Holding pattern

Nothing has been resolved as of yet on the status of Hawaii sophomore forward Joston Thomas, who did not accompany the team on its road trip to UC Davis over the weekend.

Thomas was not at the team’s noon shootaround back at UH today, extending his absence from team activities to about a week.

Hawaii coach Gib Arnold said he’d be meeting with Thomas later today. Arnold said again that Thomas, the team’s third-leading scorer at 10.4 ppg, hasn’t done anything wrong and is excused for personal reasons.

One would have to think the Thomas situation will be resolved soon, one way or the other, to avoid a lengthy distraction for the rest of the team.

It is believed the reason behind Thomas’ absence is regarding a disagreement about playing time and his role on the team. In recent games, the transfer from the College of Southern Idaho saw his court time drop. That’s essentially what led to Anthony Salter and Jordan Coleman transferring off the team last semester.

Meanwhile, senior point guard Hiram Thompson is still out from the elbow joint injury he suffered against Nevada. He said today he’s still optimistic for a return by season’s end, but there was no specific date in mind.

There is a strong possibility most UH fans at the Nevada game unknowingly saw Thompson play for the last time in person.

UH’s last two home games of the season are this week: on Thursday against Louisiana Tech and on Saturday against New Mexico State.


  1. Innocent Observer February 21, 2011 5:49 pm

    Arnold should apprise Thomas that he is the head coach and decides who plays and when. If the player disagrees and does not want to change, then it is best he leaves. To have a dissatisfied player on the team adversely affects the whole team. Thomas has skills and can be a contributing player but if he continues to act like a child, there is no choice.

  2. Shoko February 21, 2011 8:27 pm

    Doesn’t sound like Hawaii will benefit from that new WAC tournament format. Guess that goes without saying. Looks like four games in fours days in the tournament and with Josten’s questionable retention, it sounds like the Warriors will be hurting depth-wise. Thats not a good scenario come tournament time.

    Anyway, the Bows’ next game against LT should be a win with the recent suspension of DeAndre Brown, their leading scorer. However, Ashaolu is always a threat. As far as NMSU game, thats the next big test for the Warriors as the Aggies have a pretty strong bench that can put up the points. Looking forward to that game.

  3. Dr J February 21, 2011 8:28 pm

    Ohana is very much part of Hawaii, and everyone should play as much as possible. Even if we occasionally lose a game because of inclusiveness, it is worth it in the bigger picture. D. Kurtz, should be getting more minutes, also. Just play a zone when Kurtz is in, and plant him underneath. Joston can be a great player for Hawaii, and adds excitement, with his driving style of play. If three players, leave in the season, because of their impression of playing time, that is becoming a worrisome pattern.

  4. rainbowbballer February 21, 2011 8:37 pm

    In reply to innocent observer,
    Seems to be a trend on these disagreements with the coach on playing time. A great coach, is able to handle his players questions and sell them on the team concept and their place in the winning scheme. A recruiter can only Promise dreams. Our coach must sell the dream of a championship and post season, THIS YEAR! It is a dream but it is possible with all personnel aboard the winning train. Now is the time to Coach, not recruit. It also saddens me that the freshman Jordan’s dream was shattered, after being RECRUITED. Is the trend my way or the highway.

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