Live football blog: Hawaii vs. Fresno State

Cole McDonald scored on a 6-yard quarterback keeper in the first quarter. / Photo by Jamm Aquino, Star-Advertiser

Cesar Silva nails a 37-yard field goal as time expires to deliver Fresno State a 41-38 victory over Hawaii tonight at Aloha Stadium.

It was the Bulldogs’ sixth consecutive victory over the Warriors in the 50th State.

* * * * *

Chevan Cordeiro scrambles and sheds a would-be tackler for a 10-yard TD to tie it at 38 with 1:08 to play.

The drive began when Darius Muasau recovered an onside kick, and was extended on a roughing penalty against an FS player.

* * * * *

The Warriors close to 38-31 on Miles Reed’s 3-yard run with 2:23 to play.

The score was set up by Chevan Cordeiro’s 50-yard pass to Nick Mardner.

* * * * *

The Warriors’ best drive of the second half runs out of downs.

FS stops UH short of the goal line on fourth-and-goal.

* * * * *

Jorge Reyna throws a 26-yard scoring pass to tight end Jared Rice to widen the Bulldogs’ lead to 38-24 with 10:06 to play.

The Bulldogs have outscored the Warriors, 24-0, in the second half.

* * * * *

It’s been all Bulldogs in the third quarter. They have scored 17 unanswered points since the halftime show, with Ronnie Rivers’ second TD of the half — from 4 yards — breaks a 24-all tie with 1:07 left in the third period.

* * * * *

Cesar Silva hits a 22-yard field goal to tie it at 24 with 4:19 to play in the third quarter.

The drive was extended when Fresno converted three third-down plays — two on penalties, one on a 17-yard completion on third-and-14.

* * * * * *

Rivers runs deep … and fast.

Ronnie Rivers sprints 44 yards on Fresno’s opening drive of the second half to cut the deficit to 24-21 witih 13:09 left in the third quarter.

* * * * *

At the half:

> Cole McDonald: 15 of 25 for 189 yards and a touchdown; he also scored on 6-yard run.

> Freshman linebacker Darius Muasau has six tackles and a fumble recovery.

> Wideout Jalen Cropper is FS’ leading rusher (two carries for 61 yards and a TD)

* * * * *

FS kicker Cesar Silva’s attempt from 56 yards is short as time expires in the first half.

The Warriors, despite incurring seven penalties for 80 yards, leads 24-14 at the intermission.

* * * * *

Cole McDonald and JoJo Ward collaborate on a 48-yard scoring pass to boost the Warriors to 24-14 with 23 seconds left in the first half.

* * * * *

On the end around, Jalen Cropper goes 53 yards for a touchdown to draw the Bulldogs to 17-14 with 1:06 to play in the first half.

* * * * *

Ryan Meskell drills a field goal from 50 yards to extend UH’s lead to 17-7 with 2:35 to play in the first half.

* * * * *

Hawaii gets the ball back when FS quarterback Jorge Reyna is ruled to have fumbled when he was hit by rush end Kaimana Padello while preparing to throw. Darius Muasau recovered at the FS 32.

* * * * *

Fred Holly goes a yard up the middle to give UH a 14-7 lead with 3:35 to play.

The drive was kept alive after Holly ran 32 yards to the FS 1. Cole McDonald pitched the ball to Holly, who could not secure the ball. The refs ruled it was an incomplete pass. After a review, the call stood, meaning the pitch did not go backward. Holly scored on the next play.

* * * * *

With his receivers covered, quarterback Cole McDonald takes matters into his own legs, running 6 yards for a TD to tie it at 7 with 9:23 to play. McDonald lowered his shoulder pads and bulled past two would-be defenders en route to the end zone.

* * * * *

With the corners giving cushion, the Bulldogs are essentially in a five-across zone in the secondary. UH’s deep routes are leading to dead ends. UH’s first-quarter drives ended in two punts and a fourth-down stop.

The Bulldogs lead 7-0 entering the second quarter.

* * * * *

The Bulldogs fail to extend lead when Cesar Silva’s 35-yard FG attempt goes wide right. The Bulldogs still lead, 7-0, with 3:01 left in the first quarter.

* * * * *

Wide receiver Jalen Cropper tosses an option pass to Dane Pope for a 36-yard touchdown, giving the Bulldogs a 7-0 lead with 6:29 left in the first quarter.

The drive was extended when Josh Hokit pounded his way 3 yards on a fourth-and-1 play.

* * * * *

The Warriors win the coin toss, and decide to receive the opening kickoff.

* * * * * *

Slight change to the intros.

Most of the team ran out in unison through a cloud of green smoke, with the defense starters announced.

* * * * *

It’s rivalry day with Hawaii playing host to Fresno State today at Aloha Stadium.

This is the 52nd meeting between the teams.The Bulldogs lead the series, 28-22-1, but it’s all tied up, at 14-all, in Honolulu.

The teams are led by multi-skilled QBs — Fresno State’s Jorge Reyna and Hawaii’s Cole McDonald.

A top battle will between FS end Mykal Walker and UH left tackle Ilm Manning. Walker was one of the league’s top ends last year. He moved to middle linebacker in training camp, but has shifted back to end.

Another interesting battle: UH running back Miles Reed and FS safety Wylan Free are cousins.

Attendance will get a boost from Marcus Mariota’s foundation. Mariota is sponsoring about 1,200 kids for tonight’s game between Hawaii and Fresno State. / Photo by Stephen Tsai
Superfan Paul Nelson with former UH linebacker Matt Wright. / Photo by Dave Reardon
UH football legend Jesse Sapolu’s son Roman is a Fresno State assistant. / Photo by Dave Reardon


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  3. seewhy November 2, 2019 5:15 pm

    Go Bows!!

  4. seewhy November 2, 2019 5:18 pm

    San Jose State dominating Boise State right now. 0 – 14 end of the 1st

  5. seewhy November 2, 2019 5:29 pm

    Tre Walker is going to have a career day against our defense.

  6. tom-warriornation November 2, 2019 5:33 pm

    Got this email from Rolo early this year:

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  7. izzy November 2, 2019 5:49 pm

    From the pre-Game show interview with Kurt Kafentzis.
    Refers to his former UH teammates as “Rain-bros”

  8. azwarrior22 November 2, 2019 5:51 pm

    Go Warriors !! Take a bite out of the bulldogs.

  9. Jack Flash November 2, 2019 6:57 pm

    Yeah Cole- that’s how!

  10. H-Man November 2, 2019 8:01 pm

    Good game at the Aloha. Hardly any UH students though. Their section is virtually empty. Maybe midterms keeping them away. Maybe……. hoping offense gets untracked. Yeah, I know score 24-14, but offense sputtering a bit.

  11. H-Man November 2, 2019 8:45 pm

    Offense still sputtering. Defense getting gassed. Second half, Fresno 21. Hawaii 0

  12. Buffoman November 2, 2019 8:47 pm

    Defense somewhat lacking. Seems like officiating was kind to us in the first half and has decided to turn it around in the second half. Can’t place blame on them. Not playing well.

  13. Buffoman November 2, 2019 8:56 pm

    Our defensive coaches have job security in Hawaii.

  14. azwarrior22 November 2, 2019 8:57 pm

    Our defense gets no pressure on the QB. Our offense has too many drops.

  15. Carlos November 2, 2019 9:17 pm

    Cole Mcdonald has flashes of brilliance but is so frustrating to watch. He throws across his body, forces it into double coverage, and makes boneheaded mistakes. There were so many times earlier in the season where he should have tucked it and ran but at least he’s doing it now. Hawaii should start Chevan. He may not have the arm talent that Mcdonald has but he’s secure with the ball. I would like to see him have a full week of preparation instead of being sporadically put in the ball game and only put in during garbage time.

  16. NorthShoreFan November 2, 2019 9:52 pm

    Got to work on team discipline. Penalties at most inopportune times.

  17. Inyoface November 2, 2019 10:18 pm

    Do we have a qb controversy?

  18. Ntakeda November 2, 2019 10:47 pm

    Buffoons defense has been a consistent pie hole going on 2 years now. I think it’s time to turn it over to Banker and see what he can do.

  19. winning November 2, 2019 10:53 pm

    the problem again was the lack of talent on D. Need better talent. Gotta recruit better. No penetration unless it was a read and then react strategy, DUNNO. All QB,s have problems from time to time so the D gotta come to the rescue. 1:08 left and they drive down to the 20 yd line for 37yd FG. Its all on the D. Plus we have some panic on the O. O plays better when in front. UH is not a come from behind team. So with all being said, we still can get to 9-4. Also, bad penalties!!!

  20. NorthShoreFan November 2, 2019 11:11 pm

    No qb controversy. Cole still the guy. Some penalties should not have happened. Penalties keep drives alive. Second chances and this team is not good enough to give anyone a second chance.

  21. Pochlado November 3, 2019 12:14 am

    Too many drop passes. Sharsh imo was the biggest. That started the snowball. Then jojo has butterfingers now. What is going on.

  22. cappie the mortgage money lending dog November 3, 2019 7:19 am

    hawaii is above .500. i don’t think there should be a qb controversy.

  23. Klum Gym Weightroom Rat November 3, 2019 7:22 am

    Most disturbing factor was the lack of fan support last night. PPV, movie theatre showings, excuses for not wanting to attend games. There are factions at UH who want to see football go away, and they may get their wish.

    Well, it was a nice run while it lasted. Still have some of the old UH games on video and YouTube to look back on. UH Football will be remembered in a showcase in the Sheriff Center, soon. Maybe, they can restart the “Turkey Day” game here.

  24. CUQ November 3, 2019 7:33 am

    On QB evals, to me this is the “It” factor. How they do on 3rd downs. How they do in the red zone. How they do in the 4th quarter or critical drives/plays. One idea is to play two QBs as part of the game plan which will give opposing defenses something else to prepare for. On the defense, watching the Army vs Air Force game and the Army defense. It was night and day with UH. Sometimes working long hours and giving your best is honorable but not enough to achieve the results or goals expected.

  25. Kawika November 3, 2019 7:35 am

    Patience is a virtue. Chevan’s time will come, like Garrett Gabriel, who waited 3 years (including his redshirt freshman year). Team has some more serious problems on defense that must be addressed – lack of speed, strength, athletic ability, smarts. Recruiting needs must address this next season. Opposing teams are also better prepared for UH. Still 5-4 with a chance to finish 9-4.

    Unscientific observation, but UH always has a letdown and players are “flat” and lack energy or focus after road games (win or lose). Have to believe that flying commercial takes a toll on the players and their body clock the next week. Must find a way to fund charter flights for road games (Hawaiian or Southwest). AD has to step up and find a way to improve even the basic needs for the team.

  26. Kawika November 3, 2019 7:54 am

    Mahalo to Marcus Mariota for his generosity to the 1200 kids he brought to the game!

  27. sackkabooya November 3, 2019 7:59 am

    Chevan was awesome but not ready yet. Soon. But not yet. You can see it. Not real comfortable in the pocket. But he tried to function in there. Maybe the pocket could be created with an open crease (so he can step up into passes) in lieu of a “pure” pocket. That improvised pass to Reed was the most unreal “play” he’s made in his time here. Unbelievable. His time will come soon. But not yet.

  28. THE burro sabio November 3, 2019 8:59 am

    IMO, no QB controversy, at least in the 1st half of each game. When Cole comes out hot, he’s unstoppable. The 2nd half is another story.

  29. Maddog50 November 3, 2019 8:59 am

    Week after week we get hurt by QBs that extend plays. Last night was no different. Something is missing. It is now a desperate time. 4 to go all winnable. Have to at least win two. That other kid has something special about him. I suggest desperate times call for desperate……..The coaches didn’t drop balls, commit penalties, or squander opportunities. We are at a seasonal crossroads. Time for some magic or perceived magic, more of the same will produce more of the same. So there you have it!!! GoWarriors!!!!

  30. Kev-1 November 3, 2019 9:24 am

    Cole unstoppable? Give me a break. Cole is the perfect example of a system QB. He thrives when the system is clicking. When things aren’t and he needs to make tough decisions or big plays, he does the opposite. He makes poor decisions and inaccurate throws in crucial moments too often. People need to stop drooling over is measurables. He is good, but not unstoppable. He is good, but inconsistent. He is good, but he will not play in the NFL as too many people hype.

  31. Kev-1 November 3, 2019 9:29 am

    How many times does Chevan need to be inserted into a game to spark the offense before he is given a chance to put together a complete game when it matters?

    How many times does Chevan need to get inserted into a game to overcome poor play by the guy in front of him before he gets to be the guy in front?

    How many times will Rolo turn to Chevan for a come back performance before he decides to turn over the keys?

    Peoe, this is not a two QB offense. Chevan plays so much because Cole doesn’t always get the job done. This doesn’t happen anywhere else. At some point a decision needs to be made. Chevan will at least have as much success as Cole has had.

    I’m definitely not down for another season of Cole looking good, but inconsistent, then Chevan coming off the bench.

  32. Kev-1 November 3, 2019 9:31 am

    The whole team needs to get their heads out of their you know what’s with these penalties.

    Defense needs to toughen up.

  33. former D1 qb November 3, 2019 9:42 am

    cole is not an nfl caliber qb. good size, decent arm but inconsistent and bad mechanics (long wind up throwing motion, inconsistent release point, tries to force the ball into coverage) which make him inaccurate. he still gives UH the best chance to win though

  34. A-House November 3, 2019 9:43 am

    previous posters are being kind to UH coaching staff

    IMHO, it was the coach or coaches who refused to sit McDonald and put in another QB — this is what caused the loss last night — there is no if or buts!

    is it more important to the coach or coaches for an individual “stat” to override the betterment of the TEAM?????????? if so, then, IMHO, that coach or coaches should re-evaluate his or their priorities and let the players know what it will be — those who disagree may leave while others will not agree, but decide to accept this and move on

    agree with a prior poster who says UH can end up at 9 – 4 which would be great, but not as great as, perhaps, it could have been

    next game will tell me what the coach or coaches decide — will be watching it

  35. THE burro sabio November 3, 2019 10:24 am

    Kev-1, yeah, when the system is clicking he’s unstoppable. You getting grouchy in your young age haha.

  36. THE burro sabio November 3, 2019 10:26 am

    A lot of defenders were out too – Hicks, Hune, Thomas, maybe Picanco. The back-ups have to step up.

  37. THE burro sabio November 3, 2019 10:37 am

    Mr. A-House my friend, I totally disagree with your contention. In the fickle world of college football, Rolo and his staff are always coaching for their jobs. Do you really think they care about individual stats or loyalty to certain players? HELL NOOOOO! Rolo’s loyalty is to the W. Don’t confuse perceived motives with poor decisions they make during the course of a game.

  38. clyde November 3, 2019 10:58 am

    Re: Quarterbacks. Rolo was one. He knows what it’s like to be benched. He knows what it’s like to make the most of a second chance. He knows how a QB controversy can divide a team. He’s been through it all. I trust that he’ll make the right decision on how to handle the Cole or Chevan situation. Whatever he decides is fine by me.
    Also, when I first saw the guy who was gonna replace McMaryion at Fresno State I was not impressed at all, and thought, what a huge drop-off. But Reyna is tough and has that quiet moxie about him. He was practically limping the entire game but kept making plays when needed. As Maddog pointed out, Reyna’s ability to extend plays was a huge factor in the game. Who could have predicted Reyna would out-run Cole — 96 yards on 11 carries versus 17 on 6? Thought he had the biggest impact in the outcome.

  39. islandman November 3, 2019 11:29 am

    Chevan is better at scrambling for gains when in trouble than Cole is. He escaped several times last night. Cole is good at running mostly straight ahead.

  40. Karena Owen November 3, 2019 11:34 am

    We watched in Southern California last night on Facebook. The stands were bare at the beginning of the game….and then there was a ton of people right before halftime. Where were was the student section?

  41. Superstar Advertiser November 3, 2019 11:41 am

    The WR problem is they lack confidence. They can make some plays, but there’s a lot of drops.

    The failed 4th and 5 when UH was ahead 24-21 showed me that Cole cannot make the basic throws he needs to make. Don’t know if he lacks technique/arm strength but the ball never got there. Reminds me of Timmy Chang trying to throw screen passes: I have zero confidence in it ever happening. It was an easy conversion, the coaches called the right play.

  42. Andrew November 3, 2019 12:07 pm

    This season is becoming pretty much a duplicate of last season. Once we get to the tougher teams in conference, the wheels start coming off. Granted the game vs Fresno was closer than the stomping of last season, but Fresno is hardly the team they were last year. The defense started off well this year but is just a complete liability at this point. Stupid penalties are becoming a habit and attendance is pretty much going back to where it was in the chow years. bowl eligibility is looking more and more doubtful. San Jose State played Boise a lot tougher than we did, we haven’t won in UNLV since 2007, and SDSU is the top of the west.

  43. SteveM November 3, 2019 1:05 pm

    RE: #40
    Karena Own — the student sections are QQ and PP orange level.

    The sideline TV cameras are in the Press Box section on the opposite side.

  44. Andrew November 3, 2019 1:13 pm

    I’m not surprised the students didn’t show up. The team has lost 3 of the last 4. There was also a lot of other events going on Saturday. Football was obviously not at the top of the priority list

  45. seewhy November 3, 2019 1:24 pm


  46. sackkabooya November 3, 2019 1:59 pm

    I think something to consider is that we have depth offensively. If you are productive you stay on the field. If you struggle or are having some difficulties with a certain part of your game there is someone else that can be plugged in without much change to your game plan. Just the skillsets are different. Wasn’t always like this so its nice to have this kind of depth.

    When Holly fumbles put in Reed. When Ward drops a pass put in Mardner. When Sarsh drops a pass put in Noa (BTW where was Noa?). When Hensley late hits somebody put in Eletise. And when Cole cannot throw a timing pass put in Chevan. Shake it off and get ready to go back in. Cole and Chevan are different. Both struggle in different ways on different things. The offense is missing certain types of weapons. You can see it. Mardner will develop (not ready yet) into one piece. Haasesritter will be another. Keliiliki will be too. Offense wont be a problem (and is not even right now). But gonna be unreal later. Like a balanced machine. Soon.

  47. Andrew November 3, 2019 2:40 pm

    this team for the most part is fine offensively, it’s the defense that has been the issue. Simply putting in Chevan is not going to all of a sudden result in Ws, playing better defense will.

  48. sackkabooya November 3, 2019 3:02 pm

    BTW Reed and Holly pass blocked really good last night. Chevan has a hard time trusting the protection so its hard for him to focus (right now). He has good feet but hasn’t developed a “sense” in the pocket yet. There was one long and lanky LB for Fresno (#15) that was disrupting the timing some with his length vs McDonald. Kind of similar to the BYU guy last year….. The Fresno offensive line was awesome. knocked everybody backwards or to the ground often. Fresno’s second level blocking was good too. Our defense had no chance, especially if the QB wasn’t “spied” on….. I think the defense just has to take one off season (2019-2020, this coming summer) to really focus on recruiting athletic “fits” for this system and really try to develop at least two or three reliable playmakers that can lead by example. Defense has to catch up to offense. Then the picture will be clearer. Next year Scott (scheme him right and he can be all MW) , Taala, the two Jonahs, Peterson (he would be my focus as far as playmaker, develop that guy) Kaneshiro (got something special with his versatility), Rittner (need to Laboy his progress) and make sure Tufaga , Pavihi and Muasau can play with consistency by next season. The Defense will be unreal one day. Hopefully soon. Gonna fly around and make stops. You can kind of imagine it once the “fits” are right. Soon I think.

  49. NorthShoreFan November 3, 2019 3:17 pm

    What is a system QB?

    I think Noa got hurt.

    Heal up Warriors. SJS next…..Took it to Boise for a while. QB Love is good.

  50. Ducket November 3, 2019 4:09 pm

    This team is an enigma. At times, they’ve looked extremely dominant (especially offensively). The Nevada game, most of the New Mexico game, they out gunned two Pac-12 teams that had more talent on their rosters. Then they’ve gotten handled by teams that should be beatable like Fresno and Air Force. They’ve allowed over 50 points 3 times and 40 points 6 times this season. The defense just doesn’t seem to be able to stop anyone, which puts a lot of pressure on the offense. How does Air Force only put 17 points against Army yesterday but 56 against UH, when the service academies usually have less talented athletes on defense than other D1 schools?

    Last night every single aspect of UH’s play/planning was ineffective. Way too many penalties – over 100 yards worth, which probably ended up being the biggest issue that cost us the game. Hard to sustain any drive or make stops when you have numbers like those. Poor coaching decisions – not going for field goals when in range, which would’ve ultimately made a difference. Going for it on 4th down in short yardage situations, but calling plays where they go for big yardage instead. The defense couldn’t stop Fresno at all last night and didn’t even get one 3 and out. One would think they would’ve willed their way to stop Fresno on the last drive after seeing what they were doing all night and the momentum was in UH’s favor. They made Fresno’s offense look dominant, which they were clearly not prior to last night. Again coaching issues. The receiver’s had multiple key drops that could’ve/should’ve changed the trajectory of the game. How can you blame a QB when your receivers aren’t catching balls that are clearly catchable.

    I don’t think the QB play was great by Cole, but when you take into consideration all of the above factors involved, it’s hard to put much fault on him. QB confidence is key but when you have penalties to overcome, receivers dropping balls, and poor coaching decisions, can you really expect a good game under those circumstances? Chevan made a valiant effort offensively that almost resulted in a miracle, but his efforts couldn’t overcome the fact that every other aspect of the game play/coaching put him and Cole at a disadvantage. Had they gone to overtime, the defense still hadn’t stopped Fresno’s offense at all last night.

    I truly hope we see the other UH football team that we saw against Nevada, UNM, Arizona, and OR ST next week against San Jose, because it certainly won’t be an easy game. Coaches really need to step it up. I would say the players too but since the same issues keep happening in these loses, I really believe it’s ultimately on the coaches.

  51. eMpTy November 3, 2019 4:30 pm

    Just my two cents. It seems like other teams play tight man to man against us so they are clode enough to knock the ball away or pick it of. Where as we seem to play a soft man to man so the offense is always catching the ball about five yards or so in front of the defender. we need to tighten up the defense. Go bows.

  52. Honu888 November 3, 2019 4:57 pm


    I don’t get that “System QB” term either. Just call them Quarterbacks. Every team has their own system. Alabama has a system, Boise has a system, UH has a system. And every team has a quarterback that runs their teams “system”. QB’s are just running what’s in their playbook that comes from their coaches. They are all just quarterbacks.

    I remember back in the day all the sports analysts, ESPN and such used that term when describing Colt Brennan. I used to get irked hearing that all the time.

  53. former D1 qb November 3, 2019 5:10 pm

    system qb has more to do with inflated stats that are not truly indicative of the actual talent of the qb. obviously cole is a talented college qb. his issues have nothing to do with being a “system quarterback.”

  54. cappie the mortgage money lending dog November 3, 2019 7:58 pm

    how smart was garrett gabriel?

    maybe your social circles heap a lot of praise on gabriel, but not mine.

    he ran the option, but obviously did not look remotely like an option quarterback.

    cole mcdonald needs to know when to run.

  55. H-Man November 3, 2019 11:17 pm

    No QB controversy. Start/play the player that produces. Cole had a really bad second half. Some say it was dropped passes. For every dropped pass, Cole missed his receiver by 5 to 10 yards five times. He was horrifically off. Thus, I think Rolo waited too long to make a change. Should Chevan start? Only Role can decide. It’s his team. We ride on his decisions. Now the defense. What was going on with so much confusion? 10 players on the field. Time out. 12 players on the field. Time out. So many changes in personnel from play to play. No wonder they’re confused.

    Best part of the game was the 1200 Marcus Kids in the orange section, South end zone. They brought a lot of positive vibes.

    Student section. Zero. None showed up for the game. Pathetic.

  56. sackkabooya November 4, 2019 12:42 am

    Yep A “System QB” does more refer to stats inflated because of the system. That was the knock on Colt. “Any average quarterback could put up those numbers in that system” was the narrative. Was a unique system back then. Now a lot of teams have a similar “pass happy” systems (even LSU wtf). Gabriel was mismatched in his system. I think McDonald would have done well in Paul Johnson’s Spread offense. Cole kind of reminds me of Ivin Jasper. Terrific athletically with similar limitations passing wise. I think Schroeder would have done well in Rolo’s system albeit strictly from the pocket. Maybe Zach Daniel will operate similarly (pro style QB too). Moussa would do well at UCF I think. Milton would be unreal in Rolo’s offense. Soon Chevan=McKenzie. Soon.

  57. sackkabooya November 4, 2019 2:13 am

    BTW I think Dru Brown would have done pretty good in this offense, I think the system scared him off (too much choice route pre snap), He had his limitations passing wise but he had good chemistry with Ursua. Plus the addition of Byrd and Ward would have given him larger windows to throw through than in 2017, He also had the knack for extending plays which would allow for for further separation. And Brown also knew when and how to run, Good quick feet that could scamper on RPO, Accuracy would be the question mark. But the run game would be real nice I think.

  58. sackkabooya November 4, 2019 2:15 am

    Congratulations Kolten…. Can do.

  59. cappie the mortgage money lending dog November 4, 2019 7:45 am

    Yes! Congratulations Wong. Raised his batting average, too.

  60. THE burro sabio November 4, 2019 8:15 am

    IMO Garrett Gabriel was not a good fit for Paul Johnson’s offense. He never developed the mastery of the option that Michael Carter showed off later. But he could throw, so Johnson went with a lot of passing that he did not use in his recent years at Georgia Tech, maybe he didn’t have anyone who could throw. As a result, UH had success with Gabriel, especially 2 times against BYU. The key was making tweeks in the offense to fit the skill set of the QB.
    When Johnson was an assistant at Georgia Southern, they won 2 now-FCS championships with Tracy Ham, who went on to a fairly long career in the CFL, so he definitely could pass.

  61. NorthShoreFan November 4, 2019 9:37 am

    “Any average quarterback could put up those numbers in that system” ….. If I’m not mistaken the NFL has a lot of teams running the RPO….and most NFL teams don’t have “average” QB’s.

    38 points should be enough to win most games. Problem is giving up 41 points. Warriors scored enough points. We just gave up more than 38 points……isn’t his always a problem with losses?

    Also, more than 500+ yards …. what else do you expect of an offense? Play calling and planning ineffective?

  62. Music man November 4, 2019 11:32 am

    Just My opinion, when your offense is averaging over 30 points a game, you should win most if not all! Cole is the man (For Now) but penalties and dropped balls are not his fault!!!!!!!!!!

    If your defense is giving just as many points or more, here lies the problem. We either don’t have the talent on defense (Which I doubt) or the Defensive Coordinator is not preparing his personnel correctly with the right schemes? (Is it also conditioning?)

    Also, the UNSPORTSMENSHIP PENALTIES is killing the team. These selfish players must be DECIPLINED OR SUSPENDED!!!!!

    University of Hawaii……Promo, “SUCKS” They need a MASCOT like the old days and “Student Participation” Whomever is handling this is not doing his job??????????????????

  63. Music man November 4, 2019 11:49 am

    The QB and R & S is fine!!!!!!!! Little more consistent on the RUN……

    Get the DEFENSIVE side straightened out and Hawaii will have DOUBLE digit wins EVERY YEAR!

    Batoon, start getting Mean, the defense is a Reflection of Your

  64. Music man November 4, 2019 12:06 pm

    Does Rolo or Batoon read these posts?

  65. winning November 4, 2019 12:33 pm

    Mcdunno does not know when to run that is a given. Like I said last year he is like a deer that caught with lights in its eyes and some panic creeps in. Forcing passes when just throw it away or give yourself some more time. Not prime time material. 2 QBs why not! Cord does know when to run when nothing is there or window is too tight. 9-4 or 7-6 which will it be?

  66. winning November 4, 2019 12:44 pm

    Also, got to recruit better. Not enough talent on the D. Everyone should know that. UH also needs to get an experienced QB coach. Rolo should take that responsibility for now. All our opponents seem to have dialed into our offense-make some changes and evolve or is it that we dont really have an Offensive Coordinator!! UH O has become like blase and predictable.

  67. Andrew November 4, 2019 1:06 pm


    Exactly, the defense just needs more talent, and more importantly more speed. The offense is playing well enough to win. It’s just that when the defense is giving up TD after TD, that just puts pressure on the offense to counter that. With a better defense, some of these Ls on our schedule could be Ws

  68. rabbit ears November 4, 2019 2:41 pm

    Attendance is sad. This generation of students are not big time football fans. The diehard fans are dying. (the Honolulu Stadium crowd).

  69. cappie the mortgage money lending dog November 4, 2019 3:12 pm

    the burro sabio: You’re absolutely right. But what I remember about Gabriel was that he had a high quarterback efficiency rating. He would regularly be in the top ten. Even Coach Wagner quipped: “I didn’t know he was that good,” because he looked awkward running the spread.

  70. Buffoman November 4, 2019 3:32 pm

    Next year, as a promotion they should make all conference home games at a deep discounted rate, maybe at the rate when June was in his first year. Lower prices tickets with more folks in seats may be equal to or better than high priced tickets with less folks in seats. A gamble but how do you build a new fan base? A “loss leader year” may be needed to introduce a “new look” product/team.

  71. Kawika November 4, 2019 4:42 pm

    Mainland folks sure love their college teams! UW is out of the Pac 12 race at 5-4, but still had 69,000 in attendance against Utah. Memphis had a full Liberty Bowl vs SMU. Even lowly Utah State had its 25,000 seat stadium full, especially with students. UH fans regard the Warriors like the Raiders or Eagles and will stay away – Why can’t they just trade for some good players?”

    Oh well, it was a good run, while it lasted. Hope to have someone put together a video of the top UH teams over the years for memorabilia and for keepsake. Showcase in the Sheriff Center.

  72. Inyoface November 4, 2019 4:55 pm

    Defense needs to rush 4 at all times.

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