Enos’ silent productivity

You get your fair share of trash talking and complaining about calls in the College Summer League — and that’s just from the coaches. Players generally have more leeway with the referees than you’d see in a Division I game, and guys tend to take full advantage of it, pleading their case on every call (or no-call).

Dyrbe Enos
Dyrbe Enos

Then again, some guys just go out and play. Hawaii third-year sophomore Dyrbe Enos falls into that category.

It’s true that being a point guard means you need to be a vocal player out on the court, helping direct traffic and getting teammates to the spots where they can maximize their effectiveness. That’s one aspect of the job that doesn’t come naturally to Enos, but one he’s worked on improving.

What does come natural: pure shot-making. That’s been on full display this summer, especially one game in which he dropped six 3-pointers in a half.

On Thursday, Enos scored 10 of his 12 points in the second period as Solar Universe pulled away for a 95-81 win over reeling Grantco Pacific, which dropped its fifth straight after a 3-1 start.

Veteran baller Derrick Low led the way with 26 points, helping Solar get back to 4-4 with two straight wins. He was absent from some of Solar’s previous contests.

“What really helped was Derrick,” Enos said. “I mean, that was one of our biggest keys to the game. I guess with him running the point and stuff, we become more confident and we can do more. And the results are showing, we’re getting W’s now.”

Enos is listed at 5-9, which means the Kamehameha alumnus won’t be in the mix at shooting guard come UH’s preseason practices.

But the battle at point guard will be wide open with the departure of Keith Shamburger. Last year’s backup Quincy Smith and combo guards Isaac Fleming and Roderick Bobbitt will be vying for playing time in the backcourt. There’s also newcomer Brocke Stepteau (who scored five points for Grantco on Thursday) and last year’s redshirt, Niko Filipovich.

And, of course, there’s the humble Enos. He served as the third-string point guard as a redshirt freshman in 2013-14, and shot well on 3s (10-for-27, 37 percent) in a limited setting.

He was asked how the position might project now, and where he saw himself among that mix.

“Just be thankful for the guards they got coming in, I guess,” he said. “And then, just playing my type of ball. And hopefully it’ll play out throughout the season. So, yeah.”

Once again, Enos doesn’t go out and talk. He just goes to work. Quietly, he just might carve out a larger role for himself with the Rainbow Warriors in the coming season.


The first game of the night went to Wealth Strategy Partners, 103-93, over Chosen Few behind a combined 56 points from William Broadus and Waly Coulibaly. Wealth Strategy (5-4) has displayed some great ball movement lately and moved into third place with one game to play in the summer regular season.

Bill Amis scored 30 points in the loss for Chosen (6-2), which still has the inside track to the top playoff seed. UH incoming freshman Zach Buscher watched this one from the sidelines.

The highlight (lowlight?) of the game: a couple players got ejected for fighting in the second half.


Look for the Hawaii women’s basketball team 2014-15 schedule to be released on Friday. A couple of teasers: the Rainbow Wahine will open on the road again, and there’s some big-name opponents coming to the Stan Sheriff Center again.

Fans of Laura Beeman and the Wahine should be quite pleased.



  1. poorboy August 1, 2014 1:04 am

    Good writeup Brian, about humble Enos. He as shooter, he can knock down threes when needed, proved it last year. Hope he gets some PT. So many guards!

    On the recruiting front, Brian, just your opinion… you think Gib and staff keying on 2015 and beyond recruits, if so…. is Gib , Que, Benjy still looking for a PF, a big, who can play this year. It seems at those AAU showcases, I think the last one in Vegas, they looked at Joshua Ajayi, 6’6″ 250, raw, grad 2014, who actually qualifies for NCAA DI entry this year, however considering going to prep school, get better, then next year await offers, including Hawaii.
    He would be a Big Bodied, though shorter guy, raw talent like Sammis Reyes.
    JMO, I think the staff, must have a list of guys to offer, who are all in that range, like Quadree Smith 6’8″ 250, Joshua Ajayi 6’6″ 250 raw, who could possibly come to UH this year.

    I think the tall bigs, 6’9″ and taller are probably gone, went to JC, or DI, DII schools committed.
    Still hoping Sammis gets in. I know he wants to so badly, he is patient. that would be a wonderful late minute present for die hard UH MBB fans if Sammis gets waiver from ncaa. hope so.
    Otherwise, UH would have 11 scholarship and 4 walkon athletes, if 2014-15 recruiting finished. Guys want playing time? they will get it.. However, if Gib can lock down a 6’8″ guy from JC soph with 3 to play, or HS, late get, who can play and qualify to get into UH this year, would help very thin frontline right?

    We shall see., Brian, let us know, if you find out, if any possible couple gets bigs late, for this season still. Know that Gib can offer up till the start of Aug fall session. An extra big, if Sammis does not get in, would help a lot! Hang in there Sammis, hoping ncaa will grant the waiver!

  2. islandman August 1, 2014 6:37 am

    So is 5′ 9″ too short for a shooting guard ?

  3. bball8081 August 1, 2014 7:04 am

    Good write up on Enos. Great perspective on him and his possible role with the team. Another guy that appears to be really humble is Stepteau. Been to the last few summer league games, and since his 19 point showing you wrote about, his playing time has been limited, and his team hasn’t allowed him many touches on the ball. That has to be frustrating, but he still appears to go out and play hard to try to help his team without any visible unhappiness. That to me is a sign of a humble newcomer, who is a team player, and who can play. We have to remember most if not all of these guys were stars on their high school or pre UH teams, so for them all of this is an adjustment, one I think Stepteau, and the others are handling well. Wishing all the UH MBB players a successful season.

  4. poorboy August 1, 2014 9:34 am

    Yes. Brocke Stepteau and Dyrbe Enos. Remember, preferred walkons. Family help pay tuition, or have student aid loans. Zach Buscher another one. And Nikola Filipovich.

    Gib has had a LOT of walkons in past 4 going on 5 years, they are really good young student athletes, do well in school. Some, like Dyrbe, approaching his 3rd year with program, really work hard. I am glad that Dyrbe and Zach are with the team. Hawaii 808 fans are very proud of them!

    Game will come, when, because of foul trouble or injury, that Dyrbe Enos, Niko, Brocke or Zach will need to play, either in practice on road or in a Big time game in BWC!
    Total confidence in these young guys!

    Shout out to the Enos Ohana!

  5. poorboy August 1, 2014 2:23 pm

    Laura Beeman smarter now. Not playing 10 NCAA, WNIT top 30 teams, in pre BWC season. Looks good the home games with NC, Stanford, and Cal. More balance, gives her girls chance to compete against good talent, prepare for conference, yet still play the BYUH and Hilo games at SSC. Very good Laura. Look for your team to have great season!

  6. K-Bay August 2, 2014 9:19 am

    TOUGH BREAK for SenQue-recruit Paul George on the USA National Team last night; previously considered a lock to make the Team’s Final 12, he won’t get to play head-to-head with Isaac Fotu later this month in Spain…

    …Maybe Na Wahine Basketball returns to 20+Win Glory This Season…
    It wasn’t LB who created the Brutal Top Ten, Final Four Type schedule when she first arrived;
    WE would be lucky to have her for 15 years like her JC Career.

    For Now it would seem a Whole New Level of Competence for UH Upper Campus
    IF they can just get Contracts Signed and Executed.

    Dot the i’s, Cross the T’s… Sign and Start Delivering.


    SOME may think 5-9 is too small for shooting guard — 6-3 helps, 6-6 is prototypical — For D-1 Size Helps; Skills, Quickness, Positioning and Anticipation Compensates… but even Gib declared last year –it’s obvious that despite his height, and his improving point skills, Dyrbe IS a Shooting Guard — that quick release, reliable accuracy and extended range compensates for much of the shooting height & release-point deficit…

  7. poorboy August 2, 2014 1:49 pm

    K-Bay: Kind of the thinking with Shaq Stokes. He was PG sized, however was a SG actually.
    I like Dyrbe, that guy is grinding, working as hard as scholie players, and he can hit the 3 ball in game situations. Who knows, never know nowadays what will happen during season.

    Nikola at PG, Stepteau backing up, and Enos at shooting Guard to finish a BWC game and help win a championship.
    Ones, don’t think we appreciate Hawaii boys, 808 represent on the team? We really do. When they do well, and help UH MBB win, all of Hawaii says, Mahalo Plenty!

    Go Bows!

  8. poorboy August 2, 2014 1:53 pm

    That injury to Paul George , gruesome.. remember Roderick Bobbitt? He had a horrific, break to his arm, really unusual place to break, going up for that tip in to tie JC game.
    Roderick going to work and grind to be ready for season. I am sure, Paul George one of the better players on the planet, and NBA, such a talent. That break, hate to look at, like Joe Theisman years ago, with NFL Redsking… however, Senque, bet he feels for Paul, wish him and Roderick the best, to recover from injury, and some of us have had major heatlh and joint breaks, hard to rehab, however , youth is on their side. Bobbitt and George. Good and speedy recovery!

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