Into the offseason

First, that was an impressive effort by New Mexico State last night in their 82-57 demolition of Louisiana Tech to win the 2012 WAC championship, and automatic NCAA Tournament berth. Congratulations to them and coach Marvin Menzies.

It turned out that Hawaii gave the Aggies their biggest test of the tournament, even after falling behind 17-0 and 22-2 in a 92-81 loss.

You could rightly say that the Rainbow Warriors lost their last six of seven games of the season. Or that this season was a disappointment for not achieving a winning record or making a postseason tournament.

But the team did something no UH squad had done since 2003, reached a WAC semifinal, and was a few minutes shy of making the championship game. And there won’t be a summer of bemoaning why the team quit — there shouldn’t be, anyway — because what was seen in Vegas was inspiring, especially under the circumstances.

As Shaq Stokes said, “We found our mojo, but it was too late.”

There’s plenty to repair and improve over the summer, most notably the team’s rep as a defense-first outfit that Gib Arnold established in Year 1.

Player movement is likely, if the last two offseasons under Arnold is any guide. Stay tuned.


I left the tournament most impressed with Louisiana Tech coach Michael White.

In his first year at LaTech coming over as an assistant in the SEC, White returned the Bulldogs to respectability, and with little more than what was already there when he arrived.

Also, class move by UH director of operations Kerry Rupp, the former LaTech coach. He stayed to high-five his former players after their championship game.


Women’s basketball associate coach Gavin Petersen is the first confirmed applicant for the Rainbow Wahine head coaching job.

He should have a strong candidacy. His place on staff this year was an important one, even if it didn’t result in more wins than the previous year.

Petersen carries himself like a head coach. He should get a hard look, as he received three years ago when he was a finalist for the job that went to Dana Takahara-Dias.


  1. Kendall March 11, 2012 6:50 pm

    I hope Peterson doesn’t get the job. We need a fresh start.

  2. al March 12, 2012 1:23 am

    brian…what’s your assesment of who goes on to other pastures?
    for me, i am thinking that bobby miles is a very likely candidate to move on since he not only put himself in the doghouse at seasons’ end for some undisclosed team rule violations but his play on the court was suspect at times.

    another guy to me would be davis rozitis. although a gib arnold recruit twice in his career, he just doesn’t measure up athletically. when a 7footer can’t play above the rim nor play down low with confidence then he needs to play at a lower level.

    others who may move on their own could still be trevor wiseman.

    garrett jejjerson did a lot of good things in the tournament, but, it may have been too little too late. if you’ve got no shot at all you are in trouble.

    i am not sure where brandon jawato stands because gibber gave him rave reviews. i am assuming he is on scholie as previously reported.

    and what’s the deal with orel lev? is he legit? i was beginning to wonder since the press has never given us any indication of his quality, after all he has been here since january practicing with the team.

    okay. back at you. what say you brian?

  3. krump1_AKA_protector March 12, 2012 6:20 am

    Hey Brian, what is the probability that Vander returns? Will he keep us guessing and will we be kept in the dark until NEXT season starts?

  4. krump1_AKA_protector March 12, 2012 6:27 am

    Had another question about the 3 early signees for next season. Who was the point recruiter for them? Was it Peterson or another coach? If Peterson succeeds Coach Dana, the players won’t need to switch to a new Offense and many will already have a year’s experience with it under their belt…just saying. Karaitiana should be ready to go and hopefully Kuehu will get herself together by then

  5. Warriorbacker March 12, 2012 2:28 pm

    Peterson should not be in consideration, He was in charge of the offense this year and the wahine offense was woeful.

  6. Brian McInnis March 13, 2012 1:22 pm

    The team fully expects Vander to be back, and from what he’s said, finishing up and getting his degree is important to him. Obviously we won’t know for sure until the fall though.

  7. Brian McInnis March 13, 2012 1:26 pm

    Hey Al,

    It’s true that Bobby fell out of favor there a bit near the end of the season. Things might play out the way you think on that one. Then again, the team is light on proven point guards so he might get another shake there.

    I don’t think Rozitis is going anywhere. 7-footers are hard to come by. Jefferson is likely staying; he could become a non-scholarship player from here on however. Jawato is fine, on scholarship, and they’re expecting him to contribute next season as a redshirt freshman. Lev was strictly a scout teamer at midseason so not much attention was paid to him. He’s got some shooting ability, will really get a chance to prove himself in the fall.

  8. eagle March 14, 2012 10:43 am

    Yes, Second the point on Davis Rozitis — he actually has the ability to play with Intensity — not as laid back as some seem to be assuming from other Euro Bigs we’ve had; the difference between a clean block and a foul (or five) is a little maturity and better anticipation, a little more quickness (which under UH’s Training Program, “Should” (WILL) come).

    IF (‘cos a lot of basketball players ‘never’ get it’) he puts on fast muscle — not just bulk — which still could help, he’ll give A LOT of teams trouble and back up or Twin Tower with Vander real well next year — he was only a sophomore and had to overcome redshirt rust — an improvement of two to five points a game, with already good shooting skills, esp. @ the FT line can help make the difference in several games (like 20-12 versus 19-13); PLUS he WILL be tougher from battling Presumably Caleb Dressler, Christian Standhardinger AND Isaac Fotu as well as Vander EVERY DAY for PT, boards and clear shots … [Note: He won’t automatically “own” the other side of the baseline away from Vander/Christian]…

    RE: Fresh Starts — Riley WAS a Fresh Start versus Larry Little; GIB IS A Fresh Start versus Dad Arnold (although i admit i initially had some doubts — pain that severe leaves a hell of an impression); Gavin Peterson “could be” a good choice (got to evaluate versus other applicants) — i wouldn’t even object to Dana shifting down to assistant because at least she seems to be able to get local recruits — BUT we got to be able to recruit and get mainland and Foreign players — Resigning ourselves to “we’re GONNA BE small and undersized” is NOT Acceptable …

  9. rainbowfan March 21, 2012 7:04 pm

    I like the way Bobby Miles plays. Why does Gib sometimes leave someone on the bench for long periods or games ? Examples are Stokes, Miles and almost Trevor. During part of the season, he just left Stokes on the bench when he could have played him some to gain experience, confidence and to give Miah or Zane some rest.

    Trevor protested and lo and behold he was back to playing after he apologized to Gib. Maybe Bobby didn’t apologize ?

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