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sorry for not getting on sooner. last night had power outages and had commitments Sunday until now.

Wanted to address some of the comments from the other thread so here goes. You might need to go back to the other thread for some of the questions and comments

Saturday scrimmage live blog

regarding stats. Maglio switched with Mitchem for Set 3 so you’ll see their names show up twice. The Green team didn’t have a second middle. whoever the solo middle was played the entire game there but did rotate out for serving sometimes with Koelsch in the front row. so Koelsch’s options a little limited but she did well considering she had three hitters and three DSs and one middle

Green coached by Ah Mow-Santos
Granato 6-5-28, 8 digs,1 BA. Huff 12-3-36, 6 digs, 2 BA. Mitchem 6-3-13, 3 BA. Castillo 6-6-22, 6 digs, 1 BA. Maglio 4-0-6, 2 BA. Koelsch 2-1-5, 30 assists, 7 digs, 1 BA. Ponce 1-0-1, 1 ace, 1 dig. Guinasso 2 assists, 1 ace, 5 digs. Anderson 1 assist, 8 digs.
White coached by Hall
Higgins 1-1-5, 39 assists, 2 aces, 6 digs; 2 BA; Mitchem 2-1-7, 1 BS, 1 BA; Magill 10-1-18, 1 BS, 2 BA; Manu-Olevao 5-3-21, 1 ace, 16 digs; Greeley 10-2-25, 1 ace, 8 digs. Taylor 12-2-25, 1 digs, 1 BS, 2 BA; Kahakai 1 ace, 14 digs; Maglio 3-0-6, 3 BA.

breakdowns by set in a 21-25, 25-8, 26-24 win by the White
Green Set 1 17-5-39, Set 2 6-9-28, Set 3 14-4-44
White Set 1 12-4-34 Set 2 13-0-24, Set 3 18-6-49

On to questions
23. Huff did jump serve but it’s more of a jump float She only served 10 times, 1 SE
25 Higgins’ connection with Magill has improved, because both players have worked on their communication and timing. Magill still jumps early and, to quote the coaches, is not that easy to set but She got up early, came down on the ball. the one hitting error was on tight to the net (think an overpass) and she netted on the attack.

27 disagree with calling them favorites. He said that the veterans had the edge and that was who made up the A side. And when A lost the first set, he kept them together to see how they’d respond. They opened up a 4-0 lead and it was never close and it was quick.

Set 3 he did switch Maglio with Mitchem and a couple of the DS switched briefly to serve on the B side. Mitchem only served once and that was in Set 3.

29 Mauna agree with your assessment. Mitchem has had all of 6 practices and the scrimmage. She said herself she wasn’t ready and had a lot of work to do. And it will be interesting how she reacts to a big crowd. she said crowds at IVC were nonexistent and even the 100 or so Saturday she thought was large.

I think they are a work in progress.
33. Last season the offense was supposed to be built around Taylor but her injury changed that. not that she is healthy then it is looking to go back to that.

40. don’t know if it ‘sounds like Huff and Mitchem first off the bench.’ Huff has really improved and can be a threat. She is moving much better and is looking like a volleyball player. Again, Mitchem needs time to get up to speed but I think both will see more playing time as the season progresses.

43. hardly see what Punahou has to do with this. Granato and Anderson also are out of Punahou.

47. Higgins in her first year as the starting setter did have trouble with higher sets and the issue was more with Magill, also a first year player. Wasn’t always Higgins’ fault and the passing sometimes was lacking.

48. thank you Munson. this was a scrimmage and everyone played.

49. Think Hall will bring a lot to the staff. Although I saw him during sand and during indoor practices, yesterday was the first time watching in-game coaching and from what I heard during Sets 1 and 3 I was impressed with. And after plays he would also say something to the other side about technique.


  1. tako August 23, 2015 4:20 pm

    You gotta love the interest and comments. I trust the Coaching staff to put the best “team” on the floor. This year is interesting because of the talent and depth; and that is what’s going to be needed to be successful in post season.

    ‘Just play your best Wahine and play with passion, everything else will fall in place.’

    I look forward to the season. This is a young team that is one year better than the last…that’s significant.

  2. Cindy Luis August 23, 2015 4:44 pm

    one thing someone also mentioned was Manu-Olevao’s defense and passing game She only had 5 kills but 16 digs.
    as mentioned by someone Higgins did got to her last year but that was Manu-Olevao’s role. She was the L1 and with Taylor out for so long early in the season, practice and matches, that’s was Higgins had to work with

    I do feel this team is very talented. and all the players will get time on the court. The freshmen might not break into the starting lineup but both Granato and Castillo have said that they’re still adjusting to the speed of the game at this level.

  3. Not an Expert August 23, 2015 4:50 pm

    Olevao as a freshman had a lot of playing time. A starter as a freshman not sure on that. Her sophomore and junior year she was the starter. Usually when one plays as much as she did with the experience gained, by the time they become a junior their is no question of one’s ability. Looking back at the roster there weren’t that many OH who were better than her. Based on statistics one can only say that she was inconsistent. This year Shoji will give her the nod as a senior, however as written there are a lot of young guns that maybe able to unseat her. Will they have a legitimate chance to accomplish this if her inconsistency keep showing up?

    Looking at the past years post season play, a starter’s inconsistency proved to be the downfall of the team from advancing. Be it due to fatigue, sickness and minor aches and pains that mount up over the cost of the season, starts showing its effects. Which resulted not having anyone able to come off the bench and replace or maintain the level of play needed due to lack of experience and playing time during the season.

    Will a new philosophical coaching approach be the answer? Having more players play during the season and having them be fresh for the playoffs and slightly unpredictable to the opponents. AND yes players coming off the bench for someone who may not be 100% or having an off night. A coach doing things differently may change the end results one way or the other. Is it worth the chance, meaning another national title or maybe not making the post season due to coach’s philosophy lacking the experience to do things differently.

  4. Maverick August 23, 2015 5:13 pm

    Cindy, thx for getting the stats.

    On Manu-Olevao, she seems to have trouble hitting against a big block. She hit negative against Washington last year (and less than .200 against both Oregon and UCLA) and less than .100 during last night’s scrimmage. Perhaps there is a way to take advantage of her defensive capabilities while allowing another player the attacking role. She’s a below .200 a career hitter and with the depth of this team, it would be a shame if the team could not improve upon it. But if it is a trade off between hitting and passing, then it is not an easy decision to give someone else her starting spot. I hope she has a better year, however.

  5. kahuna August 23, 2015 6:35 pm

    If those hitting numbers are accurate for Magill and Maglio I say keep those two in the starting lineup!!!!!

    For them to take 30 swings and only one error(ZERO FOR MAGLIO) is pretty darn impressive. Maglio is a true sophomore who played very little last season. Imagine the potential after a year ir two of top notch training and weight work……she could be a monster.

  6. haleiwacrossfitter August 23, 2015 7:24 pm

    I agree…we cannot afford to have Tai hitting under .200 again this year. Too much talent to allow that to happen. We have great DS’s that can pass in her place if she can’t hit against the top teams. I hope she has her best year yet and really becomes a go to hitter, and if not, I hope Dave can pull the trigger on his senior and bench her for someone who can. But, I believe Tai will have a great year and so will the Wahine. Really excited for this weekend!

  7. warriorfan August 23, 2015 7:26 pm

    Why not try a three middle lineup, like 1998? I think it will be heard to keep Magill, Mitchem and Maglio off the lineup.

  8. warriorfan August 23, 2015 7:27 pm

    If Olevao doesn’t hit at least .250 her final season, it will be disappointing.

  9. Gary Kansky August 23, 2015 7:48 pm

    Hmmm. Maglio in the middle with Olivia. Annie first off bench if either struggle. Huff first off bench for OP if Nikki struggles. Castillo and Granato redshirt. If Tai or Kalei struggle, all kinds of shifting could happen. Ha! It’s fun trying to guess…

  10. wildcard August 23, 2015 7:53 pm

    tasha was there at the scrimmage. although injured, i was wondering if they considered having her use her opposite hand to deflect the ball from the net back at the attackers court.

  11. AlexM August 23, 2015 9:46 pm

    Is it likely that the scrimmage “A” team will be opening day starters? Who is the backup libero?

  12. Cindy Luis August 23, 2015 11:13 pm

    Agree Mitchem will be hard to keep off the court once she gets into the system and is comfortable with the speed of the game.

    10. she is not cleared to practice. And that includes using only one hand. She is allowed to do strength training.

    11. In our preview that is scheduled to come out Monday, there is a breakdown by position.

    Shoji said that at the moment, the 3 DS are equal and he isn’t sure who will be the first off the bench to serve. So not sure who the backup L would be. All 3 have played well. Guinness moving much better now that she has her knee problem managed. Anderson is very solid. Ponce has quickness but is small.

  13. Cindy Luis August 24, 2015 7:26 am

    new thread up for Monday.

    Very wet on campus this morning. You rarely hear the rain when you’re in the arena but definitely coming down.

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