NCAA Sweet 16 set

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Seeds in parenthesis
Friday’s third round
Washington State (16) at Stanford (1)
Oregon (15) at Minnesota (2)
Marquette (14) at Illinois (3)
Florida at BYU (4)
Michigan at Texas (5)
San Diego at Wisconsin (6)
Kentucky (10) at Nebraska (7)
Washington at Penn State (8)

Saturday’s second round

Stanford (1) 3, LMU 0Illinois (3) 3, Louisville 1
Minnesota (2) 3, South Dakota 0
Illinois (3) 3, Louisville 1
BYU (4) 3, Utah 0
Wisconsin (6) 3, Pepperdine 1
Nebraska (7) Missouri 1
Penn State (8) 3, Syracuse 0
Washington 3, Creighton (9) 0
Kentucky (10) 3, Purdue 0
San Diego 3, USC (11) 0
Michigan 3, Pitt (12)
Marquette (14) 3, Cincinnati 0
Washington State (16) 3, Tennessee 1
Friday’s second round
Oregon (15) 3, Baylor 2 25-18, 23-25, 25-17, 22-25, 15-13
Texas (5) 3, Texas State 0
Florida 3, FGCU 0

Friday’s first round
San Diego 3, Cal Poly 1 (T. Van Winden out for match with injury)
Washington State (16) 3, NAU 1
Clemson 3, Radford 1
Iowa State 3, Bradley 0
North Texas 3, Wichita State 1
Michigan 3, Navy 0
Purdue 3, East Tennessee State 0
Cincinnati 3, Illinois State 0
Washington 3, St. Mary’s 1
Syracuse 3, Yale 0
Louisville 3, Dayton 0
South Carolina 3, Colorado 2
Creighton (9) 3, South Dakota State 0
Pitt (12) 3, Iona 0
LMU 3, Duke 0
Penn State (8) 3, Howard 0
Marquette (14) 3, High point 0
Nebraska (7) 3, Hofstra 0
BYU (4) 3, Stony Brook 0
Stanford (1) 3, Alabama State 0-
USC (11) 3, Samford 0
Charleston 3, Georgia Tech 1
Valparaiso 3, Miami (Ohio) 0
Tulane 3, Cal Baptist 1
Portland 3, Utah Valley 2
Missouri 3, Arizona 0
Utah 3, Denver 0
Tennessee 3, Colorado State 2
Kentucky (10) 3, Murray State 0
Illinois (3) 3, Eastern Michigan 0
Minnesota (2) 3, Bryant 0


  1. T103 December 2, 2018 8:48 am

    Wow, since I wasn’t paying attention past couple days since UH lost in 5, pretty impressed Baylor took Oregon to 5. On a side note, since Iolani’s Oglivie took player of the year, obviously, hehehe, do we know where she committed to? I remember last year on the blog we were all hoping and wishing UH.

  2. Sheila December 2, 2018 9:00 am

    Big Mahalo to Robyn-Angelica persistent coaching team who did super job in building good team with techniques, cutting down self-destructing mistakes and energizing players, promoting team from C-grade start to B+ grade finish, and then taking into post-season in their first two years. Tough ask to advance in post-season without a go-to player. Even, Cal Poly after not having one of two go-to player (Torrey due to practice injury) failed to advance against bigger (6’ 2”) San Diego team. #46 Wahine finished almost the same playing standard as # 17Baylor, #19Oregon, & #23CalPoly and did better than #40 Denver, #27Florida St, #13UCF, #30 Rice, #39Arizona, #16UNI, #41 Yale, and #44 Duke in score-wise. Well done wahine! Robyn-Angelica coaching staff is steadily progressing up the learning curve. Here are few constructive points in order to move from top-30 to top-10. IMO, game strategy which is very important against top teams, was below par. That is why, not knowing to convert match point, failing stop bleeding, loosing after being 2-0 etc. Plan with BRAIN STORMING as a coaching team in making game plan as well as in real-time strategy planning (i.e. during the on-going game). Hope next season begins with focusing on missing element, OFFENCE with at least one go-to hitter with high % kill and consistency throughout season. Season beginning tournaments (which are core-stat for post-season) are not for trying out pre-season activities (such as different line-outs or measure skill level of players). Keep up good work!

  3. OrbitalRipZ December 2, 2018 10:13 am

    Overall the NCAA Volleyball Committee did an good job with the seeds.

    #9 Creighton of the Big East (mid-major conf.) was swept by Washington of the Pac-12. #14 Marquette will be swept by Illinois, but at least they got by High Point and Cincinnatti to reach the regionals.

    #11 USC of the Pac-12, which was oddly seeded higher than Oregon and which had a season-ending MO that wasn’t much to brag about, had the brooms in their face by San Diego of the WCC. WCC has two of their five reps moving on to the Sweet 16.

    #12 Pittsburgh (ACC, which some consider to be a major volleyball conf on par with the WCC) lost to Michigan of the Big Ten.

    #13 UCF (AAC, which some consider a mid-major conf) had a rpi 10 but that turned into a farce as it became a “one and done” team to FGCU (ASUN, a minor conf).

  4. OrbitalRipZ December 2, 2018 10:21 am

    What will we remember most about the 2018 version of the UH Rainbow Wahine? Will there be a mind-popping trigger?

    Positive: It will not be remembered as the second edition of the 1992 Bows, which remains the only UH team not to be invited to the annual NCAA D1 Volleyball Championship tournament.

    Neutral: Watch Cindy’s blog for the announcement of the 2018 D1 Regional Awards – Pacific North Region. A candidate must be awarded All-Regional status to be AA eligible. In the rally scoring era, the AVCA recognized the growing popularity of women’s volleyball by adding a Third Team to its First- and Second-Team AAs in 2002, then followed that by creating Honorable Mention in 2003. Throughout this era, at least one Wahine has been honored as an AA every year. Will 2018 be the year no Wahine receives national recognition?

    Neutral: Or it might be remembered (negatively) for setting the program-low 100 RPI …. Or (positively) for moving from that program low to a Top 40 RPI depending on the success of Oregon (15th seed & runner-up to Stanford in the Pac-12), as all of UH’s other opponents failed in their quest to reach the Sweet Sixteen.

    Negative: Will it be remembered as a schizophrenic team that choked one too many times? Who can forget that 1st set against UCSB: “UH led 24-20 late. But UCSB rallied and staved off 4-straight set points on 3 UH hitting errors that sandwiched a Gauchos’ service ace. After trading sideouts, UCSB scored the last 3 points to steal Set 1, 28-26,” and eventually sweep the Bows a night after the Bows celebrated its biggest win of the season.

    Will it be remembered as the team of three “one-and-done transfer seniors” – all of whom for the first time in their collegiate careers were invited to the Big Dance.

    Will it be remembered as a team without a terminator? Seldom (if ever) did we hear from the live media announcers, “You can deny her once, but you cannot deny her twice!” or “When in doubt, go to ____!”

    Will Team Rainbows 18 be remembered at all? Or will it just fade into the Manoa night?

    IMAO (In My Arrogant Opinion): When mind-pops occur regarding this team, I think it will generate the volleyball pop ups of Hawaii’s senior libero, who should be given AA Honorable Mention consideration.

    Next up: Gooooooooo Sand Bows!

  5. shar December 2, 2018 3:47 pm

    I will remember this team as the little team that could. They could have given in before their regular season started but they pushed and we could see improvement in every game.

    Re: Oglivie…she may or may not commit to the UH (I can’t imagine them not offering a spot to her). However, having worked amongst high school students, many can’t wait to get off of “the rock”. The decision is hers and hers alone and is not a comment on our coaching staff. I love these coaches. They seem to like and respect working with each other.

  6. cappie the dog December 2, 2018 4:18 pm


    I’m responding to your comment, “Will Team Rainbows 18 be remembered at all? Or will it just fade into the Manoa night.”

    Twice I have spoken to people who misremember the Anthony Carter/Alika Smith teams as being the back-to-back squads that made the NCAAs.

    Mindaugas Bureneika and Nerijus Puida draw blank stares.

  7. cappie the dog December 2, 2018 4:30 pm

    I feel bad for the fate of low-mid-majors after Utah’s sweep of Denver.

    Future committees will look at this result and go with a Kansas or Kansas State, instead of the Summit League runner-up.

    I keep an eye out for west-oriented mid-majors in all sports.

    San Diego carries the mantel for the WCC/Big West/WAC/Big Sky complex.

    I hope the Toreros can pull off another upset.

  8. Big Island Volleyball Fan December 2, 2018 7:29 pm

    7. If Cal Poly had Torrey van Winden, the team could have defeated both San Diego and USC. I don’t know if the Torreros could upset the Wisconsin badgers or if Cal Poly could have either. Torrey couldn’t play due to concussion protocol.

  9. Hawaiian Style December 3, 2018 6:37 am

    A. Picha; boy that Puyallup HS has over the years produced some good ones. What’s in the water of this rural farming community lol.

    Some Hwns did win the NAIA NT. They’re in Kansas City MO.

    “San Diego carries the mantel for the WCC/Big West/WAC/Big Sky complex.” – amen

    + neutral – + neutral (…semi roll) lol. On to MVB next! Hall imo isn’t that great a coach.

  10. Hawaiian Style December 3, 2018 10:49 am

    Along w Azusa Pacific (of the Div. II PWC), Chaminade ends up on the latest/last AVCA Poll, RV, replacing Biola–who had all along been also listed through 2018 behind APU.


  11. Bleachercoach December 3, 2018 2:47 pm

    9. Agree with your comment on the San Diego Toreros volleyball team carrying the mantel for the WCC/Big West/WAC/Big Sky conferences9mii
    I call them the “Giant Killers”. They remind me alot like our team. They don’t get the Blue-Chip athletes like the USC, Nebraska, Penn St, Wisconsin, etc…but they Coach Petrie and Staff does a phenomenal job with them year after year. They play great defense and always have an offensive threat. They even had a local girl, C’era Olivera from HBA who was a wonderful Libero like our Tita Akiu. They gave us fits during the Hartong/Nikki Taylor era. They have been to the “Dance” several times in the last 5-7 years
    I will be rooting for them to go to the Elite 8 but I know they have an uphill battle. Again, you”‘ll never know!

  12. H-Man December 3, 2018 9:36 pm

    San Diego? I would say that BYU has taken the mantle of responsibility to lead the G5.

  13. Cindy Luis December 4, 2018 7:40 am

    New thread up for Tuesday, with all-region team

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