Good or no good? You decide.

Was Chris O’Brien’s putback at the buzzer good in Cal Poly’s 54-53 win over Hawaii last night, or did the red light go off with the ball still in his hand?

You decide. This news footage from KSBY looks like the best we have to go on.

The referees were unable to consult any form of video replay. It’d be nice if they get some basic video monitors in there by the time Hawaii joins the Big West Conference — if indeed UH does.

Pretty amazing to outshoot a team 51.1 percent to 33.3 percent and outrebound them by 10, and still lose. But that’s what 27 turnovers will do to you.


Whether the Rainbow Warriors got robbed of a win or not, they now head to Salt Lake City for Saturday’s game against No. 21 BYU, which is 7-0 behind the play of preseason All-American Jimmer Fredette.

This will be easily UH’s toughest game so far this season, and possibly all year. But after this road trip, the Rainbows don’t play again until Dec. 11 against HPU.


The Anthony Salter situation may not be headed for a happy outcome.

Salter, who did not make the road trip, said yesterday he will talk to UH coach Gib Arnold upon the team’s return. The junior point guard, whose court time has been extremely limited, said he’s hopeful he can resolve his differences with his coach about his role on the team.

If not … well, stay tuned.


  1. What’s going on here? Earlier stories about Anthony Salter stated that there were no problems either with the team or his academic progress. Now it turns out there are player/coach problems?

    Re-play the footage frame-by-frame to determine what happened. Although it won’t cjange the outcome, it is likely to help mitigate the impact of the loss.

  2. bb December 2, 2010 3:42 pm

    BMC, you think its a “playing time” issue?

    Gosh, it’s so soon for team drama. Hiram Thompson graduates after this year and knowing Hiram’s injury history, Salter could easily be sharing major minutes with Bobby Miles.

    Also, any word as to television or internet coverage for the BYU game? Last night’s game was a FAIL for us fans here.

  3. Brian McInnis December 2, 2010 4:46 pm


    Yes, it is related to Salter’s court time. Will have more on this in tomorrow’s paper.
    For the BYU game, it will be televised here on BYU TV. That’s Oceanic Digital channel 409. Tipoff is 1 p.m. HST on Saturday.

  4. al December 2, 2010 8:03 pm

    i am not surprised and felt all along that this was the source of salter’s sulking. from what i’ve seen it appears that salter needs to play withing the system that the coach is developing and not the free lancing park league still that anthony displayed during his brief stints.

    a team can get away with that at the jc level but not at this d1 level.

    i applaude coach gibber for remaining firm. he has to take control and hopefully salter will see the error of his ways. he already had displayed to the team that he will have discipline on this team. i.e. d williams.

    there’s no two ways about it.

    salter is the guy with the best handles and he should work towards being a positive team player. salter could be in their for a lot of minutes and it could be his to lose next year.

    sounds like gibber is willing to give it another shot.

  5. Pauoa Boy December 3, 2010 10:05 am

    It doesn’t matter if UH got robbed of that last second bucket. They should have slammed Cal Poly with no questions asked. Shooting a great percentage and outrebounding Poly should’ve had them winning by at least 10-15 pts. easy. What I see is no real solid ballhandling going on… Hiram and Bobby get ripped too many times by not protecting the ball or dribbling too much. The point guards need to handle that rock and get the ball moving. Dribbling too much will always get you in trouble unless you’re a Harlem Globetrotter and your name is Curly Neal.

    Anyway, Anthony Salter is probably the best ball-handler but needs to play more organized and not so much street. It’s good to have that flashiness but if it can’t be productive on the court then I understand why Coach Gib is cutting his minutes. This isn’t JC or the And1 Mix Tape Tour, and the few minutes that Anthony has received he showed a little pizzaz with his ballhandling but then what happened, I seen him get ripped like 3-4 times playing with the ball up top. Turnovers caused by our players playing around is not what we need and will kill us this year, thus the 27 turnovers resulting in a loss. I hope Salter doesn’t give up as he could be an important part of this team being something special. If he’s a true baller then he will find a way to buckle down and get minutes, don’t sulk and give poor effort, it’ll keep you buried on that depth chart!

  6. Manoa Mist December 3, 2010 1:32 pm

    Knew it had to be playing time with Salter. But like Pauoa Boy I hope he doesn’t give up either.
    Seems like he has the quickness, but can’t say if Salter is better than Thompson cause we just haven’t seen that much of Salter.
    Guess Gib knows tho…
    You want more playing time you gotta prove it once you do get on the court. You can’t just cry to the coach or else everybody would be crying for PT.
    You’d have all crying all the time.
    Does seem we grab a lot of PGs. Salter, Thompson, Miles, Blake next year and I heard we’re offering another one.
    Rebounders anyone?

  7. al December 3, 2010 1:41 pm

    truly believe that salter’s got the best handles of the three pg’s. but, he seems to be the most selfish, too. his comments are bold in that it puts arnold on the spot. arnold’s refusal to comment does not bode well for salter.

    anything short of a public apology and to his team will introduce his exodus to parts unknown.

  8. al December 3, 2010 1:43 pm

    manoa mist…if salter leaves, then it opens up another scholie. then our short list would be a pg and another big. perhaps a turkey and the brazilian.

  9. Bigislandkurt December 3, 2010 9:13 pm

    Al, that turkey had better watch out come thanksgiving time!


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