these guys get their academic recognition was way better than those awards!! Was Ferd at the banquet? BTW, Keith Shamburger was at the banquet as well and was recognized. I did speak with him and thanked him for his contribution to the program and he seemed very grateful and appreciative.

  81. st. anthony trojan May 4, 2014 11:31 pm

    Mr. MUI n Mr. WHITEY…. ah ….one….ah…two….baton in hand….he he….saturday nite….

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY….stay young….keep on posting…MR. MUI……

  82. Bowwar May 4, 2014 11:42 pm

    Rainbow Cliff: That’s pretty disturbing about the Reggie Carter situation and his mother dying without seeing her son in a UH uniform. When you posted that back when, I forwarded that email to Bobby Curran via the ESPN website. Well, I got no response from BC and obviously, he never helped get that information to Hollingsworth. Ironically, BC claims he played with Hollingsworth back in NY, but obviously, he wasn’t close to him…I even gave BC, Hollingsworth’s email and asked if BC would have him on his radio show…

    Sad…I wish we could have gotten Ms. Carter a picture or video of Reggie…I think its pretty bad of the UH Assistant to simply “blow off” the request…

  83. al May 4, 2014 11:59 pm

    1…if what you say is accurate then i understand.

    perhaps though in retrospect, the award could have been named the “art woolaway spear award”. thus not having the need to bury the legacy that is art woolaway and while at the same time recognize an individual for his contribution to the team.

    …nuff said

  84. al May 5, 2014 12:16 am

    on another note…spring finals begin wednesday lasting a week from then. commencement for graduates are then held on friday, may 16, 2014.

    the significance, this for the university of southern california, of course is when said transferring graduate student/athletes may officially be declared eligible to apply for graduate studies programs elsewhere.

    wise that he is, wittek for not revealing his preference of educational continuance until such time that he is officially academically able to do so.

    oh and didn’t a little birdie or some other source close to the program say that a visit to the beach at waikiki is in the works?

    y’all better go back on blog posts of the past and search for those subliminal messages.

  85. st. anthony trojan May 5, 2014 12:29 am

    RC…..thanks for that added info with names….now shame on him n Mr. Arnold….

    # 80….me agree with you….ferd should be admonished…4 his piece in the paper…
    for me though….why not all the other awards….

    Mr. Art Woolaway….was a great supporter 4 basketball….n sum of those players on the dias that nite…for them…it possibly maybe be the only award they will receive in there lifetime…20 or 30 years from now….they will explain to their kids how it was ‘back then’ n all have a good laugh….point is…it will not hurt ne one…n maybe his son will be another JAMES…or DURANT…or DUNCAN….maybe that 3 point award….will steer his son to UH….again…it does not hurt ne one…n is a good investment in the future…

    Unfortunately….from where we sit…it seems like very many there at UHAD… take a ‘I NO CARE ATTITUDE’….

    GIB should bring it back…n keep his ‘spear award’ also….they both have a place at the dinner…it would make the program a little longer…n give u more time 2 digest your chicken….so when pau….u can go Zippy’s n eat again….he he he….

  86. RainbowCliff May 5, 2014 4:36 am

    #82 Bow War, yes it is SAD that when a Mother of a fallen ex-Hawaii player request a simple gesture and you relay that message to the Hawaii coaches today who says to you “will get it done” and in all reality was just blowing smoke up my okole, well that coach has no character and with out character you have no convictions as your word the very least should never be in doubt. Now Mrs. Carter has passed away joining her son who died tragically young because of heart complications and all he did for one year (75-76) playing for Hawaii was play exciting basketball being only a freshmen player. Tradition and NEVER forgetting our former athletes who put it on the line everyday playing with compassion for UH while we as fans just enjoyed their efforts night in and night out. Tradition, Honor and Respect always for our present and past Rainbow Warriors as with out it you have NOTHING as it leaves a void for the next generation of Bows who has no history to their sport they are playing or care to those players before them who opened up the doors and paved the way for GREATNESS !

  87. 1 May 5, 2014 5:35 am

    Sorry, but in my last post I failed to include all the virtues that coach Gib explained that made up the “Tip of the Spear” award. They are “Humility, Enthusiasm, Accountability, Relentlessness”. These are capped by the “tip” that of “Teamsmanship” which the coach recognized as not being a true word but symbolized what a person becomes when he/she puts the other virtues as part of their character. In effect, putting the team before any individual or personal accolades or accomplishments. I know that this sounds very much like the Art Woolaway Award by any other name. Regardless, am certain Art would have enjoyed seeing one of the Bows who exemplify those virtues receive an award. He did not care about recognition himself…he cared about the program and the young men who went through it.

  88. A-House May 5, 2014 6:13 am


    IMHO, the UH Federal Credit Union destroyed the “senior walk” – it was a last time around Aloha Stadium for the players; a time to say thanks to the fans & family – no plaques for each Senior which by the way can be presented at the Banquet.

    It may work for the BB or VB teams with a few Seniors leaving the team.

  89. A-House May 5, 2014 6:15 am


    so, when Gib Arnold leaves the next coach will create a different award and junk the “tip of the spear”?

    will that be his “tradition” at UH BB program?

    I don’t expect him to stay for decades – by choice or fired

  90. islandman May 5, 2014 7:12 am

    #80 Thanks for the insight on that award and that Spearman was voted for it by his teammates.

    Was Caleb there at the banquet ? The one who “wanted to give everything (info) that i could” to the NCAA.

  91. 1 May 5, 2014 7:19 am

    @#90: Did not see him but was not looking for him. When the team came up to the dais, it was in mass. Coach Akana was there.

  92. obachan May 5, 2014 7:44 am

    Upon closer inspection, that Tip of the Spear award sure appears to be blunted. According 1’s account, coach Arnold considers accountability to be one of the virtues to strive for. Yet it appears that no one on the coaching staff has stepped forward to be accountable to the Carter family. Therefore is it too much to ask of Mr. Arnold and company to practice what you preach and make things regarding this “oversight” lest your award ring hollow?

  93. RainbowCliff May 5, 2014 8:24 am

    #92 Obachan: At this time Arnold nor his coaching staff does not care or even shared my request for Mrs. Carter picture of her son. It was forgotten when Benji Taylor shook my hand and told me how emphatically he was going to make sure not only picture but a jersey with his number in honor of my fallen Rainbow brother would not go unnoticed. When I e-mail Henry H of the good news he broke in tears knowing that Reggie’s Mother will have some visual memory to her son playing for Hawaii and weeks going bye with NO attempt at all from Arnold’s assistant coach following through on my small request. Now she has passed joining her son who was taken way too soon because of heart complications. Spear Award of Accountability as your right obachan no one from him or his lying assistants will ever make up for this so call “oversight” as in all reality they did not care as TRADITION don’t men nothing to them as well as former players from my past, even a caring Mother who is now dead. SHAMEFUL !

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