UH hoops practice preview

Practice? Y’all want to talk about practice? Already?

Believe it or not (I can’t), it’s that time again, ladies and gents. The Hawaii men’s basketball team starts up full practices for the 2013-14 season on Friday — a good two and a half weeks ahead of the traditional start to practices of past seasons around Oct. 15. The NCAA bumped up the time coaches get to spend with their players before the season, giving them 30 days of full practices to use over a 42-day period out from their first game. In the case of UH, that’s Sept. 27, 42 days removed from the season opener Nov. 8 vs. Tennessee State.

UPDATED: Per UH on Thursday, the first official practice is moved to Monday, Sept. 30. Friday’s session will be a closed preseason deal. Monday’s practice, however, should be open to the public.

So, to recap the offseason’s events: There wasn’t the same degree of roster turnover that was seen from Gib Arnold’s group the past two summers, but that’s not to say there was none. Here’s a summary of the additions and losses from the 2012-13 ‘Bows:

Losses by graduation/eligibility: PG Jace Tavita; C Vander Joaquim; SF Hauns Brereton

Early losses: G Garrett Jefferson; SF Ozren Pavlovic; G Manroop Clair

Additions: G Garrett Nevels; PG Niko Filipovich; PG Quincy Smith; SG/SF Negus Webster-Chan; C Stefan Jovanovic; SG Jack Hackman; SF Michael Thomas

With a nod toward my man Jason Groves covering New Mexico State for the Las Cruces-Sun News, here’s a few burning questions regarding the ‘Bows heading into their first practice.

1) Will the ‘Bows miss Vander Joaquim?

Many, I’m sure, would answer this with a resounding “NO!” after his lackluster final season. There were plenty of examples of the ‘Bows playing better without him than with him on the floor, including the infamous Air Force game. But at his best, Joaquim was a force, and he often freed up Standhardinger to do all the Standhardinger-y things — weak-side putbacks, drives through the lane for layups — to which UH fans became accustomed. It’s true his presence made it difficult at times for Isaac Fotu to get comfortable on the low block and showcase his effective post-up game. So with the sometimes-moody Joaquim gone now, it will be up to Standhardinger and Fotu, the only real power forwards on the roster, to up their production. It will be interesting to see how often UH goes with those two as its bigs vs. incorporating centers Davis Rozitis, Stefan Jovanovic or Caleb Dressler into its frontcourt rotation. More of a low-post repertoire from Standhardinger would only help in this regard.

2) Will Quincy Smith challenge Keith Shamburger for the starting point guard job?

Keith Shamburger
Keith Shamburger
Quincy Smith
Quincy Smith

The assumption going into the offseason was that the San Jose State transfer Shamburger had the lead guard role for the ‘Bows locked up, and that is still most likely the case. However, Smith, out of the City College of San Francisco, shined in his healthy moments during College Summer League play and had some entertaining head-to-head battles with Shamburger. Smith’s weakness is his shot — he knows that — and he was convincing in his desire to address that hole in his game. At the very least, Smith will be a capable backup. UH will be well ahead at this position from last year, when it was a clear concern even when Jace Tavita was hitting shots; teams just wouldn’t respect him out there most of the time, which caused all kinds of problems for UH on offense with teams sagging off. And behind him it was a train wreck with Garrett Jefferson, Ozren Pavlovic and Manroop Clair being used as converted point guards. Shamburger’s year as the scout team point guard got him accustomed to Gib Arnold’s sets and expectations so the transition, you would think, will be enough to hold off the capable Smith — but the next month will bear that out.

3) Will Aaron Valdes make his improvement translate to structured play?

Aaron Valdes
Aaron Valdes

Last season’s resident tip-dunk champion from practices has a chance to be a meaningful rotation player this season for the Rainbow Warriors. Valdes shined in the summer league, even on a miserable team, earning surprise MVP honors. He was for stretches a must-watch and compelling reason to show up, blowout or no blowout. With an improved shot and handle in that free-flowing setting, to go with his rim-rattling dunks, Valdes was a highlight waiting to happen. Hauns Brereton’s departure opens up playing time on the wing, depending if Arnold elects to go with a more traditional lineup with the 6-5 swingman Valdes, or a smaller lineup with Shamburger/Smith, Brandon Spearman and Garrett Nevels or Brandon Jawato. If the energetic Valdes can prove a grasp of Arnold’s schemes in the halfcourt, he stands to earn a spot in the rotation, receive a scholarship, and make scores of UH fans happy. But, it bears pointing out that some of the more prominent scorers of the summer league in recent years were mediocre Division I players — sometimes it just doesn’t translate.

4) Will any of the true freshmen contribute immediately?

Stefan Jovanovic
Stefan Jovanovic

This has the potential to be a huge factor regarding the overall quality of the 2013-14 ‘Bows. The true freshmen are Niko Filipovich, Stefan Jovanovic, Jack Hackman and Michael Thomas. Filipovich was up front about his willingness to redshirt this season, so he would seem to be the least likely candidate to jump in right away. Hackman was a late pickup, but one who desires to earn a scholarship and feels he can contribute with his shooting. Thomas has the largest pendulum swing of possibilities here. He was tentative for most of the summer league, but has the frame (should he grow into it) and athleticism to really shine if he fulfills his potential. On the other hand, the coaches may decide he could use an extra year to reach that level, and redshirt him. It seems stunning to say, but the previously unknown Jovanovic could be the favorite to get immediate playing time among the true freshmen. Jovanovic might be called on right away as a shot-blocker to boost a frontcourt untested beyond three players — Fotu, Standhardinger and Rozitis.

5) Will Negus Webster-Chan torch the UH first team?

Negus Webster-Chan
Negus Webster-Chan

There’s no question Webster-Chan immediately became one of the most talented ‘Bows on the roster upon his arrival from Missouri and his native Toronto. And he seems real in his desire to one day make the NBA. Truly great players should be able to overlook present circumstances and see a long-term opportunity, and that’s what Webster-Chan has in the 2013-14 season. Well, the practices of the 2013-14 season, to be specific. He must toil on the scout team this season as a Division I transfer, a grind if there ever was one for a gifted player. Will Webster-Chan make the most of the opportunity to better himself while he waits, or will he rest on his laurels and let it go by? My money’s on the former, and I’d be surprised if there aren’t several ‘wow’ moments created by NWC, breaking up the monotony of practice for player, coach and media alike.


Always a good sign for a program when your first verbal commitment of the following year is out to the public a couple months removed from the early signing period; it lets the other prospects for that class know there’s at least another guy willing to sign his name on the dotted line, assuming he follows through on it. UH got that with guard Isaac Fleming over the weekend (here was the breaking //and here was the full story).


Arnold’s yearly “King of the Beach” competition was to take place Wednesday morning, but it was bumped to Saturday morning at the usual location at Queens Beach at 6 a.m. It always attracts a good amount of passersby-turned-spectators. The odds-on favorite is the spastic/insanely competitive Standhardinger, the defending champion.


  1. poorboy September 24, 2013 10:53 pm

    Brian, thanks for writeup, and questions posed by Jason Groves.

    I don’t know how other BWC teams stack up, that is key. Are they better at SF ,PF and Center. In other words have they gotten better bigs? No question BWC is a guard dominated league.
    With addition of Shamburger, Nevels, Smith and a healthy Spearman, UH has a possibly much, much improved guard rotation. And as all D1 coaches in NCAA MBB knows, teams with good to great guard play, win games , champioships and move on in post season.

    I like, Nevels scoring, and athleticism, Quincy is a battler, and true PG, Aaron V., you are correct, if he brings his summer league game to Gib’s system, and contributes to winning, UH MBB team could have monster season.

    Love what the Women’s soccer team with coach Bud is doing, however, MBB, that is what a lot of us BB junkies are looking forward to! Gib has some athletes to run more uptempo stuff, ..however key too, can they run their half court sets, when other teams slow things down trying to control tempo. I think, if new and older returning guys buy into TEAM wins, UH will be successful, they have no where to go but up! Look for exciting year!

  2. fan4m2b September 24, 2013 11:57 pm

    Mahalo, for your always succinct, insightful assessments of the new utmostly impressive Rainbow Warriors of 2013-14!
    Expecting nothing less but more of the same from you throughout the UH basketball season.

    How about an equal treament for our year-two coaching sensation Laura Beeman’s Wahine Basketball as well

    Will there be a Double NCAA Tournament Invite finally for Hawaii?

  3. kimo browner September 25, 2013 4:23 am

    Thanks Brian for your observations and frank preview.

  4. Buds4life September 25, 2013 5:16 am

    Always excited to read about Rainbow basketball. Thanks Brian, it’s never too early. Only time will tell if the Bow’s
    have upgraded its talent for this year. Having Shamburger should be the biggest reason for optimism. Perhaps more importantly is if Coach Arnold improves his game. The Bows
    will continue to disappoint if Coach Arnold reverts to his ” throw on the chalk board and pray ” substitutional rotation.
    I know women basketball is not your beat but can you have someone report on their practices and players sometime. I think Coach Beeman has brought excitement to the Na Wahine program not seen for a long while.

  5. Warriorfan September 25, 2013 8:21 am

    Finally a Gib warrior basketball team with no weak spots. They are strong at all positions,

  6. NotNasti September 25, 2013 9:13 am

    5. Warriorfan: strong at all positions? Including the 5 position?

  7. Lowtone123 September 25, 2013 1:05 pm

    Thanks Brian for the update. With football a blah I’m already looking forward to basketball.

  8. K-Bay September 25, 2013 1:21 pm

    Great and Timely Review, Brian…

    Five Position is Now at least Three-Deep (with Standhardinger and Fotu both tougher to back-up/support)
    Not Yet As “Physical” as Vander, but better passers, quicker feet & hands, BBIQ and Temperament:
    Better “Team” Players and ball movement…probably ‘better’ shooters, too (quicker, better form and range, although Vander’s percentage usually at or among team leaders)….

    Three position NOT Proven or Stabilized ’til next season (NWC) or until one of the freshman (e.g., Valdes or Thomas, both with much talent and athleticism) or Nevels (undersized but tough & talented) just takes charge…

  9. PALI September 25, 2013 2:09 pm

    looking forward to this season. i hope the team is a team and focused. gib has the makings of a really good season. LET’S GO BOWS!

  10. poorboy September 25, 2013 2:57 pm

    Gib has got quick guards, Nevels, and Smith, and strong heady guards with experience in Spearman and Shamburger. Wings, Harper, Jawato. Enos, who can shoot the 3 and back up , back up PG, maybe who knows, another Miah? Go Dyrbe Enos, represent the 808! That brings in a couple more hundred to SSC if Enos has part, and UH wins games.

    Agree, with Gib, so obvious last year, the stable of guards. would be hard pressed to beat DII schools locally, with the PG and SG’s aside from Spearman last year.

    Turn the weakness in the backcourt to a strength, with Fotu and Standhardinger, if they are beasting the BWC, along with Davis, Dressler and Jovanovich, guarding the rim, and helping on D against bigger opponents, UH, could have a very good season!

    Get ready UH MBB fans, now is the time for Gib and his athletes to get to NIT or NCAA’s!

    Should be fun year!

  11. gklum2 September 26, 2013 5:15 pm

    Thanks for a detail report on this weekend’s visiting recruitees.

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