LIVE BLOG: Washington 17, Hawaii 16, final


It’s finally here. Kickoff to the 2014 University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior season is upon us as UH opens hosting No. 25 Washington at Aloha Stadium.

The Huskies beat the Warriors 40-32 in the last meeting (2011) while UH had that memorable 35-28 win in the final regular season game in 2007 to earn a trip to the Sugar Bowl.

We will provide live in-game updates as they happen right here.


Hawaii changes sidelines and is on the makai side, putting UW in the sun. Kahuku grad Hau’oli Kikaha and Waialua alumnus Micah Hatchie are two of UW’s four team captains. Washington wins the toss and will defer to the second half. UH will get the ball first.

Diocemy Saint Juste with a 40-yard kick return to give UH good field position. Quarterback Ikaika Woolsey with a nice 16-yard pass to Scott Harding on the first play. Kikaha with a sack for UW but Woolsey completed to Quinton Pedroza on third-and-long for 21 yards and a first down. UH pounds away and Joey Iosefa scores on a 1-yard TD plunge as Hawaii takes an early 7-0 lead.

Washington’s turn to take the field on offense. Sophomore Jeff Lindquist gets the start at quarterback after a 40-yard return by John Ross. Huskies pick up a first down but Jaydon Mickens with a drop on third down and UW has to punt.

Hawaii takes over after the fair catch by Harding at its own 11. UH has it rolling until it faces a fourth-and-7 at the UW 35. UH goes for it and the pass is complete to Harding right at the marker. They measure. First down UH. Woolsey is 7-for-8 for 75 yards. Third-and-12 pass is tipped into the hands of Marcus Kemp for 13 and a first down. Kikaha breaks up a screen on third down and Tyler Hadden is in. 28-yard field goal is good and Hawaii increases its lead to 10-0 over UW.

Washington driving as Lindquist finds tight end Michael Hartvingson for 20 yards. UW comes up way short on third-and-12 but a roughing the passer penalty gives UW a first down and John Ross scores on a 20-yard reverse. Kick is good. Hawaii 10, Washington 7, :34, Q1.


Hawaii comes out and continues to dominate the line of scrimmage. Two big runs by Iosefa. Another UH conversion on third down as Woolsey hits Ammon Barker who burns Jermaine Kelly for 29 yards. UH with a fourth-and-2 at the UW 9 and calls timeout. UH calls a reverse pass and has the guy open but Marcus Peters puts a big hit on Kemp as he tries to throw it to save the TD. UW takes over.

Lindquist to Ross for a 91-yard touchdown and just like that it’s 14-10, Washington takes the lead.

UH with a three-and-out as Woolsey is incomplete on a pass broken up on Peters. Huskies ball after the Harding punt. Third-and-5 and Beau Yap jumps into the neutral zone for a penalty, giving UW a first down. Kasen Williams with a 7-yard catch, his first since a nasty broken leg injury suffered last year. UW converts its third third down on the drive as Lindquist runs for 5 yards. UH gets the stop and UW’s Cameron Van Winkle kicks a 36-yard field goal to cap a 16-play drive in 6:18. Washington 17, Hawaii 10.

Travis Feeny with the huge hit on Saint Juste on the kick return. Hawaii takes over at its 16. Elijah Qualls with a tackle for loss. UH has it third-and-8 on the 18 and Pedroza hauls in a big 13-yard reception for the first down. UH announces OL Kody Afusia (hand) is out for the rest of the game. Hawaii taking its time but down to the UW 21 with 17 seconds left. One timeout left. Two incomplete passes and UH will try a field goal. Hadden lines up from 40 yards out and the kick is off the left post. No good. Washington will take a 17-10 lead into halftime.

Hawaii has run 54 plays in the first half. Woolsey is 16-for-23 for 167 yards. Pedroza with six receptions for 59 yards. Iosefa with 14 carries for 57 yards and a touchdown. Stevenson leading the defense with six tackles.


UW comes out, runs it twice for 4 yards then throws a bomb that is incomplete. Huskies not showing a lot and will punt. UH comes out and decides that play calling looked so good let’s do it ourselves. Two runs up the middle and then a bomb down the sideline goes incomplete. UH is three-and-out. Harding gets the crazy roll on the 58-yard punt that goes all the way to the 2.

Huskies give it right back as Lindquist misses an easy throw badly and then is incomplete on third-and-9. UH should get the ball in good field position and they do. UH takes over on its 41. Washington flagged for holding on third down to give UH a first down. UW holds on next set of downs and Hadden back in. 38-yard field goal try is good to make it a four-point game. Washington 17, Hawaii 13, 9:45, Q3.

UW with a big fourth-and-1 call at midfield. Huskies line up to go for it but call a timeout and decide to punt. UH takes over on its own 12. Three-and-out. Star of the second half is Harding who is killing UW with his punts.

Washington with only one first down on five second-half drives as they go three-and-out. Defenses are dominating now. Lindquist badly overthrows a wide open tight end to kill the drive.

UH on the move. Six runs in seven plays surrounded by a 14-yard pass to Pedroza on third down. The quarter ends with Hawaii facing a fourth-and-15 from the UW 38.

Fourth Quarter

UH punts and and it goes out of bounds at the 8. UW with another three-and-out as Lindquist continues to struggle. UW almost fumbles the punt but gets it off. UH has it on the UW 36.

Iosefa breaks off a huge 22-yard run and Hawaii is in the red zone. Woolsey scrambles on third down and fires but it’s incomplete. Hadden with the 27-yard field goal and its a one-point game. Washington 17, Hawaii 16, 12:42, Q4.

Huskies take over on the 20 and put the ball on the ground but recover it. It doesn’t matter as Simon Poti sacks Lindquist, who waits in the pocket forever before scrambling, for a 16-yard loss. UW punts but Harding can’t field it and lets it roll. Punt goes all the way to the UH 19.

Hawaii takes over and Iosefa is pounding away on the ground. Two runs for 17 yards but UH has to punt following a Woolsey run that comes up short. Short punt by Harding and UW has it at its 30. Huskies convert two big third downs including a 9-yard run by Lindquist on third-and-7. Another third-and-7 from the 31. Lindquist is incomplete and UW will go for it. Lindquist drops back deep and punts it right into the end zone. UH takes it on its 20.

Hawaii ball on its own 20 with 5 minutes left. This is all you can ask for if you’re a Hawaii fan. A chance to win, at home, coming off 1-11, against a ranked team. Here we go.

Pedroza with a drop on first down and another incomplete. Third-and-10 and Woolsey finds Pedroza open for 14 yards. A 9-yard run by Iosefa. Sean Shigematsu is injured on the play but gets up after a brief moment.

Third-and-10 and UH tries a screen but it’s blown up and UH punts. Washington has the ball back with 2:40 left and will try to run out the clock.

Heading down to the field. Final score will be updated.

Final: No. 25 Washington 17, Hawaii 16

Final statistics


  1. izzy August 30, 2014 5:00 pm



  2. Buffoman August 30, 2014 8:26 pm

    Great game. The o line played a very good game. Game Turner was the penalty on Phillips. Can’t have those in close games.

  3. al August 30, 2014 11:04 pm

    the warriors played hard.
    only a handful left early.
    we were all riveted to our seats.

    did they finish?
    yes, indeed. we scored 6 to their 0 in the second half.

  4. Former UH Athlete August 30, 2014 11:51 pm

    Obviously it’s a “L” in the record books, but this time, it feels different. Yes there were mistakes that cost UH the game (some coaching, and some untimely penalties), but there were far more positives than negatives.

    1st and most obvious to me, Clune is worth every penny he’s getting paid. If you would have told me UH would hold any Pac12 team (except for Colorado) to 17pts when coming off a disaterous 2013 defensive campaign, I probably would have laughed.

    The 91yd TD was the deciding score of the game… big plays can/will happen, but the way UH defense hung in there after and pretty much shut down UW the rest of the game, and on top of that give the offense a chance to win late, is something to be very encouraged with. Take away the 91yd score, and UW only got 245yds of offense.

    2nd big positive sign was the lack of penalties, which is a good sign of the coaches promoting discipline. However, one 15yd penaltiy in particular directly led to UW’s 1st TD. The biggest item to note is that there were only 2 false starts (which is understandable being the 1st game of year), and ZERO HOLDING PENALTIES ON THE O-LINE. Which leads us to…

    3rd positive was the OLine does appear to be improved. They held their own vs a solid UW front 7. There isn’t a single defensive unit in the MWC that will be better than UW or OSU in terms of talent, so I’m glad to see the line allow Iosefa to get 140yd (4.8ypc) both numbers are excellent.

    Woosley for the most part was solid, although the completion % cooled off in the second half. At this point, I think UH has the right guy starting at QB.

    Pretty sure the haters are solely going to point to the failed 4th down in the redzone, leading to the game deciding TD, and paint a doom and gloom picture. I believe it was a mistake going for it because UH’s O was clicking, UH had the lead and the flow of the game didn’t warrant the risk. Had UH been behind by 2 scores and flow of game looking bleak, then I wouldn’t argue going for it.

    The haters will likely forget that Hadden missed a very make able FG at the end of the 1st half that would have tipped the score in UH’s favor. Unfortunately/fortunately for UH, I think 2-3 games could hinge on Hadden’s inconsistent leg.

    Next up is OSU… Will be another tough game and likely to be a big underdog again. Mannion is a much higher calibre QB than UW had tonight, and Clune has to prepare for team that is really good at screen passes. The good news for UH is that OSU was not impressive vs Portland St.

    Looking around the MWC, you could argue that UH was the most impressive team that didn’t play a cupcake, although CSU probably gets the nod. CSU looked like a team that could make some noise this year, although rival Colorado is pretty awful and beating them has become less of an accomplishment the past few years.

    Boise looks increasingly unathletic and team speed is down vs years past. They got blown out even when they forced several turnovers vs a quality Ole Miss team. I truly believe BSU is going to fade in the years following Peterson’s departure (the kind of already faded somewhat under Peterson the past 2 years).

    Nevada & Wyoming were unimpressive beating FCS teams So Utah & Montana. Air Force, SJSU, and SDSU handled their business with their FCS opponents.

    This weeks easiest bet was the LV Bowl rematch of Fresno vs USC. In the LV Bowl, an uninspired USC team with a lame duck coach, in a neutral site, put the hammer down on Fresno with Carr and Adams lighting up the stat sheet. Today, a fully inspired USC playing its 1st home game of 2014 vs a rebuilding Fresno squad was predictably a bigger mismatch than the bowl game. The spread was sealed up before halftime.

    Looking forward to Utah St vs Tennessee tomorrow/today. Hopefully the Aggies (my personal pick to win the MWC) will pull off a signature win in an otherwise dismal week for the MWC. We will see if the top of the MWC can compete with mid-level SEC. I just hope Utah St doesn’t get too jittery playing in 102,000 seat Neyland Stadium, which will be full.

  5. volleyballfan August 30, 2014 11:52 pm

    A lost is a lost, no matter if it is by 1 point. Chow still has not taught his players what it takes to win a football game, that is bad coaching on his part.

  6. Tanman August 31, 2014 7:22 am

    Yes, I think Chow made a mistake by going for it on fourth down and the trick play did not work. But then again, they have momentum at the time and from a different point of view, going for it was correct. Failing to score probably led to the 91 yd TD by UW because our defense was caught off guard. Kicking a FG and made it might have make a difference because there would have been a kickoff, return, etc. Chances are Washington might not have scored. But since that 91 yd TD, UH did not give up anymore big passing plays and Ross III did not make any additional big play on offense.

    However, the penalties on Phillips is unnecessary. He could have easily stopped before hitting the UW QB… That would stopped the UW drive and they would not have scored their first TD.

    Finally, Hadden missed another FG… I put that on coaching. He was inaccurate before… He is better but he is not great. They have more than one season to find someone to replace him… If he made all the FGs, we would have won.

    So, even though we dominated the game and should have won, instead we lost by one point. So, there were faults but they were part coaching. part players.

    Anyway UH played well, in my opinion… If they looked great because UW is not that good, we have a problem!!

    I am tired of changes and rebuilding, and our recruits are getting better. If the team can win four to five games, I think we should give him another year.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  7. Former UH Athlete August 31, 2014 9:08 am

    Dave Reardon is correct to call out the UH fans who walked out early in a close game. Normally would prefer writers to “not bite the hand that feeds” but this was justified.

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