LIVE BLOG: Oregon State 38, Hawaii 30, final


After coming so close to knocking off then-No. 25 Washington in its season opener, Hawaii will look to break through against another Pac-12 team when it hosts Oregon State at Aloha Stadium.

The Beavers (1-0), who are coming off a 29-14 win over Portland State, have won the last three matchups against the Rainbow Warriors. Hawaii’s last win against Oregon State came in a 23-17 victory in the 1999 Jeep Oahu Bowl.

Kickoff is set for 4:39 p.m.

For those watching on TV, CBS Sports Network will join the Hawaii/OSU game in progress after the conclusion of the Arizona State/New Mexico game.

Brenden Urban will start at center for UH in place of injured Kody Afusia.

No fog machine for UH coming out of the tunnel. Oregon State wins the toss and will defer. Hawaii will start on offense.


UH starts with Joey Iosefa taking the direct snap 14 yards for a first. Iosefa tries a deep pass out of the same formation two plays later but throws it long. Quintin Pedroza with an 11-yard reception inside the 20 but Iosefa fumbles on the next play. Jabral Johnson forced it and Siale Hautau recovered.

Sean Mannion at quarterback for Oregon State and goes up top to Victor Bolden on the first play for 40 yards. A 39-yard completion to Connor Hamlett and a 4-yard TD pass to Richard Mullaney and just like that, OSU takes a 7-0 lead.

A 7-yard run by quarterback Ikaika Woolsey is sandwiched between incomplete passes and UH goes three-and-out. Harding with his typical, ho-hum 58-yard punt but an illegal shift by UH forces a second punt, which only goes to the OSU 42. A 32-yard difference because of the penalty.

Terron Ward busts out a 35-yard run on OSU’s first play of the drive as Taz Stevenson misses an open-field tackle. An incomplete pass forces third down but Julian Gener is called for a PI. Now UH jumps offsides for another free 5 yards. Moses Samia with the penalty. Another flag on the field and after the refs huddle, a false-start penalty is called on Oregon State. Circus time at Aloha Stadium. Gener with a nice stop on the run on first down and Beau Yap stuffs Ward on second down. Third-and-8 from the UH 9 and the pass is picked off by Trayvon Henderson but a pass interference is called and OSU has a first down on the 5. Mannion to Hamlett for the touchdown and it’s 14-0 Beavers.

UH gets a first down but Woolsey misses a throw on second down. Our first “put in Graham” is heard from the stands. Obum Gwacham with the sack on third down and UH has to punt.

OSU ball with 4:07 remaining in the first quarter. A screen pass to Storm Woods goes for 28 yards. OSU goes for the long ball and Dee Maggitt is whistled for the PI. UH knocks down a pass at the line of scrimmage for Mannion’s first incompletion. Maggit makes a great break on the ball to break up a pass, forcing third-and-long. Pass to Woods only goes for 3 yards and OSU will punt from the UH 37. Harding fair catches at the 9.

UH can’t do anything with it as Woolsey throws a deep ball about 15 yards too far on third down. Another three-and-out.

Bolden with an 8-yard reception on first down for OSU. Injured UH defender on the play. It’s Jerrol Garcia-Williams and it looks like a leg. Not good for UH. OSU will have a third-and-1 at the UH 43 to start the second.


Mannion is 7-for-9 for 126 yards and 2 TD to start the second quarter. Garcia-Williams has a left knee injury and will not return according to UH. Ward picks up 3 yards to move the chains. Ward with a 32-yard touchdown run and OSU is pouring it on. 21-0 Beavers, 13:30, Q2.

UH will try to do something here. ‘Bows haven’t scored a TD since their first drive of the game against Washington, which oh by the way gave up 52 to Eastern Washington today. UH gets a first down but that’s all as the Beavers are aggressive on defense, sending a relentless blitz to get Woolsey out of his game. UH QB is 6-for-13 for 48 yards as OSU takes over on its 20.

HUGE BREAK for the ‘Bows as TJ Taimatuia gets his first career interception on a Mannion screen pass. UH takes over on the OSU 6. UH pounds it up the middle for 2 yards but then Woolsey has scramble twice and throws two incomplete passes. Flag thrown on the second one and a defensive PI is called. Iosefa in for a 2-yard TD run and the ‘Bows are on the board. OSU 21, UH 7, 10:52, Q2.

Oregon States picks up two first downs but has a third-and-15. Short pass is complete but UH is called for a roughing-the-passer penalty. It’s de ja vu from last week. Hawaii calls timeout and Norm Chow is livid. Replay made it look like the UH defender went low. Clearly hit him below the knees. OSU first-and-10 at the 32. Pass over the middle is complete. Henderson absolutely lights up the receiver and a flag is thrown but they pick it up. Bolden on the 15-yard catch. Third-and-3 from the 10. Play-action pass is overthrown and OSU will attempt a FG. 27-yarder by Garrett Owens is good. OSU 24, UH 7, 6:12, Q2.

Consensus up here in the press box is the penalty on hitting the quarterback low is a good one. Henderson’s kick was perfectly clean.

Here’s an interesting ESPN story on a game head referee Mike Batlan was involved in three years ago when USC played Stanford:

Crowd is definitely restless as UH takes over down 17. Woolsey has a third-down pass batted down by Lavonte Barnett and UH will punt. Harding is hit after getting the punt off but was outside of the tackle box so no penalty.

Mannion to Caleb Smith for 27 yards. Mannion is sacked but a late flag comes out and holding is called against UH. It’s getting ugly. Ward breaks off an 11-yard run and the Beavers are on the move. Woods busts loose for a 20-yard run to put the ball inside the UH 15. Mannion with a pass outside that Henderson has go right through his hands. Hamlett gets it off the deflection for a first down. Instead of a possible pick-six, Ward is in for a 2-yard TD run to make it 31-7 with 1:31 left in the half.

Three straight incompletions by Woolsey, who is drilled by the blitzing DB on third down. Woolsey felt that one and he jogs off nursing his ribs. UH has to punt. OSU with the ball on the UH 45 after a nice return with 1:03 left.

UH’s defense does a nice job holding and we go to half.

QB comparison
Sean Mannion, OSU, 16-23, 207 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT
Ikaika Woolsey, UH, 8-22, 67 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT

RB comparison
Terron Ward, OSU, 9 car, 90 yds, 2 TD
Joey Iosefa, UH, 8 car, 31 yds, TD

WR comparison
Victor Bolden, OSU, 6 rec, 86 yds, 0 TD
Scott Harding, UH, 2 rec, 24 yds, 0 TD


The second half begins with what looked like a near whiff on the kickoff. I don’t think that was a planned onsides kick. OSU takes over on its own 48. A penalty backs up OSU 5 yards but Mannion goes 12 yards to Woods and 6 yards to Bolden for a first down. Maggitt drops an interception on the next play. Third-and-2 on the 32 and Mannion delivers a perfect 22-yard pass to Hunter Jamon for first-and-goal. Bolden with an 8-yard touchdown reception and the rout is on. OSU 38, UH 7, 10:56, Q3.

With the game out of reach, updates will come a little slower. UH was lined up to go for a fourth-and-1 on its own 47 but the ‘Bows move early for a penalty and are forced to punt.

After an OSU punt, UH picks up two first downs before Steven Nelson intercepts a Woolsey pass deep down the middle. Beavers ball on their own 22.

Huge run by Woods called back by a holding penalty. Looks like both Taylor Graham and Jeremy Higgins are warming up on the sideline. Oregon State will punt after getting stopped on third-and-1.

Woosley will stay in the game and almost gets pick-sixed on his first throw. Kemp with a reception and beats his defender to race down the sideline for 23 yards. Pedroza with a 12-yard reception for a first down and UH is moving until a holding penalty backs the ‘Bows up. Miscommunication on second down and it’s third-and-19. Woosley scrambles for 18 and it’s fourth-and-1. Iosefa busts ahead for a yard and UH has the first down. UH has it second-and-goal from the 1 as the quarter ends.


Iosefa is in for a 1-yard TD run to start the final quarter. Got to give Woolsey credit there. Right when it became time to think about going to the backups, he came up with some big plays on the drive.

Taimatuia absolutely whips the left tackle on third down and brings down Mannion for the sack. Beavers will punt and it’s blocked by Lance Williams. Hawaii ball on the OSU 16. First-and-goal at the 5. OL Dave Lefotu is shaken up on the play but is able to walk off on his own. Iosefa in with his third rushing touchdown of the game from 5 yards out. UH will go for 2. Woosley with the pass to Harding who sort of trips up on his own and is just short of the goal line. OSU 38, UH 20, 12:07, Q4.

UH kicks off and it’s a fumble. UH jumps on it. Hawaii with the football. Lance Williams with the recovery. Maggitt credited with the force. UH is stopped by Tyler Hadden kicks a 33-yard field goal to make it a 15-point game. OSU 38, UH 23, 10:55, Q4

UH holds. Oregon State goes three-and-out as the Beavers run twice up the middle and then throw a bomb down the sideline. UH has it on its own 33 with 9:10 left.

Oregon State with two stops but then is called for a 15-yard face mask penalty. Ball now at midfield. 9-yard pass to Harding and a 5-yard Iosefa run moves the chains. Third-and-6 and Woosley throws behind the tight end. Incomplete makes it fourth down. Pass incomplete but UH is bailed out by a pass interference penalty. Kemp gets behind the defense and is wide open but the throw takes him out of bounds as he steps on the sideline. Huge miss. Third-and-15 and Woosley scrambles for close to 12 but a holding penalty is called on Urban, who has been flagged at least four times in this game. Woosley with a prayer and Kemp catches it, but Kemp is called for offensive pass interference. It’s now third-and-40 at midfield.

A 16-yard pass to Iosefa makes it fourth-and-24 at the 34. Woosley just flips it to Iosefa who comes up way short. And to make matters worse, Iosefa is hurt. You’ve got to at least give it a shot and throw it past the marker there. Now the concern is on Iosefa. UH has the rest of the year to think about.

Crowd is 26,700.

Iosefa is up and hobbles off. OSU takes over on its own 20. Oregon State will attempt to run out the clock. Heading down to the field. Final score will be updated.

Woolsey runs in a touchdown from 2 yards out, and the PAT kick makes it 38-30. UH to attempt an onside kick on the ensuing kickoff.

Onside-kick attempt doesn’t travel the required 10 yards, so Oregon State recovers and will run out the clock to preserve the win.


  1. st. anthony trojan September 6, 2014 4:34 pm

    good luck this link today… so far so good… thanks..

  2. st. anthony trojan September 6, 2014 4:45 pm

    ST said prior to today…takes 15 to 20 minutes for his entry to be posted…will that affect this live blog…???

    last nite the live blog…was so very slow…(kapolei vs moanalua) really not seem like it was ‘live’ but maybe 10 to 15 or more minutes delay ?

  3. st. anthony trojan September 6, 2014 4:51 pm

    dang that happen fast…not good

  4. st. anthony trojan September 6, 2014 4:54 pm

    good news… so far hawaii is moving the ball.. hope they strike on second possession..

  5. tarheel warrior September 6, 2014 4:54 pm

    Lets go bows!!

  6. RB September 6, 2014 4:58 pm

    DEE M is the weakest link. Washington exposed him last week……

  7. Boogie September 6, 2014 5:45 pm

    Is this a “live blog” or just a play-by-play?

  8. champ September 6, 2014 6:26 pm

    I gave my alma mater 2 games to do something. Looks like another bleak year. I saved money by not going to see the game at a sports bar and Im not going to again. Our QB looks like he should be a backup, not a Div. I player. Very boring offense. Today, college ball has evolved into wide open offenses unless of course you got a team like Alabama or LSU, USC, FSU so forth and so on. Face the facts fans. Goodnite and Goodbye.

  9. Willie September 6, 2014 7:52 pm

    Harding wide open on the 2 pt conversion. A QB with no touch & no accuracy provides a challenge.

  10. Willie September 6, 2014 8:07 pm

    86 tight end wide open & 11 throws behind him, been everywhere but to hands all day.

  11. Willie September 6, 2014 8:13 pm

    Props to the special team play, awesome!

  12. John September 6, 2014 8:19 pm


    Thanks Coach!

  13. Kaukau808 September 6, 2014 9:00 pm

    I admire Ikaika’s mobility but he’s gotta work on his accuracy. I’m sorry but 20-50 pass attempts is unacceptable

  14. oldtimer808 September 6, 2014 9:14 pm

    Win or lose support our student/athletes. This team will be better and remember we have 11 more games to succeed. Coaches do not play the game and if plays are not executed than you can cry all you want boring offense, bad defensive strategy but if plays are made consistently than you wouldn’t be talking all this negative nonsense. If you are a true fan just support and get a life.

  15. hatakeman September 6, 2014 9:46 pm

    This game was a step backwards. Maybe two steps. Ikaika had a terrible passing day. I just wonder why Chow didn’t put in either Higgins or Graham in the 3rd quarter to see if either could start having some cohesive play with the receivers. But no, it was three and out on consecutive series with Ikaika throwing terrible passes. And swinging Joey wide on sweeps doesn’t work against a team like Oregon St. But the coaching staff kept on trying. Joey was successful up the middle. I wonder what they are thinking. Chow said in his interview on Friday that they were going to expand the running game to include Diochemy St Juste. But that didn’t happen either. It was a frustrating game to watch.

  16. hatakeman September 6, 2014 9:49 pm

    Sean Mannion was everything I thought he would be.

  17. Former UH Athlete September 6, 2014 11:41 pm

    15… Graham and Woosley were warming up late 3rd quarter, but Woosley connected on a few throws on what probably would have been his last drive of the game. Then the comeback attempt started to happen.

    Woosley was flat out awful today. Chow and Wynn called a very conservative game vs UW and Woosley did well early, but became inaccurate as the game wore on. For today’s game, it appeared to me that Wynn gave Woosley more freedom to throw down field. Woosley was lucky to only end up with 1 INT tonight. There were far more forced throws into coverage and the accuracy just wasn’t close all night. He was sailing deep throws 10 yards over, missing screen/flare throws (which are basically extended handoffs), and throwing behind receivers on just about every throw over the middle. Worst of all, and I’m sure Wynn will point out in film study, Woosley was not seeing open receivers loose in the secondary. Woosley better step up his game or else losing to Northern Iowa is a real possibility. QB is the weak link on offense based on my observations the first two games.

    UH’s depleted WR corp doesn’t have any breakaway speed, but they were getting open on the intermediate routes. Problem was, Woosley wasn’t finding the open guy. He’s just a little too slow on his progressions. On multiple occasions on rollouts, he has his underneath receiver open, but waits too long to make throw and then the receiver runs out of room to turn the catch upfield. Kemp is a tall and fairly athletic WR, but he needs to improve vs bump’n’run coverage. He had a size advantage vs the CB when matched up 1-on-1 but he often can’t break free when the CB engages him. Kemp did have a beautiful double move to get wide open and should have been a TD, but Woosley’s errant throw took him out of bounds and went down as another frustrating incomplete pass. Of the many inaccurate throws, the one that sticks out was the failed 2pt conversion. The perfect play was called and executed well until the throw was low and behind and took the WR down short of the goal line.

    Pedroza is a solid WR. He’s not going burn anybody deep, but he’s a reliable WR like his predecessor Billy Ray Stutzman.

    OLine had a little tougher time protecting Woosley this week vs last. OSU did their homework with the film and didn’t allow Iosefa to get loose very often. For the most part, the OLine did ok, except for some penalties.

    The refs were terrible. UH were fighting more than just OSU as just when UH makes a stop, the yellow rag was their to bail out the Beavs. We will all complain of the obvious bad calls, but I think the roughing the punter no-call was the call that made Chow to blow up on the refs at halftime. Chow had every right to be mad because Harding could have been seriously injured when the OSU slammed into his legs and no penalty called.

    I will say that the officiating did even out as UH benefited from a few big penalties on OSU in the 2nd half, but UH’s penalties were much more costly as they led to 10points when they had OSU stopped when the game was still close.

    In the end, UH made too many self inflicted mistakes to win. Iosefa’s fumble souring a quality opening drive, and un-timely penalties really hurt UH again. OSU is the more talented team and proved that tonight.

    I’m still positive on the outlook once UH gets to MW play as nobody in the MW has close to the talent UW or OSU have. UH was suppose to be 0-2 and they are, but UH was by no means physically dominated or blown off the field. It was still only a 8 pt loss and another spread covered (barely). The DLine for the most part was solid vs the run. #28 is a heck of a RB for OSU. Most of his big runs were all him making guys miss. The only concerns I have with the D is lack of consistent pass rush (was better in 4th quarter) and lack of size/speed at CB.

  18. Former UH Athlete September 6, 2014 11:55 pm

    16… Mannion is a very good college QB. Other than occasionally locking onto a receiver for a half second too long, he’s a good looking pro prospect. He’s a traditional pocket passer, but he’s got a good (not great) arm and was accurate on deep routes. He does have a little long wind up but it’s nothing he can’t fix when he’s at the next level.

    Mannion was an outside Heisman hopeful last year before his OLine broke down with injuries and OSU started to lose games.

    I was hoping Woosley could just be steady, but now I think he’s let the door open for Graham of Higgins to get more reps. I think in-season QB controversies/competitions are a counter productive use of practice time. Instead of expanding the playbook and adding new schemes and wrinkles, you’re now having to split reps with the QBs knowing that you can’t implement as much new material when you’re also having to reevaluate the QBs.

  19. Former UH Athlete September 7, 2014 12:48 am

    Overall Offense: C- … Would have been F except for last 20 minutes.
    QB: F… Woosley was dreadfully inaccurate, had difficulty finding open targets and missing open targets
    RB: B- … Iosefa rammed in 3TDs but otherwise was contained
    OL pass blocking: C+ …allowed more pressure than week 1, but Woosley largely had time to throw
    OL run blocking: D+ … Not many holes opened for the RBs. Penalties.
    WR: B- …They were getting open, but struggled vs bump n run. No notable drops

    Overall Defense: C- … Untimely Penalties let the game slip away in first half before firming up in 2nd half.
    DL run: B+… Largely effective plugging up run lanes with occasionally getting pushed back. OSU’s big runs were largely great individual efforts by their RBs
    DL pass rush: D+ … Pass rush nonexistent except for the 4th quarter.
    LB: B- … Too many missed tackles. Couple of blown coverages on TE. TJ was great today. JGW went down to what looked like a serious knee injury. Overall did a good job in pursuit.
    DB: D … Lack of size/speed exploited by taller&faster OSU receivers. A few blown coverages. Couple of dropped interceptions could have turned the game. Safeties were good in run support

    Special Teams: A … Very good. Hadden made his FGs, got a touchback. Kick coverage forced a fumble. Punt block got UH’s 1st blocked punt since 2012. Harding was busy and most punts were effective. Teams have yet to figure out how to return his punts.

    Coaches: B … Yes, you heard me. B. Chow and Wynn opened up the playbook as expected. Remember, coaches aren’t the one throwing the ball; Chow looked like he was going to pull the plug on Woosley, but the patience turned out to be the right move. They stuck with Woosley with just long enough for a rally. Going to the bullpen is unlikely to produce a 23-0 run; Going for the FG (good) to close the gap to two scores in 4th quarter vs going for 4th down; Clune was able to make the proper adjustments to contain the fly sweep and screens that burned UH the first time OSU called them; Demo gets a thumbs up dialing up a punt block and getting close to another. I though Wynn called an ok game but Woosley just couldn’t execute.

  20. Kapolei Doc September 7, 2014 7:33 am

    Great Post Former UH Athlete. Always insightful to read your comments.

  21. Green-n-black September 7, 2014 12:00 pm

    I did not see any opening of any playbook last night. The most basic offensive scheme of Chows tenure… No multi sets, no empty… Nothing. Wynn and Chow have had to condense the playbook so Woolsey could execute. But still no can.

  22. slenzi September 11, 2014 4:08 pm

    Lets go Coach Norm, its time for Higgins to get a shot.

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