Reyes no-go for summer league

One of the three 2014-15 Hawaii men’s basketball signees, big man Sammis Reyes, will more than likely not appear in the College Summer League in Manoa, which begins on Saturday.

Sammis Reyes
Sammis Reyes

If the Rainbow Warriors are fortunate, that’s where the disappointment will end and the Chilean will arrive on time for the fall semester.

I received a tip that Reyes has some work to do before he can make it out here from prep school. So I asked him on Thursday if he’ll still be able to make it out here for July second session of summer school and the summer league.

Reyes replied, “I don’t think I’ll be able to,” and that he still has NCAA paperwork to complete.

He later qualified that the amount of material he must get through to be admitted into UH is “a lot, actually,” but that he’s “working on it right now” and is still optimistic things will work out. “I’m really excited to go out there,” he added.

It’s still too early to panic on Reyes, but UH is staring at some pretty drastic frontcourt issues if it has difficulty bringing him on board by August. Remember, the only other bigs at present are Isaac Fotu, Stefan Jovanovic, Michael Thomas and Stefan Jankovic (once he’s eligible). You can bet Gib Arnold and Co. will try to pull out the stops to make Reyes happen.


Most of the roughly seven or eight UH players expected to participate in the summer league won’t be in action until summer school begins a week into the league schedule. The exceptions will likely be local products Dyrbe Enos and Zach Buscher.


I didn’t get a chance to touch upon Michael Harper‘s departure in this space yet, so this one’s for you, Harp.

Michael Harper
Michael Harper

UH will miss the affable Aussie’s team spirit and selflessness as one of the end-of-the-bench guys over the last two seasons. Harper is bound for Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, where he should get a chance at being a rotation player.

During at least one semester (the spring of 2013), Harper was placed on scholarship, which helped the team skirt some potential APR issues. Whether he returned to that capacity during the 2013-14 season isn’t known for sure, but it’s not believed he kept his full ride.

Fans will probably remember Harper for his inspired play off the bench during UH’s season-ending loss to Air Force in the ill-fated participation in the 2013 CIT. He had some hot shooting streaks in scrimmages, as well. He was never one to shy away from hoisting up shots — for good or ill. He didn’t lack gumption, that’s for sure.

With the projected arrival of three new walk-on guards in Buscher, Tyler Harville and Brocke Stepteau, the ‘Bows should be able to keep their scout team rolling.



  1. poorboy June 26, 2014 11:00 pm


    You still think Gib and staff still looking really hard, especially, hope not, that Sammis does not qualify to get into UH? Would have to start of school August fall semester, offer of non binding scholarship agreement…Gib and coaches, have to contact every one they know on planet for a 6’8″ to 6’10” banger, who can rebound and protect rim..score some, does not have to be all world, just all academic and can be coached..Australia, NZ, South America, Toronto, Sudan, Paris France, England..anywhere, just in case..

    That is the question…Gib said he was in contact with several athletes before the final round of investigators came in..Gib, his demeanor is so cool and calm, he is going about UH MBB business. as you say Brian not panic mode yet..ahhhhhh, just joking. at this stage, with what he has, he just has to sign a late JC get or international late qualifier, who can play some and can get into UH,..whether Sammis makes it into UH or not..Keep us informed. Thanks Brian!

  2. K-Bay June 26, 2014 11:01 pm

    Work EVERY Day without Fail;
    Do More than you think is Possible, apparently just like your approach to the game!

    YOU-We are the Fortunate Beneficiaries of That Effort;
    and It Always Pays Back And Forward!
    Go Get ‘Em Sammie!
    Get Here!
    NO Regrets….
    Mahalo & Aloha

  3. poorboy June 26, 2014 11:36 pm


    maybe absolutely insane idea, however if worse came to worse, Sammis could not get into UH, would Gib consider asking Tyler Brown 6’6″ 250 lb former UH MBB player from few years ago, I think he has a year of eligibility I might be wrong.
    IFFFFF, Sammis don’t get in…I hope Sammis buckle down and pass his courses to get in.
    Tyler Brown, he of the went out for FB team..the weight lifter and strong country boy..hard to push him around..
    anyway, just a thought, maybe if Tyler had year of BB eligibility, he might consider, who knows. another big body with 5 fouls to whack away at Mamadou!

  4. BYee June 27, 2014 6:06 am

    Oh boy. Very interesting.

  5. fan4mbb June 27, 2014 6:20 am

    All muscle no “fat!?”. Has to be at this hour? No wonder has that worry-look! disappoiting as _.

  6. roygbivs June 28, 2014 3:22 am

    A little worried here… Not the way you wanted to end the season, can’t bring in quality replacements, coaching changes, transfers, AND the on-going probe into the program….

    Not too concerned about the scout team if you know what I mean.

    I see it like this…
    We need 10 quality players; 1st&2nd teamers
    3 players + WO’s; your scout team

    Easy to say, harder to do BUT I cherish this program to the core and I hope we can turn this canoe towards championships!!!

    Rainbow Warrior 4 life!!

  7. poorboy June 28, 2014 12:47 pm

    Hey roygbivs:

    me , and family avid fans of UH MBB since Rocha days mid sixities, through good and NCAA probation times, still had season tickets..Love your spirit, I don’t like the tough things going through now. however as Gib says, UH MBB program with HC the head, if the finalize ncaa, take their corrections, which I am sure will not be 2 year probation sanctions, however smaller still serious penalties..UH with HC and program will be even stronger and more diligent..hey even ncaa compliance person should get correction too, possibly moved to another dept..however, ncaa audit so complete and interviews..UH should be on steady course compliant, from now on, nothing like NCAA probation 1975 with the Ford Commercial , Pupule, which was nuts and deserved that death sentence.

    Agree Roy, I know you and I and another 3000 or so bleed green and white, we want to see UH somehow, come out really strong out of the darkness. they would really show basketball world and ncaa, if they made a good run into ncaa march madmess like U. Conn.

    Go Bows!

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