Some NYE resolutions

The Hawaii basketball team continues to feast at home during this holiday season, as the Rainbow Warriors (10-2) have rode their home-heavy schedule to match their best start through 12 games since 2004-05.

That team actually was perfect through pre-conference play (8-0), then dropped its first two WAC games (both on the road). After the 10-2 overall start that year, UH finished 16-13, as it went 7-11 in conference play.

This season’s Eran Ganot-coached edition can resolve to do a few things just a little better in order to give themselves a shot to go all the way in the Big West.

Here’s some New Year’s Eve resolutions for the Rainbow Warriors:

>> Keep working on them throws. The ‘Bows improved at the line as the nonconference season progressed. They were sub-60 percent after the first few games but some solid efforts in that regard lately have raised the season clip to a more respectable 64.1 percent. That’s not great by any means (opponents are shooting a pretty elite 75.9 percent) but it’s a start. UH continues to do pressure free throws at the end of some practices.

>> Get Bobbitt some rest. Three times so far this season, point guard Roderick Bobbitt has logged the full 40 minutes of a game. That’s a credit to Bobbitt’s conditioning and competitiveness, and just how much this team depends on him to lead the way on the floor. Ganot has tried to get him blows where possible, and UH has sometimes been passable with him out. But once conference hits and travel is regularly added to the mix, these breaks for Bobbitt will become imperative.

>> Build up Jovanovic. The only true center on the roster, Stefan Jovanovic, has shown some real strides in play and confidence in the last few games. “The Stefanz” lineup of Jovanovic and Stefan Jankovic has been an option lately as “Stef” has held his own down low. Plus he’s an underrated quote machine.

>> Maintain Hawaii 5-O. The budding phenomenon at the end of the Hawaii bench has been one of the best subplots of the season. Can Niko Filipovich, Jack Purchase, Sheriff Drammeh, Dyrbe Enos and Zach Buscher (among others) keep their creative morale-building antics going through March?

>> Say no to Mr. T. The techs have been down, as Ganot has made good on his promise to curb the team’s complaining to refs and sit any player who picks one up. The last one UH was assessed, on Isaac Fleming against Oklahoma, arguably was not warranted and Ganot took issue with the call. UH’s progress in this area should be recognized and be a continued emphasis going forward.

>> Swipe away. Like last season, the ability to straight take the ball away from opponents has been a strength this year, as UH ranks 24th nationally in steals per game (8.8). Bobbitt, Fleming and Quincy Smith rank in the top five in steals per game among Big West players (1, 2 and 5, respectively). This must continue to be a team strength to help the Bows through the occasional drought in halfcourt offense.


  1. PBnJz January 2, 2016 3:05 pm

    Does anyone know if we’ll be able to get into the men’s game today with our women’s game ticket? When the women play first, you can get into their game with the late game men’s ticket, so I would think turn-about would be fair play!

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