Beach vs. Nebraska Sunday, Saturday recap

Matches start at 4 p.m.
TV coverage at 7 for No. 2 At 8 p.m. at No. 1.

apologize, having issues posting As some of you also are with the weirdness due to the video addition in between the original post and the comment section

someone asked about Beach scholarships. They give 6, no full, just partials for sand-only players

As for Saturday, Closing out the Hawai’i Invitational on Saturday at Queen’s Beach, the No. 5 University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine beach volleyball team split the day after sweeping Loyola Marymount 5-0 to move into the championship, where they fell to No. 3 Southern Cal 3-2

No. 5 Hawai’i 5, Loyola Marymount 0
Hawai’i Invitational Semifinal
Queen’s Beach • Honolulu, Hawai’i
Saturday, March 19, 2016
1. Taylor-Schreiber won 21-19, 21-15
2. Spieler-Maglio won 21-16, 21-15
3. Rooks-Schucht won 21-8, 21-9
4. Long-Tucker won 21-11, 21-4
5. Homayun/Zalopany won 21-9, 21-17

No. 3 USC 3, No. 5 Hawai’i 2
Hawai’i Invitational Final
Queen’s Beach • Honolulu, Hawai’i
Saturday, March 19, 2016
1. Kelly Claes/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Lara Schreiber/Nikki Taylor (UH); 21-11, 21-19
2. Emily Maglio/Katie Spieler (UH) def. Sophie Bukovec/Alexa Strange (USC); 21-16, 20-22, 15-9
3. Nicolette Martin/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Hannah Rooks/Ka’iwi Schucht (UH); 21-17, 21-15
4. Jenna Belton/Abril Bustamante (USC) def. Ginger Long/Mikayla Tucker (UH); 21-16, 21-17
5. Ari Homayun/Hannah Zalopany (UH) def. Jo Kremer/Zoe Nightingale (USC); 22-20, 19-21, 15-11


  1. WaWa March 20, 2016 7:45 pm

    You can definitely see the quark in Maglio’s swing on the beach. It is one of the reason why she is so effective on offense because it’s basically a half swing, no follow-through, high contact point roll-shot. You will also see that the tighter sets, she doesn’t get her feet set and her arm up quick enough and she wails on the ball long. (Indoor) coaches need to work with her on her armswing during the spring. Like Coach Tanya did with Tai over at Punahou, work on her armswing by hitting against a wall a bunch. Iron it out.

  2. rabbit ears March 20, 2016 9:37 pm

    emily and katie’s 3 set victory over USC must of been quite a battle. Bukovec/ Strange were really good in the previous match against the wahines.

  3. ionw March 21, 2016 12:47 am

    coach hall really needs to reassess/reconsider lara schreiber as flight 1/nikkis partner. so much to her coming from eliteschule des sports, she looked mediocre not elite so her belonging on flight 1 with nikki is questionable. that set 1 loss to nebraska was abysmal, she was already knees in the sand before the opponent hit the ball making her unable to get to it at all before it even crossed the net. they lucky they won that match. not sure if that was such a brilliant idea of hall to counter flight 1 of usc kelly claes/sara hughes but laras elite of deutschland aint the answer.

    i agree with poster #1

  4. setaone March 21, 2016 6:36 am

    A part of Sand Volleyball is the overall team concept. A coach needs to arrange the flights to give the team the best chance of winning 3 of 5 flights. I feel that Spieler/Maglio at #2 gave Hawaii a better chance of winning Flight 2 than Taylor/Schreiber.

    At this point in the season, USC #1 doesn’t look to be losing anytime soon, so having Taylor/Schreiber at #2 for that match wasn’t a guarantee win either. Spieler/Maglio at #2 gave Hawaii a better chance of winning that match.

  5. noblesol March 21, 2016 6:57 am

    #3 ionw. Disagree.
    Taylor/Schreiber both looked bad in that 1st set vs. Nebraska. Could hardly point the finger at just Lara. They responded well though, and did a great job of making adjustments mid-match. It was impressive how they turned the tide. I’d give Coach Hall some credit for helping them along.

    There has been tremendous improvement in their play together from their first televised set against USC. Obviously they are adjusting to each other, and Lara is adjusting to being the ‘small’ and under the bright lights of flights 1/2. I hope this pairing sticks together and continues to improve; they have great potential. I look forward to seeing them again when they return from Florida.

  6. rabbit ears March 21, 2016 7:58 am

    I guess i was watching a different match. I thought Lara played alot better then Nikki.

  7. warriorfan March 21, 2016 8:42 am

    Lara struggled in the first set no doubt, but she got way better by set 3 and was clearly the player of the match. I think we need to cut this pair some slack, they have been together less than 3 weeks I think. It’s all about how they look in May and for next season.

    I personally agree that having Spieler and maglio at 2, is better for the team specifically against USC, who’s number 1 pair is just too good to beat, We could beat them at the lower flights and win the match in May. I believe they can anyway.

  8. livealoha March 21, 2016 9:25 am

    Remember that Boyan was supposed to Taylor’s partner. Beach Volleyball is all about communication, chemistry and experience with playing with your partner. You almost have to “know” the next step of your partner. It’ll take time for the No. 1 Flight to get adjusted to one another, especially if they were practicing with other people prior. Flights No. 4 and No. 5 (maybe even No. 3 to an extent) are a little more forgiving (especially since Beach Volleyball is still developing). But you’re No. 1 and No. 2 are gonna be competitive against every elite team.

  9. warriorfan March 21, 2016 9:32 am

    Boyan was going to be Spieler’s partner.

  10. R.M March 21, 2016 10:06 am

    Nikki and Lara are both adjusting. This is the first year that Nikki is playing that she is the older and more experience player in her flight.

    I watched the pair at Queens againts HPU, TCU and LMU they actually really look good out there. Better than the 2 games that was televised

  11. Cindy Luis March 21, 2016 11:15 am

    Hall said that his 1-2 are interchangeable at those flights. Agree that the win over USC Saturday at No. 2 was big. SC’s No. 2 pair was 4-3 going into Tuesday’s match. Moving Spieler and Maglio down to No. 2 gave UH a better show. USC No. 1 11-0 this season and may not lose this year. A very veteran pair.

    As for Sunday’s No. 1 match, Set 1 they got stuck in a bad rotation. Think Taylor held on to a questionable call that affected things. But their comeback was very impressive and Schreiber played very well in Set 2.

  12. Cindy Luis March 21, 2016 11:17 am
    Monday thread up on polls

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