Wong’s homer: Greatest moment for a ‘Bow in the pros?

Kolten Wong’s walk-off homer Sunday to give the St. Louis Cardinals a win to tie the NLCS at a game apiece is a golden sports moment.

Is it the greatest ever for a former University of Hawaii athlete?

I submit Glenn Braggs’ catch to propel the Cincinnati Reds into the 1990 World Series as just as great. It’s not as memorable as Wong’s homer for many, but in a pure baseball sense it is just as big.

Others that are noteworthy. (Remember, we’re talking “moments” not careers)

*Jason Elam’s 63-yard field goal, at the time tying the NFL record for longest.

*Jeris White’s 77-yard interception return for a touchdown for Washington in a playoff game against Detroit in 1982.

*Natasha Kai’s overtime goal to lead the U.S. to a quarterfinal win in the 2008 Olympics.


  1. mfujioka October 13, 2014 8:26 am

    Sid Fernandez in game 7 of 1986 world series. Came in with mets down 3-0 and shut down boston for 6 innings. He was so dominating that the mets were inspired and rallied to win their only world series victory.

  2. Chicken Grease October 13, 2014 8:46 am

    Certainly great to see. It’s up there. Voting today? I would certainly vote Wong’s clutch styling as ichiban. You work as a Warrior, you win, is what Wong’s example shows as much as the football team’s win this weekend (see what a change in QB can do?).

    Too bad alc’ consumption by the overrated nearly upset these two great Warrior things. Kick Isosefa off the team already. He ain’t NFL material; get hurt too much.

  3. innocent observer October 13, 2014 9:19 am

    blame iosefa’s dui on the team winning. guess he was so happy, he went to celebrate, but in the wrong kind of way – should not have drove. but not to worry, he will be suspended for a couple of games, by the time his injury will have been healed, so he would be able to play without a significant detriment to the team.

  4. Former UH Athlete October 13, 2014 3:00 pm

    Wong’s walk-off HR is the greatest Bow in the pro moment ever.

    Other bows have had distinguished careers, but none have had a moment quite like KW’s.


  5. MC96816 October 13, 2014 6:19 pm

    Mets won the Series in 1969 as well.

  6. pollypicador October 16, 2014 9:51 am

    I’m taking Chad Owens.

    Here’s a former University of Hawaii football player that lead his team to the Grey Cup in 2012 and was voted the leagues most outstanding player. Over the course of the season he had many highlights on special teams and at WR and also broke the leagues all-purpose yardages for a season. A sampling of Owen’s highlights-59 yard punt return, 90 yard punt return, 117 yard kick off return. In successive weeks he had 100 yard kickoff returns.

    Now ask yourselves which is rarer a walk off homerun or a 100 yard kickoff return? Kickoff return. Not to discredit KW’s achievement (and all opinions are subjective), but I favor Chad Owens highlights.

  7. bto October 23, 2014 9:22 am

    I would like to submit votes for the true unsung heroes that go along and do incredible body of work. Mark Tuinei, Larry Cole and Jesse Sapolu. All three are multiple NFL Superbowl champions. Tuinei’s 15 seasons blocking for Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman is considered the greatest offensive tackle in Cowboys franchise history. Sapolu blocked for Joe Montana and Roger Craig. Larry Cole was part of one of the greatest defenses ever playing with the likes of Bob Lilly, Jethro Pugh, Randy White, Harvey Martin, Ed Too Tall Jones. The Offensive and defensive lineman do not get the credit they deserve, but their moment does not last one second or 15 minutes it lasts a lifetime…Winning those superbowls were the greatest moments for UH Football Alumni –Go Bows!!

  8. Moloka'i Ho'i October 27, 2014 8:56 pm

    Please. (I speak of volleyball)

    For as much as you like to banter about things in other blogs; for as much as arguing is seemingly a past-time:

    Angelica Ljungquist..you know about her collegiate career.
    You may even know about some game which she’d continued to volley in Sweden thereafter.
    You’ll claim that you know about the Bud Light 4-Person Pro Beach VB Tour with MUCH television coverage on ESPN and CBS.

    *Team Discus*

    Kim Oden MB (captain)–Multi Olympian & Stanford all-time winner
    Wendy Stammer OH–hold over from Major League VB (mid-to-late 80s)
    Joy McKienzie Setter–LBSU AA, Collegiate Nat’l Champion, UCLA Ast. WVB coach
    Angelica OH–“Hawaiian”

    13 different national tour stops
    1997, the year after UH graduation

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