Saturday late checkin, final Top 25, another loss for PSU

Been waiting on Oceanic to come fix our downed cable line. No internet or TV so still slumming at Starbucks to cock-a-roach the wi-fi.

Don’t know when they’ll show up so may or may not be back on until late tonight. Can only handle so much pumpkin spice latte.

Practice update from Saturday morning. Maglio fully participated.
Higgins worked out on the sidelines, is working really hard to rehab the ankle. Koelsch should be starting tomorrow. Don’t know if they’ll go with Mitchem or Maglio against The Beach in the beginning.

Early Top 25 scores from Saturday
No 10 Kansas def. Iowa State, 25-20, 25-17, 25-21
No. 15 BYU def. Saint Mary’s 25-20, 25-17, 25-22
No. 21 Colorado Ste def. Air Force, 27-25, 25-18, 25-21
In case you missed the Top 25 from Friday night
1) USC def. Colorado 21-25, 29-27, 27-29, 25-16, 15-7
3) Penn State def. 13) Illinois 25-16, 25-18, 24-26, 27-25
6) Washington def. 5) Arizona State 25-6, 28-26, 25-16
7) Stanford def. Oregon State 25-19, 25-22, 25-18
8) Hawaii def. Cal State Northridge 25-19, 25-16, 25-16
9) Ohio State def. Northwestern 25-19, 25-20, 25-18
11) Minnesota def. Maryland 25-23, 25-16, 25-19
12) UCLA def. Utah 17-25, 25-12, 25-15, 25-16
14) Arizona def. Washington State 25-18, 18-25, 25-23, 16-25, 15-13
16) Wisconsin def. Rutgers 25-15, 25-15, 25-11
17) Florida def. Texas A&M 25-9, 25-23, 25-18
18) Florida State def. Duke 25-22, 25-22, 20-25, 21-25, 15-12
23) Western Kentucky def. Texas-San Antonio 25-23, 16-25, 25-22, 25-20
25) Oregon def. Cal 26-24, 25-19, 25-22


  1. H-Man October 10, 2015 2:22 pm

    Losing internet means you also lost cable. That s..ks on a Saturday. The Colorado – USC match was one of those aw-shucks matches. In the end it was all Bricio.

  2. Brandon October 10, 2015 3:30 pm

    PSU tied one set a piece with Northwestern but down in the third.

    Same with the OSU and Illinois game. tied and one set a pice but OSU up in the third.

  3. Brandon October 10, 2015 4:04 pm

    Ohio state beats Illinois in 4.

  4. Maverick October 10, 2015 4:29 pm

    Shocker…Northwestern beats Penn State in five sets. NU was at home.

  5. max13 October 10, 2015 4:30 pm

    Northwestern beats Penn State 3-2 (25-18, 23-25, 26-24, 17-25, 15-12)
    Megan Courtney came down on ankle had to be helped off court during end of set 5.

  6. Brandon October 10, 2015 4:33 pm

    Megan Courtney, their star player, also goes down. Hoping she’s not too banged up. Such a fun player to watch

  7. nomu October 10, 2015 5:35 pm

    Keep improving every week and people will take notice of the high level of play.

  8. warriorfan October 10, 2015 5:36 pm

    Hmm was thinking maybe Minny was for real when they took PSU to 5, but it seems like PSU is just way down for real. reminds me of 2011 when it was wide open and the team that got hot in december won it all like 9 seed UCLA.

    Definitely won’t see 4 of the top 6 in current avca rankings in the final four, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if an unseeeded team makes it again.

    If PSU loses Courtney for the year they may not even make the elite 8, same with ASU and Gardner, they may not make it past the second round without Gardner

  9. jmy October 10, 2015 6:13 pm

    Interesting scores…does PSU finally fall out of the top 10? Somehow I doubt it…Interesting matches tomorrow: UCLA at Colorado, Ariz St. at WSU…could be two more upsets…

  10. jmy October 10, 2015 6:30 pm

    UCSB nearly took Cal Poly to 5, but Mustangs hung on to win…

  11. Big Island VB fan October 10, 2015 6:40 pm

    It was very close in sets 2 and 4 between Cal Poly and UCSB. Cal Poly won by virtue of more service aces and less service errors despite UCSB scoring more kills and blocks. That’s why the match was so close and lasted more than two hours. It was 23-23 in set 4 and it could have gone either way but a hitting error by UCSB and an ace by Cal Poly sealed the match. So Cal Poly is 4-1 along with Long Beach. If UH beats Long Beach tomorrow, Cal Poly will be ahead of Long Beach. For the sake of both teams, UH and Cal Poly (my alma mater) I’ll sure be rooting for UH on Sunday. As for the blogger in a previous blog who expressed hostility toward Cal Poly, I’d say, be glad that Cal Poly had beaten Long Beach, so for now UH is still holding sole first place.

  12. Sharene October 10, 2015 7:06 pm

    I was just thinking about what Cindy calls the ridiculous p i . I don’t want to start another thread on it but it’s hard to understand how the #1 team in blocking and #8th ranked team can come in so low in the rpi. We know about this but I am wondering how many other teams find themselves in the same situation.

  13. LanaiBoy October 10, 2015 8:36 pm

    RE: #12. Sharene. You know the old Mark Twain quote, “There are three types of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” RPI depends on a STATISTICAL formula that is heavily weighted on strength of schedule which in turn is strongly based on the final win-loss records of one’s opponents. Gaudy statistics, coaches’ rankings, and reputation means almost nothing. Hawaii belongs to the Big West, whose members, unfortunately, are rated low in terms of their strength of schedule. As David Shoji stated in his interview on the topic of RPI. It does not directly measure a team’s actual strength in relation to other teams. One can increase the RPI by scheduling strong teams in the preseason. Unfortunately schedules are made two to three years down the road. A NCAA bound team one year, like Bakersfield, may be a team far down in terms of RPI in the next year. Of course one can try to schedule traditional powers like Texas, USC, Stanford, Washington, or PSU every year but they may not be available or not interested. However, few coaches like to schedule tough each week in the preseason, especially if you have many newcomers on one’s team. Most coaches seek a balance in scheduling.

  14. sharene October 10, 2015 8:55 pm

    Thanks, LanaiBoy. I understand in my head but not my heart. It just seems a bit unfair. Perhaps they should add income into the statistics. We can sellout SSC. It seems sad that some venues have such small turnouts.

  15. Cindy Luis October 10, 2015 10:18 pm

    kind of nice not to have internet or TV. got to catch up on some stuff. Still having finished The Boys in the Boat. Recommend it.

    but cable repaired and reconnected. Not sure how it got disconnected from the pole across the street but thankful no sparks since it was still live wire.
    Not sure if I like Starbucks’ new pumpkin spice latte. with real pumpkin, makes it kind of sweet.

    anyway, Top 25
    Northwestern def. No. 1 Penn State, 25-18, 23-25, 26-24, 17-25, 15-12
    No. 4 Nebraska def. No. 24 Michigan 25-18, 25-19, 20-25, 25-17
    No. 9 Ohio State def. No. 13 Illinois 25-20, 24-26, 25-18, 27-25
    10) Kansas def. Iowa State 25-20, 25-17, 25-21
    15) BYU def. Saint Marys 25-20, 25-17, 25-22
    16) Wisconsin def. Maryland 25-20, 25-19, 25-20
    No. 19 Purdue def. Indiana, 25-22, 25-15, 25-20
    21) Colorado State def. Air Force 27-25, 25-18, 25-21

    Big West
    Cal Poly def. UCSB, 25-20, 26-28, 25-22, 25-23
    UC Irvine def. UC Riverside, 25-13, 25-23, 25-18
    UC Davis def. CSU Fullerton, 25-13, 25=23, 25-18

  16. Reggie October 11, 2015 12:52 am

    Penn State lost again? We need not feel for Penn State, because we could fall into that same boat. As we know, losing can be as contagious as winning. Was in 2013 that UH beat Texas at The Stanley and it looked smooth and easy to another final four, until a bump in the regionals. This year looks smooth and easy, except we are doing it with real firepower and concentrated defense. The blocking rank of #1 was very surprising. That Kendra set Tai high to give her a high hitting percentage was great news. I hope Tayler does not feel terrible about being relegated to the number two starter role. Dave could run a 6-2 setting scheme, so all is not lost. Having a big 6′-2″ wall of Wahine really places fear into opponents. I don’t know if USC has any big 6′-5″ monster lady Trojans, however Mick Haley has always recruited well, so I hope, if it comes down to it, that UH and USC can face off again in the National Championship match. Besides Dave has a score to settle with Mick in 1988 at the championship game when Mick was at Texas. Mick has also won the NCAA during his tenure at USC so Mick is not a one-hit wonder. We of course as Rainbow Wahine fans have been waiting for nearly 30 years for another NCAA banner: do we dare dream that it’ll happen this December. I don’t want to put any pressure on Dave and his Wahine, except u do have a fine team. I don’t know if u will move up in the upcoming AVCA poll except keep on truckin’ as they say. Let’s go ‘bows !!! Let’s go ‘bows !!! Let’s go ‘bows !!! By the way, I’m able to attend Sunday’s Long Beach State match ! As if anyone cares LOL !!!

  17. H-Man October 11, 2015 5:16 am

    The Trojans are loaded. USC has OH Samantha Bricio who might get national POY recognition. They also have MB Alicia Ogoms in the middle and OPP Alyse Ford who is only 5-10, but can really jump and hit with power. USC is also a strong serving team. Besides Bricio who leads the nation in service aces, they have L Taylor Wittingham who can really hit a hard jump serve. So yes, I agree USC might be in the national finals. Will the Wahine get there? I hope, but not holding my breath. They simply don’t have the high level of competition on a regular basis to push them to get better while they simply dominate in the weak Big West. Well perhaps except for today when they play Long Beach State. Should be a fun match to watch.

  18. Wen October 11, 2015 6:41 am

    That’s why I’m not a big fan putting all my eggs in 1 basket. My internet comes from another source other than the cable. Although I may just chuck the cable box since free VOD rarely works.

    Kind of worried about Sunday playing a good team since it seems in recent history if you want to beat UH Sunday is the best day to do it.

  19. Hot October 11, 2015 6:43 am

    17. Isn’t Abercrombie the opposite for USC? Ford is an OH, or am I mistaken?

  20. H-Man October 11, 2015 7:28 am

    Hot, you’re probably right.

  21. Brandon October 11, 2015 8:32 am

    ford is an OH,

    Abercrombie and their setter Johnson are their Opp in the 6-2

  22. OrbitalRipZ October 11, 2015 10:19 am

    17-0 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (plays @ Utah today) (next: hosts once-beaten Arizona St on 10-16/Fri)
    17-0 KANSAS (next: @ Baylor on 10-14/Wed)

    Just a few switches but doesn’t look like UH will move up from its current #8 …. and it’s looking more and more like any of the Coaches’ Poll Top 8 can beat each other on any given night … IMHO who makes the Elite Eight can be determined to a large degree by who gets which lollipop route to the Sweet 16 (regionals).

    The NCAA Committee has said over and over and over again that the RPI (adjusted RPI, a stats sheet that takes into account bonus points and rarely imposed penalty points) is just 1 of the tools they look at in seeding the top 16 and selecting the 64 field.

    By saying this, the Committee admits it looks at the NCAA-produced RPI, because it is the only tool they specifically mention, and probably look at it first and foremost.

    And we can assume (maybe not) that since the RPI is a NCAA tool, the only other NCAA-produced ranking tool not included on the Adjusted RPI sheet readily available to the Selection Committee is the TEAM (and Individual) rankings. One can search other volleyball sites for threads over the years complaining about these team/individual stats — “there are stats, and then there are STATS” — but I doubt that the NCAA Selection Committee has the time to go over the sameold been-there-done-that arguments when it is pressed for time to seed and select the 64 teams as soon as the Adjusted RPI and as soon as the final NCAA Stats for 324 teams in the 15 categories are ready.

    Thus the next time I will compare the 16th-ranked RPI team (currently 17-1 Arkansas State of the Sunbelt Conf and the only non-Power5 team among the top 16) with the UH.


    (Manoa Maniacs did their best at last night’s Warrior game!)

  23. vballfreak808 October 11, 2015 11:06 am

    Paige Hilliard (Punahou/Spike & Serve) committed to Colorado. She is a 5’10” DS/OH for 2018.

  24. rapid October 11, 2015 11:10 am

    ok so penn st lost to a nobody. what does that mean? dont ever lose to a nobody 😀

  25. Cindy Luis October 11, 2015 12:03 pm

    new thread up to for Sunday.

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