Huff’s departure, UH not in Aloha Invitational pairs portion

Huff announced it on her instagram last night
“I’ll always have love for the islands but I know the decision to pursue my dreams at a different university will help me blossom to the player I aspire to be. I have to follow God’s path for my future and have faith that he is leading the way! Thank you for all the support in my journey, Mahalo.”

On previous thread someone thought it was because her volleyball career didn’t work out like she wanted. This had nothing to do with volleyball.
She quit in the middle of last season to concentrate on basketball.

A bit surprising IMO. Hard to believe a year ago she and the rest of the Wahine volleyball team were planning for the Europe trip. How things have changed.

As for this weekend’s invitational, very disorganized. I asked the organizer about FIU pulling out. He didn’t know about it. Apparently, FIU was planning to send a few players but not the whole team. But now has decided everyone stays for the conference tournament.
At least that was what FIU SID told the organizer.

spoke to Hall this morning. because UH has exceeded its 16 days of competition and the pairs event begins Thursday, Hawaii will only be playing in the team duals. Makes since because both the Big West and NCAA tournaments are team only and that is there focus.


  1. haka April 20, 2016 9:11 am

    Good luck to Megan, but extremely disappointed in her decision. UH has given her every opportunity to succeed. Did God change his mind? Yikes. Oh well, next Wahine up! And yeah, young people…..still very disappointing.

  2. Cindy Luis April 20, 2016 9:35 am

    1. agree, very disappointing for the Wahine basketball program. Major rebuilding already for next season before this.

  3. LanaiBoy April 20, 2016 10:02 am

    Wow. Megan Huff was the Wahine’s best player this past season; she will be sorely missed. Wonder if she left because of her coming off the bench instead of starting. Personally, I think she should have gotten close to 30 minutes of playing time per game as a starter (I wanted to see more of her). I predicted when she was a freshman (in a Star-Advertiser comment section) that she would be an honorable mention All-American (All-Region) by the time she was a senior. I guess I won’t find out, at least on the Wahine team.

  4. Cindy Luis April 20, 2016 10:38 am

    3. doubt that it had anything to do with playing time or starting. If you followed how Beeman does her subbing, you’d see that.
    it will be interesting to see where she ends up. Perhaps closer to home.

  5. turfwar April 20, 2016 10:57 am

    Liliana Light 6’1″ soph setter is also a ranked beach player so she may or may not be an indoor recruit.

  6. warriorfan April 20, 2016 11:31 am

    Sounds like Light is an indoor recruit. listed at 6’2 by her club and still might be growing as just was a sophomore.

  7. Cindy Luis April 20, 2016 11:35 am

    She is an indoor 18 recruit. Think Shoji got the verbal last weekend while at the qualifier in LA.

  8. haleiwacrossfitter April 20, 2016 1:22 pm

    Extremely disappointed with Huff. She is young, so I am sure she is still trying to figure life out and where that will be best for her.

    When she first arrived, she really seemed like someone that was ready to learn and be a hard worker and committed. She seemed like a Goodman type person. Shy, quiet, but very loyal and committed.

    She has decided to leave something she committed to every year since arriving. First leaving the volleyball team, during probably the worst time to do so and when they really needed her. Now leaving the basketball team just as they are needing her to be the foundation of next year’s team.

    This is just my opinion on what happened. I know it has been mentioned that it has nothing to do with volleyball. But I think deep down, a little bit does. I think if she started to become a star in volleyball, she would not have left to vball team and she would still be here. Here is my theory. Just my theory. Don’t give me heat for it. It’s just my story. 🙂

    She obviously wanted to develop her volleyball skills and possible see where that would take her. I’m thinking not many volleyball schools were after her with a full ride and Hawaii and Dave could teach her to become the type of player I think she aspired to be. When she was not getting the playing time, which I think she totally deserved more of, I think she felt like going back to where she was most comfortable and knew she could really make an impact and be a star player.

    Once realizing how good she could be in college D1 basketball, I think she now wants to attend a school that can really get her to the big dance every year. And not just get there, but be a real contender and possibly even win a national championship. She probably had many basketball scholarships offered to her out of high school and she is now going to venture and see if those schools, or others now that she has proven herself and gained experience, want her. I think she has decided that being on a winning a national championship team in basketball and playing pro basketball is what she wants to do now with her life. Volleyball didn’t work out as she had planned and now she is trying to be the best she can be with a sport she has already proven how good she is. I would not be surprised if she ends up on a top 10, or even higher, D1 basketball school.

    Good luck to Megan. But again, very disappointed she is no longer a wahine. 🙁

  9. rabbits ears April 20, 2016 2:48 pm

    Nothing wrong with wanting to go to a Pac 12 or ACC type school. She got the talent.
    Good luck to Megan.

  10. Cindy Luis April 20, 2016 3:13 pm

    8. Huff did not leave a commitment every year, unless you’re looking at it as calendar year and not school year. she played for both as a freshman. left volleyball midway through as a sophomore and now basketball after her sophomore season.

    Her first love was basketball which is pretty well documented. She wanted to see how good she could be a volleyball and then decided she had a better future in basketball.

  11. Cindy Luis April 20, 2016 3:18 pm

    for those wanting to watch the SandBows this week, they are not playing Thursday
    They are playing in the bracketed team duals on Friday, have a bye and play at noon against the morning winner of Long Beach State-Washington. USC has a bye into 11 a.m. matches against winner of Louisiana-Monroe and Grand Canyon.
    Unless UH loses the dual at noon, they won’t play again until Saturday morning. If they were to lose, they play 3:30 Friday.

  12. turfwar April 20, 2016 3:34 pm

    Huff had 18 points, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 2 steals against the UCLA Bruins in the NCAA’s as a sophomore. She also had most minutes played. She can play at most any school she chooses.Too bad she’s leaving. Wahine basketball very rarely gets a big as productive as that. She was a shoe-in to be first team All Big West next two years. With an outside chance at POY. She will be missed. Aloha Megan.

  13. ALLAN April 20, 2016 3:42 pm


  14. H-Man April 20, 2016 4:06 pm

    Megan is simply looking for the best team to showcase her talent. I don’t blame her since she wants to play professionally. Aloha and good luck.

  15. touchthestick? April 20, 2016 4:43 pm

    Mahalo and aloha to Megan Huff, my favorite Wahine basketball player this past season.

  16. Raider Dogs April 20, 2016 5:15 pm

    Reply to #13. I think the person you saw was a USC transfer that didn’t play for the women’s team. Her last name was Calhoun I believe she was at least 6’3″ or 6’4″. Don’t know if she has any eligibility left but coach Beeman could really use her now.

  17. warriorfan April 20, 2016 5:34 pm

    14. I dont buy that, players from James Madison, BYU and Florida Gulf coast got drafted in the WNBA last week. If you are good they will draft you no matter where or who you play against.

  18. rabbit ears April 20, 2016 5:56 pm

    14- That true unless you are across the Pacific. Hope she ends up at UCLA or USC.

  19. z April 20, 2016 7:12 pm

    Surprised Huff is leaving. I guess she doesn’t want to be a part of a rebuild. Huge job for Beeman next year. I hope she doesn’t leave.

  20. haleiwacrossfitter April 21, 2016 5:17 am

    10. Yes Cindy, I was speaking in terms of calendar year. 2015 left vball. 2016 left basketball.

    I think her confidence grew in bball and decided to really go somewhere where she can be a star on a team of stars. She’s that good. It’s really unfortunate. She could have been starting in both vball and bball next season.

  21. tongo April 21, 2016 7:59 am

    10. I had previously posted on Huff’s departure wishing her the best. I agree with you that Megan had a good chance to be the starter for both sports next year if she stayed the course. Both coaches apparently clearly wanted her to stay but nevertheless, she has to do what is best for herself to grow. Megan has already more than earned our aloha for her time at UH. Again, wishing her the very best and will miss my favorite wahine basketball player.

  22. Casual Observer April 21, 2016 8:37 am

    Megan Huff was WBB’s most consistent and best player. Her performances in the last few games, including the highlight of the ULCA game, showed her playing at a high level. Basketball is a team sport but the Wahines wouldn’t have made it to the finals without her. Given her contributions to the team, she was shut out at the team awards banquet, certain awards being voted by the players even though she was recognized by the league. She will be an exciting pick up for some team and don’t be surprised to see her playing again in the regionals.

  23. tongo April 21, 2016 10:33 am

    22. Seriously, it is all moot now! Huff has left the program. Let’s just wish her and the team the very best moving forward.

  24. Cubicle1126 April 21, 2016 11:21 am

    i don’t have an issue with players seeking out something better if their current situation is not a good fit.

    at the same time though, when players leave (particularly quality players who a coach was hoping to rely on) decide to leave … it leaves the coach and the team in a tough situation … and in a recruiting gap … losses like this are tougher for mid-majors who struggle already to compete with the power-5s.

    no judgment on huff. i don’t know the specifics of her decision. maybe she really wasn’t happy here. but it would have been nice to see her stay after coaches from 2 programs here went out of their way to accommodate her…

  25. Ron April 21, 2016 11:48 am

    Hawaii is not for everybody. We do have the best weather, the best food and in my opinion the best medical system within the USA. We also have extreme diversity both ethnically , culturally, and financially. It takes a while to get use to if you are new to the islands. The most unique thing about Hawaii is the way we care for and root for the athletes that choose to represent our School and our State. When Megan opted to transfer it was more like losing a family member that an athlete. With regret we wish her well and we will always care what happens to her.

  26. James April 21, 2016 3:29 pm

    “Their” focus, not “there” focus.

  27. Rabbits ears April 21, 2016 3:43 pm

    26- you the man

  28. Cindy Luis April 21, 2016 4:59 pm

    still find it odd about her leaving. Be interesting to see where she ends up.
    New thread up for Thursday

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