Happy New Year

These are three 2017 wishes:

> Don’t change … too much. The rule in test-taking is to trust your first answer. The connecting problems for Fred vonAppen and Norm Chow were going off script. They had solid plans — vonAppen brought in coaches with backgrounds in the West Coast Offense; Chow sought taller receivers, corners and linemen — and then they shook up their staffs and changed schemes. Rolo came in with a solid plan and reliable staff. June Jones used to say he tweaked his schemes by up to 25 percent each year. That’s part of growth. But he still stuck with the original plan. The Warriors can cut down on post-snap penalties and increase takeaways as part of their 25 percent. The hope is he can maintain his plan.

> Keep up the good work: The men’s volleyball team had a cumulative 3.9 GPA for the fall semester. The football team had its best fall in years despite missing 16 full class days because of travel. If you’re getting a free education, make the most of it. As we’ve all learned, student loans, like cockroaches and “Seinfeld” reruns, never go away.

> Be healthy: Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. We want to be able to all celebrate in 365 days what should be a wonderful year.


  1. azwarrior22 January 1, 2017 11:08 am


  2. Haleakala January 1, 2017 11:21 am


  3. Haleakala January 1, 2017 11:22 am

    May recruiting bear some good fruit.

  4. Da Punchbowl Kid January 1, 2017 11:23 am

    Happy New Year!

  5. jm2375 January 1, 2017 11:41 am

    Happy New Year, Tsaikos!

    Hope to see all of you at the SSC starting Thursday night for what should be a great 2017 MVB season!!!
    (ST, use your press pass till baseball starts. 😆 )

  6. oneseason January 1, 2017 11:48 am

    I like that coach Rolovich hired a complete set of position coaches, that he distributed responsibilities so that key gametime decisions like timeouts are accomplished competently, and that he appears complete willing to accept responsibility for his mistakes. It is really nice to see good leadership qualities in the head coach, and it is not surprising to see them result in a big increase in wins. I look forward to renewing our season tickets and enjoying an even more successful 2017 season of Rainbow Warrior football.

  7. Marcie January 1, 2017 12:09 pm

    Have always enjoyed your insight and your take on UH sports. Look forward to following your thoughtful comments on UH baseball. Been a season ticket holder since the 80s so yes I will be watching from my blue section on the 3rd base side and reading with interest what ST has yo say.

  8. Stephen Tsai January 1, 2017 12:10 pm

    Shhhh. Don’t give away secrets

  9. kanole January 1, 2017 12:12 pm

    Before the game in Austrailia at the tail gate party/pep rally in the field house, I was taking a pee in the restroom and a cheerleader (yes a male one)came in all fired up and said this year will be a good one. He said similar to baskeball and Eran Ganot, we got the players, we just need the right coach. After reflecting on this up and down year, That cheerleader was right! Looking forward to awsome years to come. See you in Amherst! Go Bows!

  10. H-Man January 1, 2017 12:15 pm

    Waiting for softball season to start. Many young new players to make this season one for growth and some surprises. Go Wahine !!!

  11. M L Warrior January 1, 2017 12:57 pm

    Happy New Years!

    For the 2017 season.

    May Coach Rolovich and Staff recruiting be loaded with quality players.

    May Spring Practices be positive and injury free.

    May the football players earn high grades and lift and be stronger then ever.

    May the Summer workouts give the team a healthy start the season, and may they be stronger and quicker than ever.

    May we earn the right to attend another bowl game!

    May our season be with many more wins and very few losses. Of course injury free.


    #72 #Haveagreatseason.

  12. SteveM January 1, 2017 1:10 pm

    I have no profound good wishes for the new year…but have a good one, everybody!

    jm2375 — I think ST only needs his press ID on road trips and Aloha stadium. 😉

  13. Not an Expert January 1, 2017 5:13 pm

    A free education those lucky athletes. I was thought that their is no “free” lunch. Someone always have to pay for it. A free education is given to those who put in their time to work at their craft, maintain good grades, stay out of trouble, put in community time, etc. Having athletic talent does help a lot.

  14. tom-warriornation January 1, 2017 8:15 pm

    Hoping for a great 2017 season for our Warriors; and more great news on recruiting! Also thanks ST for your great work–we diehard fans really appreciate it!

  15. madeinhawaii January 1, 2017 8:16 pm

    #12, that road to a so called free lunch started years ago when they worked their butts off to beat out millions of other players vying for the same opportunities with passion, smarts, compassion, teamwork and good grades. They didn’t earn their scholarships by excelling in just one thing. Still some people think they were just lucky.

  16. burro sabio January 1, 2017 8:40 pm

    The world is getting smaller and more competitive with Timmy at Reno and Tony now at Fresno.

  17. Akamai Okole January 1, 2017 10:23 pm

    Great Evening All and Happy New Year!

  18. HawaiiMongoose January 2, 2017 12:24 am

    Happy New Year to all!

  19. Stephen Tsai January 2, 2017 2:15 am

    New post: http://hawaiiwarriorworld.com/?p=40880

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