Warriors-Gauchos rewind

Really thought it was headed to five and it seemed Hawaii had the momentum. But a couple of key hitting errors and you could see the doubt creep in

Some stats

Warriors 132 in Set 4, most of the errors late 13-8-38. 10 blocks, 42 digs 12 by Ramos. 4 aces, 17 SEs

In Set 4, 1 aces, 3 SEs. 2.5 blocks, 12 digs

Sedore 15-7-38 but 4-3-11 in Set 4

Averill 5-1-9 (2-1-5 set 4). marks 12-4-22 (3-1-6), Zarkovic (14-5-37 (4-2-11), West 4-1-8 (2-0-4), Holt 2-1-6 in 2 sets.

overall 4 aces, 17 SEs, 42 digs, 10 blocks

for UCSB overall 50-17-118,. 6.5 blocks, 44 digs, 5 aces, 15 SEs.

Set 4     13-4-32,2 blocks 2 aces, 3 SE, 14 digs

Evans 14-6-34, no kills in Set 4

Licht 12-7-39, 4 kills in Set 4.


  1. Cindy Luis March 29, 2013 9:15 pm

    This was a very winnable match for them. Didn’t think UCSB played that well but definitely better than the Warriors when it counted. Their defense was probably the best thing going for them, Licht with 11 digs,
    Did think Ramos got predictable. The middles did well when the passing was on. Also liked what Kanetake was able to bring to the court.
    What Hawaii definitely needs to do is sweep Saturday to have the tiebreaker on UCSB if it comes to that
    At the moment UCSB and CSUN tied for 7th at 9-10. and the Matadors have the tiebreak on the Warriors.
    You knew it was going to be a tough road to make it to the playoffs. They have the potential to go 3-0 but it might not be enough. Three wins puts them at 11-13.
    Hawaii HAS to win Saturday, IMHO
    As mentioned before UCSB finishes at Cal Baptist, host BYU, USC, Pepperdine. If they go 1-3 (just a guess), Gauchos would finish 10-14 (that is if they lose to UH Saturday
    And then you look at Stanford 9-9 at the moment. My guess is they go either 1-5 or 2-4. They could easily be 10-14 or 11-13.

  2. Cindy Luis March 29, 2013 9:18 pm

    In case Stanford and UH were to tie, the Cardinal has the tiebreaker based on points. Both matches went 5 but Stanford scored 224 to Hawaii’s 221.

  3. volleyball fan March 29, 2013 9:41 pm

    Cindy, I don’t predict a tiebreaker with Stanford. As for UCSB, after playing Hawaii on Saturday, UCSB will have one road match and three home matches remaining, and the teams will be BYU, USC and Pepperdine. It is likely that BYU will beat UCSB, and it is likely that UCSB will beat USC. As for Riverside, it’s a tossup. So the balance of the scale rests on Riverside and Pepperdine. UCSB already lost 3-0 at Pepperdine so the team will be seeking revenge. Seems like Hawaii must win the next three matches to reach 11-13 and UCSB must lose four more matches to end the season at 10-14. Tough call, not highly probable, so it seems more likely that UCSB will make the playoffs even if Hawaii wins tomorrow as I don’t see Hawaii beating UCSB in three sets so UCSB will win the tiebreaker. We just have to accept it and move on.

  4. rayson March 29, 2013 11:00 pm

    The Warrior’s horrible serving gave those first two sets away. Despite that they still could have won.

    PREDICTABLE SETTING and a bunch hitting mistakes is what ultimately killed them tonight. Spread out the damn offense.

    Honestly, if the Warriors continue to underperform like they have been this past month, then what difference does it make who has tiebreak over whom.

  5. turfwar March 30, 2013 1:03 am

    Thought the more experienced Gauchos just played steady and they were the best passing team to come to the arena this year. After the first set the Warriors were bombing their serves but Gauchos handled Hawaii’s serving better than Pepperdine, USC, and even Stanford and UCLA. Give them credit they made the plays in the end. Warriors just need to start better and not get down early in matches. Once they get heated they can play with a lot of teams. Don’t think many teams will want to face the Warriors and their serve game over the next 2 seasons. Would like to see Wade have these guys come out more fired up but enjoyed the match tonight. Had to be one of their better serving nites and Nick West needs to start already. Loved the play of Austin Kingi. He’s solid in every part of the game. Cindy, any idea what happened to 6’8″ setter Jonah Seif. Left the floor with trainers after the first set. Why would anybody fire Wade now. By next year the pin hitters on this team will be among the best in the MPSF and Nick and Averill will finally provide an experienced middle returning. Too bad we lost Magorien after he had originally committed to UH. Thought he was maybe the best setter to play in the Stanley this year. But I like Joby. Clean up his location and he will not give up the starting position easily next year.

  6. Robin March 30, 2013 4:43 am

    If Hawaii doesn’t make the MPSF playoffs, it won’t be due to an opportunistic late season schedule…right now they are 0-5 (0-3 at home) against teams right above them, namely Northridge, Cal Baptist, and Santa Barbara.

  7. wop ur jaws March 30, 2013 12:09 pm

    they (UH) cannot keep focus when it is needed. Impatient, self gratifying plays will not futher them. Too much attitude at the net for me. I say slow it down when the rallies get long and hit the shot the block gives you. UCSB hitters were smart enough to know, when the block does one thing, you hit another way. Beach rolls, high hands, swipe fingers, angle of small right side blocker etc…. that’s what the did all night long.

  8. Cindy Luis March 30, 2013 1:26 pm

    VF, just throwing out the mathematics of it all. As mentioned in 1. response IF UCSB and Hawaii were to end up tied and UH were to sweep tonight, then that’s the tiebreaker in erms of sets. Agree Stanford would have to have a total collapse to end up tied with UH but if that were to happen, the Cardinal have the tiebreak on points.
    As for Jonah Self … not sure. someone had mentioned a potential stomach problem.
    WUJ, agree that UCSB hitters were smarter than UH at times, particularly the tip shots instead of trying to hit through the block. but UH did tool well at times and some nice cut/angle shots. The Gauchos just had more.
    Personally, I think that the Warriors started thinking about it going 5 instead of focusing on finishing out Set 4. We all know how they can get stuck in bad rotations and give up runs of points.

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