Hawaii baseball: Rainbow Warriors clinch losing season with loss to No. 6 UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Barbara outfielder Tevin Mitchell stole second base ahead of the tag from Hawaii infielder Jack Kennelly in the third inning Friday. / Photo by Jamm Aquino, Star-Advertiser

With an emphatic 11-1 loss to No. 6 UC Santa Barbara on Saturday night, the Hawaii baseball team clinched a losing 2019 campaign.

UH, which hung around .500 both overall and in Big West play for most of the season, dropped to 20-26 (8-12 BWC) for 2019 after allowing a season-high 18 hits and earning just three hits of their own in front of a Saturday night turnstile crowd of 2,261.

It snapped two straight years of winning overall records (28-23 in 2017 and 27-24 in 2018). The best the Rainbow Warriors can finish now is 24-26.

The blowout also ensured that UH can do no better than .500 in the Big West with four games to play (Sunday’s 1 p.m. senior day game against UCSB and a three-game road series at last-place Long Beach State next week).

That means UH will have to wait at least another year for its first winning Big West season; its best BWC finishes have been .500 in 2015 and 2016. UH was above .500 in the Big West (7-6) when it won at Cal State Northridge in that series opener on April 26, but it has dropped six of seven conference games since.

On the upside Saturday, Ethan Lopez broke up the no-hitter of Jack Dashwood (9-1) with a solo shot to dead center in the fifth inning. It was Lopez’s team-high fifth homer of the season.

Record: 20-30 overall, 8-16 Big West

2/9/2019AlumniLMSW, 20-5
2/15/2019PortlandLMSL, 4-10, 10 inn.
2/16/2019PortlandLMSL, 4-7
2/16/2019PortlandLMSW, 9-5
2/17/2019PortlandLMSL, 0-4
2/22/2019IowaLMSW, 7-1
2/23/2019IowaLMSL, 8-10
2/23/2019IowaLMSL, 4-6
2/24/2019IowaLMSW, 8-7, 10 inn.
3/1/2019LongwoodLMSW, 5-4
3/2/2019LongwoodLMSW, 9-1
3/3/2019LongwoodLMSW, 8-4
3/5/2019LongwoodLMSW, 9-3
3/7/2019OregonLMSW, 7-6
3/8/2019OregonLMSL, 1-3
3/9/2019OregonLMSL, 3-4
3/10/2019OregonLMSL, 7-8
3/14/2019CSU BakersfieldLMSW, 7-4
3/15/2019CSU BakersfieldLMSL, 4-8
3/16/2019CSU BakersfieldLMSL, 4-5
3/17/2019CSU BakersfieldLMSL, 0-2
3/21/2019at Ohio StateColumbus, OhioL, 4-6
3/22/2019at Ohio StateColumbus, OhioL, 5-6
3/23/2019at Ohio StateColumbus, OhioL, 5-7
3/24/2019at Ohio StateColumbus, OhioW, 15-3
3/29/2019UC Irvine*LMSW, 10-2
3/30/2019UC Irvine*LMSL, 5-8
3/31/2019UC Irvine*LMSL, 0-4
4/5/2019UC Davis*LMSW, 9-5
4/6/2019UC Davis*LMSL, 3-6
4/7/2019UC Davis*LMSW, 13-6
4/12/2019at UC Riverside*Riverside, Calif.L, 5-16
4/13/2019at UC Riverside*Riverside, Calif.W, 15-3
4/14/2019at UC Riverside*Riverside, Calif.L, 3-4
4/18/2019Cal State Fullerton*LMSL, 2-5
4/19/2019Cal State Fullerton*LMSW, 8-6
4/20/2019Cal State Fullerton*LMSW, 3-1
4/24/2018at San DiegoSan Diego, Calif.W, 5-2
4/26/2019at Cal State Northridge*Northridge, Calif.W, 4-3
4/27/2019at Cal State Northridge*Northridge, Calif.L, 2-10
4/28/2019at Cal State Northridge*Northridge, Calif.L, 3-6
4/30/2019at Cal BaptistRiverside, Calif.W, 6-2
5/3/2019at Cal Poly *San Luis Obispo, Calif.L, 4-12
5/4/2019at Cal Poly*San Luis Obispo, Calif.L, 2-3
5/5/2019at Cal Poly*San Luis Obispo, Calif.W, 4-1
5/17/2019UC Santa Barbara*LMSL, 2-8
5/18/2019UC Santa Barbara*LMSL, 1-11
5/19/2019UC Santa Barbara*LMSL, 3-6, 11 inn.
5/23/2019at Long Beach State*Long Beach, Calif.L, 0-4
5/24/2019at Long Beach State*Long Beach, Calif.L, 4-5
5/25/2019at Long Beach State*Long Beach, Calif.L, 4-9
Home games played at Les Murakami Stadium
All times Hawaii time; schedule subject to change
*—Big West Conference game


  1. Robert May 18, 2019 10:35 pm

    Mike Trapasso is not getting the job done. Another losing season. Something has got to change.

  2. Chicken Grease May 19, 2019 6:50 am

    Man. Time to scrap UH sports programs already. Other schools do it and they are just fine. They don’t have to close because sports gets taken down.

    UH-M is recognized internationally as a great research university. Didn’t gain that reputation—nor get funding for it—through sports.

    Those who attend/have attended UH have met tons of people from around the world. That’s not coincidence. That’s because those foreign students want to BE here.

  3. Matt May 19, 2019 8:57 am


    I get what you’re saying, but what’s the point of that? We used to be such competitors in the old days, especially when you look at the Dave Shojis, the Les Murakamis, the June Joneses, and now in part of the era, Bob Coolen. In the old days, we used to be really that good, especially when Shoji left behind such a legacy, which did have us get an NCAA Championship. June Jones had left a legacy of the run-and-shoot for the football program and got us a football conference title. Les Murakami took the UH baseball team to 9 NCAA appearances. But, now our days have been numbered. I was looking up on the UNLV football on Google, saying that on an article, that they should get rid of the football program, because, like Hawaii and San Jose State, they just can’t seem to win a Mountain West Conference title, which is understandable, because of the way Fresno State, Boise State, and San Diego State are in the way to get there. Those three are power forces in the MWC and it makes it hard to win a title if they can’t be stopped. But going back to baseball, we used to be that good in the WAC days, but now as BWC members? We’re not living up to the same expectancy. What we need is a big push to fix this.

  4. Uh4eva May 20, 2019 8:21 pm

    Fire Trap

  5. EHyou May 21, 2019 9:54 am

    Trap gotta go. We should not have to settle for mediocrity.

  6. iceebear May 21, 2019 5:40 pm

    “Clinch a losing season”, do I detect some sarcasm here?

  7. Engawa May 26, 2019 6:44 am

    Unlike just about every other UH coach, Trapasso stands out to me as a coach that has no Aloha for Hawaii. It is surprising that he has lasted so long (17 years) with such poor results. UH baseball can be so much more and be a big money maker for UH athletics with someone with a Coach Rolo like attitude. It is long overdue that Coach Trapasso goes.

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