Fleming’s first taste

From any perspective, Isaac Fleming’s first action in the College Summer League left something to be desired.

From Fleming’s point of view, more minutes on the court for Clark Hatch Fitness. For the spectators in the old Manoa Valley gym, sharper play out of the new Hawaii guard that some surely came to see specifically.

Isaac Fleming

Fleming had a couple of nice drives to the hoop on Saturday night in the rickety, old Manoa Valley gym, displaying an explosiveness off the dribble that could add a new dimension to the Rainbow Warriors’ attack in the coming season.

But he also seemed to force the action at times, perhaps aware that he needed to show something in his brief time on the court to remain there.

In about 10 minutes of action off the bench, Fleming scored six points on 2-for-6 field goals and 2-for-2 free throws, with two rebounds, one assist, one block and one turnover.

“It wasn’t kind of tough (to get into a rhythm), it was more so me getting comfortable,” Fleming said. “I felt I couldn’t get comfortable because it was like I was in there a short period of time. I felt like if I could get comfortable it would have been a whole different type of environment.”

The 6-foot-3 combo guard from the Massanutten Military Academy (Va.) wasn’t in for the game’s decisive stretches when Clark Hatch closed out a  98-95 win over National Fire Protection. Chaminade alum Leon Ballard scored 29 points to lead the way.

Taking a secondary role was a new experience for a player used to being a focal point. It probably doesn’t help that as the only member of UH’s 2014 signing class in action here this summer, he might shoulder elevated expectations.

“It was OK. For me, knowing myself, I know I can do twice as much as I did today,” he said. “But I just felt like I didn’t get a chance. It was always something. I don’t know. I just didn’t think I had the chance. So, I don’t know, it’s something I’ll have to talk over with Coach Gib about this league and if problems continue to come up out there. I know I’m a high-caliber player, getting average-player minutes.”

He brightened up when it came to discussing some of the open gym sessions between the on-island newcomers and returnees, with some veterans thrown in.

“The open gyms are great,” Fleming said. “We get some good run in. Earlier, we had open gym with Christian Standhardinger, Derrick Low, a lot of good guys. I showed them that I could play. It was more so me just not being comfortable tonight with the opportunity I know I should get.”

Fleming will likely return for more summer league action. Whether it will be with the same team — Clark Hatch has a pretty tight-knit core — remains to be seen. Teams swap players all the time.

“I feel totally confident. This never dulled my confidence,” Fleming said. “It’s something players go through. I’m not really tripping about it. I know what I can do and I know what I bring to the team.”


The lone UH returnee in for summer school from the mainland, Michael Thomas, would have been in action on Saturday for National Fire. But he explained he was feeling sick, and would be in action on Thursday.


In Saturday’s nightcap, Solar Universe edged Wealth Strategy Partners, 89-86. Aukai Wong bombed some deep 3s to score 30 points in the victory.


As I tweeted on Friday, UH’s Jan. 3 home game vs. Florida Gulf Coast, initially on the UH schedule release, is now a no go. UH is attempting to fill the hole. This is a disappointing turn of events for anyone hoping to see the residuals of Dunk City from two years ago. FGCU was still competitive last year, winning 22 games and making the NIT. And that’s one fewer team that made the postseason last year on UH’s schedule … and the schedule wasn’t exactly rife with those to begin with.


Hearing UH might be close to finalizing Senque Carey as its new assistant, filling in the position Scott Fisher vacated. Carey coached at Loyola Marymount last season, and Fresno State before that. He also has some high school coaching experience.





  1. poorboy July 13, 2014 11:19 am


    It is not really the original NCAA certified Summer Leauge when first started some 38 years ago. Then it was primarily, college current, some former, with the emphasis on CURRENT athletes. You Watch Fleming on YouTube and that All star classic, he is playing with elite talent.
    The Manoa Summer League, good for Gib’s Athletes to ask him, should they play there at all. If the old school coaches, want to play their OLD school, really old summer team.
    There seems to be something going on. Same thing 2 years ago, and 1 year ago, the coaches would not play the UH guys much, strange, the Chaminade, HPU,etc, and old retired guys play a lot. Wonder, if Fleming and whomever, just to be safe, go to summer school, workouts, and run some open gym with UH guys and basketball students, ex UH guys who want to work out. As long as Thomas, Fleming, Stepteau, Enos, Buscher don’t get hurt.

    Hope, the coach for Fleming’s team let’s him play more, I think he , the HC, just wants to win the summer league..It is different, a Park League type environment, …NCAA league in past was pretty exciting, glad to see Enos getting a lot of PT, reason being? Artie Wilson, likes the UH guys, and thinks highly of Dyrbe, Good job Artie!

  2. poorboy July 13, 2014 11:26 am


    Shoots. things are really moving fast now, I think that contract extension, and the backing Gib has from UH and powers that be. Ncaa or not,….Sengue Carey, he has pretty good recruiting track record, he seems like a good one. If Gib locks him up, that will stabilize the coaching staff, and hopefully Sengue gets here soon, and starts to love Hawaii, could be a really great fit!
    DOBA, well Gib probably knows a lot of ones, he would like to bring on board, … they work very hard as well!
    Thanks for the reports Brian.
    Nice to know Derrick Low up at UH running open gym and Christian, that is good competition!
    Maybe, as you writeup, Isaac Fleming might end up on another team, help them out towards playoffs. You are right, Fleming, wants to put on that elite 3 star show, however, cannot get in sync in 10 minutes, however, Clark Hatch been together so long, the coach will use his guys to secure win, ..

  3. Kevin July 13, 2014 12:31 pm

    The hire of Senque Carey would be huge. It’s like how the cavs lost luol deng (Scott fisher), but gained lebron James (Carey).

  4. Kevin July 13, 2014 12:34 pm

    For director of basketball ops, I would like to see gib go after a guy who has ties to a marquee player and hopefully the player will follow him to Hawaii.

  5. Warrior Dave July 13, 2014 1:51 pm

    Thanks for the writeup Brian.

    So much drama in summer league. Sounds like open gym play is more competitive, especially for current UH players?

    Coaches want to win as much h as players so they’re going to play whomever has been playing for them the longest.

  6. fan4mbb July 13, 2014 4:02 pm

    Hey Small Isaac,

    Showing up for the first game this year just to watch you. Was getting antsy for not seeing #44 till almost to the start of action.

    Their ruling is that you showup late, they play you accordingly and give you just 5 minutes to impress them! Hope you told them that your Summer class was hard and long… held you up!

    Really, anywhere you go from now on, you got to earned your respect by your efficiency. You had just taken the very first step in this cold and cruel world (like anybodyelse).

    Maybe that jet-lag still bothering you; Acclimatization may need more time!

    Saw your quickness, smooth moves, protential… Just concentrate on doing your things strongly, will produce the postive results. All the Aloha and good luck to you for four years!

  7. Tunnelrat July 13, 2014 4:05 pm

    I don’t know why Clark Hatch always drafts UH players when they have their set lineups already. Same thing every year. Put all the UH guys on 1 team

  8. K-Bay July 13, 2014 7:17 pm

    i think “No Clue At All” Rules Only Allow Up To Three Players on One Team…

    {NCAA: WHAT Would Happen ? Better Basketball?}
    Just Like letting them Work Out in Small Groups of FOUR…
    SO Arbitrary and Capricious…

    I’m thinking Good that Big Schools and Attorneys are putting them Back in their Box…
    BUT Will they Realize their Only Compliant ‘Friends’ Left are Us Mid-Majors?
    SO Quit Picking on The Little St Mary’s and Hawai’i’s

    Send HELP instead of Pain and Pilikia….

  9. poorboy July 13, 2014 8:24 pm

    K-Bay, took me months…now I get it, No Clue At All(NCAA) shoots, you are sharp eye person.
    Bay, still the cajones that Ben Jay showed, he with full support of Apple, heard it was one great speech, stand and fight, UH MBB even though errors, in solid shape, Governor, throw his support .. whatever he can do.
    Jay, showed his AD manhood, heck with the , a lot according to SA poll, who opposed it, GET GIB under contract extension properly written, and What Happens K-Bay, Fleming come in just under wire got his ACT and into UH,Stepteau, dancing happy as preferred walkon in paradise, not like the other one..? Bobbitt and Jawato on the mend…
    Enos enjoying some offensive game in summer league,
    And the one we like see happen next month or sooner, Sammis get ncaa cleared, compliance, and ready to rock the rims!~ ONE more Big Gib with help of contacts, of Sengue Carey, heard he is excellent, contact recruiter, he could bring with him a PF!
    Maybe, as was stated above, a DOBA with contacts, another possible PF, just in case.

    Ben, you showed major, big league CAJONES, by No, Clue, At All, be darned, full speed ahead UH MBB… and what happens, things falling into place one by one, though.. B…O.. said, UH and Gib would blow up, totally be out by end of May,,.. Gib still here and rocking!
    Sengue Carey, come on down, and maybe start that recruiting pipeline.. could be makings of great UH MBB staff.
    sharper than and……is K-Bay!

  10. poorboy July 14, 2014 10:04 am

    K-Bay: You know I don’t tweet Ben Jay. Maybe I should or be follower or leader, just joking..
    If want to get BCS type school, ideally in Honolulu at SSC, that Blaisdell Center game with Chaminade trips me out! I guess the Silverswords are home team? Wonder what the attendance,will be, and I am sure Chaminade gets a cut, not UH.

    Ben Jay, get creative…. But first of all, for Gib/Benjy, AD,,…. make sure, whomever, it getting a earful, because of not having FCGU, signed and sealed , contracted for that Jan 3 2014, date,…MAKE sure Gib and UH, have this NEW team, signed on dotted line. and certain…. I know some teams, will break their deal on their own, and whatever penalties, they pay…UH if last minute, coming into Sept… sad, however, there is always one more team they can play, that is the BYU-Hawaii Seasiders and the UH-Hilo Vulcans, if nobody else could make it.

    However, before, mid September, Gib has about 2 months to look for an NIT or NCAA participant, and predicted to do well in their conference, possible BCS or HIGH Mid Major.

    How about, Arizona, BYU at the SSC home and home neutral in Utah for cougars, San Diego St, Mizzou, my FAVORITE choice, the battle of the new and old guard, vs the little colonel, UH grad, and now SEC tiger,at SSC, …

    If it is the monies, to get those Maui Classic Teams, besides Pitt to come to SSC for one game at SSC, either before or after the classic, How about Ben Jay, Gib and staff, supporters, if it costs , I don’t know exact figure, 25K to 30K to subsidize visiting team. UH must have that in back up emergency coffers. I was thinking Huli Huli or Moa Moa chicken sale, like pig skin pigout..like the FB and Murphy’s donation event. However,

    Big, test , and true, If Ben reads our blogs, BEN try your hardest with Gib/Benjy, get those Maui Classic teams, except Pitt and Chaminade, subsidize, like an extra few days in Hawaii, see if can get them come to Honolulu before or after Maui Classic.that would be great!

    If not, early November, December open dates, have to be aggressive, and use whatever in the UH MBB emergency account, ask Pac 12 schools, You want to help us out, have trip to Paradise, and play ball? If UH cannot afford it, even to invite Butler, Gonzaga, St Marys, what about Seattle U. with Manroop Clair? that should be good, I think last year Seattle U had pretty good season, and Roop is now eligible as RS soph.

    WE shall see Brian, chance for , Gib , Ben, Benjy and MBB to step and find BCS or HIGH mid Major, and get that SSC home game back, even early November fine.. however, any home games, it costs money, however, the UH money supposedly was there to bring in FGCU, however, whoever did the schedule and released, they should have made sure, the contract was signed and legally set to go… Boy, my ears are hurting, behind closed doors,

    Come on Gib, and Benjy, Ben Jay..too, Ben work your connections, YOU seem to know EVERY AD, coach, DOBA, assistant, researcher, professor, FB, track BB, and basketball person in the nation.. Ben Jay, challenge to you… use your contacts, to get a Good team, BSC or HIGH MID Major to come to Hawaii for that SSC home 30th game. UCLA, Ohio ST, Mich, St, Cincinnatti, Notre Dame, Connecticut, Kansas St, Texas, Florida, Florida St., Butler, Gonzaga, St Mary’s, or Roop, Roop, Seattle U. Main thing UH win BWC regular season guaranteed big boy post season tourney-auto NIT.. and secondly win BWC tourney and NCAA invite.

    Should be interesting, Brian, if another, Southwestern school of Techology New Jersey, auwe. not too good… this is another test, Gib go get a big name school for home game that 30th, and the fans will come, build up good SOS home, games, and THEY will come.. the students, going 400+ and growing strong, the Maniacs, they are going really strong, no matter who the opponent!

  11. poorboy July 14, 2014 11:46 pm


    What is the latest on Sammis Reyes? Will he make it to UH , enroll in the fall? Or is there a possibility he might not even qualify to enroll? Makes the die hards a little nervous. If he cannot get in. Would have to think UH and Gib would know by now.

    If Sammis, jmo, could not make it in, it would leave 2 HUGE scholarship positions to fill. Man hope they sign Sengue Carey very soon, know that he does recruiting well, he might have his contacts, the late gets, transfers.

    Thanks in Advance Brian.

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