Apisa finishing documentary

Bob Apisa, one of the greatest high school football players in Hawaii’s history, recently returned home to celebrate his 70th birthday.

The Farrington and Michigan State standout lives in Southern California after retiring from a career as a stuntman and actor in Hollywood.

Now he has graduated to filmmaking, and is putting the finishing touches on a documentary, “Men of Sparta.”

The film will document the 1966 Michigan State championship team in the context of the civil rights movement. One of its key themes is that despite the racial turmoil of the times the Spartans all considered each other brothers regardless of ethnicity.

“We’re finishing up the final interviews and also looking for more funding,” said Apisa.

Apisa said he has received a commitment from acclaimed film maker and Michigan State alumnus Michael Moore for the film to appear in the Traverse City Film Festival, which Moore founded.

See menofsparta.com for more information.