ON THIS DATE IN 1929: Deans celebrate Armistice Day with title

On this date in 1929, Hawaii took to the air to win a rare Monday football game.

The Rainbows scored twice in the first 11 minutes and their stellar defense made it hold up in a 13-0 victory over the Town Team. The win left UH undefeated against city teams and the easy choice for the city championship.

Hawaii, which allowed only one touchdown during the regular season, announced after the game that it was on its way to play Oregon. The Roaring Rainbows lost 7-0 at the end of the month in front of a sold-out Multnomah Stadium.

Otto Klum‘s Deans came out throwing after that day’s earlier holiday air parade, hitting one pass for 25 yards and another from 55. The risky strategy left Star-Bulletin reporter Loui Leong Hop suitably impressed. He gushed about the 283 yards passing in the game, writing ‘That’s a record, if it is not one already.’

Hawaii quarterbacks Bill Wise and Rusty Holt were 6-for-11 for 146 yards. The Townies put up 27 passes, but four of them were intercepted. The Maroons actually played the Deans even in yardage, 186-185.