Hawaii 3, CSUN 1

CSUN likely going with a 6-2 tonight. Freshman Conati starting

Mendoza to start at libero
no change in the rest of the lineup.
Higgins, Taylor, Magill, Manu-Olevao, Greeley, and Adolpho


  1. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 7:11 pm

    Hawaii off to a very quick start up 8-3. TO CSUN. very different energy tonight

  2. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 7:19 pm

    UH up 19-12. TO CSUN

  3. wildcard November 8, 2014 7:21 pm

    looking good so far. csun looks dangerous in numbers strong attack (kps), strong rate of fire (hit pct). and has a veteran squad as well as size. its good na wahine has some space from them.

    looks like mahina haina is doing student coach for csun just like longo is doing for uh eh?

  4. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 7:26 pm

    UH wins 25-16.

  5. Z November 8, 2014 7:28 pm

    Good quick start. They just need to keep it going.

  6. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 7:38 pm

    Hawaii up 11-7 in Set 2. TO CSUN. Mendoza playing well. nice backset from Higgins to Taylor.

  7. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 7:42 pm

    Two aces by Boykin gives CSUN a 13-12 lead. TO UH

  8. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 7:51 pm

    very poor call by the up ref. the ball never went over, rolled off the tape and out. she called a touch. made it 20-18. Manu-Olevao blocked and it’s 21-18. TO UH

  9. Don November 8, 2014 7:53 pm

    Two bad calls by the R1…send her back to the CIF to ref high school games…

  10. Z November 8, 2014 7:57 pm

    Bad calls were the difference.

  11. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 8:00 pm

    the first call was correct. Mendoza was over the meter line when she set the ball so it was not legal for Higgins to attack it.
    the second call was very bad. CSUN wins 25-22

  12. HawaiiMongoose November 8, 2014 8:06 pm

    The boneheaded referee call was a game turner. Too bad this year’s team isn’t mature enough to overcome that kind of setback. Their level of play down the stretch was not high. Mendoza’s service error was a killer.

  13. Don November 8, 2014 8:07 pm

    But can’t the libero contact the ball below the plane of the net in front of the 3m line?

  14. Ashley November 8, 2014 8:07 pm

    why isn’t replay allowed? i mean i do think it’s bad when the fans can see better than a ref who has a front row seat

  15. Z November 8, 2014 8:08 pm

    Taylor is on tonight.

  16. Z November 8, 2014 8:09 pm

    Service errors killing us.

  17. Don November 8, 2014 8:11 pm

    FIVB allows 2 replay challenges per set by the coach. Maybe the NCAA should consider this, since more matches are on TV than in years past.

  18. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 8:17 pm

    Long aced, it’s 13-10. TO UH

  19. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 8:24 pm

    UH with a 4-0 run. ties it at 17. TO CSUN

  20. Z November 8, 2014 8:26 pm

    I think libero needs to bump set in that situation.

  21. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 8:30 pm

    Uh up 22-20 on a block and a CSUN hitting error. TO Matadors

  22. Z November 8, 2014 8:30 pm

    Please serve it in.

  23. Z November 8, 2014 8:34 pm

    We in a bad rotation right now.

  24. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 8:34 pm

    UH was up 24-21. it’s now 24-23. TO UH.

  25. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 8:36 pm

    UH wins 25-23. on to Set 4

  26. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 8:47 pm

    3 stragith hitting errors and UH with the 10-7 lead

  27. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 8:56 pm

    at least the up ref is consistent with the non-calls on the throws. UH leads 17-15. TO Wahine.

  28. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 9:00 pm

    Hawaii with its 12th block, makes it 20-17. TO CSUN

  29. hatakeman November 8, 2014 9:02 pm

    Is Robyn Ah Mow-Santos on the sideline?

  30. Z November 8, 2014 9:03 pm

    Dave fixed bad rortation.

  31. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 9:06 pm

    Hawaii wins 25-18. yes, Ah Mow-Santos on the bench

  32. NinthIsland November 8, 2014 9:12 pm

    Yay…good job bows…they really played well at the net….

  33. Z November 8, 2014 9:14 pm

    Way to bounce back Wahine. I saw a lot of energy tonight.

  34. islandman November 8, 2014 9:38 pm

    Kendra was a sparkplug, had the two blocks near the end plus the kill. Adolpho is really getting good at blocking.

  35. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 10:15 pm

    Koelsch did play well. everyone really happy for her when she got that kill.
    Adolpho was in on 10 blocks Hawaii finished with a 14- 7 edge in blocking

  36. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 10:22 pm

    UH with 2 aces, 8 SEs. had 3 SEs in Set 2 but just three the rest of the way, all in Set 3.
    Greeley had several key serving runs in Set 4, 3-0 and 5-0.

    Couple of interesting comments from the middles that didn’t make my story.

    Magill on her one hitting error. Said it was on her, jumped early, said it made her think about what she needs to do better. she went 12 sets without an error and has just 3 hitting errors in four matches, 2 vs. UCI and one tonight.

    Adolpho on the crowd getting into it after the bad call. Said it’s nice the crowd has their backs. Since the players can say anything to the ref, said the fans were saying what they the players were thinking.

  37. rayson November 8, 2014 10:27 pm

    33. Yeah Aldolpho had a great weekend.

    The Wahine played a lot better tonight.

    I really hope that BW up referee doesn’t get sent back here again.

    I’m baffled by Shoji’s substitution of Long in for Many Olevao in the 3rd set.

    That dive into the chair at the back court that Greeley took looked bad but I’m glad she appears to be alright.

  38. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 10:29 pm

    13. Don, i’ll have to check on it but there was something about it being the first contact by the libero and Higgins putting it over on 2.
    I do think adding replay would be a good idea. unfortunately not every school has the capability like UH does with the cameras. so until it’s universal, it won’t happen

  39. Cindy Luis November 8, 2014 10:30 pm

    37. i think with Manu-Olevao struggling on serve receive, they put in Long for passing while also giving them the 3-meter option. that’s nothing than any of the DSs, with the exception of Kahakai have.

  40. islandman November 8, 2014 10:34 pm

    Nikki and Greeley hit for a high percentage as well as Magill. Tai was in on 6 blocks.
    Mendoza was digging well again as was Nikki, Greeley, Tai and Higgins.

  41. rayson November 8, 2014 10:38 pm

    39. I realize that but why Long instead of Kahakai especially given that the 2nd time Tai came out that set he put in Kahakai.

  42. islandman November 8, 2014 10:41 pm

    37. — The TV announcers said that is a good ref and she a ref at the last two final fours or something like that.

  43. islandman November 8, 2014 10:42 pm

    … she was a ref at the final fours.

  44. turfwar November 8, 2014 10:45 pm

    Hawaii was very impressive in serve receive tonight. CSUN served some bombs tonight. Best serving team in the Stanley all year.

  45. warriorfan November 8, 2014 11:10 pm

    Nice win. Still not sure the ball control and setting is good enough to do anything in the post season though.

    Great weekend for UH recruits. Iosia’s team is the top seed in california and Granato leading Punahou to a state title. Mitchem and IVC claimed their league , still undefeated at 18-0.

    And looks like UH warriors picked up a commitment from James Anastassiades.
    He looks really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQgt3Z2FMFg

  46. rayson November 8, 2014 11:37 pm

    45. Someone mentioned on Volleytalk that Hawaii might get a big time player from Cyprus. Glad to hear he’s coming. He looks impressive.

  47. turfwar November 9, 2014 12:15 am

    The really Big Time player to commit today is setter Norene Iosia to the Wahine. Holy Cow what a huge get. Possibly the best setter in her class (2016). Also found on Volleytalk. Wow.

  48. wildcard November 9, 2014 1:31 am

    hmm…someone complained about long being in place of tai in the back row. they are forgetting how long is useful there (ie vs ucsb match). and actually might of have been the difference maker in set 5 vs the beach, kahakai and tai were both struggling to receive a little bit, so long probably would been the better choice and they may have won that match (particularly so since she would be a counter against reid).

    there was nothing wrong with the ref. yeah made a bad call about the touch on hawai’i (i think was it on tai?) then let tai got away with one with the touch call on csun. probably that libero setting in front of the 3 meter line rule needs to be reviewed (ncaa official rule book), last i read it a couple months back which is revised for this year, there was something about the libero cannot attack the ball in front of the 3 meter not so about the libero cannot set in front of the 3 meter, but then there was something about otherwise the next player cannot attack the ball if it was that same libero set, so the error was on (higgins was it?) for attacking the ball. also i checked the ncaa rules specifically for the underhand serve and libero attack.

  49. wildcard November 9, 2014 1:41 am

    btw cindy something is wrong with hawaiiwarriorworld@staradvertiser.com

    when i emailed them about how the blog opens sometimes slow and buggy and sometimes skips my posts, i got back an auto reply about some error from it. you know anything about it?

  50. wildcard November 9, 2014 2:12 am

    oh yeah almost forgot. good needed win for na wahine. rest well ladys and prepare to besiege ucsb.

    also the picture found here might be amusing.


  51. rayson November 9, 2014 2:18 am

    48. I like your enthusiasm about Long. No, I didn’t forget about that one match against UCSB when she played exceptionally well on defense. I also thank you for your speculation that she would have made the difference in a match I wasn’t even talking about from the night before. You convinced me that Hawaii would have beaten LBSU last night if only they had played Long Friday instead of Saturday. Thank you.

  52. Z November 9, 2014 6:31 am The libero is restricted to perform as a back-row player and is not allowed to complete an attack-hit from anywhere (including the playing court and free zone) if, at the moment of contact, the ball is entirely above the top of the net. (See Rule 14.5.1 and Signal 24, Official’s Mechanics.) The libero may not block or attempt to block. (See Rule 14.6.1.) In one rotation, the libero may replace the player in position No. 1 to serve. (See Rule 10.2.1.) A teammate may not complete an attack-hit when, at the moment of the attack-hit, the ball is entirely above the top of the net and the ball is coming from an overhand finger pass by a libero in the front zone or the opponent’s free zone. (See Signal 24, Official’s Mechanics, then indicate the libero.) The ball may be freely attacked if the libero makes the same action from behind the front zone. If airborne, the libero’s position is judged according to the point of last contact with her team’s court.

  53. Cindy Luis November 9, 2014 7:08 am

    49. sorry, i have nothing to do with how the blog works.
    I have received error messages as well, usually telling me I’m posting too quickly.
    I know that error messages can happen for that reason, or if they think you’ve posted a duplicate comment. Sometimes if you try to post a link. and then there are the ‘no no’ words that get flagged by the site.

  54. Cindy Luis November 9, 2014 7:16 am

    47. the big time player referenced in 46 is for the men’s team, not Iosia for the women. James Anastassiades.Not dismissing Iosia but it will be interesting to see how that works in 2016. Higgins a senior Koelsch a junior. unless Koelsch goes strictly over to sand.

    The two setters were hanging out together long after last night’s match, they left about the time I did, which was around 1115. told Koelsch, ‘nice kill’ and she said that it was so much fun to put that one down.’ it was a good move for Shoji to have her in the front at the end. added to Hawaii’s bigger block.

    48. disagree with your comment about the ref. At least by Hawaii’s standards which likes ‘purer’ volleyball. CSUN should have been called for throws, several times the player looked to have carried the ball. But she was consistent, let those things go for the Beach as well. and let a couple of ‘roll’ contacts go both nights.

    and yes it was Higgins who attacked the ball on 2 after Mendoza had the first contact in front of the 3-meter line.

  55. Cindy Luis November 9, 2014 7:22 am

    51. i don’t know if Long would have made a difference Friday but IMHO the difference would have been Mendoza instead of Kahakai at libero. It was Kahakai’s first start at home and I’m sure she felt that pressure.
    but who knows.

  56. islandman November 9, 2014 8:17 am

    The team seemed to be on its game yesterday. CSUN looks like it has several really good athletes as did Long Beach St.

  57. Ron November 9, 2014 9:17 am

    What CSUN was getting away with would have been called as throws in most Rec. leagues. I think that since Dave has increased his trust and use of Koelsch, Higgins has improved her game. It has given her a chance to get more sideline coaching from Robin. Maybe I am wrong but I see improvement. This was the best over-all effort of the year. Even though Tai struggled at times, she make some key kills.

  58. Cindy Luis November 9, 2014 10:02 am

    Shoji thought it was their best match of the year so far. I felt it was the best against a higher quality team. The passing was much better last night and the fact that they could utilize Magill so effective and early does set the tone. Magill’s enthusiasm is very infectious and lifts the team. Her getting off to a good start is key for them.
    That and the Taylor is closer to 100 percent, which takes a lot of pressure off Manu-Olevao. Agree Higgins had a much better match, location was better, took some risks that paid off. She sees the block well and numerous times her hitters had either a solo block or no one in front of them.

  59. Kaneohe Resident November 9, 2014 10:10 am

    I review each match to see how many sets Magill receives that are high above the net. Usually 3-4. When she does, she puts down the ball for a kill since the blockers only are able to get their mid-forearms above the net. Magill is able to get her arm pit above the net during those sets. With a high set, she’s UNSTOPPABLE! Either Higgins is unable or thinks she knows it all since I guess she achieved success in high school with the same mentality towards setting. There were times when she did the typical quick set to the middle, where the set barely clears the net and the middle immediately strikes the ball. Well, with a leaper like Magill, that technique is useless since it doesn’t make use of Magill’s leaping ability and in fact, ham strings her ability.

    I notice even all the other hitters receive high sets, they don’t (or can”t) make contact with the ball until the ball comes down to about 6″ above the net. That’s why a lot of attacks are either blocked or the ball goes out since the attacker is trying to avoid the block. Because Magill can jump so high and make contact at such a high point she has no such problem. If Magill receives high sets ALL THE TIME she would average 1-1/2 to 2+ kills per set. Too bad Shoji doesn’t realize what an asset he has. I guess after 40 years of never having such a jumper he has in Magill, he’s not able to develop the attack properly to take advantage of Magill’s ability. Higgins’ shortcoming doesn’t help.

    In the men’s international game, the blockers get their arm pits above the net, BUT the attacker’s chest if above the net when they hit the ball. Everything being relative, that’s what Magill represents to the Wahine team…her ability the hit the ball above the net relative to the blocker’s hands.

  60. wildcard November 9, 2014 10:13 am

    55. if that was the case we wouldnt have that mendoza kill. 😀

    i dont think kahakai was the problem though she was forced to retrieve a couple tricky fell over the tape serves. and even still they were ahead in the opening set and should of won that. but looks like they need more of that 20 all or even 10 all (as though set 5) fatigue finish practice again. shoji said that he simply switched liberos to hopefully provide a spark in the case of at irvine. thats even though mendoza didnt seem to be a problem but got hindered at the beginning because some of the hitters got in her way when she was trying to dig the ball.

    it hardly seems the difference would have been mendoza instead of kahakai at libero. thats more doubtful because you can say well the difference between them is with kahakai at libero, they won (at irvine), with mendoza at libero, they lost (the beach).

    oh well, good win for na wahine in this match, 2nd win in the solid green uniforms too. there was also a sighting of mahina haina, so i guess it is also between her and longo trying to outcoach the other eh?

  61. wildcard November 9, 2014 10:17 am

    59. except men dont have to worry about net violation as much as the women :p

  62. Ron November 9, 2014 10:56 am

    Magill has been a wonderful addition to the Wahine and if anyone suggests that Dave does not appreciate her contributions has not been paying attention. Snarky remarks about Higgins or any other Wahine tells use more about the loser who made them than the targeted person.

  63. Sodakinebrah November 9, 2014 10:57 am

    Any thoughts to see if koelsch should ever play opposite? Wicked arm swing and she has some vids on YouTube of her swinging.

  64. tako November 9, 2014 10:58 am

    Have often read that Shoji is constantly asking Higgins to set a higher ball to Magill and set her more.

    Also, thought Wahine played one of their best games this season against Northridge.

    Thought Sarah and Nikki are stepping up their games at the right time. When they win out the next four games, watch out for this team in Post Season, they’ll be overlooked and that may be a good thing for them.

  65. 'ohanaInBellingham November 12, 2014 9:54 am

    59. I applaud your dedicated observation (I’m a fellow Magift fan) and I hear your frustration. I questioned the lack of set heights even when Vorster was here (“Jade, Jade. Made the grade. Set her high. Say buy-bye” was what I used to chant). The difference between Vorster’s limp-wrist dinks and point-making slap downs was nearly always determined by the height of the sets from Uiato.

    The setting to the middle hasn’t improved consistently this year, but our middle attack is winning us points simply due to Olivia’s incredible in-the-air adjustments.

    However, I disagree with you on a couple of points. I do not want Olivia to only have high sets. That slows the offense and doesn’t allow her to use the roll shots and dinks that keep the defense guessing. Secondly, if it’s apparent to you and me that Olivia is effective with high sets, then it sure is to Robyn, Dave, and Higgins. When Olivia is hitting at a low %, I look to Higgins. If Higgins is struggling to better the balls that are passed to her, then I look to the passers. UH currently has a passing problem when the serves are tough. That’s not just a one-person fix. The responsibility there lies with all the Bigs in their back-row rotation and the smalls. In fact, bad passing affects even the best setters and good passing can transform a less-experienced setter: In CSUN sweep of UH, freshman Conati looked like a senior setter mostly because her passers were on fire.

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