Video: Matlin introduced as new athletic director

UH introduced David Matlin as its new athletic director on March 25.


  1. David J. March 25, 2015 7:55 pm

    G.ood morning Hawaii Warriors! Good luck with your new AD!. I hope he do a great job with University of Hawaii program. Buy scheduling powerhouse teams to play against in all sports. But having scheduling one or powerhouse teams and lowest teams to play with every years. It will be really hard for the University of Hawaii coaches to recruit local kids to play for the University for other 4 star players. Because lot’s of kids look at the University of they’re schedule. Who their are planning to play each years when they are at the University. Because if they play with weak teams and if status is so high NFL will not pick them up or don’t want them at all. They might have to look at CFL for their last chance!. Look that is why a lot’s of your local kids go to the mainland to play for others University!.

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