Sand practice, Burns, USAV and MVB tickets, et al

USA Volleyball tickets for USA v China have gone on sale (really this time)
for June 5-6 matches at the Sheriff Center

As for MPSF quarterfinal, UH students are $5 with ID but first 300 will be admitted free courtesy of Wade who bought tickets

Last couple of threads have discussed Shoji not commenting on Burns, and actually the entire 2015 class because no release was sent out.

UH did put out a release today about Burns. Mentioned on previous thread that Shoji had been told he couldn’t comment until she was enrolled but now has been told he can since she has signed the scholarship agreement. Here’s the link to that

Dropped by SVB to interview Tiegs for senior feature next week. Team is excited to be involved in the Aloha Invitational. They will do a community service food distribution with Feed Hawaii Together and then be bussed out to a luau at Germaine’s

Spoke with Nikki Taylor who said she has been cleared to practice and play Saturday.

Think that’s about it.


  1. Warrior Dave April 23, 2015 8:51 am

    Great news about Nikki Taylor. That elbow has been troublesome since it was injured let year.

  2. rayson April 23, 2015 9:33 am

    All MPSF team announced today:


    Zack La Cavera (POY) — Irvine
    Taylor Averill — Hawaii
    Micah Christenson — USC
    Tamir Hershko — Irvine
    Josh Taylor — Pepperdine
    Matt West — Pepperdine
    Parker Kalmbach — Pepperdine
    Brook Sedore — Hawaii
    Michael Brinkley — Irvine
    Jonah Seif — UCSB
    Kevin Donohue — UCSB
    Jason Agopian — Irvine

    Kolby Kanetake — Hawaii
    Sinisa Zarkovic — Hawaii
    Jennings Franciskovic — Hawaii
    Michael Hatch — BYU
    Matt Tarantino — Pepperdine
    Robert Feathers — USC
    Jake Langlois — BYU
    Conrad Kaminski — Stanford
    Matt Underwood — BYU
    J.T. Hatch — UCLA
    Jake Staahl — UCSB
    Brennan Anderson — Pepperdine

    Mitch Stahl — UCLA
    James Shaw — Stanford
    Taylor Gregory — LBSU
    Phil Fuchs — BYU
    Scott Rhein — Pepperdine
    Alex Slaught — USC
    Trent Kersten — UCLA
    Greg Faulkner — CSUN
    Andy Benesh — USC
    Hayden Boehle — UCSB
    Weston Nielsen — UCSB
    John La Rusch — LBSU

    J.T. Hatch (FOY) — UCLA
    Brenden Sander — BYU
    Larry Tuileta — USC
    Hayden Boehle — UCSB
    Jake Arnitz — UCLA
    Kyle Dagostino — Stanford
    Zachary Melcher — Cal Baptist

  3. Cindy Luis April 23, 2015 10:07 am

    thank you. had been working on other things
    the way the MPSF does it is in order of votes so AVvrill finished second to La Cavera for POY

  4. Cindy Luis April 23, 2015 10:12 am

    moving MPSF discussion over to Thursday thread

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