Tweet du jour: Fotu confirms he’s happy at UH

Something new: A tweet of the day from the world of sports. Sometimes it will be local, sometimes national.

Today, Hawaii forward Isaac Fotu responds to murmurs that he might transfer. (A UH basketball player might transfer? That never happens, right?). You can see the rest of the conversation and  join it at @dave_reardon on Twitter. Sorry I couldn’t transfer Frotu’s avatar … you can see it  at @IFotu42; he tweets a fair amount so he’s definitely worth a follow.

  1. Arnold: “With Vander graduating I think you’re really going to see Isaac (Fotu) blossom.” #hawaiimbb

  2. @dave_reardon well … Gib just gotta make sure Fotu doesn’t transfer

  3. @mdallstate As far as I can tell, @Ifotu42 seems pretty happy, and excited about next season.

    42m@dave_reardon yup, not even thinking about transferring, wouldn’t wanna play for anyone else other than hawaii