Hawaii men’s volleyball: FINAL No. 1 Hawaii 3, No. 2 BYU 2

Colton Cowell (gray shirt, background) watched from the side as his teammates warmed up for the rematch against No. 2 BYU on Friday night. / Photo by Brian McInnis

FINAL: No. 1 Hawaii comes back in a thriller over No. 2 BYU, reverse sweeping the Cougars 20-25, 22-25, 25-22, 25-23, 19-17. Rado Parapunov put down a career-high 30 kills and Jakob Thelle assumed the reins of the offense for good in the second set.


Set 5 UH wins 19-17.
1020: Ace by Gasman ends it.
10:03: BYU hits long. It’s 13-13. TO BYU.
10:09: GGF’s serve was going long but Filip Humler couldn’t get out of the way
BYU up 13-11. TO UH
10:04: Hawaii up 9-4 at the crossover. BYU has closed to 9-7. TO UH
9:58: good lord how was that not a lift. But Jakob Thelle answers on 2. It’s 6-3. TO BYU
Set 4: UH wins 25-23

9:49: Rado Parapunov addes to his career high with 27th kill, ending Set 4.
9:47: GGF blocked by Chaz Galloway and Max Rosenfeld. UH serving for Set 4 at 24-22. TO BYU.
9:43: Patrick Gasman’s fourth ace gives Hawaii a 22-21 lead. TO BYU
9:39: BYU up 19-18. TO UH.
9:36: UH again getting called for out of rotation. this one stands. BYU up 17-16.
9:33: Not sure what the point of that was. Call stands. UH up 15-14. Guess the point was to ice Rado Parapunov. Net set ties it at 15.
9:32: So BYU decides to challenge the original call.
9:30: Think the refs are quickly losing control. Chaz Galloway wipes the overpass off Wil Stanley. BYU argues but Hawaii gets the point. UH up 15-14 at the TTO.
9:26: Call stands. it’s 11-11. BYU now up 12-11 on GGF’s ace.
9:24: Hawaii challenging a foot fault by Gabi Garcia Fernandez. If not, BYU has tied it.

Set 3 Hawaii holds on 25-22

9:05: Rado Parapunov with his 17th kill ends it.
9:02: BYU closes to 24-22. TO UH.
8:58: No lead seems to be safe. BYU pulls to 22-18 on 2 UH hitting errors. TO Warriors.
8:50: Patrick Gasman with the ace. It’s 17-10. TO BYU
8:47: apologies. keep losing the internet
UH up 15-8 at the TTO
8:38: Hawaii up 7-3. TO BYU.

Set 2: BYU wins 25-22

8:20: BYU with epic rally. Down by as much as six, win by 3. ouch
8:13: Hawaii’s serve-receive flailing. BYU puts down two service overpasses to pull to 20-19 TO Hawaii. Warriors led at one point 17-12 and 19-13.
8:08: Gabi Garcia Fernandez with his first ace. It’s 19-15 Hawaii. TO Warriors.
8:03: Jakob Thelle with the overpass makes it 17-12. TO BYU
8:00: Rado Parapunov with his 10th kill. For the first time in 2 nights, Warriors are ahead at the TTO. 15-11.
7:47: Jakob Thelle to start Set 2

Set 1 BYU wins 25-20

7:43: Rado Parapunov with another ace but BYU takes Set 1 on its third set point.
7:38: Two hitting errors by UH give BYU a 23-17 lead. TO UH. Davide Gardini was blocked a few points ago, BYU’s first hitting error of the night and UH’s first block made it 20-16
7:32: Jakob Thelle’s serve has BYU out of system. Ace and three kills by Rado Parapunov pulls UH to 18-14. TO BYU
7:29: Jakob Thelle in front row for Brett Sheward. BYU up 18-10
7:27: BYU up 17-9. TO UH. Cougars on 4-0 run. 11-0-20
7:24:: BYU up 15-9 at the TTO. for a second night, Cougars without an error in Set 1. 10-0-19 at the moment. UH 7-4-21.
7:20: BYU challenging ball was in. Call overturn the call. byu up 11-7
Chaz Galloway will be starting in place of Colton Cowell
Max Rosenfeld in place of Guilherme Voss
Other starters stay the same: Brett Sheward, Gage Worsley, Patrick Gasman, Patrick Gasman, Filip Humler, Rado Parapunov
Hawaii will be without Colton Cowell tonight.
As mentioned on earlier thread, he said he had food poisoning a few days ago and wasn’t 100 percent Thursday. He peppered earlier but did not participate in the last warmup session, was standing on the sideline.
Apparently a combination of flu-like symptoms and that recurring leg issue suffered earlier in the season.
Friday matches
No. 4 Long Beach State (H) def. Lindenwood, 25-20, 25-20, 25-23
No. 5 Lewis (A) def. No. 13 Stanford (H) 15-25, 25-14, 25-23, 25-23
No. 3 UCSB (H) def. No. 6 UC San Diego, 22-25, 25-23, 25-21, 25-16
No. 7 UC Irvine (N) def. North Greenville, 25-20, 25-13, 25-19
No. 9 Pepperdine (H) def. Saint Francis, 25-19, 25-19, 25-20
No. 10 Grand Canyon (H) def. Vanguard (A), 25-21, 25-20, 27-29, 25-14
North Greenville (A) def. No. 10 Grand Canyon, 12-25, 18-25, 25-23, 25-18, 15-13
NJIT (A) def. No. 11 Princeton, 30-28, 25-18, 25-22
Purdue Fort Wayne (H) def. Sacred Heart, 25-17, 25-13, 25-21
7 p.m. start
No. 2 BYU (17-0) at No. 1 Hawaii (14-1)
TV: Spectrum Sports
watch online click here
Radio: ESPN 1420-AM/94.7-FM
Listen online click here
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  1. Don March 6, 2020 7:16 pm

    What is Charlie’s argument right at the start?

  2. Cindy Luis March 6, 2020 7:17 pm

    1. there looked like 4 contacts by BYU, He had a case

  3. WaWa March 6, 2020 7:29 pm

    Why didn’t he challenge? Isn’t that reviewable??

  4. Warriorfan March 6, 2020 7:40 pm

    UH coaches need to ask for new refs. These refs need to be put out to pasture, sorry!

  5. WaWa March 6, 2020 7:47 pm

    Charlie’s guerrilla warfare tactics may have seemed to work last year because he had the complete team to back him up. This year, his team needs him to COACH. No reason to get all HOT-HEADED when a simple challenged would’ve resulted in a point aaaaaaand the challenged wouldn’t have been lost like years in the past! Even C-Mac online said it himself, that Charlie should’ve challenged. Simple as that. Said he might’ve forgotten the rule. Embarrassing!

  6. Don March 6, 2020 8:13 pm

    Gabi foot faulted at 19-16. Shameful no call

  7. Cindy Luis March 6, 2020 8:49 pm

    3-5. Not reviewable.
    6. Agree.

  8. Magyk March 6, 2020 9:46 pm

    Why can’t the refs see Gabi’s foot faults? Everybody in the arena sees it.

  9. Don March 6, 2020 10:27 pm

    Time to fire all the refs and get new ones.

  10. Bleachcoach March 6, 2020 10:33 pm

    Awesome Win ! After last nite I was dismayed, but tonite I can sleep like a baby! A signature Win that I believe will possibly be the 2 Team’s playing for the National Championship. Our blocks with Galloway added into the lineup and Rado’s record setting nite in kills made up for our straight set loss last nite. We were overpowered last nite but tonite We look like WARRIORS!!!! Chee-Hooooo

  11. NoWorriesGoGettum March 6, 2020 11:06 pm

    Way to battle and fight and take what’s yours Hawaii! Awesome match played by both teams tonight. Hawaii’s players fought harder for this win and they were greatly rewarded for their fine efforts tonight!

  12. Maverick March 6, 2020 11:16 pm

    Some observations:
    1. Great comeback. After tanking the end of set 2, things looked dim. Kudos to the team for persevering. Glad most of the crowd stayed to see another epic win.
    2. I hope the Debbie Downer from last night realizes how much he/she over-reacted. The fourth best team after BYU, UCSB, and LBSU???? Seriously, last night’s BYU squad would have beaten last year’s UH and LBSU teams on a neutral court. BYU played at an all-world level, bombing serves and blasting kills. BYU was unreal. If anyone has seen BYU play better at any other point this season (and not against poor competition), please let me know which match.
    3. UH wins despite scoring fewer points, hitting for a lower percentage, having fewer kills, more hitting errors and fewer attempts. UH won the serving battle in terms of aces and service errors, and won the dig battle. The only stat that counts: UH 3, BYU 2
    4. Come Monday, I expect BYU to be the new #1. Dominated match 1 and lost 2-3 tonite, at Hawaii. Played a tougher schedule so far. Doesn’t really matter, but some folks care. Just win the BW tournament.
    5. I am glad the national championship match is not at BYU. IMO, UH is a slight underdog to BYU on a neutral court, but I’d like to see how both teams match up if they make it to this year’s final.
    6. The last three sets are what I expected to see last night. BYU looked like a top 2 team, but not an all-world team in those three sets. If UH can sustain tonite’s intensity level, serving level, get another stellar match from Parapunov and fix their serve/receive problems (middles were absent tonite offensively), they will be more formidable.
    7. Setter controversy? Who starts the next match against CSUN, Sheward or Thelle? Is this case of musical chairs, with the starting setter determined in part by the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses?

  13. Cindy Luis March 6, 2020 11:20 pm

    12. good observations.
    Thought Thelle played well. He hasn’t been great at out of system balls but was good tonight. thought he went to Parapunov too much but Parapunov wanted the ball. Worsley refused to lose. And a good job by Rosenfeld. Galloway gave them a different look. was a little excitable.

  14. Harvey March 7, 2020 1:11 am

    Best match I’ve seen in a long time.

    Cindy, Bows had trouble with alignment all set 4. Did the coaches screw up the lineup card?

    Finally, I look forward to watching a rematch at the NCAA Championships where live, in the DC area. Gonna be wild to see the game in person,

  15. J March 7, 2020 1:12 am

    What a great environment for men’s volleyball, any recruits in the house? I’d be signing on the dotted line before I could get out of the stadium.

  16. lina March 7, 2020 3:44 am

    #12, Whoa! Someone must have had too much to drink tonight. This year’s BYU team is good, but to say that they are better than either UH or LBSU from last year is a little too extreme. I’m speechless.

  17. noblesol March 7, 2020 3:57 am

    Generally this season, Hawai’i has slow starts, then gets stronger. No team has greater depth on their bench then Hawai’i, and Wade isn’t reluctant to make changes.

    BYU starts guns blazing but then teams start to dial in against them. Olmstead is reluctant to bring in his bench when competition stiffens, and rides his starters and relies even more heavily on Gabi’s turn in the serving rotation.

    BYU made Hawai’i better this week. Hawai’i figured out their best lineup against BYU and grew with each set. BYU provided them a sharpening wheel of competition their non-conference season had been lacking. Likely BYU jumps to the top of the polls this week. But, if Hawai’i can take their lessons learned on the road with them, I like their odds against BYU in a Rematch in Fairfax.

    Both BYU and Hawai’i fans are found everywhere. Not sure either one ever experiences a completely neutral court. If they play for the NC, it could be a split and rowdy crowd cheering for both teams, with Hawai’i the presumptive underdog. That’s a good position for this Hawai’i team, they need to feel challenged to bring out their best.

  18. islandman March 7, 2020 8:08 am

    The UH box score stats don’t show the number of serve receptions for each player. Gage seemed to me to have a lot of them.
    Garcia Fernandez showed good sportsmanship after the match, saying thank you to the ref, good job to all the UH players in the handshake line with a few more words to some of the players and a longer friendly discussion with Rado.
    Chaz had some key blocks and Gasman is a force with his serving. Thelle is an offensive threat. For pressure, Shea had it when he was subbed in cold near the end of the match, for one play.

  19. Cindy Luis March 7, 2020 9:02 am

    14. Then you have missed the UH-Beach battles the past few years if you think this one was best “in a while.”
    I do not know about the lineup card. I didn’t have time to ask after match. There was an issue when they turned it in at the start. Warriors got called for overlap 3 times, once it was reversed and a replay.
    I missed deadline twice since it went late and it was a bit chaotic after. probably won’t get an answer until Monday.
    15. only one I heard was supposed to be there already signed in Austin Buchanan.
    16. agree. you never know what the matchups would be or how 19 Beach or Warriors would handle serve-receive.
    17. there is a second box that has that. go to the game story page. upper right green link that says box score
    BYU target Humler and that is his weakness. not normally in serve-receive but they went to a four-man to deal with the Cougars, part of which being without Cowell.
    Humler 44 receptions, got aced 3 times
    Worsley 28, 0 aced; Galloway 19, 0 aced.
    The other two aces went down as team since no one played it.
    Hawaii serve-receive percentage .948. gave up 5 aces on 91 receptions
    BYU .906. gave up 9 aces on 85 receptions.
    in Set 5, UH .923. got aced once in 12 receptions
    BYU .938, aced once in 15.
    Set 5 both teams had 9 kills, UH .278 with 4 errors, BYU .174 with 5 errors. both had 1 ace and 5 digs. BYU 4.5-2 blocks.

  20. Andrew March 7, 2020 9:35 am

    Would have been nice to have swept the two matches but I think Thursday served as a good wake up call. Sometimes dropping a match and regrouping can be more beneficial than cruising through the season unscathed.

  21. Maverick March 7, 2020 10:48 am

    16. That is NOT what I said. Maybe I should write in pidgin cuz you no can read on dis place.

    I said that BYU’s level of play on Thursday night was all world and would have beaten last year’s UH and LBSU teams on a NEUTRAL court. The .603 hitting percentage against UH says it all, but add to that the blocking and ace differentials. Rewatch Thursday’s match, BYU was bombing everything and doing it efficiently. I did NOT say that BYU is a better overall squad than last year’s teams. The team we saw last night was more human and would not have won. To paraphrase, it is similar to when a team plays so well that someone says, “They could have beaten anyone tonite.” Another example, LMU beat Michigan 149-115 in the 1990 NCAA men’s basketball tournament, going 21-for-40 in 3-pt FGs. Announcers said the same of that LMU performance. Some days you just are in the zone.

    19. You say I had good observations in 13, but now agree with 16 that I must have had too much to drink last night? Really? lol

  22. islandman March 7, 2020 10:55 am

    19. Thanks, i clicked on the PDF that is over the C for ” CSUN, Next Match” and it has all the stats, including by each set. In general, i thought that BYU was receiving well.
    The stats you cite for the 5th set with the blocks would seem to favor BYU winning that set except for BYU having one more attack error and one more SE.
    In the 3rd set, which UH won, BYU hit .360 to UH’s .125 but BYU had six SE’s.

  23. Tamale March 7, 2020 12:17 pm

    BYU stuffed their back pockets with the first two wins then Rainbow Warriors stuffed theirs with twoi wins and then Patrick Gasman ate ’em up How delicious was that, LOL???

  24. kahuna March 7, 2020 2:51 pm

    Austin Buchanan was definitely there. Saw him on the court as the team was walking around the arena shaking hands.

    Many fans probably recognized him as he was constantly stopped by fans as he walked by. Even had a prolonged chat with the Aunties.

  25. UHVoice97 March 7, 2020 4:02 pm

    Recruits: also there both nights was Makua Marumoto of HBA (this year, St. Francis last year) — who is also already signed for next season. Nice to see Marumoto and Buchanan forming a bond prior to becoming Warriors. I saw Charlie Wade talking extensively with them after Thursday night’s match.

    This year’s BYU team is pretty much the same personnel as last year with the exception of Wil Stanley who sat out much of last season with an injury. The other replacements who have made a difference are Branden Oberender for Felipe de Brito Ferreira at middle blocker and Mitchel Worthington for their graduated libero. In my opinion, Stanley is the difference this year and makes them a National Championship caliber team. The Cougars struggled with his replacements last year.

    It will be fun to see how the rest of the season plays out and if/when UH and BYU meet again in the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championship.

  26. Cindy Luis March 7, 2020 4:03 pm

    21. did not agree with the “too much to drink” comment. was agreeing with the rest of Lina’s comment. Then going back and rereading your original and then the comment in 21, I misinterpreted what you wrote originally.

  27. Maverick March 7, 2020 11:40 pm

    26. Thank you. I am not always right, but I ask others to be careful about how they represent what I or anyone else posts on this forum.

  28. Cindy Luis March 8, 2020 3:40 pm

    new thread up for Sunday

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