NCAA MVB pairings, No. 5 SandBows Big West’s top seed

No real surprises here
BYU seeded 1
2. UCLA. 3. Ohio State. 4. Long beach State. 5. Erskine. 6. George Mason

BYU plays the winner of 4-5 (The Beach-Erskine)
UCLA plays winner of 3-6 (Ohio State-George Mason)

Tournament at Penn State
Play-in matches Tuesday, May 3
Semifinals May 5. Final May 7

Semis streamed on
Final on ESPN2

Bracket released for this week’s Big West tournament
1. Hawaii and 2. Long Beach State with byes into Friday’s second round.

as for the poll
top 5 stay the same in poll. 1. USC. 2. Pepperdine. 3. Florida State. 4. UCLA. 5. Hawaii
Arizona switched with Long Beach State at 6-7.


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