NCAA men’s volleyball: No ticket? Free watch party outside the Pyramid, tailgate too

There may be some tickets left but if you feel like driving down without one, the Beach has a open-air picnic-style watch party a la Sunset on the Beach with a big screen. It’s makai side of the Pyramid beyond the track. Free to get in the venue but $9 for parking. There will be at least one food truck. Bring a blanket and sweater since it will be chilly tonight.
They did this also for Thursday except they told people they were doing it for both matches. Kept telling people that even through the first 30 minutes of Hawaii-Lewis. had a friend outside who kept asking about the Hawaii match, kept being told they’d put it up. He eventually left and watched on line from home.
Hawaii has set up a tailgate near the parking lot as you come in off Atherton.