The difficult road

One consolation for the Warriors is they won’t have to play another road game this season.

The Warriors went zip for six, even though the UNLV game did have a large Hawaii turnout. The Warriors have won only one road game in four years.

Perhaps the Warriors should table any discussions on playing in Australia next year. Sure, that would be technically a neutral site — and it might boost recruiting in that country.

But it probably would be more beneficial for the Warriors to stick around Halawa more. One of many problems this year was the heavy front-loaded road schedule created a disconnect with the fan base. The losses didn’t help, either. The Warriors play at least six road games next year.

To welcome the next head coach, some home cooking would help.


  1. Bugaz November 8, 2015 7:31 am

    Stay positive Warriors and protect your house down the stretch.

  2. Shoko November 8, 2015 7:41 am

    One bright spot of yesterdays game was Harris but it might have been overshadowed by the two fumbles.

  3. 3-Prong November 8, 2015 8:01 am

    The boys fought hard again yesterday. Some improvement shown.
    The true fans are still behind you.

    Change is in the winds and there is light at the end of this tunnel.
    Let’s Go Bows!

  4. Rodney November 8, 2015 8:01 am

    Warriors appreciate your efforts.
    Heads up.Regroup and comeback focused
    and relentless.

  5. 3-Prong November 8, 2015 8:02 am

    Harris needs to hold it high and tight. Butt fumble was a result… That guy has an extra gear though.

  6. Old School Dave November 8, 2015 8:06 am

    I saw a lot more positives, effort, and energy from the team vs UNLV. The team needs to keep working on eliminating errors (dropped passes and fumbles) and working on their execution, along with playing “smart” during the games. Gener, Garcia-Williams, Kennedy, Harris, among other all had productive games with their efforts on the field. Eliminate the mental and execution errors, who knows how it would have turned out. Gotta clear up this team’s psych and put all of the distractions on the side, as difficult as it may be. Play for each other!

  7. Shoko November 8, 2015 8:11 am

    5. Yeah, I was really surprised by his speed yesterday. Should have success again against Fresno State since they give up a lot of yards on the ground.

  8. Trunks420 November 8, 2015 8:19 am

    Our next game should show how much improvement the team has made.

    Going to be a great rivalry game.

  9. D-Bone November 8, 2015 8:22 am

    I thought #19 Jalen Rogers did a nice job in the secondary filling in for Ne’Quan Phillips. He had an interception, a pass breakup in the endzone on 3rd and goal, and he didn’t give up any long runs or deep passes. Good job young man. Hope to see more of you…..Hawaii fans in the Old Peublo!

  10. Inyoface November 8, 2015 8:29 am

    If we don’t get Barbers, and Miano is hc, he should keep Bailey as oc, I liked the sweeps and we actually scored on the road some points finally! We should hire an NFL caliber receivers coach though. Forget JJ, Hawaii people always reminiscing about the past, need to look foward.

  11. H-Man November 8, 2015 8:30 am

    Still 3 more games to play. Win all three, then it will be the best season in four and the seniors can have a good feeling as they move on with their lives. Go Warriors!!!

  12. nanakuli November 8, 2015 8:33 am

    Very sad that high school football with Waianae-Kahuku, and St Louis-Mililani may double the crowd of Hawaii-Fresno St.. We love good football, but watching the Warriors is just not as much fun our high school boys fighting for their schools.

  13. justsomeguy November 8, 2015 9:07 am

    I just want to point out to all the “Look at the body of work for June Jones” crowd………Norm Chow’s body of work is HALL OF FAME level…..and look how that turned out. JJ was great for Hawaii when he was here, and we should ALWAYS welcome him back to the Islands with open arms…..but his coaching days are done, and hiring him for UH Football WILL be a disaster, I promise you. Pleeeeeease Matlin, do not give in to that pressure.

  14. Whats up November 8, 2015 9:49 am

    Walk-on WR Makoa Camanse-Stevens made two athletic clutch catches that lead Hawaii on a scoring drive. Thats the kind of fearless, go and get the ball pass catching Hawaii hasn’t seen in a long time. I don’t know what happen to the Hawaii WR Corps but they need to take a page from Makoa toughness, playmaking and good hands catching the ball.

    Miano is not the answer for head coach for Hawaii… but has shown he can recruit some very good walk-ons. Miano should be considered for a Safety position coach and walk-on coordinator.

    June Jones or Dino Babers are experienced Head Coaches that know how to win games with small financial budgets.

    I like this staff:

    Head Coach: June Jones (Offensive Coordinator, we all know June Jones calls the offense plays.)

    Assistant Head Coach/QB coach Nick Rolovich (Assistant Offensive Coordinator)

    Oline Coach: Chris Naeole
    RB Coach: Nate Ilaoa
    Receivers Coach: Davone Bess or Ashley Lelie

    Defensive Coord. Tom Mason (I think June Jones might stay with him since they worked together at SMU and this will keep some consistency for the defensive side of the ball)

    Safety Coach: Rich Miano (He can be the walk-on coordinator again, he did a great job bringing in solid walk-ons)
    Dline Coach: Lance Samuseva
    LB Coach: Kurt Gouveia
    CB Coach: Abe Elimimian

    Special Teams Coach: Jake Cooks
    Recruiting Coordinator: Tony Tuioti (Great recruiter)
    Strength and Conditioning coach: Gary Beemer (A godsend for Hawaii Football)

  15. Arcumfortis November 8, 2015 9:51 am

    Our next head coach needs to be able to connect with the fan base. Norm Chow could not do this. I don’t know if coach Chow did his best in this regard and it simply is not in his his nature or whether there was some sort of arrogance that was an obstacle. In any case his method was not effective.

    Coach Mack was very different. He reached out to people and the program seemed to reach out and want to connect with the fan base. Unfortunately the on field performance was on a declining trajectory.

    We are the “customers” and anyone in business knows you have to be skillful in engaging your customers. The Aloha Stadium experience is simply poor. It is poor on the field of play, the food is generally awful, the sound system decrepit etc. We need a new leader who understands this aspect also. The idea that fans will be loyal no matter what is cute in a sort of “slogany” way and will hold up a little over time. But there is a point where the assumption that people will support the team no matter what is actually insulting. Intelligent people/customers are not going to keep showing up for the same substandard experience.

    So AD Matlin…..when you interview the candidates please also ask them about their ideas with regard to creating a “buzz” and some excitement. Ask the candidates what they think they can do to market the program, what they can do to make the game day experience interesting and exciting. You are in the entertainment business and it just ain’t been entertaining of late.

  16. Arcumfortis November 8, 2015 9:53 am

    #14…….sounds good to me!

  17. Paper Crane November 8, 2015 10:06 am

    Like the former Head Coach Chow said, “it’s not about me, it’s about them 65 guys;” so leave JJ out of this like he had his chance so give the new school their dream future;…JJ will just add more worms to the green pasture.

  18. A-House November 8, 2015 10:16 am

    I would not keep Mason as the DC – each and every game it’s the defense that has failed to keep opponents from scoring

    or, is it the players who cannot execute? if so, let them go if they are unwilling to execute on the field – yes, they are students, yet many expect great things when they play – so, what do we really want???

    each scholarship is a yearly agreement – don’t have the heart to take away? then don’t coach – IMPO, there are a number of players who strut around thinking they are gifts to UH – forget it!!!!!!!!!

    with the coaching change – I do hope that some of them leave at the end of the semester – good or marginal players


    Zwahlen will be the starting QB and Kennedy will leave for the NFL!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Bryson November 8, 2015 10:18 am

    I disagree Hawaii should play in Australia for recruiting reasons…in the next 5-10 yrs every college will look to recruit in American Samoa,Australia,Tonga and others pacific islands…why not get a leg up in exposure and open that pipeline back up

  20. Old School Dave November 8, 2015 10:38 am

    Playing in Australia next season would be the week before playing at Ann Arbor. Timing is not good for this one. It would play hell on the team will all of that travel through all those time zones. You can still recruit down there, but playing a game there with the schedule they have wouldn’t be wise, IMHO.

    On another note, sources say that Cal’s coach Sonny Dykes will likely be gone next season. Discontent with the Cal AD, and he’s been actively job hunting.

  21. Not an Expert November 8, 2015 11:08 am

    Hit the ground running. JJ with his coaching contacts will be one of the candidates that will have a good idea who his staff may be. He will not take another month or two to assemble a staff. Remember when he first came he pretty much new what type of staff he wanted. Cannot remember how quickly he had assembled a staff back then but that will be one of the greatest problem for most of the other candidates.

    With his experience good and bad as a former head coach for UH, he will have a better a road map to achieve the goals that will have greater chances for success. Not only short term but a long term one that will make a lot of sense.

    ESPN will want to cover JJ’s saga the 2nd time around with UH which will help bring national exposure and in turn help recruiting especially if he can turn the program around.

    His contacts as mentioned earlier in putting a staff together sooner than later so not to fall behind the recruiting wars.

    With his contacts in the NFL it will help players who weren’t drafted the
    opportunity to receive an audition with a NFL team.

    His road map for UH will also include a succession plan. It would be a win win situation for him and UH if he is able to resurrect the program the 2nd time. By doing this in 5 years and if UH is winning again what better way to retire a winner and live here in Hawaii for the rest of your life.

  22. Tarheel warrior November 8, 2015 11:09 am

    I like the effort by everyone on the team. The players on the sideline were animated and looked like they were having fun. That was missing in the other games. I enjoyed watching this game and I didn’t have that feeling of dread. Go Warriors!!

  23. papajoe2 November 8, 2015 11:25 am

    ST~ I remember the 1 road game that UH won. San Jose State. It was one of the worst games that UH was involved in. Seems like both teams tried their hardest to lose. San Jose won because they lost the game, thus, “ha, ha,ha we lost better than you.”

  24. H-Man November 8, 2015 11:25 am

    Marcus throws 5-yard TD in OT to win 34-28.

  25. papajoe2 November 8, 2015 11:31 am

    #21, NaE~ I have a feeling that, yes, ESPN would probably want to cover JJ in the beginning out of curiosity (does ESPN even cover the MWC?) and if he is successful, more throughout the season. Unfortunately, I don’t think UH will receive a penny (hopefully they do because they are involved) because of the contract with the MWC and OC16 ppv.

  26. Shoko November 8, 2015 11:58 am

    Am I the only one to think that JJ has also applied at other schools that have openings or will have openings?

  27. Shoko November 8, 2015 11:59 am

    Just something to think about.

  28. rodney November 8, 2015 12:03 pm

    Matlin Please Oh please hire JJ and his Run N Shoot 2.0
    Cant wait to see the updated version

  29. Shoko November 8, 2015 12:12 pm

    Watching the Niners game its amazing how a simple QB change can motivate other players to improve.

  30. warriorsanddolphins November 8, 2015 12:28 pm

    A part of the reason for our disastrous season was the schedule. No byes, and traveling all over the country and coming back to hawaii each week. I’m telling you that all those miles and jet lag does have a toll on the human body. If Chow had any brains he should of kept the team on the mainland when they had back to back road games. I know they are students and need to attend class but playing jet lagged every week does give us a disadvantage. Staying on the road will at least give the players some time to adjust to the time zone on the mainland. We have to think smart.

  31. Maddog50 November 8, 2015 12:29 pm

    Just returned from LV. Here’s my wish…..receivers catch balls, defenders make tackles, dbs don’t get sucked in to making false steps or standing still as receivers get a jump on them-also that the MW crew would do their job…..look at the photo on the front page of sports-is that a hold or what? The film will bear of JGW nearly got dragged down from behind when Decker threw that bomb. Paul Harris is a good back stop with the fumbles already. You can not win with 1 running back but we sure are trying.
    Recruiting-we need about 4DL, 3-4 LBS, 2-3 RBS and about 5 OL. After that I don’t care. I do not hope or trust that what has redshirted will give us what is needed but would love to be proven wrong.
    Camanse-Stevens got me out of my seat. 2 receivers who drop passes at critical times seem to carry themselves in an animated fashion before and during the game. I call that false bravado-you get all the attention you want when you produce on the field, till then shut up and play. As always I remain a staunch Warrior supported and am just so tired of self inflicted wounds-GO WARRIORS

  32. Shoko November 8, 2015 12:30 pm

    I think the Rams game may have been the last time Kap starts as a Niner.

  33. FearGod November 8, 2015 12:32 pm

    HC/Offensive Coordinator=June Jones
    Associate HC/O-Line coach= Adrian Klemm
    QB coach= Garrett Gabriel
    WR coach=Ashley Lelie
    RB coach= Garry Allen
    Defensive Coordinator= Jeff Ulbrich
    DL coach=Maa Tanuvasa
    LB coach= Vavae Tata
    DB coach=Abe Elimimian
    Special teams coach=Dennis Mcknight
    Head Coach= Rich Miano
    Strength & Conditioning coach- Chad Ige
    Offensive Coordinator= Nick Rolovich
    QB coach=Timmy Chang
    RB coach-Gary Allen
    WR coach=Ashley Lelie
    OL coach=Jesse Sapolu
    Defensive Coordinator=Jeff Ulbrich
    DL coach=Maa Tanuvasa
    LB coach=Vavae Tata
    DB coach-Abe Elimimian
    Special Teams coach=Dennis Mcknight
    And assistants you name them
    This if for entertainment purposes not try this at home

  34. NotNasti November 8, 2015 12:34 pm

    14. What’s Up:
    You do know that Bess suffers from a mental illness do you? His family tried to have him committed, his well publicized arrest at a Florida airport during the throes of his decompensation, which was preceded by his release from the Cleveland Browns, would make him an improbable coach for any team. A friend of mine who used to be on Miano’s speed and quickness told me that during their time at UH, Colt and Davone would show up late, and hung over. It really PO’d her, because she felt that they had an obligation to the youngsters who idolized them to show up on time, sober and ready to go. She told me that she would complain to Miano, who did nothing. It wasn’t long after that Kenny Patton left S&Q to form his own clinic, and the majority of the staff went with him.

  35. Ipu Man November 8, 2015 12:53 pm

    Come home, boys, to Hawaii’s country roads
    where you belong. GBU

  36. SteveM November 8, 2015 1:04 pm

    Arcumfortis November 8, 2015 at 9:51 am
    …We are the “customers” and anyone in business knows you have to be skillful in engaging your customers. The Aloha Stadium experience is simply poor. It is poor on the field of play, the food is generally awful, the sound system decrepit etc. We need a new leader who understands this aspect also. The idea that fans will be loyal no matter what is cute in a sort of “slogany” way and will hold up a little over time. But there is a point where the assumption that people will support the team no matter what is actually insulting. Intelligent people/customers are not going to keep showing up for the same substandard experience.

    So AD Matlin…..when you interview the candidates please also ask them about their ideas with regard to creating a “buzz” and some excitement. Ask the candidates what they think they can do to market the program, what they can do to make the game day experience interesting and exciting. You are in the entertainment business and it just ain’t been entertaining of late.

    Yes, I would be curious to hear that but I don’t think anyone can give a implementable answer, especially since Aloha Stadium is government site.

    I was home sick yesterday so was forced to listen on the radio. Having to rely on hearing only, the background noise that leaked in made the announcers pause or speak louder. The background noise– pop music!
    It sounded like there was a huge block party out there. The volume was controlled because when the home team lined up, the volume was off. It sounded like a college dance party but with a lot of cheering.

    It was probably nothing like I imagined–but I knew I was at a college football game

  37. Whats up November 8, 2015 1:14 pm


    I did not know about Bess issues besides the NFL smoking the blunt photo scandal that got him dismissed.

    Well, either way any WR coach is better than what Hawaii has on staff right now. Nobody can say WR Luke Matthews WR corps is performing at the FBS level.

    Then, I say if Hawaii hire June Jones then bring in a WR coach like Ashley Lelie, Craig Stutzman, Chad Owens, Ryan Grice Mullens, Jason Rivers or someone to get this WR corps back to being athletic, tough, making the right reads running the right routes and can catch everything that hits there hands.

  38. oneseason November 8, 2015 1:19 pm

    I would like to see a UH website that allows current, past, and potential future season ticket holders to put down a $50 credit card deposit per season ticket the includes the name of their head coach(es) of choice. Include a list of the usual suspects and allow write ins for several coach names. The charges would only be processed if the hired coach is on the list of accepted candidates. IMO, this would engage the fan base and give the AD some idea about the level of interest of those fans willing to put their money where their mouth is. This wouldn’t be a poll for hiring, and (though I can’t see it happening anyway) I wouldn’t want AD Matlin to be swayed by the fans. But right now, with historically low season ticket sales, UH needs to get creative about both rebuilding fan interest and football revenue.

  39. cappie the dog November 8, 2015 1:20 pm

    So happy for Mariota…and relieved.

    Navy, like always, is my surrogate team, whenever Hawaii does poorly.

    The Midshipmen are in the same boat as us.

    Unless somebody steps up and subsidizes this program, I think the triple-option gives us the best chance to win.

  40. ai-eee-soos November 8, 2015 1:23 pm

    guys who can pitch and CATCH !!!

  41. Shoko November 8, 2015 1:33 pm

    I see now, they took out Gabbert because the way he was playing he was going to screw up the Niners’ draft position next year. It’s all in Balke’s master plan for the franchise!

  42. Shoko November 8, 2015 1:36 pm

    Pardonne moi for the off-topic comments.

  43. Willie November 8, 2015 1:39 pm

    The Warrior football season is what it is. Have watched a lot of MWC games and most of the teams have improved over the course of the season. Unfortunately the Warriors did not progress as well. Not an expert at all, based on my observations the home team has a good chance against the Fresno Bulldogs based on matchups. Think the SJSU Spartans just too tough a nut to crack, they present matchup concerns with this team’s overall speed and skill positions. Final against Louisana- Monroe should be a definite win.

  44. Aku Head November 8, 2015 1:40 pm

    looking forward to next year and supporting our team for the rest of the season!

  45. ai-eee-soos November 8, 2015 1:49 pm

    # 41: the only hope for 49ers success, is for Denise to sell to Eddie Jr.

    … my take …

  46. Shoko November 8, 2015 1:51 pm

    It’s always tough to play in Hawaii. Colorado will attest to that fact as well as every other team in the conference.

  47. Shoko November 8, 2015 1:56 pm

    Hawaii favored by 4.5 points against Fresno.

  48. amela November 8, 2015 1:59 pm

    No worry boys try your best and we still love you.

  49. Whats up November 8, 2015 2:05 pm

    I think Hawaii has a chance to beat Fresno State, then get blown out by San Jose State for a tough loss. And since the Louisiana Monroe game is the last game of the season, it’s going to be a quasi-like bowl game for the Warriors… So I expect the team to play inspired football to send off the Seniors with a win.

  50. Rodney November 8, 2015 2:33 pm

    It could be true, but will never know.
    I’ve heard stories of Miano as well,but
    will never know.

  51. Rodney November 8, 2015 2:35 pm

    I think Miano should coach High School
    He impressed lots of people at Kaiser.

  52. kahuna November 8, 2015 3:11 pm

    #34……and the sad part is some fans still want Miano as our HC. The guy has a lot of issues like the carnival controversy in Hawaii Kai, the allowing of Chad Ikei to run his business out of Kaiser HS(thus not having to pay rent), recruiting players while at Kaiser and the dismissal of him as a HC of Kaiser.

    If Matlin still has him on the list of potential UH head coaches, I will lose respect for the guy. Lack of HC experience, been out of college football for 4 years, many behind the scene dramas and he wants to run a multi-million dollar athletic program???? Miano should not be even on the short list with a resume like that!

  53. 3-Prong November 8, 2015 3:13 pm

    All I can say about June Jones is……….

    HANA HO’U!

  54. readergirl November 8, 2015 3:24 pm

    Maddog50 #31 you are so right, receivers catch balls, defenders make tackles, dbs don’t get sucked in to making false steps or standing still as receivers get a jump on them. So sad, same problem…receivers catch the ball, I’m like do they catch the ball at practice (ok I’m being sarcastic) but I was cheering them on until the last seconds of the game…and will do so until the very last game. Go Warriors!!!

  55. hitmanhart November 8, 2015 3:54 pm

    aloha everyone !! win or lose still waiting to see bo get in the game !!

  56. spisskyhrad November 8, 2015 4:34 pm

    One thing Warrior football has going for it is the warrior culture of Hawaii. Seeing walk on players get scholarships was the highest form of praise for the Hawaiian spirit. Harness that spirit and the last 3 games will be wins. Let it rip!!!!

  57. z November 8, 2015 5:28 pm


    Protect da House!

    No excuses. You can do it!

  58. Old Diver November 8, 2015 5:45 pm

    OMG, the nonsense about Rich Miano is nauseating. The arrangement Chad Ikei had with the Kaiser HS administration preceded Miano being hired as HC. Miano donated over eight thousand dollars to Kaiser HS from proceeds from the carnival.

  59. Rodney November 8, 2015 5:51 pm

    #53 Awsome
    June would throw!!!

  60. cappie the dog November 8, 2015 6:13 pm


    That number the oddsmaker came up with is messing with my head.

  61. cappie the dog November 8, 2015 6:17 pm


    Wasn’t undisciplined routes the knock on Lelie.

    He had one talent: speed.

    I know he led the NFL one season with most yards per catch.

  62. 808warriorfan November 8, 2015 6:47 pm

    #14 … “What’s up” … Davone Bess as WR Coach ????? Have you been smoking “pakalolo” w/ him ?????

  63. pokesquid November 8, 2015 7:08 pm


    If that is true about Sonny leaving Cal…and if Coach Jones becomes the next HC…maybe we can get WR Noa to return home and St Louis’s WR Kobayashi to stay home and play in this “new and improved” passing attack of Jones.

    Probably will never happen as Cal is a good academic school…Still, I remember Clint Kubayashi (sp) came home from Boston College to play for the Warriors….So you never know.

  64. pokesquid November 8, 2015 7:19 pm

    If Coach Jones gets hired back.

    IMO…the best person to coach our receivers and who knows what Jones wants is Stutzman.

    IMO…the best person for QB coach is Timmy Chang over Rolovich….Timmy has a closer relationship than Rolo does with Jones….And another plus with Timmy is that he has a much Bigger Name Recognition than Rolo…and that could play huge dividends in recruiting that next big-time passing QB to come to Hawaii.

    Bess has that next level knowledge but his situation just happened last year…I think we all want him to concentrate on himself first.

  65. Come on, Man! November 8, 2015 7:31 pm

    i’m not sure why you guys think that former players would make good division I position coaches. if june jones is hired, he will bring in his own coaching staff with much more experience teaching and coaching and understanding his craft than a former UH starter who may not even have any aptitude for coaching (or in the case of davone bess, substance abuse and mental health issues).

  66. Come on, Man! November 8, 2015 7:34 pm

    “IMO…the best person for QB coach is Timmy Chang over Rolovich….Timmy has a closer relationship than Rolo does with Jones….And another plus with Timmy is that he has a much Bigger Name Recognition than Rolo…and that could play huge dividends in recruiting that next big-time passing QB to come to Hawaii.”

    why wouldn’t june jones try to lure away dan morrison from SMU (his former quarterbacks coach that coached dan robinson, timmy chang, rolo, colt brennan, etc etc)?

  67. el burro sabio November 8, 2015 7:51 pm

    I don’t think JJ will need to lure Morrison away from SMU. Morrison is not listed on the roster so that usually means he no longer coaches there.

  68. el burro sabio November 8, 2015 7:52 pm

    pokesquid, my bad.

  69. H-Man November 8, 2015 7:54 pm

    If June Jones is hired as HC, I think there is a good chance he will bring Timmy Chang back as the offensive coordinator. It was June who brought Timmy to SMU and I’m assuming he was instrumental in getting Timmy the offensive coordinator position at Jackson State. Not sure if Timmy would come back as quarterback coach. I would think that he has much more going for him at Jackson State. Next logical step would be as offensive coordinator at a bigger program.

  70. clyde November 8, 2015 7:55 pm

    Interestingly, Morrison was receivers coach (under Dan Hawkins) for the 2015 U.S. national football team. The DB coach? Thom Kaumeyer.

  71. cappie the dog November 8, 2015 8:05 pm


    I had no idea.

    Jackson State is averaging 426.9 on offense.

    What an experience for Chang, coaching at a traditionally African-American school.

    You’re right.

    Jackson State is the better gig.

  72. Old School Dave November 8, 2015 8:07 pm

    Thom Kaumeyer seems to have had a rough first year at Pasadena C.C. That’s a JUCO with a lot of tradition in the past.

  73. pokesquid November 8, 2015 8:09 pm

    Stutzman and Chang are not just former players for Jones…they have acquired coaching and recruiting experience at the next level…Furthermore, they were not just a player under Jones…they were STAR players under Jones system and I believe that their accomplishments and current experiences can only help teach our guys exactly what Jones wants in his system…because they been there and done that with big success.

    Morrison wasn’t on my mind when I was responding to the others who listed former UH players.

  74. Come on, Man! November 8, 2015 8:15 pm

    yeah. there are lots of position coaches who didn’t play those specific positions during their playing years. it’s about being able to coach technical details and the craft of teaching.

  75. DaveLetterMan November 8, 2015 8:18 pm

    Stutz has some college coaching experience. Here’s an interesting read about Stutz and Mariota.

  76. pokesquid November 8, 2015 8:28 pm


    I was thinking Chang for QB coach…only because we know Jones will be the one calling the plays…But, I wouldn’t be opposed and wouldn’t be surprised if Chang was later promoted to running the offense as OC.

    BTW…not sure, but didn’t someone mention that Jackson State HC was being let go or something like that?

  77. Come on, Man! November 8, 2015 8:32 pm

    good read on stutzman. i’m glad to hear he’s doing well, and memphis is doing great this season too. my favorite memory is of him getting ejected from the BYU game at aloha stadium when he punted the ball in the end zone after scoring the td.

  78. pokesquid November 8, 2015 8:36 pm

    Also…I think getting a job at Hawaii for Chang is a step up for him from an FCS school.

    Can you also imagine the possible recruiting connection he could have in that part of the US…not to mention again, his name recognition coaching on Jones staff.

  79. 3-Prong November 8, 2015 8:38 pm

    Hana Ho’u! Close the application process and start the evaluation process for next year.

  80. pokesquid November 8, 2015 8:50 pm

    I don’t know why our players are dropping that many balls…either like Miano says not focusing or they need to be working more on the machine to strengthen their hands and create more muscle memory, or both.

    Still though, the 3 I seen dropping passes in this game were Collie, Stubs and Torres…I will give them a pass as they are still freshman…but next season…No More Excuses!

  81. pokesquid November 8, 2015 9:05 pm

    On the defensive side…man we need better outside containment…Williams is not an every down or specifically a run down player…We need to find someone else to play that position, he was getting sucked in and contained blocked to many times…And when that tackle or TE gets that contain block on our outside LB that just simply disrupts our inside backers from scrapping down the line to make the tackle.

    To many long runs came off that off tackle dives that bounced outside…Can’t see why Coach Gouveia is not seeing that especially with Williams?…Maybe he is just letting the senior play out his career.

    I don’t know…All I know is something better happen to correct this problem cause Hawaii still needs to face Marteze Waller from Fresno St and the #7 national rushing leader in SJST’s RB Tyler Ervin…or it’s going to be another loooong day for the Warriors.

  82. pokesquid November 8, 2015 9:06 pm


    Thanks for the link Dave.

  83. SteveM November 9, 2015 12:42 am

    Over in Facebook someone posted a video of all the plays from the 2007 UH-Boise game. The ESPN announcers pointing out the winner of that game would likely go to a BCS bowl and Hawaii has never beaten Boise recently. Only watched through the 3rd quarter and turned it off with a little bit of “feel good” and a lot of poignant contrasts to today.

    This years (football) beat down at Boise and our receivers dropping crucial balls all year is striking. At one point, I thought Jones should call a run (not shuttle pass) rather than pass all the way down field and score in 2 minutes. WOW…look how far I’ve devolved… but maybe it’s my cold meds… yeah, my meds…

  84. Whats up November 9, 2015 4:41 am



    Please put on your bifocals glasses and read my post #37, which was over 20 post before your comment at #62.

  85. cappie the dog November 9, 2015 5:36 am

    Missouri is not a real SEC team.

    Too north.

    4-5 record notwithstanding, what half the team are doing is amazing.

    If the Tigers were 9-0, they would have more leverage.

    I don’t want to be cynical.

    I want to believe that these players would follow through with their social activism, even if they were competing for the National Championship.


    Timmy Chang is coaching in Jackson, Mississippi.

    Good for Jackson State, hiring somebody of Asian-American descent.

    That’s progress.

  86. cappie the dog November 9, 2015 5:40 am

    Montana State is expected to finish eleventh in a twelve-team Big Sky Conference.

    Chaminade might be able to beat them.

    Chaminade has three Division 1 transfers: UNLV, Grand Canyon, and Houston Baptist.

    I like their Taiwanese player.

    He’s physical, not dirty.

    Hawaii’s comeback from a twenty-two point deficit was mildly impressive.

  87. cappie the dog November 9, 2015 5:46 am

    Did anybody watch the Navy/Memphis State game?

    I care deeply about the future of Hawaii athletics.

    I’m not purposely trying to be a contrarian.

    I think the triple-option will be the fastest route for Hawaii to return to respectability.

    Watch the Navy games.

  88. Trunks420 November 9, 2015 6:01 am

    Yes the triple option is what this Team Needs and a coach who can implement this scene.

    The down side is recruiting players who can run the plays and know the scheme.

    It will be another 2-3. years of rebuilding something the we can’t afford to wait for or patient enough to see it work.

    That’s what is truly wrong with the university. The fans who are fair weather and do nothing but complain.

  89. Maddog50 November 9, 2015 6:24 am

    All anybody wants to talk about is offense. This program needs a makeover on D. There are only 2 big bodies absorbing the middle with KT being more of a wild card. Can you imagine 4 or 5 guys 2 at a time providing a push with KT coming off the end position! Aside from JGW the LB’s lack size and mobility. Some have one not the other. What happens on these big gains is the inside gets buried the Lb lurches on the fake and gets trapped inside the OLB gets walled off and there you go instant running lane. You need 4-6 big bodies inside playing 2 at a time athletic DE’s ala KT and three good LB’s. The only reason we played this alignment is we thought we could-look at the stats- says we can’t. Right now the bigges problem for this Defense it seems the guys are so anxious to make plays they diagnose wrong instead of pause, get caught out of position and become easy victims to the blocks. The film bears it out. Some of these kids are so quick to jump on ball motion they get clobbered. A good LB has patience before committing-these kids could do a whole lot better if they let the game come to them. So whoever gets the to me a whole lot of work on defensive recruiting lies ahead. This in no way is a slight on these kids at all KT Benny, Razz, and a lot of youngster like Kau and Tavai have a lot going for them just needs some reinforcements like now-

  90. Come on, Man! November 9, 2015 6:25 am

    justsomeguy: “I just want to point out to all the “Look at the body of work for June Jones” crowd………Norm Chow’s body of work is HALL OF FAME level…..and look how that turned out. ”

    when i say ‘body of work’, i meant ‘body of work at the head coaching level.’

    june jones has an actual body of work at that level and a history of turning around very terrible football programs. norm chow may be ‘hall of fame level’ in terms of position coaching and being a coordinator, but had zero head coaching experience until UH, and that one ended in disaster.

  91. Come on, Man! November 9, 2015 6:34 am

    i feel like triple option may be a no go. it would radically change the type of recruits UH can get (and good luck luring any local recruits to play that offense), and also will probably not give UH the quick rebuild that everyone seems to want. the learning curve is also pretty steep for that offense.

    also, UH football is more than just sport. it’s a product that’s sold to fans and consumed. it seems like most fans right now (regular average joe fans) would want to see high scoring fireworks and ‘basketball on grass.’ that’s what catches average fan interest (which is what UH really needs) and makes for good tv ratings as well.

    an exciting brand of football, the ball moving downfield, and the overall experience is what brings fans to the seats. i’d much rather watch some kind of a pass wacky spread or a run to pass spread offense than the triple option. watching the service academies and georgia tech play is boring to me.

  92. cappie the dog November 9, 2015 6:56 am

    It was very disappointing that more people didn’t come out to the men’s basketball games.

    Coach Taylor had them running.

    I jumped out of my seat the first time they forced the other team to turn the ball over after applying the full-court press.

    “Yeah! We’re Arkansas(circa the Nolan Richardson years) now!” I shouted from my seat.

  93. cappie the dog November 9, 2015 6:56 am

    If run properly, the triple-option can hide a mediocre defense.

  94. cappie the dog November 9, 2015 6:58 am


    June Jones is my second choice for head coach.

    I would be happy if he got the job.

  95. Trunks420 November 9, 2015 7:07 am

    Look at what that boring offense did to us at home.
    And to other Mountain west teams including Boise state.

    It may be whatever you want to call it but if it’s blowing us and other conference teams out and wins games I think Our Fan’s would love that over the same ol stuff.

    People say stop living in past well that includes the. Offense.

    Time for a new beginning of traditions as a whole.

    New everything throw out everything of years past.

  96. Ipu Man November 9, 2015 7:53 am

    So…who will play in the Christmas day bowl at Aloha Stadium
    this year? Ho-hum? They should not agree to uninteresting
    conferences ahead of time. Instead they should concentrate
    on getting teams like Notre Dame, Michigan etc. 🙂

  97. 808warriorfan November 9, 2015 7:55 am

    #92 … “Come on Man” … NO TRIPLE OPTION !!!!! … I agree on that …

  98. Maddog50 November 9, 2015 8:31 am

    On at least two of those dropped passes the receiver looked up the field, turned to find the ball in his face. I was standing right there when it happened. A good to excellent receiver makes his moves turn looks the ball in secures it. This is maturity and training. Another thin is we just have to learn how to hold…..watching these games we don’t even come close to holding. It is rampant in this conference and largely ignored. No I am not crying-it is clear brutal and constant holding and tackling of defenders that these officials ignore. Throw the flag and the arms come in period-clear example is the one on the front page with KT essentially being tackled. Watch more and that was nothing. This ain’t football-it’s holdball!

  99. FearGod November 9, 2015 9:25 am

    As a current assistant football coach for UH, what would you say when the person being interviewed for the Head Coaching position pass by you on the way to D Matlin’s office?
    Good morning coach, good luck
    Go get um coach
    Nice shirt coach

  100. cocobean November 9, 2015 9:27 am

    The real question for me regarding some sort of flex bone offense is can we execute it with the precision of Navy and Air Force. They’ve been running and evolving that system for decades. They have the nuances down pact. They’ve built machines where they plug in replacement parts if someone goes down. Their machine is fed by the ultimate “walk on” program. They can scholarship as many athletes as they want most of whom wouldn’t get a power 5 scholarship let alone one from a mid major. They have JV teams to hone the parts they need. They can redshirt players by sending them to military prep schools (think Pilares.) All coaching is done in an environment steeped with military discipline.

    New Mexico has tried to go with a their version of those offenses with mixed results. They’re better than they were before they ran that offense but they’re not close to chasing championships.

  101. Stephen Tsai November 9, 2015 9:29 am

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