They'll get over it

A spirited yet unfinished comeback attempt by Hawaii resulted in a narrow 77-72 defeat up in Logan, Utah, to still-dangerous-at-home WAC defending champs Utah State on Thursday.

As evidenced in Gib Arnold’s postgame comments in our story by Jeff Hunter, UH (11-9, 3-3 WAC) won’t be upset about never going back there again, at least for a conference game. (That’s barring future conference shakeups, which we all know can and will happen.)

So that’s one positive they can leave with. Another was the play of Vander Joaquim, who was a dominant force down low with 24 points (tying his career high) on 12-for-16 shooting to go with 14 rebounds. The noticeable exception were the two misses on front-end 1-and-1 free throws in the second half that could have narrowed the gap further.

You can bet that Zane Johnson will bounce back from his horrid shooting night (4-for-16, 1-for-9 on 3s) at Idaho on Saturday. Credit USU guard Preston “Meddlin’ ” Medlin for some of that; it was like watching the bizarro version of Matt Lojeski locking up Jaycee Carroll. Anyway, Zane is now one 3 behind Mike McIntyre for fourth on the UH career treys list at 158.

Joston Thomas recovered from a slow start to post a double-double and helped make it interesting down the stretch after the ‘Bows trailed by 15 midway through the second half. Hauns Brereton gave the team a solid effort off the bench, even on 6-for-15 shooting.

It was interesting to see the team go without a point guard for a few minutes down the stretch. Miah Ostrowski still had a solid game (eight assists, two turnovers) but just two dimes came after halftime, and Shaquille Stokes and Bobby Miles didn’t show much in the spot minutes they received.

So it’s onward to Moscow, Idaho, and don’t sleep on the Vandals. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for them, and they’ve figured out a way to get tied for second place in the WAC at 4-2. UH is only 2-7 against them in Moscow, so the ‘Bows will have their work cut out to salvage this road trip.

A reminder: the UH-UI game will also be televised on OC Sports 12 with the folks at ESPN Regional TV calling the game.


Kudos to Dana Takahara-Dias and the Hawaii women’s basketball team, which won its third straight game on Thursday night. While none of those three opponents (including Louisiana Tech) are good this year, a 3-1 start is a 3-1 start. Been over 10 years since that happened.

They’ll have their hands full on Saturday at the league’s best team, Fresno State. But whatever happens there (especially if it’s close) UH should return home feeling plenty good about itself.


After the debate inspired from the last posting about the UH team nicknames (which shattered the Court Sense record for responses, so thanks for that all) one might have thought I’d come right back with more postings. But I’ve increasingly felt like taking more selective moments to blog — usually about once a week — is the way to go to avoid over-saturation, especially with two basketball bloggers on this website. If the demand says otherwise, however, I’m all for it.


  1. pali January 27, 2012 3:46 pm

    i always look forward to your blog. even if the team’s not doing so hot, your take and updates are right-on.
    go bows!

  2. ewa January 27, 2012 7:17 pm

    Frustrating loss. We have so much potential and we’ve seen it come together a few times, which raises my hopes and expectations for the team. I completely believe this team could win the WAC tournament and I’ll be there for each nail-biting minute of it!

  3. krump1_AKA_protector January 28, 2012 12:57 am

    I’m really disappointed that Zane didn’t show up for the Utah State and Nevada games. That might’ve made up for the poor free throw performances but I don’t know that it could’ve off-set
    the questionable / incompetent / conscienceless calls by the zebras. There’s horrendous officiating on our home-court as well. We must be one of the few teams (UH Basketball and Football) that has no true home-court / home-field advantage. There’s something inherently wrong when you get ripped-off, whether it’s at the Stan Sheriff or Aloha Stadium.

  4. Rocky January 28, 2012 12:27 pm

    I am new to your blog. Wishing the RWarriors good luck tonight and the start of a major winning streak that will take them right into tournament time.

  5. Chicken Grease January 28, 2012 4:07 pm

    Would like to see even more and faster passing by Ostrowski to folks like Vander. That would be key in winning the rest of the games this season. Can we at least hope for NIT bid at this point?

    Have a great feeling we might see the men’s UH b-ball team take on the Warriors (not “Rainbows” or “Rainbow Warriors” moniker).

    Shootin’ down the walls of heartache
    [Bang! Bang!]
    I ammmmmmm The Warrior
    Yes, I am The Warrior
    And victory is miiiiiiihiiiiine

    – Patty Smith [I think]

    See how nicely “Warrior” (and only “Warrior”) works?!

    Don’t make a Grease bring out my J-pop song to campaign for the “Warrior” (and only “Warrior”) name for the UH men’s b-ball Warrior program ;).

  6. eagle January 29, 2012 10:55 pm

    Great Bounce Back Versus Idaho …
    Get Legs Re-Charged (Joston looks like he’s a high-flyer hereon out) to take down SJSU … After a Brutal December-January — A Whole Week to Prep for SJSU sounds luxurious …

    — Good Stars & Conference Schedule Alignments …

    Joston & Vander looking like Twin Tower Powers and unstoppable board chairmen (with Great Back-up from Davis, Trevor & Hauns), the emergence of an apparent Air Support Duo raining threes from Hauns & Zane who also appear to be able to score at will … and the emergence of Miah as a shooting threat (necessary to keep defenses honest) …make for a better future Offensive outlook (defense Will Be Solid … that’s a (great given…)

    The schedule also appears to be stacked well for a late Conference Pre-WAC Tourney Run …


    Of the Teams at the Top — thru the Tie for Third Place — Hawai’i has already played #1 Nevada and # 3′s Utah St. and Idaho On The Road …The Warriors played them All Tough on the road and gets to Challenge for the Split or in Idaho’s case the Sweep @ Home …

    Of the three WAC Season second half road games, only #2 New Mexico State is in the upper half; we already defeated them at home — a good, tough challenge @ NMSU (a chance to demonstrate continuing improvement); should match up and be able to play well @ SJSU & LA Tech….

    With Four Home Games, Three against the Upper Half, the remaining WAC schedule looks ‘favorable’ or at least has potential for the Warriors to move up in the league standings headed into the WAC Tournament…

  7. Kendall February 2, 2012 11:36 am

    I couldn’t find the answer to this question, so I’ll post it now.

    Blakes was a NCAA qualifier (I believe), but did not qualify to attend UH.

    Would Blakes need to achieve an AA degree in order to enroll at UH or could he enroll in the Fall, completing his academic coursework?

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