AP college football poll, week 3: Rebel Yell

Did it benefit from five opponent turnovers? Did it score on a lucky play that looked like something from a movie? Yes, and yes. Regardless, Ole Miss emerged from Tuscaloosa with a 43-37 win over Alabama on Saturday. Combine that with outscoring their first two opponents 149-24, and the Rebels have the best resume after three weeks of the college football season. That’s why I’m among the 11 who voted them No. 1 this week.

Ohio State was sloppy for the second week in a row as Coach Urban Meyer tries to figure out his quarterback situation. The Buckeyes nearly gave it away to Northern Illinois. They might have the most talent but they need to start executing like it before they get my No. 1 vote again.

This list is in the order I voted. The second number is the rank of the overall poll. In parentheses is No. 1 votes. For more in depth analysis of the poll, go to College Poll Tracker.

With Wisconsin checking in tied at No. 22, Hawaii will play its second road game at a ranked opponent in three weeks on Saturday.

1-3. Mississippi (11)
2-2. Michigan State (7)
3-5. Baylor
4-3. TCU
5-1. Ohio State (42)
6-7. Georgia
7-8. LSU  (1)
8-11. Clemson
9-12. Alabama
10-6. Notre Dame
11-10. Florida State
12-13. Oregon
13-9. UCLA
14-15. Oklahoma
15-14. Texas A&M
16-17. Northwestern
17-16. Arizona
18-21. Stanford
19-25. Missouri
20-20. Georgia Tech
21-19. USC
22-28. Tennessee
23-18. Utah
24-26. Mississippi State
25-37. Miami (Fla.)

NR-T22. Wisconsin
NR-24. Oklahoma State


  1. H-Man September 20, 2015 11:11 am

    If Hawaii beats Wisconsin, will you rank them? But if Hawaii beats Wisconsin and Boise St., then for sure they should be ranked. Just dreaming.

  2. Dave Reardon September 20, 2015 11:29 am

    It would depend on a lot of different factors. Too many to mention here.

  3. H-Man September 21, 2015 8:56 am

    Alabama – Ole Miss; great game. I thought the difference was Ole Miss’ QB Kelly and considering that Ohio State struggled, I agree they should be number 1 this week.

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