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Look who’s atop Big West standings

By Stephen Tsai on March 19, 2018

Sure, it’s early and Big West baseball teams have not faced each other yet. But still … Also of note, the ‘Bows jumped 51 spots to No. 46 in the NCAA’s Division I RPI. “All we can control is how we prepare and how we play,” UH coach Mike Trapasso said. “We’ll focus on that, and leave all the ridiculousness to everybody else.” * * * * * Meanwhile, Nick Rolovich and Jason Cvercko depart this evening for California in […]

Work and play

By Stephen Tsai on March 18, 2018

Saturday’s baseball doubleheader was a reminder that another hyphen should be added to the student-athlete description. They also are financial contributors. Per NCAA rules, the ‘Bows are allowed to disperse the financial equivalent of 11.7 scholarships among up to 27 players. Each player on scholarship receives a minimum of 25 percent of the scholarship’s value. Translation: With a 35-player roster, every UH baseball player has to pay for part or all of his school and living expenses. That also is […]

“Rocky” road for baseball ‘Bows

By Stephen Tsai on March 9, 2018

People can get all misty-eyed about “Field of Dreams,” but the best sports movie is “Rocky III.” To recap: After fighting a bunch of “set-up” fighters to retain his championship, Rocky Balboa fights Clubber Lang, gets beat up badly, doubts himself and then gets the “Eye of the Tiger” to win the rematch. The lesson: If you want to play tough, you have to schedule tough. All of which brings us to today’s baseball game between UH and LSU at […]

Baseball ‘Bows seeking more arms

By Stephen Tsai on March 5, 2018

The baseball ‘Bows have a 1.74 earned-run average, their four starters allowed one earned run in 30 1/3 innings this past series, and they signed five pitchers to the 2019 recruiting class. It should be no surprise head coach Mike Trapasso, who doubles as the pitching coach, is in search of more hurlers. Trapasso departs today on a recruiting trip ahead of the ‘Bows’ three-game road series against LSU this weekend. The rest of the team departs tomorrow. During this […]

Borengasser has options

By Stephen Tsai on February 25, 2018

Linebacker Austin Borengasser indeed has a bright future. He recently received an offer to join the Merrill Lynch office in New York. Borengasser acknowledged he has options, including returning to play for the Warriors this coming season. Borengasser is a 2015 Kamehameha Schools graduate who joined the Warriors as a walk-on safety. * * * * * The ‘Bows, at least statistically, appear to be improved over last season. This year, the UH bullpen has a collective 0.85 ERA (2 […]

Billy Ray Stutzmann joins staff … UH-BYU tonight

By Stephen Tsai on February 22, 2018

It’s finally official: Billy Ray Stutzmann has been hired as a football intern for the Warriors’ offense. He is reunited with his brother, Craig Stutzmann, the Warriors’ quarterbacks coach and pass-game coordinator. Billy Ray Stutzmann, a former UH and Saint Louis School wideout, coached at Henry & Emory the past three years. Craig Stuzmann and Timmy Chang are former Warriors who also coached at Henry & Emory. * * * * * The Warriors are in the final stages of […]

Tick-tock, tick-tock … job is on the clock

By Stephen Tsai on February 20, 2018

If anyone — from you to your cousin’s best friend’s step-brother — is interested in becoming a UH assistant football coach, it would be best to apply by today’s deadline. Today is the fifth business day since UH posted the opening for the coaching job vacated when Mayur Chaudhari resigned as special teams coordinator to work for the the Atlanta Falcons. According to H.R. rules, UH may begin reviewing and vetting candidates tomorrow. You, your cousin’s best friend’s step-brother and […]

An honorable opponent

By Stephen Tsai on February 16, 2018

UH baseball fans are expected to root-root-root for the home team in tonight’s 2018 opener. But it also would be difficult to root against Air Force when head coach Mike Kazlausky says things like this (in an interview with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser): > “These young men have all raised their right hands and said they’re willing to die for our country. Yes, we’re going to come out and play baseball. But it’s really about the journey. They’re going to learn […]