Ganot on (lack of) NCAA update

There’s only three weeks of Big West action remaining before the conference tournament March 9 at the Honda Center.

Hawaii, currently tied for fourth with five games to play, might be a middle-of-the-pack seed and could surprise some people if things break right.

Or they might not go at all, courtesy of the NCAA and its convoluted appeals process that’s dragged on for eternity.

UH might actually have the option of going this season if its appeal is still unresolved, but at the risk that the postseason ban will kick over to 2017-18. That’s something UH is not in favor of doing, so if push comes to shove, it might just take the ban on itself this year and hope to get the two lost scholarships back from the appeal.

Coach Eran Ganot answered a couple of questions about the NCAA state of things at a mini presser Tuesday before the team departed for Los Angeles.

Q: Have you heard from the NCAA?
A: No. I think we’ll all kind of know at the same time. I would think, I would imagine … I’ve said before, I’m very proud of the way we’ve handled it. I have great faith that things will work out in the end. But if they don’t, I know we’ll continue to do what we do, in terms of what we can control and keep moving forward. Hopefully, I’ll answer that question one day.

Q: How is the conference moving forward? Planning on you guys being there for the tournament?
A: Obviously they’re trying to facilitate it too because there’s a lot of things that are, you know, it’s not just us. It’s the conference. It’s their fans, travel arrangements. It’s tough. It’s a very tough situation. You feel like it’s around the corner. I didn’t know we’d get to Feb. 14 with that question still being asked. But like I said, there’s nothing we can do other than to handle it the right way, the professional way, take the high road. And be ready when things happen either way.

And here’s forward Gibson Johnson on the issue:

Have you guys been thinking about the tournament and lack of an answer?
A: It’s tough but I think you just have to have the mind-set that you’re going to play no matter what. And then at the end of the day, if you’re not playing, at least you gave it your all to get to that position. Our goal is to win the Big West or at least finish as high as we can. And so not being able to play in the tournament doesn’t affect us that much.


A bit of good news, though: former Rainbow Warrior Aaron Valdes has found a new home to play pro. It’s in New Zealand with the Wellington Saints.

As you might expect, a former Bow from those parts weighed in.


  1. Not an Expert February 15, 2017 4:45 pm

    UH write a letter to the NCAA informing them that this has hurt not the school as much but the conference and the fans. It makes it difficult for them to plan one way or the other. Being such we will like to at this time adhere to the post season band that they have imposed on the program. In return due to the repeal process not being consummated all parties, the conference, the fans and the school would like to have the NCAA reconsider the reinstatement of scholarships that were especially due to the violations being lessened by the NCAA.

    You educators/administrators will know how to write such a request, so do it and at least get the scholarships back.

  2. ALLAN February 15, 2017 8:13 pm


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