Regarding ridiculously long ticket lines at Aloha Stadium in which people waited up to halftime of Saint Louis-Kahuku game:

Thank you for writing the article that appeared in today’s paper. It was a very frustrating night for the Kahuku faithfuls. After an almost 2 hour drive due to Spartan Race traffic than to arrive and stand in line for another hour was totally ridiculous. I agree with you about online purchasing or through local banks perhaps like the State Championships or even pre-sale at schools would be a big help. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

Anue Santiago


Regarding Polynesian Football Hall of Fame:

Much enjoyed your column about candidates for the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame.

You mentioned Al Lolotai as the first Polynesian on record to play in the NFL.  His contribution might be greater for something else.
My wife, Karen and I arrived in American Samoa in 1972 to teach at Faga’itua High School, and found that football was in full swing…uniforms, cheerleaders…the works.  The folks there attributed this to the efforts of Al Lolotai.  If this is true, Al was responsible for the careers of hundreds of Samoan-descent footballers.

As an aside, watching kids practice and play in full football regalia in 90-degree heat seemed a bit ridiculous to me.  Besides, not ALL Samoans weigh 250 pounds–and the younger boys are, of course, smaller.  So, I introduced soccer to American Samoa.  We cleared the rocks out of field behind the school, constructed nets from old fishing material, taught the basic rules, and we were in business!  All the boys needed was a pair of shorts and a ball!

Our first matches were against the Korean fishermen who were based in Pago Pago.
By the time I left, high schools were competing against each other.  Athletes didn’t HAVE to compete in football to get their exercise and have fun!
Incidentally, years later, American Samoa played Australia for a World Cup qualifier and lost 31-0, which, I believe, was the greatest deficit in the history of the qualifiers.  One Aussie scored 13 goals!!  But a couple of years back, American Samoa actually won a game or two, which made international news in light of previous efforts.
Again…great column.  I hope the selection committee takes Al’s contribution to Samoans in professional football and, indeed, his contribution to professional football in general, into consideration.

Richard Fassler


  1. nanakuli August 21, 2013 9:12 pm

    Aloha stadium is a terrible place to watch football. The food prices are nuts and the staff is idiotic. I saw everyone waiting during the 1st quarter but didn’t realize the line lasted till halftime. Dave they need to bring back Eddie Hayashi.

  2. Manoa Mist August 22, 2013 9:15 am

    Yes I’m sure he doesn’t remember me, but I dealt with Mr. Hayashi a couple time back in the 90s regarding stadium passes. He was such a good man and yes, the stadium is one mixed up, messed up place. I heard only two ticket windows were open. They need to apologize to all those Kahuku fans like Mrs. Santiago.

  3. Warrior Dave August 22, 2013 1:56 pm

    Even with 2 ticket lines open, how long does it take to sell only general admission tickets?? How many? That will be XXX. Your change is… Sad sad sad..,

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