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A wife’s tale

By Stephen Tsai on September 16, 2017

Sometimes the zaniest Hawaii football plans come from … an assistant coach’s wife. It was Meredith Yoro, wife of safeties coach Jacob Yoro, who learned that the WWE was going to have a show in the Blaisdell Arena during the Warriors’ bye week. She suggested that, perhaps, that would be another unique way for head coach Nick Rolovich to award a scholarship. Rolovich agreed. During Rolovich’s visit with Dave Aranda, LSU’s defensive coordinator and a former UH coach, the idea […]

Warriors move ahead from “devil loss”

By Stephen Tsai on September 15, 2017

UCLA game? What UCLA game? Following the UCLA game, seven assistant coaches remained on the mainland to recruit. They returned Wednesday, and by yesterday evening they had pored over every image of that game’s video. “I expunged that devil loss from their brains this morning before practice,” head coach Nick Rolovich said of the meeting with players. The Warriors devoted today’s 2-hour practice to working against Wyoming’s offensive and defensive concepts. The Warriors have a bye this weekend ahead of […]

Rolo goes to the mat to reward QB Hughes

By Stephen Tsai on September 14, 2017

Quarterback Hunter Hughes could have danced all night. In an elaborate scheme concocted by that mad genius — head coach Nick Rolovich — Hughes was brought into the ring during last night’s WWE show in the Blaisdell Arena. It was there where Rolovich, who had accompanied New Day, pulled out the manila folder containing a football scholarship. But Rolovich said Hughes would have to dance for it. It evoked memories of three years ago, when Hughes was asked to dance […]

Going Green again

By Stephen Tsai on September 13, 2017

Former UH running back Alex Green is set to rejoin the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL. “He was in camp with us,” said June Jones, who had joined the Tiger-Cats a month ago as offensive coordinator and was promoted to head coach soon after. “I said, ‘sign him back. I think he already knows what we’re doing and everything.’” Jones said there is a possibility Green might be activated for this weekend’s game against Saskatchewan. This will be the first […]

GAs set for Scout Bowl

By Stephen Tsai on September 12, 2017

While seven assistant coaches are recruiting on the mainland and two others are working the local circuit, the four graduate assistant coaches are preparing for the upcoming game. John Estes, Mikahael Waters, Marc Moody and Makana Garrigan will be calling the plays for Thursday’s Scout Bowl,which involves redshirts and development players. This assignment is in addition to scouting, evaluating videos, aiding the assistant coaches, running the scout teams and, of course, attending classes. All four have proven to be quality […]

Late start in Laramie

By Stephen Tsai on September 11, 2017

It was announced today that the Sept. 23 Hawaii-Wyoming game in Laramie will kick off at 8:15 p.m. Mountain time (4:15 in Hawaii). That leaves a real possibility the game could end early Sunday morning. The game will be televised on ESPN2. As noted before, the Mountain West, which is open to any sort of national attention, has been willing to start home games after 8:15 p.m. to accommodate nocturnal viewers on the East Coast. The Nov. 18 UH-Utah State […]

Associated Press college football poll, week two

By Dave Reardon on September 11, 2017

Here’s how I voted in the AP college football poll. Go here for the complete poll. 1. Alabama (2-0) Bama will be 48-6 under Saban against nonconference foes after it beats Colorado State. 2. Oklahoma (2-0) Tulane losing QB Jonathan Banks isn’t as bad as it would be if “Better Call Saul” lost its Jonathan Banks, but the Sooners should roll past the Green Wave regardless. 3. USC (2-0) The Trojans got over their week one sluggishness in a big […]

Quarter report

By Stephen Tsai on September 10, 2017

C’mon, admit it, you thought the Warriors would be exactly where they are now. After three games — a fourth of the regular season — the 2-1 Warriors beat the teams they were supposed to beat and lost a road game in which they were heavy underdogs. So here’s the dealio: > Bye week: Seven coaches remained on the road to recruit. The Warriors also can used the next two no-practice days to catch up on school work. > Doing […]