CSUN-UH rewind

Sorry, our server went down after Set 3 and I had no access to the blog.

think it was a very winnable game for Hawaii but they have to cut down their service errors. 9 aces, 16 SEs.

Agree with an earlier comment that Marks was valuable not just for his numbers but his presence. He said after the match he hoped to be ready to go Sunday.

A lot of times UH’s youth showed. They hung on to bad calls. Don’t think Olsen is the best candidate for floor captain. Thought Wechsung did a nice job at setter in Set 4. Gave a bigger block. But both setters having problem with location. Some of it was the passing. there were some wild balls been thrown up.

And agree that the Warriors were very flat. They do need to come out from the start with better energy. Sunday is a critical match.

Someone posted that UH got beat by a higher ranked and better team. I don’t know if that is necessarily true. The rankings are so arbitrary. it’s 16 people taking their best guess. Hawaii has shown that it can play with, and beat, the best.

As for the men’s programs vs. the women’s, the only thing that I see is a truth is that wahine volleyball and softball have been more consistently ranked, and higher ranked, than men’s volleyball and baseball.

They aren’t going to drop men’s volleyball. Period.