The Draft

What does your team need? Are you happy with who it picked?

Does the lack of top-level quarterbacks take the luster out of this draft?

Where and when do you think Manti Te’o gets picked?

Address these topics and whatever else regarding the draft here.


  1. kev-1 April 25, 2013 9:11 pm


    I think the results of day one prove that the draft is absent much luster. I have been following the draft for several years now, and to have one with so few players chosen from skill positions just has me puzzled. Is the talent coming out of college that bad this year? Not even a RB? Strange.

    Happy with the Steelers pick at LB, Jarvis Jones.

    As for Te’o? Not surprised. He’ll go in the second. I am shocked that Alec Ogletree went ahead of him. I guess getting catfished is worse than DUI’s and arrests. Oh well.

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