Warrior Beat: Greenwald was voice of a generation

San Francisco Giants radio play-by-play broadcaster Hank Greenwald enjoyed one of his always-present Dunhill cigars in the broadcast booth atop 3Com Park after announcing his retirement in San Francisco prior to the San Francisco Giants game against Philadelphia. Greenwald died this week at 83 after battling heart and kidney complications. / AP file photo, 1996

Before Al Michaels and Ken Wilson and the first two broadcasting Leaheys and Allan Elconin and “The General,” there was Hank Greenwald.

It was at the old “Termite Palace” — Honolulu Stadium — where Greenwald narrated Hawaii Islander games (and occasional UH football games) in the mid-1960s. He kept his broadcasts fun and funny. And then he was off to the mainland, where he notably had two memorable stints as the San Francisco Giants’ play-by-play announcer.

Don Robbs described Greenwald as an entertaining “storyteller.” Jim Leahey said Greenwald was a nice guy.

Greenwald passed away this week.

Our deepest sympathies to his loved ones.

And thanks for the memories.


  1. ai-eee-soos October 24, 2018 12:29 pm


    Beat them frezneck BOO Dogs !!

  2. papajoe2 October 24, 2018 1:56 pm

    Wasn’t Harry Calas also a part of the Islander baseball broadcast team? I forget since I was so young.

  3. burro sabio October 24, 2018 3:29 pm

    Mr. Tsai, is tomorrow’s travel through LA or San Jose?

  4. Stephen Tsai October 24, 2018 4:12 pm

    San Jose.

  5. Stephen Tsai October 24, 2018 4:13 pm

    “Ferd” is already in beautiful Fresno.
    He arrived on Sunday.

  6. burro sabio October 24, 2018 4:15 pm

    “Ferd” is a glutton for punishment.

  7. islandman October 24, 2018 6:17 pm

    RIP Hank.
    Akoteu was voted a 5th captain, per Na Koa report.
    Anyone thinking UNLV is a somewhat easier team and the best chance for a win could be mistaken. They scored 5 TD’s vs Air Force including 3 TD passes and a 74 yd TD run. They are also rated higher in the ESPN Power Index than UH.

  8. seewhy October 24, 2018 7:10 pm

    RE: #7

    Said it once, will say it again. Lexington Thomas will run all over our terrible defense. Until our players learn how to tackle, we can just anticipate another loss.

  9. winning October 24, 2018 9:48 pm

    U mean we not going get 7 wins? Maybe 6-7 like three years ago. Whoa, MaC better get his butt in gear! Also, Brian Smith.

  10. suckkabooya October 25, 2018 12:57 am

    UNLV’s defense is a mirror image of UH’s defense. Not physical in the back seven. They take bad angles and over react while in reads or pursuit. They don’t “whiff” as much as UH does but our D line is much more physical than theirs. They are a little more aggressive in their pressure packages (but effective?), Their coverage is like ours too, guys are wide open (even Air Force receivers). “Bend don’t break” and “tighten up/make a play” later philosophy (just like us). Weird how alike they look defensively.

    That running back (Thomas) is fast and quick and would probably “kill” us if the game was at UNLV. The weird thing about Hawaii’s problems vs the run is the tacklers (back 7, aside from Tavai) often come in with their head down, especially against bigger backs, thus a lot of “whiffs (lots) . The smaller backs haven’t given them that specific “problem” just the occasional “bad angle” point attack/responsibility uncertainty. Big or power backs are the problem for UH’s “non physical”, “arm tackling” back 7. It should be interesting, Execution will be the key. Fortunate bye week for UH too.

  11. Akamai Okole October 25, 2018 1:24 am

    Great Evening All.

    Aloha Mr. Greenwald.

    Interesting and insightful comments today.

    GO BOWS! Beat Da Fresnex!

  12. suckkabooya October 25, 2018 1:37 am

    Fresno’s defense is aggressive off the edges and “stout” (literally) in the interior D line. Their safeties are big and aggressive like BYU’ s secondary, but they play the ball more than “intimidate”. The front 7 will cause the problems Saturday. Solve that problem and UH’s receivers match up well against the Fresno secondary. Might be a difficult task but I believe they have a chance. The defense just has to “hang in there”. Keep it close. “Anything can happen”.

  13. suckkabooya October 25, 2018 2:18 am

    The problem with Hawaii’s defense has a lot to do with “physicality” and the lack thereof. The D line is the only unit that is as physical as (most of) the other MW teams. The way they (UH’s back 7, yep LB’s too) engage and attack (mostly just engage unfortunately) blockers as opposed to other defenses in the MW is somewhat dispiriting. Has nothing to do with effort I believe. Just preparation. Preparing those individuals “mentality” to be a more physical defense. Attack a little “angrier”. The scheme seems to put players in the right spots. Not real aggressive though. More of a “read and react” package this year. Batoon is building for something “bigger” from what we can see. Next year I guess. They can do it. It’s all in their “mind-sets”. Coaches “mindsets” too.

  14. cappie the dog October 25, 2018 5:48 am

    I miss Les Keiter.

    He brought out the best in Joe Moore.

    By the way, if anybody knows how I can get a copy of “Moonglow” on DVD, I would be willing to pay a lot of money for it.

    I know who Hank Greenwald is because I read.


    I respect Jim Leahey so much for choosing Hawaii as his first and last destination.

    I read once that Rick Blangiardi said that Leahey could have been the Seattle Seahawks regular season play-by-play guy.

    Live long and prosperous, Mr. Leahey.

    I miss your voice.

  15. A-House October 25, 2018 6:42 am

    with all the “back-end” UH defensive problems — secondary coaching change(s) necessary?

    hope Rolo comes up with a better/different offensive plan — especially, play calling which as been suspect the last 3 games — opponents DCs have solved Furuta “up-da-middle” plays — contributing is the absence of any “play-action” calls — anyone seen the QB fake the hand-off to a RB and pass or run like heck? if there were any, I must have gone to the toilet.

    is being “super” strong the solution for the DL? were Levi Stanley or Zumo Lee or Harris Matsushima that strong they could take on the likes of a USC or Nebraska or Oklahoma?

    believe Zumo Lee became a dentist.

    remember the NFL DL who played one year, quit, and became a concert pianist?

  16. Lowtone123 October 25, 2018 8:05 am

    The list of broadcasters who cut their teeth in Honolulu with the Islanders is impressive.
    Harry Kalas
    Hank Greenwald
    Marty Chase
    Al Michaels
    Ken Wilson
    Les Keiter (Keiter was well respected announcer by this time)
    Mel Procter
    Allan Elconin

  17. Inyoface October 25, 2018 9:12 am

    Islanders are one of my favorite team of all time! Hopefully no onside kicks at Fresno and go for the field goals.

  18. burro sabio October 25, 2018 12:08 pm

    The news that Vince Baldemor will be the new Associate AD is so….. underwhelming.

  19. Stephen Tsai October 25, 2018 12:13 pm

    New post: http://www.hawaiiwarriorworld.com/?p=47263

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