USD-Hawaii rewind

Let me get this  started and then I’ll be back with some stats.

The problem with the start of Set 5

Shoji turned in the lineup card. the wrong player went out on the court. It wasn’t caught

It is the ref’s responsibility to check the lineup before he blows the whistle. I couldn’t hear it but it sounded like Shoji comment to the ref was that the official scorer signed off on the lineup that was on the court so that the point should count (which was a kill by Hartong) and play continue.

Shoji told me  he takes the responsibility for what happened. that ultimately it is on him. but he does believe it was the wrong call.


  1. Warriorfan September 1, 2013 9:29 pm

    Shame on the ref Hiranaka for making that call at that point.

  2. manu September 1, 2013 9:33 pm

    I agree that the substitution mix-up should have been on the officials and not Dave. And I don’t agree that the point was given to SD. If anything, a replay should have been in order for the point.

    Dave just knew better to argue with the ref.

  3. jmy September 1, 2013 9:35 pm

    Unfortunate call, but I don’t think that it was the reason for the loss…USD played very well and are probably underrated…I said it on the previous thread…USD got better as the tournament progressed & really deserved to win tonight…Even after the first set, I kind of felt like they would pull it out (and don’t say that I jinxed UH!)…To me, it just seemed like UH was playing uphill all night…

  4. Dedicatedfan September 1, 2013 9:38 pm

    Never liked Hiranaka, all the close calls he has made throughout the years, has always gone against the Wahine. Wish Dave could find a way to ban him from refereeing any Wahine matches. Also, wish Diana Hansen would have been refereeing this match. By the way, who was the Up Ref., first time I have seen him.

  5. AdmrVt September 1, 2013 9:39 pm

    jmy – that’s a 2 point swing, and a loss of any momentum. It shifted to SD, and that was the set & match.

    How long has Hironaka been a referee? He swallowed his whistle. In the end, a referee makes no mistakes; they are always right — even when they are wrong.

  6. LanaiBoy September 1, 2013 9:39 pm

    I will look forward to see how San Diego does against some great competition next week. If the team does well, as I think it will, the loss will not be seen in a bad light. The team meets Illinois, Iowa State, and USC. If San Diego actually beats USC, I think it will deserve an top 15 ranking or even top ten if it sweeps the three teams.

    Thank you Cindy, for deciding to ban Dedicatedfan. Stephen Tsai used to always joke that he/she was not taking his meds, thus his obsessive/compulsive ways. And yes, the ALL CAPS were too much!

  7. manu September 1, 2013 9:41 pm

    don’t recall seeing the podium ref either. but one thing for sure…he was consistent on certain questionable calls.

  8. jmy September 1, 2013 9:41 pm

    6, I think that USD had the momentum…Yes, they lost the 4th set, but they closed a huge gap & almost stole it from UH…

  9. Alohilani September 1, 2013 9:46 pm

    What ban – DF is no. 4 or am I seeing things. He will start ranting about Hiranaka for a while.

  10. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 9:48 pm

    a ban does not take place immediately. it has to go through some channels. All I can at the moment is delete

  11. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 9:51 pm

    4. DF, Shoji has no control over who is assigned to the match.
    BTW, her name is Denice, not Diana.
    the box doesn’t have the officials names otherwise I’d give them to you.
    Bottom line is UH should have closed out Set 2 then doubt it if would have gone more than 3. You saw how Hawaii coming back to beat Texas in Set 3 took the momentum away from the Longhorns in Set 4.

  12. Msrpantoja1@Huh.'A'loha September 1, 2013 9:52 pm

    They might have to go with a 6-2..

    IF Mita can’t pull herself (and consequently the team) out of her ‘funk’..cause she aint getting any love from Robyn in the way of a gentle reminder, then:

    OH1- Hartong
    OH2- Kastl

    MB1- Kalei
    MB2- ?

    Setters- Mita, Tayler
    OPPs- Olevao, Goodman

    Nikki is more than a great sub off of the bench at LS or RS.
    Mendoza is that “pure” passer that could enter if needed.

    The Libero2 SHOULD be just that..a back up to Longo. She’s a froshman for goodness sakes!
    Lelepali is no more a DS than she was last year. I had hoped that she would’ve improved, but I guess it’s all bout “fun”.

  13. Maverick September 1, 2013 9:53 pm

    10. It is unfortunate that it has come to a ban, given the poster in question was generally behaving this weekend until the loss unleashed a lot of vitriol. I don’t envy your job but I do appreciate your efforts. Aloha from Vegas

  14. setaone September 1, 2013 9:55 pm

    So what is the bigger surprise? The win versus Texas or the loss to San Diego?

    If only Kastl had started stronger. I think if she (or Long) could have been a little more consistent in the second game things would have been different.

    Where did I miss DF being banned? And I’m curious how it happens behind the scene.

  15. manu September 1, 2013 9:57 pm

    Hi Cindy. Got the match complete stats yet? Kind’a curious about something.

  16. Warriorfan September 1, 2013 9:57 pm

    I hope San Diego beats USC, but if they do, what a shame that a win that would have helped the RPI tremendously escaped the wahine. oh well.

  17. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 9:58 pm

    anyway, some quick stats because they’re about to turn out the lights in the arena and I need to go home
    UH hit 286 for th match, over 400 in the sets they won. .190 in Set 5 9-2-21
    USC hit 257. 214 in set 5 10-4-28
    USD with 75 digs, 25 bo Oliveira, 15 by Hollins, 12 by Lozic
    UH with 77 digs, 25 by Longo, 12 by Hartong 11 by Uiato
    Hartong 30-5-59. 424. that was three off her career high. Vorster 10-1-20. Taylor 9-6-29. Adolpho 7-2-17, Kastl 5-4-21, Long 1-0-11, Goodman 1-0-2, Tuaniga 1-0-1.
    USD Lozic 22-6-54, Brown 14-5-34, Ferrari 11-2-22, Hoekman 13-2-27.
    Both teams 4 aces, 6 SEs.
    UH outblocked 10-6.

  18. Maverick September 1, 2013 9:58 pm

    15. I think the win versus Texas. No one really anticipated Taylor’s RS performance, or how impactful Olevao was, or how smooth and focused the team played. Not as surprised by a letdown loss to a team that took Texas to 5. But that doesn’t make the loss sting any less. Onward…

  19. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 10:00 pm

    well gotta get out of here. May or may not be on until tomorrow.
    Hope everyone enjoys their holiday Monday.

  20. Maverick September 1, 2013 10:01 pm

    17. The win has the same impact on UH’s RPI as any other UH victory. However, a SD victory over USC helps Uh’s RPI regardless of whether UH beat SD.

  21. haleiwacrossfitter September 1, 2013 10:02 pm

    15. I actually think the win over Texas is more of a surprise because San Diego is a good team and, I personally, before the season started was hoping we would not be 1-2 after this weekend. I remember a few years ago when they took us to 5 as well. They got a great coach and a great team. I had a really weird feeling about this team.

    I also hope we can get out of next weekend going 3-0. NMSU will be tough just because their coach knows us so well and will get his team fired up for us. Santa Clara always has the potential to be scary. Same conference as San Diego. And UCLA, well, they are UCLA and Mike knows how Dave thinks and coaches. It’s going to be another tough weekend coming up.

  22. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 10:03 pm

    Manu, what did you need to know? box not up on UH website yet but it should be
    the Live stats link has the comprehensive stats should answer questions

  23. manu September 1, 2013 10:07 pm

    Yup. found it after I posted. Thanks. Enjoy your day off….

  24. Warriorfan September 1, 2013 10:11 pm

    21. true but the committee looks at quality wins,, top 25 rpi wins, and this is one that escaped them.

    Only bright side Emily and Jade continue to play well but Jade needs to work on her blocking.

  25. Maverick September 1, 2013 10:18 pm

    26. I was responding to your comment about a quality win’s impact on the RPI, not the other factors that the NCAA committee is looking at. But I agree that when the subjective part of seeding takes place, these other factors may play a role and UH missed an opportunity tonite.

  26. volleyball fan September 1, 2013 10:19 pm

    Well, I thought I was going to bed, but I’m still up to watch the news. As for Dedicated Fan, I may not agree with everything he says, but he is interesting and entertaining and I wouldn’t go so far to ban him. Let him gripe and complain. At least he doesn’t use profanity. If you folks are tired of him, just skip his blogs.

  27. Alohilani September 1, 2013 10:20 pm

    Not sure if Jade played well all night. She kind of tapered off. One thing I am puzzled about is why do our hitters always hit INTO the block as opposed to hitting off the block like the SD players did. UH players have a habit of hitting into the block. I remeMber Danielson did that against Penn state, Emily did it tonight, Jane did it last year. Is it the position of where they are receiving the ball that they have no choice but to hit INTO the block? Hope someone has an answer because that puzzles me.

  28. rayson September 1, 2013 10:31 pm

    Got to give credit to San Diego. They played like a machine. They were relentless and they just kept coming at the Wahine.

    The lineup mixup at the start of the 5th or whether Tai would have made a difference doesn’t mattet . They’re just excuses. The fact is the Wahine losss to good team that was playing exceptionally well and there’s no shame in that.

  29. Dedicatedfan September 1, 2013 10:31 pm

    Cindy, I guess you do not believe in Team Chemistry, being a factor, in a match, game, or whatever. Especially, coming from someone who has played in Team sports, and I consider canoeing a team sport.

  30. Dedicatedfan September 1, 2013 10:42 pm

    Here’s a question for all of you. Do you think Texas could have beaten USD without one of it’s main players?

    The Wahine played USD with literally one hand tied behind their back.

    What I say tonight is, there is a BIG difference between the 1st unit and the 2nd unit. Everything, that was said before, of how close the 1st and 2nd unit were, was very much misleading. It was proven tonight. Did not expect this much of a drop off, between the 2 units.

    If anyone, Hartong, Uiato, Adolpho, Vorster, Taylor, Longo, and Olevao, ever got hurt, the Wahine are in trouble. It was proven tonight. Take one of those players out, and the Wahine are in trouble, against the Top Teams. As an intact unit, they can beat anyone.

  31. cocobean September 1, 2013 10:46 pm

    Heads up.

    SOMEONE is going to rant on for some days to come. This is only the beginning. Just hope he doesn’t conjure up other identities to agree with himself. He’s done it before.

  32. Dedicatedfan September 1, 2013 10:48 pm

    Hartong, Uiato, Longo, Adolpho, Vorster, Taylor, and Olevao, as an intact unit, I believe can challenge for the National Championship. Take one of those players out, due to injury, and they will not get past the 2nd round. More importantly, take either Hartong, Uiato, or Longo, out due to injury, they will not make the NCAA Tournament.

  33. Alohilani September 1, 2013 10:54 pm

    DF, how do you explain the team winning without Croson last year? Secondly, last night you were obsessively concerned with Cindy because she was not responding to you, tonight you are attacking her. I detect a pattern here. You were nice about the Wahines when they were winning. As soon as they lose, you rant and rant and rant and well, you get the picture.

  34. mauna September 1, 2013 11:07 pm

    Cindy, about Annie Mitchem. Your source of this information, are you ok with revealing where, and by whom. Just wondering if its from TP.

  35. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 11:09 pm

    I co not canoe. I a paddle. since it’s 6-person or in the case of the Na Wahine O Ke Kai 9-12 person, yes it is a team sport

  36. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 11:17 pm

    UH does a lot of tooling so I don’t see that they are only hitting into the block.
    but Taylor is still learning that she can’t power it through like she did in high school.
    as for Hartong, she got blocked a couple of time on a predictable set by a double team. It became apparent that no one else was able to do much tonight to camping on Hartong was an easy decision by USD.
    The Toreros should be given a lot of credit. That they nearly beat Texas, probably should have, should have said something coming in. Although I’m still not sure how good Texas is. Elliott knows it’s not the team from last year, which he said had really good chemistry. even one person gone can change that.

  37. jmy September 1, 2013 11:17 pm

    Looking at the stats, it’s hard to believe that UH outdug USD…

  38. cocobean September 1, 2013 11:19 pm

    “I am starting to make sense now, ok.” What do you mean by that. Were you looking in the mirror when you said I am one track minded. You have been stuck on one thought for a whiles.

  39. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 11:20 pm

    you don’t know that USD won’t end up with a Top 25 RPI. the committee looks at quality losses too.

  40. vballfreak808 September 1, 2013 11:22 pm

    Why is Mitchem coming up again? Did I miss something?

  41. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 11:22 pm

    a dig doesn’t mean a point. now whether the setter was able to turn it into a hittable ball is another question.

  42. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 11:27 pm

    The Wahine planned for her absence. it wasn’t 1st unit vs. second unit. it was one player who wasn’t didn’t play the whole match against Texas either.

  43. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 11:30 pm

    41. someone asked where Mendoza came from. it was mentioned IVC and I said it appeared that Mithcem, who is at IVC, likely will be coming to UH after getting her AA. a funny story for me to tell y’all later if it happens.

  44. Cindy Luis September 1, 2013 11:35 pm

    Don’t know what he thought of the locker room but Carlos Briceno got a tour from Charlie Wade of the men’s locker room after tonight’s match. Carlos, as mentioned, being her to watch his step-daughter, Bonomi USD’s setter, play. Thought she played very well, too.
    Anyway, I had a long chat with Briceno yesterday. Discussed the Klum Gym days vs. what the teams have now. The struggles for the men dividing 4.5 scholarships, his own struggle coming from a single-parent household with not a lot of money. He said he would have enjoyed playing now in the arena but has no regrets over his experiences of playing here when he did.

  45. Dedicatedfan September 1, 2013 11:50 pm

    It happened a few years back with the Wahine Libero got hurt prior to the NCAA Tournament, also, with Hewitt, when she sat with due to her back. But those health issues cannot be helped. But both times the Wahine struggled, due to a break in Chemistry. Even last year, when Jane sat, due to a suspension, they struggled. But in Jane’s case, she was only thinking about herself, Not the TEAM. CHEMISTRY, is a BIG thing, when it comes to Team Sports.

  46. Dedicatedfan September 1, 2013 11:52 pm

    Cindy, I am guessing, since you deleted my entries, you do not believe what the Texas HC, says when it comes to Team Chemistry. Thinking, you believe there is an “I”, in the word, “TEAM”.

  47. Dedicatedfan September 1, 2013 11:56 pm

    Texas HC Elliot, is a true believer in Team Chemistry, which he said his team had last year. Missing one player from that Team Chemistry, can change that Chemistry. I am not saying it, the Texas HC is saying it.

  48. Dedicatedfan September 1, 2013 11:57 pm

    By deleting my post, you are just saying you disagree with the Texas HC, when it comes to Team Chemistry.

  49. cocobean September 2, 2013 12:12 am

    DF. Do you think Tai would have accepted a scholarship if Shoji insisted she play on Sundays?

    What are the odds she would have gone to BYU or BYUH if her scholarship here depended on her playing on Sundays.

  50. Cindy Luis September 2, 2013 12:22 am

    DF, you were not with me when I spoke with Jerritt.
    just stop already with the obsession over team chemistry.
    you have made your point

  51. Dedicatedfan September 2, 2013 12:35 am

    Ok, as long as you know where I am coming from Cindy. Did not think you did, earlier.

  52. Dedicatedfan September 2, 2013 12:39 am

    I just want to say, with that unit that beat Texas. I strongly believe that unit, including substitution pattern, can win a National Championship, this year.

  53. Cindy Luis September 2, 2013 12:54 am

    I deleted some posts that were basically duplications.
    you have made your point. please move on because changing wording to covertly malign someone isn’t going to fly either.

  54. Dedicatedfan September 2, 2013 1:12 am

    Just curious, Cindy, why did you delete my post about that Libero that got hurt just before the NCAA tournament, and Hewitt, not being able to play some matches due to her back? Thought that was a good post. Having people remember what happens to the Wahine when a starter does not play in a match. Wish you could put that post back up. I am thinking people have short memories, here.

  55. Dedicatedfan September 2, 2013 1:20 am

    I am hoping the Wahine will meet USD again in the NCAA Tournament. Cause I strongly feel it will not be a close match. I see the Wahine winning in 3 straight sets.

  56. Hot September 2, 2013 2:39 am

    Did Kyra Goodman really play?

  57. Beauston September 2, 2013 3:04 am

    57- no she did not play.
    While the girls are taking the day off today, get all your angst now about the game last night because when they go back to practice tomorrow it will be almost a rebuilding of team character. After suffering their hard fought loss last night, Im confident the team will take this one to heart.
    I am confident that they will have a 3-0 weekend this weekend. UCLA is beatable. Santa Clara is good but as long as Wahine stick to the plan and Shoji give his line up more credit, they will win. NMSU losses Hayes this year so they are basically the best WAC has to offer, something this team is very familiar with.
    They win all matches this weekend. Something I could not have confidently say about the last weekend.

  58. Hot September 2, 2013 3:30 am

    Box score has her name, as do the stat section of

  59. LC September 2, 2013 4:25 am

    In watching the replay I learned that Tai was in the match, she was the libero for San Diego according to Jim Leahey 🙂

  60. John September 2, 2013 4:43 am

    That`s funny! I also heard Leahy say Ferrel was playing against Texas when it was Nikki Taylor.

    A heartbreaking loss and a bitter pill to swallow but I`m sure the girls will bounce back and be better next tournament. They`ll take what they`ve learned and fix the things that need to be done and be better prepared. I`m sure it hurts them more and will use the loss as motivation to improve.

  61. LC September 2, 2013 6:34 am

    Respect Tai’s decision and leave it be .I believe there is only one more Sunday match anyway.

  62. Kazu September 2, 2013 7:02 am

    Is this team really good as people think they are? I know its early in the season,and good teams does have their ups,and down,but from what i saw last night you wonder.Like to see Mendoza in there more. I thought Long would be a surprise,but she never showed it.I think within the next two weeks they will drop cpl more matches. I thought if they had won out this weekend they would be ranked 8 or 9,but now i think they will remain at 11.

  63. Think2Much September 2, 2013 7:19 am

    Any loss by the Wahine is difficult to accept but more so when you’ve just beaten the bigger, veteran laden no. 1 team in the country and you have visions of an unbeaten season and going all the way to the national championship. While the stats will not reflect this, it seemed that SD was outplaying UH in many phases such as blocking, digging and hitting. They seemed to have more energy and better quickness. Hartong was blocked many times, one point three times in a row. So was Kastl. So why was the SD hitters able to get through the blocks so easily (it appears), and UH so easily blocked? Is it technique, angles, or what? And in most situations, UH was bigger than SD.

  64. Ron September 2, 2013 7:25 am

    The difference between the Texas match and the SD match was the setting. After Mita went down her setting was just a little off and her selection was too predictable. This is correctable . Nikki will get better all season long and when it counts she will be a force.

  65. Sharene September 2, 2013 8:03 am

    DF…this is Cindy’s blog so allow her the privilege of maintaining an energetic decision. Everyone has a right to their own point of view and decision. You are not going to make yourself heard or become more right by hammering your opinions down our throats.

    We need to respect the choices that our girls make whether they be on the floor or at home. We need to allow them the right to grow up with their own beliefs, values, and morals. They are college students and that is part of their education. We also have to allow them to make mistakes as that is how they will grow. This is preseason. They are still learning…it’s called, school.

  66. RedZone September 2, 2013 9:00 am

    SD was just the better team this time around. I was worried before the match. I knew that this team would be tough. They had 77 kills and 10 blocks against Texas. They play lights out defense. Their digging and passing was amazing to watch. They have 4 players who hit in double figures. When one player goes into a funk the other players pick it up. These kinds of teams will always worry me. They can beat anyone.

  67. Maverick September 2, 2013 9:11 am

    Hawaii at #9, SD at 14, Texas at 6 and penn st is new #1

  68. Cindy Luis September 2, 2013 9:11 am

    No Kyra Goodman did not play. she is redshirting, along with Passi.

  69. Cindy Luis September 2, 2013 9:14 am

    sorry but once it’s deleted it is gone.
    as was your reference to Steve Young.
    IMHO there is a difference when your job requires you to play on Sundays.
    DF, enough on the religious choices.

  70. Cindy Luis September 2, 2013 9:22 am

    67. thanks was in the process of creating a new thread. And posting on our website under ‘breaking news’

  71. RedZone September 2, 2013 9:36 am

    I won’t blame the ref. There is a reason why we have a coaching staff. They should have made sure that the right players were on the court. That is their job. It is something that they need to correct now. Good that it happened early on. I wonder if this would have happened if we still had Kari?

  72. Cubicle1126 September 2, 2013 10:07 am

    hawaii is 2-1 after the opening weekend, but with a win (against texas) and loss (to san diego) that i thought would be reversed.

    better to get this loss out of the way early, so they can see what their weaknesses are, and then work their asses off to fortify things.

    no one knows what seeding implications this will have until the rest of the season plays out, and we see how the rpi falls.

    the silver lining … if we can glean one? hartong can will this team to a 5th set nearly single-handedly, even when all the other offensive options are non-existent. i don’t think all the hitters going cold — except for hartong — will happen like that again.

  73. Cindy Luis September 2, 2013 10:21 am

    71. Where the heck did that come from, especially the comment about Kari?
    The wrong player went out on the court.
    The down ref is supposed to check the lineup handed to him before play starts. That was not done.
    Shoji has said he is taking full responsibility.
    Do you really think that it is something that needs to be corrected now?
    Been covering this team since 81. Have never seen it happen.
    The only thing that comes comes close, and it likely cost USC the national championship against Hawaii in 82
    Hawaii 0-2 and losing Game 3. USC called for being out of rotation in the middle of the game, believe it erased 3 points. UH wins in 5.

  74. steve September 2, 2013 10:44 am

    The Wahines are good but not great. They were outdug and outhit by San Diego last night.

    Their defense against the step out move was terrible and when is Jade Vorster gonna hit a ball flush and hard. Most of the time it looks like she makes partial contact with the ball and is lucky when it falls in. It’s too bad because at 6’4″ she could be a real force in the middle but instead can’t be relied upon to put the ball down. I would have thought she would have improved from last year but I see the same faulty hitting stroke.
    I’m not picking on her though, no one played particularly well and too many balls dropped in. Someone besides Hartong has to be a terminator or they will never make it to the finals.

  75. Dedicatedfan September 2, 2013 12:02 pm

    74. I agree with you about Vorster. Last year, many of us thought her hitting was due to set location being to low, by Uiato. But this year it is not proving to be so. Uiato is setting her quite well, and she is still hitting ball like you have mentioned. With the sets, Uiato, is giving her this year, she should be putting the ball straight down with authority, but she is NOT.

    Kastl will never be the 2nd terminator, cause she only has one shot, cross court, trying to overpower the blockers. That would only be accomplish maybe 10% of the time. The other times, the ball will be blocked right back into her. Which happened numerous times last night. She never tries to go high hands, or even down the line.

  76. Dedicatedfan September 2, 2013 12:06 pm

    72. Cubicle, for once I totally agree with you.

  77. LanaiBoy September 2, 2013 1:43 pm

    By the way, one of the most common statements this year is that Ginger Long is undersized and the same is true for Keani Passi. Notice that Sandra Lozic of San Diego, the Serbian outside hitter, is listed as 5 feet nine inches tall. She had 22 kills last night.

    Cindy Luis has always disagreed with the assessment that Uiato and Vorster had timing and connection problems last year in general and specifically last night. She claims that Vorster just jumps too early and it is something that she has to correct. Whoever’s right doesn’t matter. It needs to be corrected. Her soft hits went down against Texas and UTEP. It did not fall at all against the scrappy San Diego defense. It just got returned and converted to scores. Not all balls can be blasted, especially with out-of-system plays, but Vorster has shown she can hit the ball sharply and effectively when the timing is right.

  78. Cindy Luis September 2, 2013 3:48 pm

    34. no, not ready to reveal the source. but it will make for a funny story if it happens.

  79. Cindy Luis September 2, 2013 3:53 pm

    77. LB, Lozic tooled the block very efficiently.
    don’t remember mentioning a timing issue with Vorster and Uiato last night. said that they had been working on their timing from last season and that it was looking better in practice.
    Agree that the USD defense covered well.

  80. Cubicle1126 September 3, 2013 8:21 pm

    dedicatedfan — if only you would just agreed with me or see it my way every time … then i promise you, that you’d be a way less stressed out fan … 😉

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