LeStreak ends, LeWhining starts; Bragging rights for Maui Invitational

Are we supposed to feel sorry for LeBron James now because he didn’t like how hard he was fouled  in his Miami Heat’s streak-ending 101-97 loss to the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday?

Nah. Not me, anyway.

But James might have made a smart move by voicing his displeasure. Will officials now tend to call flagrant fouls against defenders that go after James aggressively? Or maybe it works the other way.


Maui Invitational @EASportsMauiInv26m

Congrats to the Marquette Golden Eagles @muathletics @muathletics_mbb for advancing to the elite 8!#MarchMadness #mubball

The Maui Invitational got bragging rights over the Diamond Head Classic today in the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 action. Marquette, the fifth place team in the Maui tourney, ousted Miami, the runner-up team in the DHC, 71-61 (and it wasn’t that close).

Also today, Ohio State knocked out DHC champion Arizona 73-70 in a thriller.


  1. Warrior Dave March 28, 2013 8:38 pm

    LBJ has a valid grip in my opinion. I think the foul by Henrick set the tone for the game by getting away with it. Shaq was beaten up too. These two guys are so big and strong. But that doesn’t give opposing players carte Blanche to hack away without paying the consequences.

    On the other hand, I wish UH used hard fouls to disrupt opposing shooters this past year. Needed to do something to disrupt their rhythm.

  2. Dino March 30, 2013 9:38 am

    Streaks don’t matter relative to winning the NBA championship. Nice facilities (Sheriff) don’t matter if the team(s) playing on it aren’t very good.

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