Hawaii volleyball: Selection Sunday 3:30 p.m. HST; SandBows scores

Committee will reveal top four seeds on Twitter starting at 3 p.m. HST
ON @espn bottom line
Hawaii (24-3) will be having its watch party at a private residence, same as the past two seasons. If team was in town under Dave Shoji, team watched at the Wong hospitality room usually.
Show on ESPNU/Spectrum Ch. 221
If Hawaii hosts, first round Friday, Dec. 6; second round, Saturday, Dec. 7
Former Wahine Jen Roberts McGuyre said she is hosting the Baylor watch party at her house again. This time ESPN is coming.
Viewers’ guide and all things pertinent available on NCAA.com
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Saturday’s SandBows vs. USC complete scores were unavailable until today. Former SandBow Paige Dreeuws transferred to USC and UCI’s Harlee Kekauoha playing at UH as grad student.
Results from Queen’s are based on Court Number not Flight No. Example Martin-Napoleon played at Flight 1 but on Court 3. Loker-Russo also were on Court 3 but at flight 6. There were only three courts so first three results are from one session, the next three from the second session.
Dual Match #1
UH 3, USC 3
Kylin Loker/Sofia Russo (UH) def. Cammie Dorn/Paige Dreeuws 13-21, 26-24, 15-12
Karina Myszkowski/ Maja Kaiser (USC) def. Regan Hurkett/Anna Maidment (UH) 21-19, 21-13
Ariyana Kim/ Anaree Smith (USC) def. Harlee Kekauoha/Sabrina Hardisty (UH) 12-21, 26-24, 15-13
Morgan Martin/Pani Napoleon (UH) def. Joy Dennis/Nicole Nourse (USC) 21-17,21-16
Sammy Slater/Audrey Nourse (USC) def. Julia Scoles/Ilihia Huddleston (UH) 22-20, 29-27
Amy Ozee/Maia Hannemann (UH) def. Kyla Doig/Harper Hallgren (USC) 21-5, 21/17
Dual Match #2
UH 4, USC 2
Dorn/Dreevws def. Loker/Russo (UH) 18-21, 21-15, 15-12
Myszkowski/Kaiser (USC) def. Hurkett/Maidment (UH) 21-16, 16-21, 15-7
Kekauoha/Hardisty (UH) def. Kim/ Smith (USC) 21-19, 21-13
Martin/Napoleon (UH) def. A. Nourse/ N. Nourse (USC) def. 18-21, 21-9, 15-10
Scoles/Huddleston (UH) def. Slater/Dennis (USC) 21-19, 21-11
Ozee/Hannemann (UH) def. Doig/Hallgren (USC) 21-15, 16-21, 15-11
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Rpi 1/BAYLOR (25-1, 15-1)
Conf: Big 12 (9 teams)
Status: CO-CHAMPION/AT-LARGE … Baylor earned its first Big 12 championship in school history and co-shares the crown with Texas (its 12th overall), but the AUTOMATIC goes to Texas due to league tiebreaker rules

Rpi 8/WASHINGTON (24-6, 15-5)
Conf: Pac-12 (12 teams)
Status: AT-LARGE… Huskies finished alone in 2nd and the AUTOMATIC went to Stanford (24-4, 18-2), which claimed its 3rd straight Pac-12 conference title

Rpi 19/MISSOURI (21-7, 13-5)
Conf: SEC (13 teams)
Status: AT-LARGE … Missouri tied for 3rd in final SEC Standings … Check out the last entry of the homepages for Florida (25-4, 16-2) and Kentucky (23-6, 16-2). Hilarious! Obviously they are tied for first — in Florida’s case its 24th SEC championship and in Kentucky’s case its 3rd straight SEC crown — yet both refuse to acknowledge they share the title … Can’t confirm this but I am assuming the AUTOMATIC went to Kentucky, since it beat Florida twice during conference play

Rpi 26/SAN DIEGO (24-5, 17-1)
Conf: WCC (10 teams)
Status: CHAMPION/AUTOMATIC … San Diego’s first outright WCC championship since 2013

Rpi 28/UCLA (18-11, 13-7)
Conf: Pac-12 (12 teams)
Status: AT-LARGE … Bruins finished 4th in Pac-12 Standings, just behind Utah (22-9, 14-6)

Rpi 76/DENVER (23-8, 13-3)
Conf: Summit League (9 teams)
Status: CHAMPION/AUTOMATIC … 5th Summit League championship title in 6 years with an upset win over 42/South Dakota (27-2, 16-1), which falls into the “bubble”category

87/ST. JOHN’S (22-11, 12-6)
Conf: Big East (10 teams)
Status: CHAMPION/AUTOMATIC … Red Storm stuns both Creighton and Marquette in Big East Tournament to capture its first conference championship in 12 years

Conf: Patriot League (9 teams)
Status: OUT … Automatic went to 53/American University (24-7, 15-1), which beat Army in the final of the Patriot League Championship and which will be the Patriot League’s only rep at The Big Dance

Conf: Big 12 (9 teams)
Status: OUT …. Finished last in the Big 12 Standings

Conf: Big Sky (11 teams)
Status: OUT … Automatic went to 85/Northern Colorado (26-7, 17-1), the first time since 2014 it will be at The Big Dance

Conf: WAC (9 teams)
Status: OUT … Automatic went to 60/New Mexico State (27-3, 16-0) — its 2nd straight NCAA tournament and 10th appearance under current coach Mike Jordan—which will be the WAC’s solo entry to the NCAA Volleyball tournament


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