Video: UH-Colorado State preview

Hawaii running back Joey Iosefa returns to the lineup against Colorado State.


  1. KdaGreat November 7, 2014 10:57 am

    So by saying Iosefa takes pressure off of Woolsey, that the running game has not been effective enough to get a win since Iosefa’s been out? I don’t agree and personally I think the offense gets even MORE boring and less creative WITH Iosefa. Everybody knows the drill, Run Run Pass Punt. I am hoping I am wrong and something clicks and the team can get a win but…………

  2. 808 November 7, 2014 3:46 pm

    I hope UH gets more creative in their play calling. Of course if they throw more that would mean more dropped passes. So what do they do? Go back to Joey run right or Joey run left on 1st 2 downs. On the passing play on 3rd down, the WR drops the pass thrown their way. UH punts on 4th, pins CSU in their territory, and then eventually CSU scores on a mistake by one of our db’s where their receiver blows past him leaving CSU with an easy TD.

    UH playbook will once again be displayed on National TV. I hope of I am wrong and UH can pull off an upset. But 6-27 win-loss record kind of gives an indication how games usually end for UH.

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