Latest on spring match

Asked UH today about when ticket sales were going to be.

Was told that they were working on that, as well as the exact date and time of the match. Not sure if it’s because sand volleyball was opening the morning of the 16th or it’s something to do with Texas Tech’s travel. Was told they’d know next week.

As mentioned earlier, Uiato, Vorster and Longo are all in Colorado Springs for the A2 tryout that starts tomorrow. Hartong not there but Reed Sunahara, new USAV women’s assistant sais the Kiraly ‘really likes’ Hartong. Am going to talk to Reed Monday so can give more of an update on the three who are at USAV.


  1. roofer68 February 21, 2013 6:53 pm

    Wasn’t Tai’s name mentioned earlier as one of the four in the A2?

  2. roofer68 February 21, 2013 7:05 pm

    Kiraly had a good view of what Hartong can do in coloring last season’s Beach match at Long Beach. He came away pretty impressed with not only her talents but with her composure and attitude.

  3. vballfreak808 February 21, 2013 8:20 pm

    Here is the link to the Hawaii vs. UC Irvine Night 1 match

  4. Cindy Luis February 21, 2013 8:53 pm

    sorry, forgot to mention Manu-Olevao.

  5. Cindy Luis February 21, 2013 8:58 pm

    Also on the roster is Shawna-Lei Santos, L, St. John’s, Sacred Hearts grad.

  6. Hot February 22, 2013 4:55 am

    Will Adolpho play? Has Kam left the team?

  7. Lanaiboy February 22, 2013 5:10 am

    Is it a reasonable statement to say that Emily Hartong won’t participate in Sand volleyball or the USAV tryouts to rest her arms and shoulder for next year? She had tremendous amount of sets last season and can expect an equal amount or more this coming season. I remember one year Coach Haley of USC warning Shoji of over-using his star players, citing an example of a player prostrated (spent most of the time in bed) for two weeks after the season was over. I think he was specifically referring to Danielson but I’m not too sure.

  8. Kazu February 22, 2013 6:02 am

    I think Hartong is gearing up for this season being that this is her Sr. year. I also have a feeling that Coach Beeman may not agree to let Kalei play vollyball, since they need her from the start of the basketball season.

  9. Lanaiboy February 22, 2013 6:33 am

    I don’t agree about Coach Beeman not allowing Kalei Adolpho to play volleyball. Although she is a starter, Adolpho is getting fewer and fewer minutes of playing time as the season goes on. Kalei has to start relaxing and play her game—right now she is a liability because of her shooting, missing too many shots at point blank range and at the free throw line. However, I agree she does have a tremendous amount of potential; she has a soft touch when she doesn’t hurry her shots and she has some nifty moves around the basket. On defense she is too nice; she has to learn how to throw her weight and heft around. She is a great rebounder but only adequate on defense. Coach Beeman yanks you out if you slack on defense or get too easily beaten. The Bows will do well next year without Adolph at the beginning of the season, especially with the return to health of Shawna-Lei Kuehu and a strong bench at the wings in Destiny King and Vicky Tagalicod. Kamilah Martin can easily handle the center position as she did her first two seasons. It’s the conference season that matters and Adolpho will be available then. I look forward to Adopho again starting for the Bows in the middle; as coach Shoji stated, she has the potential to make AA by her senior season.

  10. Cindy Luis February 22, 2013 7:11 am

    My early morning thoughts.
    Don’t see Beeman not allowing Adolpho to play both sports. That Adolpho has fewer minutes at this point of the season … obviously not a bi-product of her not being with the team before Jan. She’s been with basketball for almost 2 months. She’s in basketball shape.

    Hartong: She is not playing sand. We’ve known that for a while. and been told it is a shoulder issue. Never heard about the Haley comment before. and can’t imagine him ‘warning’ Shoji. Not like Shoji is a novice coach. As for Danielson, you have to remember that she had some other physical problems that could have required some rest.

    Thought I mentioned a month ago the Kam was leaving. a little surprised she would miss out on her senior night but with Maeda (best friend) gone, Kam is looking to get one year of real playing time. As mentioned before, reminds me of Hewitt’s situation. She wanted to retire after her sophomore year but Danielson (best friend) likely talked her into staying one more year, which was Danielson’s senior year.

  11. setaone February 22, 2013 11:10 am

    Re: Kalei.

    Don’t see Laura Beeman “stirring the pot” with Shoji and not allowing Kalei to play volleyball. Beeman is smart and knows she needs to stay on the good side of the most tenure coach.

  12. setaone February 22, 2013 11:12 am

    Oh ya, about Hartong. The USA staff knows about her already. Most likely she will show up at the National Training Center after her senior year. She doesn’t need to prove that she can play.

  13. Cubicle1126 February 22, 2013 1:28 pm

    I think it’s Ali Longo at the A2 tryouts — not Ginger Long.


  14. setaone February 22, 2013 1:32 pm

    @cubicle1126 – I bet auto correct changes Longo to Long. Lol

  15. Cubicle1126 February 22, 2013 1:32 pm

    I’ve never seen the A2 tryouts as a true and consistent pipeline into the national team. Typically, the national team coaches have an idea who they want to invite to train at the senior levels anyway.

    I’ve really just seen the A2 tryouts as a way for players to get some valuable reps and PT during the off-season, along with it being a way for USA volleyball to generate some revenue.

    Still though a valuable experience. Good luck to the Hawaii athletes who made the trip.

  16. Cindy Luis February 22, 2013 5:31 pm

    sorry, yes it’s Longo. think auto-coreect took out the ‘o’

  17. Cindy Luis February 22, 2013 5:33 pm

    Cubicle, agree with you, especially since this is 3 years removed from the Olympics.It is good experience for the women who are older than NJT age. Don’t think USAV is looking at is as a fundraiser. it does cost them money to staff the tryouts.

  18. Hot February 22, 2013 9:34 pm

    Cindy, so it’s final that Kam has left the team. As for Shawna-Lei Santos, another libero?! Does the team need another libero? Mendoza, Spieler and Ponce haven’t even played yet. Will she be on the team this spring?

  19. vballfreak808 February 22, 2013 10:23 pm

    @Hot: Shawna-Lei Santos goes to St. John’s. Cindy just mentioned her because she lived in Hawaii and went to Sacred Hearts. But speaking of her, she got to play front row during the season and she is only listed at 5’8″. I remember seeing tweets from the St. John’s game saying kills from the Flying Hawaiian. Pretty cool.

  20. vballfreak808 February 22, 2013 10:24 pm

    Photos from the USAV Tryouts from 2/22

    I looked through them all and tried to identify the Wahine.

    (Photo Number/Player)
    94: Jade Vorster
    109: Tai Manu-Olevau
    124: Tai Manu-Olevau
    125: Tai Manu-Olevau
    127: Tai Manu-Olevau
    128: Tai Manu-Olevau (In the Background)
    153: Mita Uiato
    169: Tai Manu-Olevau (In the Background)
    170: Tai Manu-Olevau

  21. Cindy Luis February 23, 2013 10:29 am

    Hot, Shoji told me in January that she was leaving. I don’t know if she has. she’s still on the sand roster.

    As I said in the post on Shawna-Lei, also on the USAV tryout roster is Santos, L, St. John’s, a Sacred Hearts grad. only mentioned because she was a local player.

  22. setaone February 23, 2013 3:23 pm

    Also at the tryout……Michelle Waber.

    @vballfreak808 – good job (and lots of patience) to go through all those pics. I wish that they had better captions.

  23. Cindy Luis February 23, 2013 3:41 pm


  24. Hot February 24, 2013 4:13 am

    vballfreak808 and Cindy, thanks for clearing it up re: Shawna-Lei Santos. I thought Cindy meant she was on the UH spring roster. I was thinking, they lose an MB and a setter and they get an eighth libero?! LOL.

  25. WaWa February 24, 2013 9:57 pm

    Kam will be playing Sand then she will transfer to play indoor for a Div II school. She will be coming back to the islands as her future team competes in the PacWest Conference.

  26. Purple&Green February 25, 2013 6:11 am


    What EVERYBODY seems to forget is that Adolpho needs time to study. Seemingly it’s fine for those who already have their degrees to comment on this blog from a condescending perspective because athletics is all that seemingly is cared for at, already, certain stages in one’s life.

    The players are student-athletes…students first/foremost.

    Does anyone know how difficult it is to play two sports and to get all the work done which college requires?!

  27. Cindy Luis February 25, 2013 9:22 am

    Not quite sure what you’re getting at. the discussion was whether she’d continue to be allowed to play both by the basketball coach. At the moment she is committed to two sports, and that is her decision. Don’t think anyone is being condescending.

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