Biesemeyer named GA


Ryan Biesemeyer returns to the UH football as a graduate assistant for defense.

Biesemeyer was the Warriors’ video coordinator in 2008. Last year, he was the running backs coach at Texas Lutheran.

Biesemeyer replaces Mike Smith, who helped coach UH linebackers last season.

The other other GA is former UH quarterback/running back Inoke Funaki.

* * * * *

We’re told that Kahuku defensive end Hauoli Jamora has been hospitalized with pneumonia. We wish him a speedy recovery.

* * * * *

According to Web sites, this what they’re saying about John Estes:

01/20/2010 – EAST-WEST SHRINE RISERS: C John Estes, Hawaii: Scouts were not surprised when the 6-2, 295-pound Estes had the shortest arm length (30.25 inches) among the offensive linemen. Whether it was getting his hands inside the jersey of UNLV nose tackle Martin Tevaseu or blocking down for one of his guards, the Rainbow Warrior simply went out and did his job on every play. Small but strong and technically sound centers can find a home in the NFL, so expect a team to pick up Estes somewhere in the late rounds. – Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange,

01/19/2010 – East-West Shrine Tuesday Practice: Hawaii center John Estes isn’t a household name, lacks size and isn’t outstanding in any one area. But the way he stood up and pushed back 6-1, 326-pound Stanford tackle Ekom Udofia and his ability to move his feet to help either guard on double-teams is exactly what teams like to see from a mid-to-late-round center prospect (think Green Bay Packers center Scott Wells). – Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange,


  1. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 7:56 am

    Welcome back Ryan Biesemeyer! Morning all!

  2. traff January 22, 2010 7:58 am


  3. J-Dog January 22, 2010 8:00 am

    where da recruits?

  4. rylen January 22, 2010 8:03 am

    top 5!!

  5. Kekoa (iPhone) January 22, 2010 8:04 am

    Welcome back Ryan B.!!

    *Homey come home!*

  6. al January 22, 2010 8:05 am

    wow…doesn’t he look like that other ryan? the beast and ga biesemeyer could pass for brothers.

  7. al January 22, 2010 8:09 am



    January 21st, 2010 at 3:22 pm
    by the where is homey these days????

  8. RedZone January 22, 2010 8:10 am

    Welcome Ryan.

  9. rog January 22, 2010 8:16 am

    How was the Jamora home visit last night?

  10. Dudley Do-Right January 22, 2010 8:24 am

    Gee – top 10, or if I am late, top 20!

    OK AL, what recruiting rumors you got for us?

  11. Pomai January 22, 2010 8:32 am

    D1 you have further info on ticket price’s?

  12. AZWARRIOR22 January 22, 2010 8:33 am

    Hey ST,

    Did the Jamora home visit go well? Tell us, he is at least thinking about being a Warrior…or is it no new updates until after the weekend 🙂

  13. djmitcho January 22, 2010 8:35 am

    Good Morning and Happy Aloha Friday Tsaikos!

  14. iwonderwhytheyhateme January 22, 2010 8:41 am

    So UH is considering raising student football tickets to $25 per game…

    Hmmm gut feeling tells me if you want butts in seats in the student section this isn’t the way to go.

    We all know that fans in Hawaii are finicky and the students even more so. The football program’s trend the past 2 years has been 7-7 then 6-7 shows a downward trend in the program.

    It is going to be really tough to get people to come to games next year and I think a raise in these prices at all levels will definitely equate to less fans should we maintain the “success” we had the last 2 seasons and far worse should win less games.

    Coupled with deficits I guess UH has no choice….tough tough decision to make.

    I feel that the upcoming season could really really set the tone and direction for this football program for the next 10 years. If we have a winning season fans will regain hope in the program….another losing season and I think the AD will wish he never took the job to begin with.

    Go Warriors.

  15. Kazz January 22, 2010 8:48 am


    Biesemeyer is back as a GA this time?

    I guess no more “Fat Bastard” (Austin Powers) jokes this time around huh?

  16. koakane™ January 22, 2010 8:52 am

    morning how is everyone doing?

    start of the weekend and ditto dj its aloha friday.

    yu’all have a good one now….kope time

  17. Kazz January 22, 2010 8:54 am

    PDF file from with details on the proposed maximum ticket price and premium increases:

    5:00PM – 7:00PM***

  18. protector January 22, 2010 8:57 am


    Totally agree that it’s counterproductive at that projected ($25) price. You will pretty much guarantee non-participation by the students. That decision may be penny-wise, but it’s sure as heck pound-foolish. I thought that with a reasonable activity fee you can foster more student turnout, but perhaps students already feel put-upon so don’t want any raise in activity fees as well – I ould inderstand that.

  19. protector January 22, 2010 9:00 am

    Just out of curiosity, does Biesemeyer have any expertise on the defensive side of the ball (since he was a running backs coach)? I thought since they already have Inoke, that the incoming GA would be for defense as Mike Smith was.

  20. papajoe2 January 22, 2010 9:01 am

    missed the first half of the mbb game last night. how many points did we score on fast breaks?

  21. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 9:12 am


    But then… in the next year, it’ll give more argument for an activity fee, eh?

  22. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 9:16 am

    Biesemeyer spent last season (2007)as a graduate assistant at Delta State University.

    At DSU, Biesemeyer worked with current UH defensive line coach Dave Aranda on Ron Roberts’ staff. In addition to serving as video coordinator, Biesemeyer also worked with the defensive secondary. Prior to DSU, Biesemeyer spent two seasons as an assistant coach at California Lutheran University where he worked with the defensive backs and defensive line also with Aranda. In addition, he served as defensive quality control coach.

    Biesemeyer is a 2005 magna cum laude graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in astrophysics. He was also working toward his master’s degree in health, physical education, and recreation at Delta State before accepting his current position at UH.

    The Claremore, Okla., native graduated from Claremore High School in 2001. He lettered in football as a freshman and was a member of the jazz band. He graduated as class valedictorian.

    From UH 2008 coaching roster

  23. J-Dog January 22, 2010 9:18 am

    I would think that the Jamora visit was to convince him to take his trip to UH this weekend.

    If we can steal back Jamora and Lagafuaina from U-Dub, that would be awesome.

  24. Pomai January 22, 2010 9:19 am

    Could it be that UH doesn’t care if we sell out our games, but figures that they have a core group of fans 20/30 thousand who will show up no matter what?

    Now if they owned the stadium then it would benefit them $$$ to have as many fans in the seats as they can get, so a lower priced ticket would get more fans in the seats, more food an beverage sales, more parking monies ????????

  25. al January 22, 2010 9:23 am

    this is a huge weekend for recruiting at all schools, university of hawaii included.

    we already have a great recruit class even without any more top notch guys. in all probability we will lose one or two due to non-qualifying and possible last minute changes of heart. count on the latter two to occur.

    also, bank on one or two who may change their minds and become a warrior.

    the coaches have done a great job and this year’s class will go down as one the greatest. when surveying the list we have a great compliment of excellent local talent and a great blend of mainland talent.

    anticipate the good and the bad after this weekend. just remember every dark cloud has its silver lining.

    …nuff said

  26. SteveM January 22, 2010 9:40 am

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats and welcome back to Ryan Biesemeyer.

  27. Irse January 22, 2010 9:41 am

    We have a lot more defensive coaches on the staff (6, counting Mack) than we do on the offensive side (4). So its good for the offensive side to get some help.

  28. iwonderwhytheyhateme January 22, 2010 9:41 am


    student fees will probably be on the table…again.

    as to how ASUH and GSO take to it is another question entirely. Worth a discussion though at the very least.

  29. 808Chef January 22, 2010 9:41 am

    true dat al….ole buddy, ole pal!

    we need to keep an open mind with these kids as i’m sure they are when choosing schools to attend. some will come and some will go. that’s a reality. no sense make a big stink about it.

  30. iwonderwhytheyhateme January 22, 2010 9:45 am


    I think the 30K side is on the high end unless we are talking like one of those special BCS school games. But I totally agree there are loyal fans that will come out no matter what.

    Coupled with the economy and the programs current straits I wouldn’t rule out home game *ticket issued* to be in the mid 20Ks this season.

    I rather not see how much the season tickets sales have slumped because that would be too depressing for me.

    Out of curiosity does anyone know the season tickets numbers and attendance during the Vonappen years?

  31. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 9:55 am

    Tombo reports that the Arizona Cardinals have signed up Reagan Mauia again to a “future contract.”

  32. Da Punchbowl Kid January 22, 2010 9:56 am

    Good Morning Gangeez! 🙂

    Welcome back Ryan!

    Yep, wish homey was still around.

  33. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 9:57 am

    Hope Homey’s doing fine.

  34. Da Punchbowl Kid January 22, 2010 9:57 am

    $25 for student tickets? Hmmmm…

  35. DC Warrior January 22, 2010 10:08 am

    On the ticket issue, the AD is looking for AUTHORITY to raise prices because it takes a while to get it done. Actual prices aren’t going up right away.

    “Athletic director Jim Donovan said the proposals are a “function of housekeeping” and “may not even get up to the maximum over the next three or even five years.”

    But because, under UH policy, any proposal to adjust the ticket pricing structure must go to the regents and be accompanied by public comment, Donovan said the athletic department was asking to readjust the scale “in case it becomes necessary to make a change in the next few years.””

  36. Stephen Tsai January 22, 2010 10:08 am

    I’m not an expert on these things, but as a UH graduate who has seen the student section go from sideline in the 1980s to end zone/corner seats, this is what I expect will happen:
    UH will impose a student fee.
    Students might grumble, of course, but what are they going to do?
    First, the students are not empowered to actually stop a fee from being imposed. If they were, then tuition costs would not have gone up in recent years.
    Face it: What other revenue sources are available? There are no Fortune 500 companies in Hawaii. The Guv isn’t going to give any more money. Neither is the Legislature. Premium-seat fees are maxed. All that did was drop the season-ticket sales.
    So it falls on the students.
    From a supply-and-demand standpoint, it makes sense. Economy is in the dumps, which means more people are going back to school. With enrollment up, classroom space at premium, students are vulnerable to being assessed more service charges.
    For three go-arounds, UH tried to give ASUH a say. Give us money, we’ll give you seats. But that’s just the nice phase. Sort of like: we’re building a rail, please let us buy your house. And then five years later: Uh, we’re condemning your land, so here’s the check for your house.
    Metaphorically for the students, the check is in the mail.

  37. SteveM January 22, 2010 10:09 am

    Kazz — thanks for the link to the .pdf file.

    I suppose one should take into account all the added value of getting the sun in your face for additional hour along the mauka sidelines with the 5:00 PM football kickoff time. 😡

    I loved the 6:30 PM start time of the Wisconsin game last season. The atmosphere reminded me of the games in the 1980’s…

  38. Stephen Tsai January 22, 2010 10:13 am

    Another prediction:
    No recruiting news until the middle of next week.
    So relax, people. Enjoy the weekend. Or better yet, go root for the J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!

  39. Stephen Tsai January 22, 2010 10:15 am

    I’m rooting for 5 p.m. starts.
    With our lousy deadlines, we need all of the time we can get.

  40. Stephen Tsai January 22, 2010 10:16 am

    That prep wideout whom everyone said was a slam dunk?
    He’s visiting Cal this week, we hear.
    Decision is coming next week.

  41. chawan_cut January 22, 2010 10:25 am

    was i really on tv?

  42. visitor January 22, 2010 10:25 am

    Mentioning raising ticket prices now is bad timing. With the just finished mediocre football season and a struggling men’s basketball team, on top of the sour economy, this is gong to turn a lot of fans off…even many loyal ones.

    Long time loyalty can only go so far. Having season tickets so several UH sports, including football (since Aloha Stadium), need to give serious consideration on how to spend the dwindling “entertainment” dollar.

  43. jeezy3 January 22, 2010 10:28 am

    So Cal POY RB Kenny Turner is visiting UH this weekend. Only a FR, has 3 years to play. This could be a big time pick up.

  44. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc January 22, 2010 10:41 am

    I only have a couple of minutes before heading out the door to a series of meetings and briefings, but let me clarify a couple of things. The proposed ticket hikes are not a done deal. The figures posted are maximums and not minimums. The ticket prices for the upcoming school year will remain the same.

    The proposed maximums are based upon the assumption that over time the economy will improve and that UH athletics programs will need to be carefully examined using a number of different criteria.

    Furthermore, although the Athletic Department must get the Board of Regents to raise ticket prices beyond the current maximum, the Department does have the authority to lower them in an attempt to generate attendance. Jim Donovan has done this already.

    With respect to the ownership of Aloha Stadium, as I have posted here on half a dozen times since the fall of 2007, the Stadium is owned by the State of Hawai`i and administered by the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS). The issues surrounding the ownership and its transfer in some ways are extremely complex and in other ways extremely simple.

    DAGS will not give up ownership to the University of Hawai`i without a huge and bloody battle because of the long-term plans being set in place revolving around transit-oriented development including rents, parking fees, and other revenue generators.

    Currently UH does not get any revenues from using the Stadium such as a share of the parking fees and concession stand sales. They do get free rent and most of the ticket sales.

    There are any number of steps to be taken starting with the Legislature to balance out the income generation system so as to keep ticket sales relatively affordable.

    There is a strong need to elected a new govenor this fall who understands the value of intercollegiate athletics and a first-class university. This person will also appoint individuals to the Stadium Authority and to head DAGS. It’s very important to ask the three major candidates hard questions about their priorities.

    Another critical issue to deal with is initiating a student activity fee which has been rejected again and again by the students themselves. Perhaps the presence of Keith Amemiya on campus will go a long way towards getting folks to work together on this issue.

    Off to work – if anyone here is interested in discussing these issues further, perhaps we can initiate a CC forum and invite the candidates to take part.

    Hope to see folks at the meeting on Monday.

  45. Kazz January 22, 2010 10:41 am

    I’ll be attending the public session at UH regarding the proposed increases to what the maximum prices UH ***CAN*** charge for season tickets and premiums.

    After first finding the little link on hawaiiathletics a few days ago, I had to read the PDF doc carefully to see what could potentially happen.

    If anything, my interpretation is that all UHAD is looking to do is to raise the ceiling to allow themselves to raise prices should the need arise in the future. Not sure how exactly this will also supposedly “eliminate tier pricing” and or supposedly use this as “leverage” to go forward with a student activity fee though.

    But seriously, if people have their objections and whatnot, they really should attend since the public is invited.

    I mean REALLY.

    Personally I agree with others that UHAD needs to be clear with the public on what they intend to accomplish right now with ticket pricing.

  46. Bulla January 22, 2010 10:41 am

    good analogy using the rail situation, didn’t know you could go that deep, haha. the clock is still ticking for all the recruits, LOI day is right around the corner. it seems that Utah State is making a really big push here in Hawaii, Kauhaahaa and Gerke making inroads to say the least.

    whew, it’s Friday…..everyone have a great weekend. still recovering from last nights BB game, only one i’ve watched in about 4 years, and they lose on a last second shot…….there goes the blood pressure.

    for all the walk on participants, this will be a long weekend expecting the phone to ring on Monday….good luck to all


  47. Kazz January 22, 2010 10:43 am

    Speaking of spending the “entertainment dollar”. I know of some people that lose $300.00 – $500.00 a weekend during the ENTIRE football season gambling on various college and NFL games…

    Then they complain about UH football ticket prices.

    This is not everybody, but some… 🙄

  48. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc January 22, 2010 10:46 am


  49. Kazz January 22, 2010 10:51 am


    On the replay I saw you guys about four times! 😎

    Crystal clear too! … Well… as “clear” as K5 can get… 🙄

  50. lava January 22, 2010 10:51 am

    UHAD needs to find a way to put some butts in the seats for the Warrior games, apart from his need to generate revenue for the athletic department’s budget. The 12th man is a big factor with recruits. You get more butts, you have a better 12th man, so you get better recruits, so you improve your chances of winning, so you generate more interest in the program, and four years from now you go undefeated and win a BCS game against SMU.

    Back to Jim D., it all starts with the butts.

  51. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 10:59 am


    You been betting with and taking money from your better half ? Auwe!

  52. LizKauai m/ January 22, 2010 11:03 am



  53. LizKauai m/ January 22, 2010 11:04 am

    Congrats to Mr. Cut – aka Jacket Guy!

  54. A-House January 22, 2010 11:08 am

    I also vote for the 5pm start time as it allows us more time after the game to relax and reach home earlier.

    Bad side to this is we must leave earlier to get to the tailgate. Hmmm, maybe we should skip the tailgate.

  55. bstunna2002 January 22, 2010 11:08 am

    Wow…that rb from Fullerton stats are pretty good
    1255 yrds/195 Att/6.4 yrds avg per carry, he could be our guy for the next 4 years, assuming he commits and Mack redshirts him,but 3/3 is as good as getting a back out of high school even better actually if Mack and Co. Decide he can contribute right away.

  56. A-House January 22, 2010 11:09 am


    Saw you several times on TV last night holding up signs.

  57. jm2375 January 22, 2010 11:14 am

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Congrats to the new GA.

    Mr. A-house – #54 – you did not say that did you? What would a t-gate be without the A-houses?

  58. Bulla January 22, 2010 11:16 am

    ‘….skip the tailgate….’ c’mon….that was one of the reasons we had ‘the beast’ come home is so we could tailgate with you guys, haha……..not skip, just adjust accordingly…..and with BG and Kazz’s guidance, they can get the Tsaikos through anything………..


  59. A-House January 22, 2010 11:17 am

    Why would a SoCal POY athlete want to play for Hawaii when UH uses the “run ‘n shoot” scheme? Looking for a free trip to Hawaii?

    Is Fullerton shutting down its football program? I didn’t know they had one.

  60. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 11:19 am

    Apparently Kenny Turner made a comeback from what was described as a “career ending” knee injury the year before.

    kid’s got heart, guts, knows what he wants and works to achieve it.

  61. A-House January 22, 2010 11:20 am

    jm2375 and Bulla:

    I’m sure I will get a lot of “heat” from Midori7 when she reads my post.

    Yikes, trouble in the A-House hale tonight.

  62. duffer (iPhone) January 22, 2010 11:23 am


    if you were holding a 3 sign, I did.

  63. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 11:24 am

    Hmmm.. here’s a couple of other stats that you’ll like regarding RB Kenny Turner..

    1) So far, it looks like Hawaii is the only school that Kenny is looking at.
    2) Offensive Player of the Year: Kenny Turner, Fullerton (RB, 5-10, 195, Fr.)
    – in the same conference as London Sapolu. London was second team.

  64. bstunna2002 January 22, 2010 11:25 am

    I’m guessing alot of school are afraid to take the chance of something happening to his knee again that why he isn’t being offered….

  65. bstunna2002 January 22, 2010 11:27 am


    don’t forget the 16 td’s and avg 9.2 yrds per catch, with an average like that I think he’ll fit right into our offense, maybe he can get the oline to take a trip also…at this point anything can happen!

  66. Kekoa (iPhone) January 22, 2010 11:27 am

    Shoots W/Doc! Now we got nuttin’ to gripe about regarding ticket prices…at least until next year!

    I’m disappointed with a not so grand-nephew from Kahuku. His tutu tells me that he is going to Fresno…unless…

    I ka-lang him wit my slippah!

  67. Pomai January 22, 2010 11:28 am

    #54 A-House

    Hmmm, maybe we should skip the tailgate.

    Blasphemy I tell you, pure Blasphemy

  68. Bulla January 22, 2010 11:33 am


    there’s going to be a new Wii game at your house, called:

    “Cracks for Dad”

    I think I like it 🙂 🙂

  69. Old Diver January 22, 2010 11:33 am

    While having UH run the stadium sounds nice it isn’t practical financially. When you take on stadium ownership you take on stadium headaches like lobbying for capital improvements. Raising money for maintenance etc. The legislature is not considering turning over the stadium to UH because UH told them they weren’t interested for these and many more reasons. This is kind of like thinking gee it would be nice to collect rent from a house for extra money, when you don’t that a house.

  70. A-House January 22, 2010 11:35 am

    OK, OK, “tunnel vision” time again for me as I could only think of Cal St Fullerton when I saw Fullerton.

    Thanks to MIH for the article to keep me down the straight and narrow path to the light! If Chris Johnson says Turner is a beast, then he must be a very talented player with has great determination and an impressive training regimen to over come a serious knee injury.

    Will UH take a chance on this student athlete? Why should they?

    How did Turner, who is from Orlando, Fl end up in SoCal?

  71. Kekoa (iPhone) January 22, 2010 11:36 am

    A-House ~ TAKE COVER!…and call in combat air support on your own position!

    A retraction at this point is futile…

  72. Dudley Do-Right January 22, 2010 11:42 am

    ST – right on #36

    During the ancient times when I was at UH, we all had to get activity books – no if or but about it.

    The students may grumble – like those students at Univ. California. But what are they going to do? Go to Hawaii Pacific?

    And being pake, they will use the activity books to the fullest which means that they will attend the games – and who knows, they will even patronize the food/drink booths.

    Now if we can only realize a percentage of those sales.

  73. Pomai January 22, 2010 11:44 am

    #69 Old Diver

    Problem is the guys running it now aren’t that great either. LOL

  74. Διογένης ὁ Σινωπεύς January 22, 2010 11:48 am

    Dudley (#72) failed to mention that the ASUH has been opposing activity books and football activities.

    The number of students voting in the ASUH elections is worse than the numbers voting for our legislature and POTUS! They represent a very small minority of the student body.

    Maybe we should organize a voting block at UH comprising of the athletes who will elect people more responsive to the program.

  75. Slugger January 22, 2010 11:51 am

    Aloha from the rainy state!

    Since I know the way to San Jose,
    I’m a-going to see my sistah.

    Good news for Ryan B.!

    Latahs…Esme & whoosh…

  76. Kazz (blkberry_storm) January 22, 2010 12:00 pm


    Of course not!

  77. al January 22, 2010 12:12 pm

    ahouse…behave yourself.

    fullerton cc as in community college is a two year program aka junior college.

    can’t confirm all the issues as to why people aren’t after him.

    does he really run a 4.45/40?

    5’10″/200 lb of muscle, shake n bake, and speed to burn.
    rushed well over 1500 yds caught a bunch of passes.29/330+yds

    hit paydirt 16 times.

    there were some unconfirmed stuff when he was in hs, but, hey everybody deserves a second chance and aren’t we the school of second chances; bess, brennan, tinoisamoa, et al.

    not sure if he is a freshman or soph. that needs to be clarified since he participated in one down the year before blowing up his knee.

    but if you look at his video one can tell that his knee is just fine.

    hope his visit goes well.

    looks better than that other rb.

  78. al January 22, 2010 12:16 pm

    pick on ahouse day

    did you like alex green this year?
    i did.

    did he also go under the radar?
    yes he did.

    did alex green enjoy his year in hawaii?
    i am sure he did.

    whether turner has two or three years is in consequential. but, i am drooling to see him in green n black.

    he got the barry sanders thing going on.

  79. chawan_cut January 22, 2010 12:25 pm

    if k5 had HD last night, i’d think i would’ve burnt a bright orange image into many tvs around the state…

  80. al January 22, 2010 12:26 pm

    chawan….i saw you on tv last night.

    i told the boss you were one tsaiko too.

    of course she just shakes her head and walks away.

  81. al January 22, 2010 12:43 pm

    kenny “the burner” turner.

    sounds good.
    they say his dad ran a 4.2 forty back in the day and mom’s a trackster as well.

  82. al January 22, 2010 12:43 pm

    you know when one door closes another one opens.

    this could be true with kt.

  83. al January 22, 2010 12:52 pm

    rushing at the university of hawaii in the run n shoot…………

    wasn’t all that bad.

    Yards gained rushing 1620
    Yards lost rushing 314
    Rushing Attempts 292
    Average Per Rush 4.5
    Average Per Game 100.5
    TDs Rushing 12

    i could see this develop over the course of the season. lwj and green picked it up big time during our run for the bowl. i can see this phase of our game increasing by 50% with the proper run block mechanics that gordy is known for coupled with a bevy good running backs.

    i think that the fans really love to see a running back reel off a 10-12 yard at a crack. the excitement is just so much more different from a pass play of the same results.

    somehow, you just think it more macho and you anticipate the guy going all the way.

  84. RedZone January 22, 2010 12:54 pm

    al I watched the video and I like Kenny too. He sees the field really well and sets up his blockers too.

  85. Stephen Tsai January 22, 2010 1:06 pm


    If you’re payin’ Lebron, is Jay-Z payin’ Dwyane Wade?

  86. Old School Dave January 22, 2010 1:21 pm

    Agree with many here that UH will have to impose a student fee in the near future. Something in the area of $100 per semester isn’t unreasonable. Students will complain, but if you left it up to them, they would vote on going to school without paying any tuition if they could. When you look at the spending of university students, $200 per year isn’t much. They spend more on booze, computer gadgets, video game, and other non-essentials in a month. Like others have said, in the end, if they don’t like it, they can transfer to HPU where the tuition is almost $15K per year. UHM resident tuition is at $3384 per year and will go up to $3792 next fall. Still a bargain.

  87. Garret January 22, 2010 1:24 pm

    I thought that the only thing that would go up this year if the proposed measure is passed is the ticket price for the USC game…that is definitely a premium game and UH can and should sell those tickets at a higher price. UH can use that money and fans (especially USC fans who cannot get a face value seat for their home games) will be willing to pay extra to see an opponent like that.

    JD needs to get this passed as soon as possible because UH should cash in on the USC game.

  88. Garret January 22, 2010 1:29 pm

    I hope that UH *finally* will impose a decent sized student fee soon, as that is standard at D-IA schools. In return, they should give free tickets to *all* sporting events at UH…that will increase the student turnout which will make the crowds much more lively and loud. If the fee is $100 or more, they should also upgrade the sections that the students sit in…for example, make at least one section of prime seating for students, first-come first-served.

    Wasn’t it earlier this season that the students turned out in good numbers for a men’s basketball game that was late at night–I think the students were free for that game and they showed up for the game.

  89. Old School Dave January 22, 2010 1:29 pm

    I sure miss the old days when you’d get 40K plus @ Aloha Stadium for games against the like of Idaho, Abilene Christian, and UOP.

    On another topic, back then, UH Manoa tuition was $240 per semester and Grace’s was in a lunch wagon on Metcalf.

  90. Garret January 22, 2010 1:31 pm

    The students who live on campus might show up for a lot more games on campus (basketball, softball, baseball, etc.) if they could decide at the last second to go and they knew they could go for free to the games. They would probably end up buying stuff from the concession stand…and UH earns money from that.

  91. Garret January 22, 2010 1:34 pm

    I’ve been hoping that UH would get a RB in this recruiting class, so I’m happy with the news about Turner’s visit. For A-House, one thing that recruits look at is the depth chart at their position, as that can indicate how much the school needs them and how much of a chance they have to play. Both Green and Dimude are gone after the 2010 season, so UH needs other RBs learning the system now that can be ready to take over in 2011.

  92. lava January 22, 2010 1:36 pm

    Re speed:

    20 years ago, 4.5 was fast, so to set apart the really fast guys, they were called 4.45.

    10 years ago, 4.45 morphed into 4.4.

    5 years ago, we heard of sub 4.4s.

    Now we hear of 4.3.

    The world ain’t ready for 4.2.

    Most “fast” guys we see are going to be 4.5, 4.7 or 4.9, so we’re talking separation by a stride or two. Local linebackers tend to be 4.7, and local speed rush ends tend to be 4.9.

    When see you a legit 4.5 at linebacker, like June has in the track guy at SMU, you remember him.

    JC running backs in the 4.4 range can get yardage numbers which tend to be skewed because legit defensive backfield guys of like speed tend to make D-1 teams. 100 yards per game does not sound as good if one run was for 70.

    Just my two cents.

  93. Garret January 22, 2010 1:38 pm

    It does concern me that Turner returned a kickoff in 2008 plus played in 2009. He has a chance to get a medical redshirt and play 3 more years, but given UH’s luck with the medical redshirt requests for players who transferred from other schools there is no guarantee.

    Still, Turner has excellent film and will be able to be on the team for 1 or 2 years after Green/Dimude leave. I hope that UH proactively gathers all of the medical information from those that treated him…waiting until his senior season to get the paperwork together for the appeal (like UH has done with others) is scary when the medical staff could have scattered around the country by then.

  94. Garret January 22, 2010 1:40 pm


    But my big question is how much Turner has blocked in high school and at his JC…if he cannot block, he won’t get to play much (see: Chizzy). I’m sure that the coaches have gone over the film already and if they offer him they will be comfortable with his blocking.

  95. Garret January 22, 2010 1:44 pm

    I think that it is very, very good news that Keith Amemiya is going to be part of UH’s Board of Regents. He will get things done for UH and is a great ally for the University.

  96. Stephen Tsai January 22, 2010 1:54 pm

    My take on the 40 is that it’s all relative.
    Especially when we’re talking a tenth or a hundredth of a second.
    I’ve attended the NFL combine and Pro Days, and everybody was getting different readings, even with electronic times.
    There are so many factors: turf, weather, shoes, starting gun (laser or flash).
    At Pro Day, there are about 50 guys with stopwatches near the finish line. These are guys who do these things for a living. And you’ll probably get 25 different times. So they start averaging things out or tossing the highs and lows.
    It has to be more of a mess at high school combines.
    The thing is, 40s are used to determine speed relative to other players. Even if there is a way to accurately and consistently measure when a human being goes from zero to 40 yards — and I really don’t think there is a standard way — most people are using the same scale. In other words, if one person is fudging a tenth of a second, really, everybody is. It’s all relative.
    I’ve heard people say that you’re supposed to automatically add a certain amount of time to each hand-held 40 time. I don’t think there’s any scientific study to that, either. I mean, are people saying that there’s a .15 time between when the eye sees someone crossing a line to when a timer pushes the stop button? Again, unless you test the reflex time of every timer in world, how would you know?
    Once again, it’s all relative.

  97. Stephen Tsai January 22, 2010 2:00 pm

    More importantly, 40 times have little to do with football performance times.
    First, you have to add equipment.
    And then weather conditions.
    And fatigue. In the fourth quarter, an every-down receiver is going to run slower on third down than he did in the opening quarter.
    And the start. In a lot of of combines, a player starts on his own count. That means that a timer 40 yards away has to figure out when the player actually left the starting line.
    Some use whistles, or starting guns, or flashes.
    But in a football game, you go by the quarterback’s cadence. And as every football fan knows, offensive linemen don’t get the same jump.

  98. Stephen Tsai January 22, 2010 2:04 pm

    It all goes back to whether the coaches think a player can play.
    At UH, for instance, each position coach looks at videos of hundreds of players. Each coach then ranks those players. Then other coaches will review the videos of the top players. Then in dozens of meetings, the coaches will create a long list of recruits, by skill and by the team’s needs. And the list will be revised over and over, for months and months, until the signing period.

  99. Kazz January 22, 2010 2:06 pm


    I have yet to witness K-5’s HD coverage. Maybe I’m clueless but channel 1005 is NOT IN HD for UH games, but if it has been this whole time then… MY GOD! 🙄

    K-5 should work on their regular television broadcasting FIRST!!! 😡

  100. al January 22, 2010 2:07 pm

    running with equipment…that brings back memories of young men at basic training fort ord.

    when doing pt there were a lot of guys faster than some of us local boys who enjoyed a beverage every now and then.

    the equalizer was when all gear was strapped on, ten lb helmet, back pack, rifle, etc, etc. thirty-forty pounds later those skinny fast guys were being helped along the road by us slow guys. hahaha.

    yup, its all relative.

  101. al January 22, 2010 2:14 pm

    okay back to regular programming….

    it will be an interesting weekend for those coaches with those lists. with the number of scholies left, fine tuning and the like is key.

  102. al January 22, 2010 2:26 pm

    i hope hauoli jamora gets better.
    pneumonia is a b*tch.

    hopefully his mom makes a mean chicken soup.

    it would be a shame if we don’t have the opportunity to display all the good things that come with playing at home.

  103. Committed Road Warrior January 22, 2010 2:29 pm

    Koa-mahu has joined the social networking craze!

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming……

  104. Manoa January 22, 2010 2:40 pm

    A smart, athletic player who has good mechanics and efficient movement will make plays when a player with a faster 40 time will not. Like Corners in the NFL who will cover corners who are faster than they are.

    Take two safeties, one a 4.8 guy and another a 4.5 guy. But the 4.8 guy is in position, turns quickly and runs into position, while the 4.5 guy reacts 0.1 of a second slower to the play, runs a step the wrong way and has to correct (losing 0.2 second), then turns awkwardly and kills his momentum, losing another 0.2 seconds. He has lost 0.5 seconds and is playing slower than the 4.8 guy!

  105. kaimiloa January 22, 2010 2:40 pm

    I hope the coaches ask Hau’oli who he wants around him when he gets really sick or is having difficult times. A trainer or his mom?

  106. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 3:15 pm

    pneumonia and wet, damp NW weather … not a very good combination.

  107. J-Dog January 22, 2010 3:15 pm

    going to U-Dub will give you pneumonia. Might as well stay home and play for the warriors. you too lawrence lagafuaina.

  108. Richie January 22, 2010 3:17 pm

    I am wondering how serious we are in recruiting all-state defensive linemen Beau Yap of Kamehameha and Seali’i Epenesa of Iolani and whether Mack has extended them scholarship offers yet?

  109. Bulla January 22, 2010 3:39 pm


    I think they both have offers sitting with them….. up to them now.

  110. chawan_cut January 22, 2010 3:46 pm

    no. regular games are not broadcast hd even on 1005. i think they’ve only showed the ppv games in HD so far. and when they do, they’re purty.

  111. Bulla January 22, 2010 3:48 pm

    i agree with you in essence on the 40 yd dash. personally, i think on the defensive side of the ball, the ‘Pro Agility’, the ‘Short Shuttle’, the ‘5-10-5’ whatever you want to call it is a better indicator of mobility, agility, and capability.

    This is what I would call the ‘MAC’ factor. For a d linemen, it is advantageous for you to be able to have very quick feet for the change of direction that you need in the trenches. As the same for LB’s, DE’s and the secondary.

    If you have a D lineman running 40 yds, consistently during a game, you have problems greater than just the speed of the linemen.

    All of these tests are just ‘indicators’ of the potential of what that individual can do, or has the potential to do. You still gotta strap it up, man up, and get it up with a live body in front of you.


  112. al January 22, 2010 4:00 pm

    didn’t marcus allen run his forty in 4.8
    and jerry rice.

  113. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 4:01 pm

    Wonder how Beau Yap’s visit is going… or how Kenny Turner’s is… OR how Lawrence Lagafuaina’s visit went.. OR HOW Jamora’s home visit went…

  114. Pride. January 22, 2010 4:46 pm


    January 22nd, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    All of these tests are just ‘indicators’ of the potential of what that individual can do, or has the potential to do. You still gotta strap it up, man up, and get it up with a live body in front of you.

    A live body in front of me? Do I have to look him in the eye. What if he’s scary looking. What if he has a beard and doesn’t shave? I’m shivering in my shoes. What if he has tatoos, and biceps that are bigger than my thighs? Everyone always made playing football sound like fun. But it doesn’t seem like fun now that you tell me that I have to hit a live person. Do I really have to “man up”? Can’t I “boy down” for just a little while? Yes, my own personal mantra. Strap off, and boy down.

  115. wafan January 22, 2010 4:47 pm


  116. wafan January 22, 2010 4:47 pm

    Welcome back to GA Beisemeyer!

  117. wafan January 22, 2010 4:54 pm

    Biggest group of guys I ever saw getting off a Roberts’ Tour bus was the Oklahoma football team. Or was it their cheerleaders. Dang!

    The bus shook and raised just a bit as each of them stepped off.

    The Warriors need a bunch of those guys for the OL and DL.

  118. Bulla January 22, 2010 4:55 pm


    you always make me laugh….despite the broken water main on ala wai, despite the 3 lanes of dead stop traffic behind my office, despite i have to catch an early flight to maui for a funeral tomorrow, despite my wife going to dance til 9 at Rumors at The Big Chill tonight for ‘cardio exercise’…..despite all of that…..

    you still make me laugh. like a certain son told me yesterday, ‘enough of the BS, let’s just go already, i wanna hit somebody….’ whew, the words that warm a father’s heart, haha

    GO WARRIORS 🙂 🙂 🙂

  119. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 4:58 pm


    Wake up.. WAKE UP!

    You’re having those sympathy pains again. You gotta stop reading those football-type, self-help –“Put yourself in the other’s shoes” — “I’m okay.. you’re toast” — books.

  120. d1島 January 22, 2010 5:18 pm

    Dudley Do-right/ Old School Dave,

    and who knows, they will even patronize the food/drink booths.

    When you look at the spending of university students, $200 per year isn’t much. They spend more on booze

    You guys may be on to something!
    Make ’em pay a fee but tell ’em they get to buy “Neer Beer” in the stadium during the first half of the games! 😈 😆 😛

  121. Bulla January 22, 2010 5:23 pm


    you’re bringing flashbacks of Utah with that near beer stuff, haha

  122. Jason January 22, 2010 5:47 pm

    Congrats to Biesemeyer being named a GA. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that he graduated magna cum laude from Oklahoma with a degree in astrophysics. The mathematician in me absolutely loves that. 🙂

  123. lava January 22, 2010 6:02 pm

    This is impressive Jason.

  124. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 6:06 pm

    Funaki and Biesemeyer sound perfect as Warrior GA’s… in fact.. Biesemeyer sounds over-qualified as a GA…wonder what degree he’s working on?

    One thing for sure, this spring, these extra two pair of eyes will certainly be welcome in the training arena.

  125. Ralph January 22, 2010 6:16 pm

    Astrophysics to Masters in P.E. Quite a change in life pursuits. and I didn’t think a college offered a Masters in P.E.

  126. Garret January 22, 2010 6:41 pm


    I was curious so I looked it up after seeing your post–there are actually a list of colleges with PhDs in PE, including

    Florida State
    New Mexico
    Michigan State
    Virginia Tech

    Some schools without D-IA football programs also have PhDs in PE:

  127. duffer (iPhone) January 22, 2010 7:01 pm

    Hey Jason

    Moanalua has got a good boys bb team.

  128. wafan January 22, 2010 7:42 pm

    Geez, I hope Jamora recovers from his bout with pneumonia soon.

  129. jm2375 January 22, 2010 7:44 pm

    UH also has a PhD program in Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science. They have a good program in Athletic Training.

  130. PONO January 22, 2010 7:58 pm

    I think that Jamora getting Pneumonia might make him think twice about leaving home. Imagine if this happened at UW where you are stuck in a dorm room with no family around to take care of you. If he gets sick at UH he can go home and rest and have Mom nurse him back to health.

  131. A-House January 22, 2010 8:10 pm

    Hauoli Jamora:

    Rest well and speedy recovery from your bout of pneumonia!

    Mom’s home cooking will help speed your recovery!

  132. A-House January 22, 2010 8:11 pm

    Randy B:

    Welcome back to the Warrior ohana! Your expertise will be welcomed by the players.

  133. Jason January 22, 2010 8:13 pm

    duffer: Yep, I know. A bunch of the players are my students. 🙂

    A-House: Psst. It’s Ryan.

  134. Da Punchbowl Kid January 22, 2010 8:14 pm

    LMAO @ Pride’s #114!!! 😆

    You funny dude!

    “Strap off and boy down.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  135. A-House January 22, 2010 8:14 pm

    A large shout out to Mrs A-House for her patience, understanding, expertise, and wisdom is “re-energizing” our computer which could not connect with the internet!

    She spent over 15 minutes with the Oceanic and mainland counterpart in bringing us back on line!

    thank you, Mom!!!

  136. Da Punchbowl Kid January 22, 2010 8:16 pm

    Nice to see Tsai givin’ his take on a few subjects. He doesn’t usually get so specific. I learn a lot from reading the Master’s thoughts.

  137. A-House January 22, 2010 8:17 pm


    OK on the correction!

    Did you know that the Declaration of Independence is filled with misspelled words?

  138. Da Punchbowl Kid January 22, 2010 8:18 pm

    No, I’m not trying to score free tickets…

  139. A-House January 22, 2010 8:19 pm

    OK, off to “botcha” and sleep as it is nearing the 9pm magic hour!!

  140. Da Punchbowl Kid January 22, 2010 8:20 pm

    Say hi to your beautiful and tech-savy Mrs. for me, A-house. 😉

  141. Bulla January 22, 2010 8:47 pm

    what’s going on dear sir?

  142. Modellbau-Marktplatz January 22, 2010 8:54 pm

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  143. chawan_cut January 22, 2010 9:09 pm

    in case anyone missed it last night…. this was just the craziest alley oop ever. EVER.

  144. madeinhawaii January 22, 2010 9:15 pm

    Get well, Jamora..

    You too, Florida Ted!

  145. chawan_cut January 22, 2010 9:15 pm

    where’s liz chun going? there was just a quick thing on the news wishing her good luck.

  146. Garret January 22, 2010 9:33 pm

    Sounds like La Tech will switch from a power running offense to a pass-heavy spread offense.

    Dykes arrives at Louisiana Tech after spending the last three years as Arizona’s offensive coordinator under head coach Mike Stoops.

    In 2007 he overhauled one of the nation’s most anemic offenses — the Wildcats ranked 105th in the nation in scoring and 115th in total offense prior to Dykes’ arrival. The next season Arizona ranked 10th in the nation in passing at 308.5 yards per game.

    Dykes is a proponent of the spread offense, having spent seven seasons at Texas Tech — first as a wide receivers coach, then as a co-offensive coordinator — under former head coach Mike Leach. Texas Tech’s offense was one of the most potent in the country when Dykes was calling the plays.

  147. Garret January 22, 2010 9:34 pm

    Dykes wants to make it clear that they will be running Texas Tech’s offense but he’s not Leach.

    Dykes said his offense at Louisiana Tech will be a little bit like the ones he orchestrated at Texas Tech, but “maybe without all the fourth-down gambles, and going for it from our own 20, and hopefully putting guys in closets and that type of thing,” in reference to an episode that led to Leach’s recent firing.

  148. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc January 22, 2010 9:35 pm

    Still trying to deal with a major trauna – came home from work “early” around 5 pm this afternoon to change clothes to go work out and discovered that Saturn The Dog had died sometime during the day. Although he’d been diagnosed with lymphoma in late October, 2008, he never really came down with major symptoms. Even this morning, he bounced around the yard and could hardly wait to go for his walk with DrDoc. Seems hard to believe that he’s gone.

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT: I know there used to be an IMAX Theatre in Waikiki, but where is its current location? We would like to go see AVATAR but have no idea where it’s currently playing either in a regular theatre or on the big screen.

    Other than the Hawai`i International Film Festival, we don’t go to movies anymore although back in the day – until 2004- I used to go to three to five movies a week. Then work & more work sucked out both my free time and my extra $$$; I don’t think I’ve seen more than five movies in the past five years.

  149. Garret January 22, 2010 9:36 pm

    Maybe Dykes can salvage La Tech’s recruiting class…23 commits who didn’t have a coach for awhile.

    In addition to getting to know his current players, Dykes is also focused on retaining all of Tech’s 23 verbally committed 2010 recruits, who had been wondering who their future coach would be since Derek Dooley departed for Tennessee on Friday.

  150. Garret January 22, 2010 9:37 pm


    Condolences to you and Dr. Doc about Saturn…

  151. Garret January 22, 2010 9:38 pm

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    Tiny new sensor could provide a cheap way to treat and combat diabetes and other diseases. The early results include being able to monitor diabetics’ glucose levels via their breath (no need draw blood from their finger!) and detect breast cancer early through saliva (far earlier than a mammogram could find the cancer). The sensors can be mass produced inexpensively because the technology is already used for making chips in cell phones and other devices.

  152. Garret January 22, 2010 9:38 pm

    15-day-old baby was found alive under a crumbled house in Haiti after spending 8 days (more than half her life!) without food or water after the earthquake.

  153. Garret January 22, 2010 9:39 pm

    Korean scientists have created a domestic robot that cleans up, does the laundry, and even heats food in the microwave.

  154. Garret January 22, 2010 9:40 pm

    Scientists have been growing pig stem cells have been grown into meat since 2006 and say that it could offer a green alternative to raising livestock and help the world hunger problem. For example, one pig could have its stem cells used to create the meat of a million pigs, and they could actually produce hamburgers that *prevent* heart attacks instead of causing them.

  155. Garret January 22, 2010 9:41 pm

    I cannot imagine how this man felt when his wife died as he held her hand while she was in labor…and then he saw the doctors deliver his baby by C-section and the newborn boy was limp with the barest murmur of a heartbeat. Then, a few minutes later the doctors were able to revive his son…and his wife unexpectedly came back to life after having no heartbeat for 4 minutes!

  156. Garret January 22, 2010 9:41 pm

    Free play links pau.

  157. al January 22, 2010 9:46 pm

    wdoc….sorry to hear about saturn. losing one’s dog is no different than losing any family member.

  158. jm2375 January 22, 2010 9:55 pm

    Wdoc – condolences to you and Dr. Doc on your loss. Losing a family member is always difficult.

    IMAX is at Dole Cannery. $5 surcharge per tix (I think, we paid $15 for a late night show). Not a huge screen, like the one at Polynesian Cultural Center, but a normal size movie screen.

  159. al January 22, 2010 9:56 pm

    i hope gigi is still lurking….


    January 22nd, 2010 at 9:39 pm
    Korean scientists have created a domestic robot that cleans up, does the laundry, and even heats food in the microwave.

    she would first be proud that a korean and not a japanese invited this first.

    and then she’d make sure that hubby bought her one.

  160. BG January 22, 2010 10:03 pm


    Please contact me


  161. BG January 22, 2010 10:08 pm

    W-Doc and DrDoc

    Betty and I send our sympathies. Even when you think you’re prepared, it still hits hard.

    This year has already started off with difficulties for many.

    BG and Betty

  162. Momona January 22, 2010 10:32 pm

    #145 – Liz Chun resigned from the station. She had been out on leave with a family illness since December. That’s the reason why we saw more of Mike Cherry and Brooks Baehr.

  163. Bulla January 22, 2010 10:35 pm

    To the Docs….

    i am so sorry, never a good time………………

  164. Bulla January 22, 2010 10:43 pm


    thanks for the info

  165. Kekoa January 22, 2010 10:59 pm

    BHF2 will be devastated by the news of Liz Chun leaving Ch 9. The only way to console him would be to have him do the interview for her replacement.

  166. Kekoa January 22, 2010 11:04 pm

    W/Doc ~ Sorry for the loss of your companion. Saturn lived a sheltered life with owners who truly were concerned for his health.

    Remember…“All Dogs go to Heaven”

  167. Bulla January 22, 2010 11:18 pm


    that’s funny

  168. Kekoa January 22, 2010 11:39 pm

    Bulla ~ You should have seen him on Maui last April when we followed the team over for the exhibition game at Memorial Stadium.

    As soon as Liz Chun showed her face, BHF2 turned on the charm! He almost fell out of the bleachers as he tried to put her under his spell. Liz played him like a fiddle…and left him breathless! What a Tsaiko!

  169. Bulla January 23, 2010 12:03 am


    i hope it all works out for her, life is too short, as we all know and are reminded of it every day :0)

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