Bowie State of mind

BOWIE, Md. — The Rainbow Warriors had a brisk, 90-minute practice today at Bowie State.

With the 64-player roster limit, they had second-team units serving as scout players.

That also meant doubling assignments. Media relations director Derek Inouchi became “Bobby Boucher”:



* * * * *

DB coach Daronte’ Jones used to coach at Bowie State:


* * * * *

Nose tackle Moses Samia:


* * * * *

Defensive lineman Kennedy Tulimasealii:


* * * * *

Former NFL quarterback Byron Leftwich, who was raised in Washington D.C., stopped by to visit with line coach Chris Naeole, a former teammate with the Jacksonville Jaguars.


After practice, Leftwich addressed the team. He told them to enjoy their time as college football players, when the game is the most fun and teammates are your best friends. He said that in the NFL, a teammate could be 38-years-old, and “he’s not hanging out with you after the game.”


* * * * *

The Warriors are touring the Under Armour building this afternoon and Washington D.C. sites this evening.


  1. Dan-O November 7, 2013 7:25 am

    I numba one!

  2. tom mui November 7, 2013 7:27 am


    Sink Navy!

  3. Wes'side Warrior November 7, 2013 7:27 am

    Morning, Gang!

  4. Wes'side Warrior November 7, 2013 7:28 am

    Hahaha! I thought it had something to do with David Bowie… like a concert or donation, or something. Weird.

  5. tom mui November 7, 2013 7:29 am

    Great seeing SLUGGER posting yesterday. Nice and warm in Hawaii! How’s it in AZ? Miss seeing you at Yan King/Maple Garden.

  6. Wes'side Warrior November 7, 2013 7:31 am

    Always good to see old friends of friends show up and give a hand, no matter what. You know you made some good friends along your path in life when these things happen.

    Lots to see and do in and around DC.

    Represent, Warriorz!

  7. Wes'side Warrior November 7, 2013 7:33 am

    Way to go, Bobby! Erm… I mean… Derek!

  8. PolyMom November 7, 2013 7:33 am

    Morning everyone. So busy last weekend and this week.

    Go Warriors!

  9. jm2375 November 7, 2013 7:39 am

    Good morning!

    Hope the weather holds up in the DC area. At this time of year, there can be 20-30 degree swings in a 2-3 day period.

    For all the SoCal Tsaikos, the Rainbow Warrior volleyball team will be participating in a tournament tomorrow and Sat at USC. Please go and support them and any reports will be appreciated by this vb auntie. I’m anxious to know how the freshmen and redshirts are doing.


  10. Kapahulu November 7, 2013 7:39 am

    Top Ten

  11. markazulu November 7, 2013 7:50 am

    Throwback Thursday:
    After losing to san jose state in 2008
    Sol and Adam Leonard (two of the captains) addressed the team after the game and told them to stick together and not point fingers at others.

    No pointing fingers. Unless you played a perfect game, don’t dare look at anyone else’s performance. We’ve all got to evaluate ourselves.

    Adam elaborated further:

    We talked about not pointing a finger at anyone. Nobody played a perfect game, we all win together and lose together. We are going to learn from this game, we can’t sit around and feel sorry for ourselves.

    I hope our boys have this leadership in the future

  12. Haleakala November 7, 2013 7:56 am

    Are the fall colors out yet?

  13. Haleakala November 7, 2013 7:58 am

    I do see some color in the trees around the practice field. It must be nice.

    Go Warriors!

  14. markazulu November 7, 2013 8:06 am

    Maybe norm chow should call pete carol on tips of being a head coach? If he thinks “he cant do it” sure he would give wonderful advice for him.

  15. 3-Prong November 7, 2013 8:12 am

    Play like Bobby Boucher! Let’s Go Bows……..You Can Do Eeeet!

  16. 808Fringe November 7, 2013 8:31 am

    Whoohoo!! Let’s just play football fellas!! Bring a W home!

  17. Ipu Man November 7, 2013 8:39 am

    Nice to see Former NFL quarterback Byron Leftwich.
    Never forget his gritty performance when his teammates had to carry him
    to the line after a nifty first down performance and onward to a td.
    He should contact Green Bay Packers.
    Go Rainbow Warriors! Have fun.

  18. Bryson November 7, 2013 8:44 am

    Byron Leftwich For OC!!!….lol

  19. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 8:51 am

    Good Morning Tsaiko Nation !

    AWESOME day yesterday recruiting HS students at South Bay career day. Ended up with 327 interest cards being signed for UH with in my 5 hour time frame. I was PACKED every minute with freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior HS students rushing my table showing GREAT interest coming to the Manoa campus. Biology majors, Business, Art, Journalism, Psychology, Nursing, Computer Science, Pre-med and many more as my both my boxes were filled to the max as my ALOHA was just on !

    So many cultures of young faces as all the other college tables rep just couldn’t believe their eyes that I was packed with that many young bodies as a few came over to find out who I was and ask me “what is your secret” and my reply to them “the aloha spirit, simply the best better then all the rest” as they just shook their heads in disbelief. Man I just LOVED IT !

    Even saw my mean spirited UCLA rep again as she immediately moved from my roll knowing first hand that it was going to be a tidal wave of Hawaii proportion that she could not stop as we all were assigned our designated spots and NO politics of “UC school only” was going to work this time as when I looked up for her after setting up “home girl” was GONE way over to the other side as I just smiled watching her carry her items away (So Funny!)

    Met many athletes for volleyball, softball, baseball, basketball and even football as the total of 327, 38 were athletes as I indicated to admission office transfer them to Athletic Department. One of them a 6’5” freshmen offensive line men from Gardena High school a STUD as his hands cover my whole hand when I shook with him as I put a STAR by his name and information. Starting varsity as I hope UH coaches follow through on his information.

    All in All GREAT folks TREMENDOUS young minds just asking me questions after questions applying and attending UH. To this date with 150 interest cards from Santa Monica and 327 from South Bay will make my grand total 477 students, junior college and High school underclassmen combined ALL signed U of H interest cards. MAN I am so PROUD !

    Special kudos to Liz Kauai, LK and Tom Warrior Nation for their acknowledgement to my banner request. Can’t thank you folks enough as I have TWO more college fairs left the next two weeks and IF they can come in time I will DEFINITELY put them up and display them PROUDLY !

    Have a WONDERFUL day Tsaiko Nation as I continue to represent the 808 with honor and respect !

    Let’s Go Bows Beat those Navy Ship Men !

  20. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 9:07 am

    Guud Morn to all…sun is up, bootiful day on da NorthShore!

    Polymom, hopefully Calen will have more snaps…uncle Paul will be watching I hope.

    No mental mistakes, do your assignments, help out the guy next to you, cover the dive, cover the pitch, jam the receivers……GOOOO WARRIORS! IMUA!

  21. turfwar November 7, 2013 9:11 am

    You do amazing work Cliff. Keep on keeping on!

  22. Wes'side Warrior November 7, 2013 9:40 am

    Sounds good, RC! Much love and aloha to you and your ‘ohana!

    Spread that aloha thick!!! Hahaha! Awrite!!!

    Can we get a donation together to get RC a GOOD vertical banner for his college fair work? Let me know either here or on facebook, please. Mahalo!

  23. greenthumb November 7, 2013 9:55 am

    RainbowCliff — you are simply awesome. Thank you for keeping your love for Hawaii and UH so alive! For your banner quest, how about a UH “house” flag? I know RainBowTique sometimes sells them, and you could either hang one of them horizontally or vertically. I think they are about 30-36 inches along the side and at least 4 feet tall. Not explaining it well, but you could hang it with the longer side parallel to the floor and it should look all right. What do you think, would that be the kind of thing you are looking for?

  24. ALLAN November 7, 2013 10:17 am


  25. Manoa Mist November 7, 2013 10:18 am

    Rainbow Cliff is the man. Period.

  26. cocobean November 7, 2013 10:24 am

    broken record…….

    how many times have you heard Chow say “we’ve got to be able to run the ball” ? reading between the lines I come up with two things. one is his whole offensive philosophy begins with being able to run the ball. that’s been his opening move in the O vs D chessmatch he likes to play. if his team can establish the run he can keep the D off balance. he likes to keep the D guessing not only when but also what type of run or pass he’ll call. the flip slip is the D knows they can can make Chow more predicableif they can stop his team from running. which is what’s been happening.

    another thought I got from his statement is he feels he doesn’t have a dynamic enough QB who can win without a steady running game. he doesn’t have a QB who would florish in an all out passing O like the R n S. Each QBhas his flaws whether it’s accuracy, judgement, arm strenght, moblity or whatever other attributes that makes a competent R n S QB.

    If Chow’s running game can get at least 65% as much of Navy’s rushing yards I think we got a good shot of winning.

  27. whitey November 7, 2013 10:25 am

    not football related, but best hopes to all the Filipinos who will be hit by super Typhoon Yolanda today and thru the weekend. this is one huge storm. not to forget, good morning tsaikos.

  28. lurker #8 November 7, 2013 10:48 am

    Thank you RC for your support and
    endless enthusiasm for UH athletics.
    I enjoy your posts and look forward to them.

    #22-I’d be willing to donate towards RC’s banner.

  29. Sdbowfan November 7, 2013 11:17 am

    UH needs Bobby Boucher.

  30. obachan November 7, 2013 11:27 am

    19 – RainbowCliff: I enjoy reading about your forays into the high school recruiting wars. You’re like a special ops unit as the other recruiters don’t know what hit them. LOL!

  31. LizKauai November 7, 2013 11:42 am

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    GO, Rainbow Warriors!

  32. LizKauai November 7, 2013 11:44 am

    RainbowCliff- check your Facebook private messages.

  33. papajoe2 November 7, 2013 12:44 pm

    8th highest or 4th lowest? I guess it depends if you like Chow or not.

  34. boya_jr November 7, 2013 1:22 pm

    RainbowCliff, thanks for the update. Although not at the moment on the field, UH is winning hearts and minds of young people. Makes me so proud to be a fan of the school and the Team to hear your stories. I had dinner with my buddy who covered NorCal high school region for UH recently. I bet we live in a small world.

  35. Bowwar November 7, 2013 1:28 pm

    It’s always refreshing to see Rainbow Cliff’s posts and his efforts to positively improve UH’s image…I wish some of our chronic posters would adopt Rainbow Cliff’s positive attitude and focus on improving things rather than tearing things down.

    Mahalo Rainbow Cliff for “picking me up” today…

    Go Warriors!

  36. A-House November 7, 2013 1:33 pm

    Got really cold this afternoon on our DC tour – cold wind blowing until sun came out then the temp dropped. Warrior Dave and Faye W is with our tour group – very nice to see them after 2 years – also, Stretch’s fellow worker at Koga Engineering.

    Ate piping hot noodles at the National Mall, much like a food court a block from our hotel.

    Tomorrow, we tour Arlington and then off to Annapolis for lunch and walking tour of the Naval Academy. It’s going to be even colder than today!!!!

  37. NotNasti November 7, 2013 1:52 pm

    A-House & clan, enjoy yourselves. DC is such a historic city. Keep us posted on your travels. Mahalo.

  38. al November 7, 2013 2:13 pm

    tom…this saturday would be the only time i’d want navy to sink.

    maple garden? i haven’t been there in two weeks and that didn’t count because the boss said no buffet.

  39. SteveM November 7, 2013 2:20 pm


  40. MarliMarli November 7, 2013 2:21 pm

    Good luck Rainbow Warriors. Give it your 110%. Good things will happen.

  41. PolyMom November 7, 2013 2:39 pm

    RainbowCliff…did you go to. Mira. Costa? Home of the Mustangs!!!!

  42. Buffoman November 7, 2013 3:30 pm

    I guess Bob Stoops is like our Norm Chow. He keeps running up the middle on first down and keeps getting stuffed. Must be a way of thinking. The Steelers are also like that. I wonder why?

  43. Inyoface November 7, 2013 3:37 pm

    Cause that’s how you set up the passing maybe? Lol

  44. Warrior Dave November 7, 2013 3:37 pm

    One if the highlights of today was seeing the A-House Ohana in DC. it’s true when he said today was cold! Not used to mid 50 degree weather with a breeze blowing to make it colder. Today is supposed to be colder and we are scheduled to make the trip to Annapolis for our walk through. Can’t wait to see the campus but saw so much history today. America the beautiful and God bless us all.

  45. Ipu Man November 7, 2013 3:39 pm

    Hmmmm, I wonder if Fluroide and cell phones could be causing some of the
    problems blamed on concussions. It looks like “they” are trying
    to denigrate American football and eliminate it altogether. Hope they don’t
    succeed. I had a concussion and it didn’t bother me one bit in my sports
    years nor now my senior citizen years. btw, those new wireless water meter
    readers supposedly cause brain damage, too…

  46. Inyoface November 7, 2013 3:39 pm

    Oregon-Stanford about to start. Should be a good one.

  47. Don Weir November 7, 2013 4:58 pm

    Let me know about a donation as Rainbow Cliff is doing the job for us on the mainland.
    He deserves our support!!

  48. Warrior Dave November 7, 2013 5:09 pm

    Interesting that $70K of Chow’s salary is paid by others. See Don Wier, the Punahou Mafia does exist!!

  49. papajoe2 November 7, 2013 5:25 pm

    #39 could be from his Oceanic show following the games.

  50. papajoe2 November 7, 2013 5:25 pm

    Check that should be #49.

  51. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 5:48 pm

    Dang it, Stanford is exposing Oregon as “Quacks”. Ducks got to get going.

  52. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 5:51 pm

    As good a QB that Mariotta is, no blocking by his Oline, = 0 points after one half.

  53. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 5:54 pm

    Mariotta hurt after sack.

  54. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 6:04 pm

    This game looks familiar. Feels like I’ve seen this one before.

  55. Inyoface November 7, 2013 6:17 pm

    Ducks going down, unless they can score in bunches in the 4th.

  56. Inyoface November 7, 2013 6:18 pm

    Stanfords defense has to be the best in the nation.

  57. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 6:21 pm

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation, I would like to thank all of the posters for their warm comments, man you guys touch my heart as I am so appreciative to your support and kind words. As I scroll down the page I will reply to each and every one of you on your comments, praises and questions. Please excuse the blog if you see me post so many times. Mahalo for your patience!

  58. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 6:26 pm

    26-0 Stanford…11:40 4th qtr

  59. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 6:28 pm

    RainbowCliff, your energy on court and now for UH is the same…”Pedal to the metal”!


  60. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 6:30 pm

    #21 turfwar: I thank you for the words as I truly do it because of my love for UH and my sincerity to you great fans who make up the Warrior Beat. I really do LOVE you wonderful folks and appreciate all that you do rooting for the Warriors. I will NEVER forget my time as a former athlete and I realize what UH gave me in my four years to complete five a GREAT education and a aloha spirit that will live with me FOREVER !

    It’s nothing for me to go out and fine the FINEST for Hawaii as I do it out of admiration and respect to my Alma mater. Thank you for making me AMAZING !

  61. wafan November 7, 2013 6:36 pm


  62. wafan November 7, 2013 6:36 pm

    QUACK +1!

  63. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 6:39 pm

    #60 NorthShoreFan: WOW, you are so kind as I thank you so very much !

    The energy on the court was driven by determination and the WILL to win. I just use it now to give back and find students and athletes who can continue the tradition of academic excellence with pride to the University and a LOVE for the aloha spirit. Love North Shore and one day will like to visit it with you. Appreciate your sincerity !

  64. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 6:54 pm

    #22 Wes’side Warrior: So glad I met you when I visited in September as your support for my efforts are felt to this old rainbow warrior heart. The banner I need is for a table horizontally. I have one vertically but it’s not visible enough as many of the fairs here in LA are all table oriented with 5 by 3 going across and hanging on the front side. I really do thank you for raising donations for this noble cause. I have two more college fairs remaining the 13th and 20th this month. IF you can raise the funds for one and get it to me before my last remaining college fairs I will appreciate it greatly. My last two sights are Wilmington and Inglewood California.

    Appreciate your inspirational words wes’side warrior as I thank you for your support !

  65. tom mui November 7, 2013 7:01 pm

    AL #39 I feel your pain!

    You could order a dinner plate – veg fried rice, fried chicken/roasted chicken, the eggplant and whatever else you usually pick up at the buffer. Order a lettice cup as a decoy to disguise the fact you are ordering buffet stuff.

  66. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 7:02 pm


    Dang it!…26-20 Stanford…this game reminds me of one of ours!…

  67. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 7:06 pm

    Game over 26-20….will he still quack? or no more. …talking about #6 Thomas…too much smack before the game, fired up the Cardinals and he couldn’t deliver tonight.

  68. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 7:07 pm

    Stanford looked really good tonight. TOP really lopsided.

  69. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 7:24 pm

    #23 Greenthumb: very kind of you to your AWESOME word. Just a love for UH and appreciation to you great folks who cheer the Warriors on. The vertical house flag I have already. Need a banner to cover 5 by 3 table. Don’t really have the funds to purchase one as mortgage on my home come monthly and by the time I see my check it’s all gone to pay the house note. Looking for a donated banner from you bloggers to help my cause as my efforts are all volunteer recruiting for UH. As of tonight I have been overwhelm with many posters on this blog aiding to my cause. I thank them and you green thumb for inspiring me to continue my efforts.

    Thank you for your GREATNESS !

  70. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 7:44 pm

    #24 Allan: FUNNY with UCLA rep as she is an elderly alumnus who really thinks that UCLA is all that and every one else is beneath. Sorry to bust her bubble that a UC education is not the GREATEST education you can receive as many other Colleges are just as good or better. One thing for sure she FEARS Hawaii and knows the ALOHA SPIRIT I bring. Love to talk with her but her demeanor is so messed up with her high and mighty attitude that she leaves no room for pleasant conversation. When she left as soon as I set up she KNEW she didn’t want a repeat performance of students at her table leaving for mines as her EGO could not take it and she couldn’t COMPLAIN about it. Did the admiral thing “got up and walked away” as I just smiled seeing her long and gone. FEAR the “H” !

  71. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 7:50 pm

    #25 ManoaMist: Term “The Man” is a high praise. Mahalo for putting me in that unique category. May I continue to make you proud of my sincere efforts, PERIOD !

  72. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 8:02 pm

    #29 lurker #8: Appreciate your financial support to UH banner. My goal is to finish these last two college fairs on the 13th and 20th. IF I may have any banners from you good folks supporting UH before the dates stated I will put them up with GREAT pride !

    Thank you for aiding my cause to HELP UH bring the best students from Los Angeles !

  73. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 8:05 pm

    #31 obachan: mahalo for your kind words of support. I greatly appreciate the “guru recruiter” praise. Just have the gift of gab and love gabbing for Hawaii !

  74. NorthShoreFan November 7, 2013 8:06 pm

    Softball tomorrow?

  75. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 8:08 pm

    #33 LizKauai: Replied back to your facebook private message. ALWAYS the best to you as I thank you sincerely for your support to my efforts helping my alma mater. So PROUD that I know you !

  76. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 8:20 pm

    #35 boya jr: It is a small world when we have one BEAUTIFUL thing in common “love and support for UH” !

    I hope and pray that I can continue to GIVE BACK as UH and it’s GREAT fans gave me so much more that I will NEVER forget a LOVE for polynesian hospitality and a passion for all the chain islands that has the aloha spirit. God bless you and keep you my Hawaii Boya Jr !

  77. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 8:36 pm

    #36 bowwar: You are so AWESOME with your amazing words of kindness and appreciation. I know how this Warrior football season has been to so many of you die hard fans who really did not see any of this coming. All I know complaining and finger pointing is not going to get any thing accomplish. I feel assertive action is the only way to help UH and that action for me is to help upper campus recruit. The forum is set for me as all I do is just fill in the blanks with my sincerity, dedication and LOVE for Hawaii and it’s WONDERFUL people !

    By picking you up today your words really hit my HEART as I thank you so much for letting me know that I can touch being so far away. Mahalo Bow War for your GREATNESS !

  78. Wes'side Warrior November 7, 2013 8:48 pm

    Oh, ok…

    I was asking if anyone had set up anything to receive donations towards a banner. Being fairly new back in the islands, if anyone can steer us in the right direction, I’d love to help get a banner to hang from the front of a table for RainbowCliff during these college fairs.

    Do we need to go through UH so that it complies with whatever it needs to comply with? Do they need to approve of the design, etc? Dang it! Need a little help here. I’ll give what I can, but if they already have a table banner/skirt available, we can have it sent straight out to RC. I’d think, with the amount of events done locally, they’d have at least one banner/skirt available for such a cause.

    I think the media guy is on the road with the team. I’ll research and make calls tomorrow.

    Any advice/help will be appreciated.

    Mahalo, Gang!

  79. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 8:51 pm

    #42 Polymom: ALWAYS a pleasure to converse with you as your support to UH just one word “OUTSTANDING” !

    The South Bay College Fair was not at Mira Costa H.S. as that school has had it before and we use to use both gyms for all invited colleges to participate. I was told there is a rotating system as Redondo Union High school was last year and this year it was at North Torrance High School. Hope fully it will return back to Mira Costa as I really enjoy the campus and it’s amazing facilities.

    Give my regards to Pepe Le Pew !

  80. UHfan808 November 7, 2013 9:05 pm

    Good evening, Tsai-kos and Lurk-ers! 🙂

    Finally I get a chance to post! 🙂

    Thanks for the pics and storyline, ST! I’m sure a 38 year old would hang out after the game, right? Lol

  81. UHfan808 November 7, 2013 9:11 pm

    Hey neat, it’s RainbowCliff all day!!! 🙂

    Keep warm way over there, RC!

  82. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 9:11 pm

    #48 Don Weir; My letterwinner brother, ALWAYS a pleasure kind sir !

    Doctor Don all I do is just like you the DESIRE to help UH and give back to my alma mater !

    Can’t say enough about your GREATNESS in all that you do to support HAWAII and really enjoy myself on the time spent with my family at your Kailua home. I pray Doctor Don that I can continue to share the aloha spirit and spread it to young high school students here in Los Angeles so that they will WANT and FEEL the aloha spirit. 477 I have INSPIRED and I have two more College fairs to go. I pray kind sir that I can continue to represent our University being an active alumnus and give back to UH who has given me so much more and that is the ability to ALWAYS honor the ohana and give my support to my athletic brothers and sisters !

    Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest !

    ALWAYS my LWC Brother !

  83. Former UH Athlete November 7, 2013 9:14 pm

    Stanford showed the blue print to beating a fast tempo offense… Have a very good DLine and make tackles. Stanford is nowhere near as fast or athletic as Oregon, but they are stout, more disciplined and execute very well. Stanford beat Oregon with boring style of play… They just consistently pounded away with their run game. They avg 4.2 ypc, which isn’t anything special, but they were persistent and had manageable 3rd down distances all game.

    Every Oregon loss the past 4 years have all come against teams that dominate the line of scrimmage and TOP, plus they have a few self inflicted wounds that hurt them.

    The other key factor to defeating a fast tempo team is to not let their offense on the field. High scoring offense can’t score from the sideline. Oregon had the ball for only 17 minutes and 58 offensive plays.

    Good old fashioned TOP domination kept Mariota & Co cold on the sideline. I’ve noticed that high tempo offenses get out of rhythm or sloppy when they are forced to sit out for long periods of inactivity (UH’s offense applies). Even Fresno’s offense gets out of sorts when the other team dictates the pace of game.

  84. UHfan808 November 7, 2013 9:24 pm

    Tsai-ko TV-gate this Saturday, 11/9 —

    Cafe Anasia on Beretania Street

    Game is at 1030 HST so be at Anasia somewhat early for parking and to claim your seat.

    Find Parking in lot fronting the establishment, in union hall parking lot just before Anasia on left-hand side of Beretania street, and in the neighborhood on street parking across Anasia.

    If you would like to join us, please send an email to tsaikotvgate(at)gmail(dot)com with the following: 1) the number of ppl joining us and so we know to save you a seat, and 2) if you would like to pre-order any fuud (I can send the menu).

    Speaking of fuud, the owner is planning to have some breakfast specials available.

    Hope to see you there!!! :mrgreen:

  85. RainbowCliff November 7, 2013 9:27 pm

    Well good folks I am FINALLY done answering all of the posters. So Sorry taking up the board as this is my last post. UHFAN808, wow you are so funny as “warm ways is so much better then cold ways”. Thank you for the smile !

    Wesside Warrior just love your efforts to my DESIRE to help my University Of Hawaii. LOVE the campus, education and the PEOPLE here who make up the Warrior Beat !

    Lastly, I ENCOURAGE all of you here on Stephen Tsai blog that you continue to support our young men and all of UH athletics. It’s the only game in town and the young student athletes needs our support regardless if they win or lose. Have a good night Tsaiko Nation and please except my apologies for hogging up all the blog space. Just wanted to thank all the BEAUTIFUL comments who had encouraging words for me as they TRULY mean a lot !

    Good night and God Bless !

  86. markazulu November 7, 2013 11:02 pm

    PLAY For FUN

    Sometimes the best technique is to do what comes naturally remember what they teach you but dont try to be a robot.

    Good luck to all the warriors I’m hoping for a UH win but im looking foward to a good game 🙂

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